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Spira /Shapira Family Genealogy

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Luria Spira Treves timeline - (posted)

Rabbi Samuel (Shmuel) SPIRA (SHAPIRA, SPEYER) Born: abt. 1345 *geni + Julia TREVES Siblings: Vergentlin Hana Traves (abt 1375 -) below, Abraham Treves ( -1384), Joseph Treves ( -1429) of Paris, Yochanan Treves ( -1429) Father: Mattitjahu Treves (abt 1325 Paris - 1385/7) J-encyclopedia scholar, chief rabbi of Paris Mother: (?) daughter of Menassier de Vesoul J-encycl., French communal leader; originally from Vesoul and probably of the family of Héliot of Vesoul Grandfather: Yosef V Hagadol Tzorfati-Treves "the Great" (1305 - 1350/70) ABD "Av Bais Din" (head of the Jewish Court) in Marseilles, Paris. G-grandfather: R' Yochanan Treves Ashkenazi (abt 1265 Treves, France - abt 1314 Worms, Germany), son of R' Abraham Treves (abt 1240 -) *Eliezer Treves, son of Naftali Herz Treves (1493-1566) on Infobank and on JE Eliezer ben Naphtali Hirz Treves (1495-1567) (aka Eliezer Frankfurt)

Note: Solomon received a permit to establish a yeshiva in Landau 6/21/1397. He is sometimes referenced as Solomon Landau or simply Solomon "Salman der Juden Kindermeister zu Speyer" (Solomon the Jewish teacher from Speyer). Jun 2, 1427 his mother Vergentlin secured a renewal of privilege for his yeshiva, Solomon with his wife, children and servants. Thus it looks like he returned to Landau (from Speyer?), as his name is missing from 1401, 1403, 1406, 1407 privileges

  • R' Natan (Nathan) Nata SPIRA rabbi in Posen (Poznan), Poland OR Yitskhak SPIRA

    • Rabbi Shimsohn (Samson) SPIRA occupation: Rabbi in Posen (Poznan), Poland + (?) *geni

      • Gaon Rabbi Yechiel Michel (Jechiel Mechel, Jehiel Mich) (see SPIRA family) Born: abt 1530 occupation: Rabbi in Posen (Poznan), Poland. Died: Jan 24, 1598 in Prague, Bohemia, Czech + (?)

      • Rabbi Natan (Nathan) Nata SPIRA "of Grodno" Died: 1577 rabbi in Grodno

        Note: JE 23 Nathan Nata Spira: son of Samson Spira rabbi at Grodno; died 1577. He wrote a supercommentary on the commentaries of Rashi and Elijah Mizraḥi under the title "Imre Shefer," and a commentary on the Pentateuch, published by his son Isaac (Lublin, 1586 [1597]), and at the request of his pupils "Mebo She'arim" (Lublin, n.d.; Jessnitz, 1724), a commentary on Isaac Duran's "Sha'are Durah." The Zohar was edited not by him, as Fürst and others think, but by Nathan b. Isaac Spira (Lublin, 1624). Nathan Nata left two sons: Isaac (No. 12) and Israel Issachar (No. 14). Bibliography: David Gans, Zemah Dawid, ed. Offenbach, p. 30a; Jehiel Heilprin, Seder ha-Dorot, ed. Warsaw, i 248; Azulai, l.c. i. 148; De Rossi-Hamberger, l.c. p. 301; Fuenn, l.c. p. 55; Fürst, l.c. iii. 373; Zedner, Cat. Hebr. Books Brit. Mus. p. 609

        • Shlomo (Solomon) SPIRA + (?)

          • R' Natan (Nathan, Nosson Natte) Nata SPIRA "Megaleh Amukot" Born: 1583-5 Died: Jul 10 or 20, 1633 gravePolish in Cracow cemetery + Roiza (Rosa) Eberles JAKUBOWITZ Born: 1588 Married: 1605 Died: 1642 in Krakov Aunt: Roza Eberles (1570-1634) & Nachman Sherentzil Father: Moshe Eberles Jakubowitz (Yekeles) (1560 - 1614 Krakow) Grandfather: Yakov Jekel (aka Isaac?) Eberles (1510 Prague or 1538 Krakow - 1596) Grandmother: Gitel Landau (1550 - 1596 Krakow) daughter of Moshe Hazoken Landau Great-grandparents: Moshe Eberles (1490 Prague - 1557 Krakow) & Chana Treves (1500-1539)

            NoteJE 24 son of Solomon Spira and grandson of Nathan Nata Spira (No. 23): In 1617 he was called to the rabbinate of Cracow, where, being well-to-do, he refused to accept a salary. He was gifted with an extraordinary memory, and devoted much time to the study of the Cabala. He wrote a cabalistic commentary on the prayer of Moses in Deut. iii. 24, and two prayers, under the title "Megalleh 'Amukkot" (Cracow, 1637; Fürth, 1691). He published also novellæ to Alfasi's work which were printed with it (Amsterdam, 1720). Bibliography: Azulai, l.c. i. 148; De Rossi-Hamberger, l.c. p. 301; Steinschneider, l.c. col. 2049; Zunz, Monