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Habsburg Family Genealogy

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Duke Leopold Joseph de LORRAUNE surnamed the Good born Leopold Joseph Charles Dominique Agapet Hyacinthe Innsbruck, Austria. Died: Duke Leopold de LorraineBorn: Sep 11, 1679 in Innsbruck palace, Mar 27, 1729 in Château de Lunéville, Lorraine, France "List of rulers of Lorraine" + Élisabeth Charlotte d'ORLÉANS, Duchesse de Lorraine

Eleonora Maria Josefa of AustriaDuke Charles V, of LorraineNote: see more ancestors and descendants on; geni, wikipedia, the peerage, geneall - son of Charles V, Duke of Lorraine (4/3/1643(1643-04-03) Vienna - 4/18/1690(1690-04-18) Wels, Austria) wikipedia & Eleonora Maria Josefa of Austria (5/31/1653 Regensburg, Germany - 12/17/1697 Vienna) wikipedia half-sister of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor. At the time of Leopold's birth, Lorraine and Bar had been occupied by Louis XIV of France, forcing his parents to move into exile to Austria, where they lived under the protection of the Emperor. Therefore, Leopold was born in the palace of Innsbruck and received his first name in honour of the Emperor. Lepold grew up in Innsbruck, while his father would be engaged in defending Vienna against the Turks. In 1690, his father died and eleven-year-old Leopold inherited the still occupied Duchies. His mother, trying to fulfil her husband's last wishes of returning her children to their patrimony, appealed to the Reichstag in Regensburg to restore her son to Lorraine. Lepold was sent to Vienna to receive a military education under the supervision of the Emperor. In Vienna, he grew up with his cousins, the Archdukes Joseph and Charles, both future Emperors. Leopold was also created a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece that year. Like his father before him, he entered the Imperial Army and, aged eighteen, took part in the Siege of Timişoara, Romania in 1694. Three years later, he received the command of the Army of the Rhine..

  • Prince Léopold of Lorraine
  • Princess Élisabeth Charlotte of Lorraine
  • Princess Louise Christine of Lorraine
  • Princess Marie Gabrièle Charlotte of Lorraine
  • Prince Louis of Lorraine
  • Princess Joséphine Gabrièle of Lorraine
  • Princess Gabrièle Louise of Lorraine
  • Leopold Clement Charles, Hereditary Prince de Lorraine

  • Franz I Stefan von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN, Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches Born: December 8, 1708 in Nancy, Lorraine, France. Died: Aug 18, 1765 in
    Innsbruck, Austria + Maria Theresa, Erzherzogin von Österreich und Königin von Ungarn und Böhmen

    Note: geni, wikipedia Holy Roman Emperor, King of the Romans (1745-1765)

    • Archduchess Maria Elisabeth of Austria (1737 - 1740)
    • H.I. & R.H Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria
    • Archduchess Maria Carolina of Austria (1740 - 1741)

    • Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II

    • H.I. & R.H Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria
    • Archduchess Maria Elisabeth of Austria (1743–1808)
    • Archduke Charles Joseph of Austria
    • Maria Amalia of Austria, duchessa di Parma

    • Emperor Leopold II Joseph Anton Joachim Pius Gotthard von ÖSTERREICH HABSBURG, Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches Deutscher Nation (Habsburg-Lothringen) Emperor Leopold IIBorn: May 5, 1747 in Schönbrunn im Steigerwald, Germany. Died: Mar 1, 1792 in Vienna, Austria + Infanta Maria Luísa of Spain, Holy Roman Empress

      Note: geni, wikipedia Title; Leopold II, By the Grace of God, Holy Roman Emperor; King of Germany, Hungary, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, Galicia, Lodomeria, Rama, Serbia, Cumania and Bulgaria; Archduke of Austria; Duke of Burgundy, Lorraine, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, Grand Duke of Etruria; Grand Prince of Transylvania; Margrave of Moravia, Prince of Brabant, Limburg, Luxembourg, Geldern, Würtemberg, Upper and Lower Silesia, Milan, Mantua, Parma, Piacenza, Guastalla, Auschwitz and Zatoria, Calabria, Bar, Ferrete and Teschen; Lord of Svevia and Charleville; Count of Habsburg, Flanders, Hannonia, Kyburg, Gorizia, Gradisca; Margrave of Burgau, Upper and Lower Lusatia, Pont-a-Mousson and Nomenum, Count of Provinces of Namur, Valdemons, Albimons, Count of Zütphen, Sarverda, Salma and Falkenstein, Lord of the Wend Margravate and Mechele

      • Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria (1767–1827), Queen consort of Saxony

      • Emperor Franz II, Holy Roman Emperor HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN aka. Friedrich Joseph Karl Born: Feb 12, 1768 in Florance (Firenze), Tuscany, Italy. Emperor I & II Francis (Friedrich) von AmerlingDied: Mar 2, 1835 in Vienna, Austria + Dutchess Elisabeth of WÜRTTENBERG born Elisabeth Wilhelmine Luise Born: Apr 21, 1767 in Treptow-Köpenick, Berlin, Germany. Died: Feb 18, 1790 in Vienna wikipedia Father: Frederick II Eugene, Duke of Württemberg *wikipedia Mother: Sophia Dorothea of Brandenburg-Schwedt *wikipedia

        Note: geni, wikipedia, the peerage, geneall; the last Holy Roman Emperor reign (1792 - 8/6/1806) when he dissolved the Empire after the disastrous defeat of the Third Coalition by Napoleon at the Battle of Austerlitz, Moravia, Czech. In 1804, he had founded the Austrian Empire and became Francis I (Franz I.), the first Emperor of Austria (Kaiser von Österreich), ruling from 1804-1835, so later he was named the one and only Doppelkaiser (double emperor) in history. For the 2 years between 1804-1806, Francis used the title and style by the grace of God elected Roman Emperor, always August, hereditary Emperor of Austria and he was called the Emperor of both Germany and Austria. He was also Apostolic King of Hungary, Croatia-Slavonia and Bohemia as Francis I. He also served as the first president of the German Confederation following its establishment in 1815..

        *another wife of Franz II: Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria

        *another wife of Franz II: Maria Theresia von Neapel-Sizilien, Kaiserin von Österreich

        *another wife of Franz II: Maria Ludovika Beatrix Kaiserin von Österreich (Modena, Österreich-Este)

        *another wife of Franz II: Karoline Charlotte Auguste Wittelsbach, von Bayern

        • Archduchess Ludovika Elisabeth of Austria
        • Louise Elisabeth Habsburg-Lorraine
        • Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria

        • Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I born Ferdinand Charles Leopold Joseph Francis Marcelin Born: Apr 19, 1793 in . Died: Jun 29, 1875 interred in tomb Emperor Ferdinand I of Austrianumber 62 in the Imperial Crypt in Vienna + Maria Anna of SAVOY born Maria Anna Carolina Pia Born: Sep 19, 1803 in Palazzo Colonna, Rome, Italy. Died: May 4, 1884 interred in the Imperial Crypt in Vienna *they had no children, wikipedia 6th child Father: Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia *wikipedia Mother: Maria Theresa of Austria-Este (1773-1832) wikipedia

          Note: geni, wikipedia; Emperor of Austria, President of the German Confederation, King of Hungary and Bohemia (as Ferdinand V), as well as associated dominions.. Ferdinand was incapable of ruling his empire, so his father, before he died, drafted a will promulgating that he consult Archduke Louis on every aspect of internal policy, and urged him to be influenced by Prince Metternich, Austria's foreign minister. He abdicated on December 2, 1848. He was succeeded by his nephew, Francis Joseph. Following his abdication, he lived in Hradčany Palace, Prague, until his death in 1875. Ferdinand was the last King of Bohemia to be crowned as such. Due to his sympathy with Bohemia (where he spent the rest of his life in Prague Castle) he was given the Czech nickname “Ferdinand V, the Good” (Ferdinand Dobrotivý). In Austria, Ferdinand was similarly nicknamed “Ferdinand der Gütige” (Ferdinand the Benign), but also ridiculed as "Gütinand der Fertige" (Goodinand the Finished).. As a result of his parents' genetic closeness (they were double first cousins), Ferdinand suffered from epilepsy, hydrocephalus, neurological problems, and a speech impediment. Upon his marriage to Maria Anna of Savoy, the court physician considered it unlikely that he would be able to consummate the marriage..

        • Erzherzogin Marie Karoline von Österreich
        • Archduchess Caroline Ludovika Leopoldine of Austria
        • Maria Leopoldine (1797–1826) von Habsburg-Lorraine, Kaiserin von Brasilien
        • Maria Klementine Franziska Josepha Klementine Habsburg-Lothringen, Erzherzogin von Österreich
        • Archduke Joseph Franz Leopold of Austria
        • Archduchess Marie Caroline of Austria, Crown Princess of Saxony
        • Maria Anna Franziska Theresia Josepha Medarde von österreich, Erzherzogin (Habsburg-Lothringen) Habsburg-Lorraine
        • Archduke Franz Karl of Austria

        • Archduke Franz Karl Joseph of Austria HABSBURG Born: Dec 17, 1802 in Vienna. Died: Mar 8, 1878 in Vienna + Princess Sophie of Bavaria born Sophie Friederike Dorothee Wilhelmine Born: Jan 27, 1805 Married: Nov 4, 1824 in Vienna. Died: May 28, 1872 *wikipedia Father: Maximilian I King of Bavaria (aka. Maximilian Joseph) (5/27/1756 Schwetzingen, Germany - 10/13/1825 Munich, Germany) duke of Zweibrücken (1795-1799), prince-elector of Bavaria "as Maximilian IV Joseph" (1799-1805), king of Bavaria "as Maximilian I" (1806-1825) member of the House of Palatinate-Zweibrücken-Birkenfeld, a branch of the House of Wittelsbach Mother: Caroline of Baden (Karoline Friederike Wilhelmine) (7/13/1776 - 1841) of Baden, later the 1st Queen of Bavaria as spouse of Maximilian *his 2nd wife, wikipedia

          Note: wikipedia,

          • Emperor Franz (Francis) Joseph I of Austria HABSBURG Born: Aug 18, 1830 in Schönbrunn palace, Vienna. Died: Nov 21, 1916 in Schönbrunn palace + Emperor Franz Joseph I Married: Apr 24, 1854 in Vienna + Elisabeth of Austria "Empress by marriage" born Duchess Elisabeth "Sisi" Amalie Eugenie in Bavaria Born: in Munich, Germany. Dec 24, 1837 Died: Sep 10, 1898 in Geneva, Switzerland *4 children, wikipedia

            Note: geni, wikipedia; Emperor Franz of Austria, King of Bohemia, King of Croatia, Apostolic King of Hungary, King of Galicia and Lodomeria and Grand Duke of Cracow from 1848 until his death in 1916. In the December of 1848, Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria abdicated the throne as part of Ministerpräsident Felix zu Schwarzenberg's plan to end the Revolutions of 1848 in Austria, which allowed Ferdinand's nephew Franz Joseph to ascend to the throne..

            • Archduchess Sophie HABSBURG of Austria Born: Mar 5, 1855 in Vienna. Died: May 29, 1857 in Budapest, Hungary

            • Princess of Bavaria Gisela Louise Marie HABSBURG of Austria Born: Jul 12, 1856 in Laxenburg, Austria. Died: Jul 27, 1932 in Munich, Bavaria + Leopold Maximilian Joseph Maria ARMULF of Bavaria. Born: Feb 9, 1846 in Munich. Died: Sep 28, 1930 in Munich *4 children

            • Crown Prince Rudolf HABSBURG of Austria Born: Aug 21, 1858 in Schloss Laxenburg, Near Vienna. Died: Jan 30, 1889 murdered/suicide Crown Prince Rudolf Habsburg of Austriatogether with his mistress Mary Vetsera + Stéphanie Clotilde Louise Herminie Marie Charlotte von WETTIN of Belgium, Crown Princess of Austria, Hungary and Bohemia Born: May 21, 1864 in Château de Laeken, Laeken, Brussels, Belgium. Died: Augt 23, 1945 in Pannonhalma, Győr-Moson-Sopron, Hungary *geni, 1 child, wikipedia, see ref. in Clara (Bach) Bohm story

            • Archduchess Marie-Valerie Mathilde Amalie HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN Born: Apr 22, 1868 in Ofen, Hungary. Died: Sep 6, 1924 in Vienna + Franz SALVATOR of Austria-Toscana Born: August 21, 1866 in Altmünster, Austria-Hungary. Died: Apr 20, 1939 in Vienna *14 children, geni, wikipedia, peerage

          • Maximilian (Maximiliano) I of Mexico HABSBURG Born: Jul 6, 1832 Died: Jun 19, 1867 wikipedia

          • Archduke Karl Ludwig Joseph Maria of Austria HABSBURG Born: Jul 30, 1833 in Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna. Died: May 19, 1896 in Schönbrunn palace *also below, wikipedia + Margaretha of Saxony HABSBURG born Margaretha Karoline Friederike Cecilie Auguste Amalie Josephine Elisabeth Maria Johanna of Saxony, Duchess of Saxony, *his first cousin Born: May 24, 1840 in Dresden, Germany. Married: Nov 4, 1856 in Dresden. Died: Sep 15, 1858 Monza, Italy *no children, wikipedia Father: Johann of Saxony (1801-1873) wikipedia Mother: Amalie Auguste of Bavaria (1801-1877) wikipedia

            *2nd wife of Karl: Princess Maria Annunciata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies Born: 1843 Married: on 16 October 1862 at Rome, Italy by proxy and in person on 21 October 1862 at Venice, Italy *also below, wikipedia Died: 1871 Father: Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies (1810-1859) wikipedia Mother: Maria Theresa of Austria (1816–1867) *wikipedia

            • Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria HABSBURG (1863-1914) + Sophie CHOTEK Married morganatically *wikipedia

              Note: wikipedia; Franz's assassination ignited the start of WW-1

            • Archduke Otto Franz of Austria von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN, Erzherzog born Otto Franz Joseph Karl Ludwig Maria, Prince Imperial and Archduke of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary and Bohemia Born: Apr 21, 1865 in Graz, Austria. Married: Oct 2, 1886. Died: Nov 1, 1906 in Vienna, Austria + Princess Maria Josepha of SAXONY Born: May 31, 1867. Died: May 28, 1944 fifth child wikipedia Father: George of Saxonywikipedia Mother: Infanta Maria Anna of Portugal wikipedia

              Note: geni, wikipedia Their marriage was unhappy, however, since the Archduke was often unfaithful. By one Marie Schleinzer he had 2 children. He had been in bad health for 2 years before his death, almost completely withdrawing from public life. He spent his first year of illness in Egypt, but his recovery there proved temporary when he returned to Austria, and he was seriously ill for his last few months. In his lifetime he was also known as "Otto der Schöne" (the Handsome). He is usually remembered for the widely-circulated story that he had been spotted in a hallway at the Hotel Sacher, about to enter a lady's room, wearing nothing else but a sword..

              • Emperor Karl (Charles) I of Austria von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN born Karl Franz Joseph Ludwig Hubert Georg Otto Marie von Emperor Charles I of AustriaHabsburg-Lothringen Born: Aug 17, 1887 in Castle of Persenbeug, Lower Austria. Died: Apr 1, 1922 in (1922-04-01) Madeira, Portugal + Zita of BOURBON-PARMA born Zita Maria delle Grazie Adelgonda Micaela Raffaela Gabriella Giuseppina Antonia Luisa Agnese, princess of Bourbon-Parma Born: May 9, 1892 in Villa Pianore, Tuscany, Italy. Married: 1911. Died: Mar 14, 1989 in Zizers, Schwitzerland wikipedia 17th child Father: Robert I, Duke of Parma *wikipedia Mother: Infanta Maria Antonia of Portugal *his 2nd wife, wikipedia

                Note: geni, wikipedia .. Charles became heir-presumptive with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, his uncle, in Sarajevo in 1914, the event which precipitated WW-1. Karl's reign began in 1916, when his great-grand-uncle, Franz Josef I of Austria died. Karl also became a Generalfeldmarschall in the Austro-Hungarian Army.. His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty - Charles the First - By the Grace of God, Emperor of Austria, Apostolic King of Hungary, of this name the Fourth, King of Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, and Galicia, Lodomeria, and Illyria; King of Jerusalem, Archduke of Austria; Grand Duke of Tuscany and Cracow, Duke of Lorraine and of Salzburg, of Styria, of Carinthia, of Carniola and of the Bukovina; Grand Prince of Transylvania; Margrave of Moravia; Duke of Upper and Lower Silesia, of Modena, Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla, of Auschwitz and Zator, of Teschen, Friuli, Ragusa and Zara; Princely Count of Habsburg and Tyrol, of Kyburg, Gorizia and Gradisca; Prince of Trent and Brixen; Margrave of Upper and Lower Lusatia and in Istria; Count of Hohenems, Feldkirch, Bregenz, Sonnenberg; Lord of Trieste, of Cattaro, and in the Windic March; Grand Voivode (Grand Duke) of the Voivodship (Duchy) of Serbia..

                • Archduke Otto of Austria von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGENBorn: Nov 20, 1912 Died: Jul 4, 2011 *last Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary from 1916 until the dissolution of the empire in 1918 *children, wikipedia

                • Archduchess Adelheid of Austria von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN Born: Jan 3, 1914 Died: Oct 3, 1971 *unmarried, wikipedia

                • Robert, Archduke of Austria-Este von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN, Prince Imperial of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary, Bohemia and Croatia Born: Feb 8, 1915 in Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria. Died: Feb 7, 1996 Basel, Switzerland *children wikipedia

                • Archduke Felix of Austria von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN born Felix Friedrich August Maria vom Siege Franz Joseph Peter Karl Anton Robert Otto Pius Michael Benedikt Sebastian Ignatius Marcus d'Aviano Born: May 31, 1916 in Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna *children wikipedia

                • Carl Ludwig von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN born Carl Ludwig Maria Franz Joseph Michael Gabriel Antonius Robert Stephan Pius Gregor Ignatius Markus d'Aviano of Austria Born: Mar 10, 1918 in Baden by Vienna, Austria. Died: Dec 11, 2007 in Brussels, Belgium *children wikipedia

                • Archduke Rudolf of Austria von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN Born: Sep 5, 1919 in Prangins, Switzerland. Died: May 15, 2010 in Brussels, Belgium *children, wikipedia

                • Archduchess Charlotte of Austria von HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN born Charlotte Hedwig Franziska Josepha Maria Antonia Roberta Ottonia Pia Anna Ignatia Marcus d'Aviano of Habsburg-Lorraine "aka. Charlotte de Bar in USA 1943-56" wikipedia Born: Mar 1, 1921 in Prangins, Switzerland. Died: Jul 23, 1989 in Munich, Germany + George, DUKE of MECKLENBURG born Count George of Carlow Born: Oct 5 [O.S. Sep 22], 1899 in Oranienbaum, Russia. Married: Jul 21, 1956 in Pöcking, Germany. Died: 6 July 1963 (1963-07-06)in Sigmaringen, Germany *no children

                • Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria von ÖSTERREICH HABSBURG Born: May 31, 1922 in Royal Palace of El Pardo, Madrid, Spain. Married: Sep 12, 1949 in Lignières, Cher, France. Died: Jan 7, 1993 in Waldstein *geni, wikipedia + Heinrich of (see LIECHTENSTEIN family) Born: Aug 5, 1916 in Graz, Austria. Died: Apr 17, 1991 in Graz Father: Prince Alfred Roman of Liechtenstein (4/6/1875 Vienna - 10/25/1930 Waldstein bei Peggau, Styria, Austria) Mother: Theresia Maria Prinzessin zu Oettingen-Oettingen und Oettingen-Wallerstein (6/1/1887 Munich, Germany - 5/29/1971 Waldstein) *geni

              • Archduke Maximilian Eugen of Austria born Maximilian Eugen Ludwig Friedrich Philipp Ignatius Joseph Maria Born: Apr 13 1895 in Vienna. Died: Jan 19, 1952 in Nice, France wikipedia + Princess Franziska zu HOHENLOHE-WALDENBURG-SCHILLINGFÜRST *2 children, wikipedia Father: Prince Konrad of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst *wikipedia Mother: Countess Franziska von Schönborn-Buchheim wikipedia

              *2nd partner of Archduke Otto (not married): Marie SCHLEINZER

              • Alfred Joseph von HORTENAU Born: Nov 10, 1892 in Niedersigen, . Died: 1957
              • Hildegard von HORTENAU Born: Mar 7, 1894 in Vienna

            • Archduke Ferdinand Karl of Austria (1868-1915) wikipedia + Bertha CZUBER Married morganatically *no issue
            • Archduchess Margarete Sophie of Austria (1870- 1902) wikipedia + Albrecht, Duke of WÜRTTENBERG *children, wikipedia

          *3rd wife of Karl: Infanta Maria Theresa of Portugal, Princess of the House of Braganza, by marriage Archduchess of Austria Born: Aug 24, 1855 in Kleinheubach, Germany. Died: Feb 12, 1944 in Vienna *his 3rd wife, wikipedia

            • Archduchess Maria Annunziata of Austria HABSBURG Born: 1876 occupation: Abbess of the Theresia Convent in the Hradčany (Hradschin), Prague, Bohemia, Czech. Died: 1961 or May 4, 1871?

            • Archduchess Elisabeth Amalie of Austria HABSBURG Born: Jul 7, 1878 in Reichenau an der Rax, Austria. Died: Mar 13, 1960 wikipedia + Prince Aloys of (see LIECHTENSTEIN family) Born: June 17, 1869 in Hollenegg, Styria, Austria. Married: Jul 23, 1873 in Kleinheubach, Germany. Died: March 16, 1955 in Liechtenstein *Geni Father: Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein "born Alfred Aloys Eduard" (6/11/1842 Prague, Bohemia, Czech m. 4/26/1865 Vienna - 10/8/1907 Schloss Frauenthal) Mother: Princess Henriette Maria Norberta of Liechtenstein (6/6/1843 Schloss Liechtenstein bei Mödling, Austria - 12/24/1931 Schloss Frauenthal) *his 1st cousin

          • Maria Anna Karolina HABSBURG Born: 27 October 1835 Died: 5 February 1840 in childhood
          • son HABSBURG Born: 24 October 1840 Died: 24 October 1840 stillborn

          • Archduke Ludwig Viktor of Austria HABSBURG born Ludwig Viktor Joseph Anton Born: 15 May 1842 in Hofburg Palace, Vienna. Died: 18 January 1919 in Schloss Klessheim, Salzburg, Austria *unmarried, wikipedia

        • Amalia Theresia von Österreich, Erzherzogin (Habsburg-Lothringen)

      • Grand Duke Ferdinand of Tuscany
      • Archduchess Marie Anna of Austria

      • Charles of Austria, Duke of Teschen HABSBURG born Karl Ludwig Johann Josef Lorenz of Austria Born: Sep 5, 1771 in Florence, Italy. occupation: Austrian field-marshal, considered one of Napoleon's most formidable opponents. Died: Apr 30, 1847 in Vienna, Austria + Princess Henrietta of NASSAU-WEILBURG born Henrietta Alexandrine Friederike Wilhelmine of Nassau-Weilburg, then of Nassau Born: Oct 30, 1797 in Palace Ermitage, Bayreuth, Germany. Married: Sep 15, ber 17, 1815 in Weilburg, Germany. Died: 1829 in Vienna. wikipedia Father: Frederick William of Nassau-Weilburg (1768-1816) wikipedia Mother: Burgravine Louise Isabelle of Kirchberg wikipedia

        Note: geni, geneall, wikipedia . In a generous act by his father, he was adopted and raised in Vienna by his childless aunt Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria and her husband Albert of Saxe-Teschen. His youth was spent in Tuscany, at Vienna and in the Austrian Netherlands, where he began his career of military service in the war of the French Revolution..

        • Maria Theresa of Austria, Queen of the Two Sicilies HABSBURG wikipedia
        • Archduke Albrecht, Duke of Teschen HABSBURG wikipedia

        • Archduke Karl Ferdinand of Austria HABSBURG + Elisabeth Franziska of Austria, Archduchess Princess of Hungary and Bohemia Born: Jan 17, 1831 in Ofen (Buda), Hungary. Married: Apr 18, 1854 in Vienna. Died: Feb 14, 1903 in Vienna *his 1st cousin, wikipedia Father: Joseph, archduke of Austria and Palatine (Kingdom of Hungary) wikipedia Mother: Duchess Maria Dorothea of Württemberg wikipedia *1st husband of Elisabeth: Ferdinand archduke of Austria-Este and duke of Modena (1821-1849) wikipedia

          Note: geni, wikipedia A son of the "hero of Aspern" he started a military career in Infantry Regiment 57 in Brno, Moravia. Later he received command of a brigade in Italy and fought against the insurgents in Prague in 1848. In 1859 he was a general in Moravia and Silesia and returned to Brno in 1860. He became a Lieutenant Field Marshal of the Austrian Army

          • Archduke Franz Joseph of Austria-Teschen HABSBURG (1855-1855)
          • Archduke Friedrich of Austria, Duke of Teschen HABSBURG (1856-1936), Supreme Commander of the Austro-Hungarian Army during World War I *wikipedia

          • Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria-Teschen HABSBURG Born: 1858 Died: 1929 wikipedia + King Alfonso XII of Spain born Alfonso Francisco de Asís Fernando Pío Juan María de la Concepción Gregorio Pelayo) Born: in Nov 28, 1857 in Madrid, Spain. Died: Nov 25, 1885 in El Pardo, Spain *children Mother: Queen Isabella II of Spain, and allegedly, of her husband and King Consort, Francis, Duke of Cádiz. Alfonso's biological paternity is uncertain: there is speculation that his biological father may have been Francisco Serrano (his mother's Prime Minister) or Enrique Puig y Moltó (a captain of the guard), or even an American dental student. These rumours were used as political propaganda against Alfonso by the Carlists..

            Note: geni, wikipedia; was king of Spain, reigning from 1874 to 1885, after a coup d'état restored the monarchy and ended the ephemeral First Spanish Republic

          • Archduke Charles Stephen of Austria-Teschen HABSBURG baptised Karl Stephan Eugen Viktor Felix Maria Born: Sep 5, 1860 in Židlochovice (Groß Seelowitz) Moravia, Czech. occupation: Grand Admiral in the Austro-Hungarian Navy. Died: Apr 7, 1933 + Archduchess Maria Theresia, Princess of Tuscany HABSBURG born Maria Theresia Antoinette Immakulata Josepha Ferdinanda Leopoldine Franziska Caroline Isabella Januaria Aloysia Christine Anna, Erzherzogin von Österreich Born: Sep 18, 1862 in Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav (Brandeis-Altbunzlau), Bohemia. Married: Feb 28, 1886 in Vienna, ceremony in the Hofburg palace. Died: May 10, 1933 in Castle of SaysbuschPolish, Żywiec, Galacia, Poland. *wikipedia Father: Archduke Karl Salvator of Austria, Prince of Tuscany Habsburg *above, wikipedia Mother: Princess Maria Immaculata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies *wikipedia

            Note: geni, wikipedia

            • Archduke Karl Albrecht of Austria-Teschen HABSBURG born (Karl Albrecht Nikolaus Leo Gratianus von Österreich, later Karl Albrecht Archduke Karl Albrecht Habsburg of AustriaHabsburg-Lothringen, since 1919 - Karol Olbracht Habsburg-Lotaryński, since 1949- Karl von Habsburg-Altenburg Born: Dec 18, 1888 in Pula, Croatia. Died: Mar 17, 1951 in Östervik, near Stockholm, Sweden + Alice Elisabeth ANKARCRONA Born: Dec 18, 1889 in Tullgarn, near Trosa, Sweden. Married: Nov 8, 1920 morganatically in the Castle of Saybusch (Żywiec, Galicia), Poland. Died: Nov 26, 1985 in Saltsjöbaden, near Stockholm, became the Princess von Altenburg (Highness) on Dec 15, 1949 Father: Oscar Carl Gustav Ankarcrona (6/10/1857 -) wikipedia Mother: Anna Elisabeth Aurora Carleson (11/5/1867 m. 11/20/1886 - )

              Note: geni, wikipedia ..He was Żywiec, Poland landowner, Officer Colonel of Artillery of both the Imperial (k.u.k.) Austro-Hungarian Army (on Horse) and the Polish Army, and the 1,175th Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1910, etc. In 1918 and again in 1939 he volunteered to the Polish Army. In 1920 he commanded the Grudziądz Fortress. During German occupation of Poland, he refused to sign the German Volksliste. He was imprisoned by Germans in November 1939, kept in Cieszyn prison and tortured until the end of the war. His wife was interned in Wisła, Poland. After liberation, he moved to Kraków, Poland and then to Sweden.

              • Prince Karl-Stefan Maximilian Ferdinand Narcissus Maria HABSBURG of Altenburg Born: in Oct 29, 1921 in Balice, Poland + Maria-Louise Victoria Katharina Elisabeth af PETERSENS *his 1st cousin Born: Nov 4, 1910 in Stockholm, Sweden. Married Sep 18, 1952 in Geneva, Switzerland. Died: May 27, 1998 in Östervik, Sweden Father: August af Petersens Mother: Victoria (Vera) Ankarcrona

                • Princess Maria-Christina Ninfa Renata Margarita Isabella Clara Eugenia Anselma HABSBURG of Altenburg Born: Apr 21 1953 in Stockholm, Sweden *unmarried
                • Prince Karl-Albrecht Ferdinand Leopold Philipp Joseph Rafael Maria Prince HABSBURG of Altenburg Born: Oct 24, 1956 in Stockholm, Sweden. Died: May 26, 1957 in Zürich, Switzerland

              • Princess Maria-Krystyna (Christina) Immaculata Elisabeth Renata Alice Gabriela HABSBURG of Altenburg Born: Dec 8, 1923 in Princess Maria-Krystyna Habsburg - returns to Żywiec, Poland Castle of SaysbuschPolish, Żywiec, Galacia, Poland. Residence: Żywiec *unmarried

                Note: geni, wikipediaPolish; Maria was a school dorm roommate in 1941 Vienna with Heidi (nee Klimesch) Rohel "age 14" on Geni, their beds next to each other for 1 year before eviction by the Nazis, Maria & her 2 sisters for being Habsburgs and Heidi for being 1/2 Jewish OR nsik.comPolish & nsik--2 1993 - Maria comes back to Żywiec, Poland, receives state pension and is allowed to live in a room of the family Palace and owners of the Żywiec Brewery, all confiscated in post WW-2 by the Communists..

              • Prince Karl-Albrecht Maximilian Leo Maria Dominic HABSBURG of Altenburg Born: Aug 4, 1926 in in Castle of Saysbusch, Żywiec, Poland. Died: Dec 19, 1928 in Castle of Saysbusch, Żywiec

              • Princess Renata Maria Theresia Alice Elisabeth Princess HABSBURG of Altenburg Born: Apr 13, 1931 in Castle of Saysbusch, Żywiec, Poland + Eduardo de ZULUETA y DATO Born: Dec 4, 1923 in Paris. Married: Jun 26, 1957 in Stockholm, Sweden. occupation: Spanish Diplomat *children, wikipedia

          • Archduke Eugen of Austria-Teschen (1863-1954), Fieldmarshal
          • Archduchess Maria Eleonora of Austria-Teschen (1864-1864)

          Note: see ancestors on geni, wikipedia

        • Archduke Friedrich of Austria (1821–1847) *unmarried, wikipedia
        • Archduke Rudolph of Austria Born: Sep 25, 1822 Died: Oct 11, 1822 in childhood

        • Archduchess Maria Karoline of Austria Born: Sep 10, 1825 Died: Jul 17, 1915 + Archduke Rainer of Austria *her 1st cousin, wikipedia Father: Archduke Rainer of Austria wikipedia Mother: Princess Elisabeth of Savoy-Carignano wikipedia

        • Archduke Wilhelm Franz of Austria wikipedia
      • Note: see ancestors on geni, wikipedia

      • Archduke Alexander of Austria
      • Archduke Albrecht of Austria
      • Archduke Maximilian of Austria
      • Archduke Joseph of Austria, Palatine of Hungary

      • Archduchess Maria Clementina of Austria, Duchess of Calabria
      • Anton Victor Joseph Johann Raimund Habsburg-Lothringen, Erzherzog, Viceré del Regno Lombardo-Veneto
      • Maria Amalia Josephe Johanna Katharina Theresia von Österreich, Erzherzogin (Habsburg-Lothringen)
      • Archduke Johann of Austria
      • Rainer Joseph Johann Michael Franz Hieronymus Habsburg-Lothringen, Erzherzog, viceré del Lombardo-Veneto
      • Archduke Louis of Austria
      • Cardinal Rudolf von Habsburg-Lothringen
      • Adelaide of Austria

      Note: see more ancestors and descendants on; geni, wikipedia

    • Archduchess Maria Carolina of Austria (1748)
    • Archduchess Maria Johanna Gabriela of Austria
    • Archduchess Maria Josepha of Austria
    • Maria Karolina von Habsburg-Lothringen
    • Archduke Ferdinand I of Austria-Este, Duke of Breisgau
    • Marie-Antoinette d'Autriche, Reine de France
    • Maximilian von Österreich, Erzbischof von Köln

    Note: see more ancestors and descendants on; geni, wikipedia, the peerage, geneall

  • Princess Eléonore of Lorraine
  • Elisabeth Therese of Lorraine, Queen consort of Sardinia
  • Princess Anne Charlotte of Lorraine
  • Charles-Alexandre Emanuel de Lorraine, Duc, Landvoogd van de Zuidelijke Nederlanden
  • Princess Gabriele Louise de Lorraine
  • Princess Marie Gabriele Charlotte de Lorraine

Note: see more ancestors on geni, wikipedia

Elenora of Lorraine
Charles Ferdinand of Lorraine
General Joseph Innocent Emanuel of Lorraine
Francis Anthony Joseph (1689-1715) of Lorraine
Joseph I
Leopold Ier de Lorraine
Charles Joseph John Anthony Ignace Felix of Lorraine

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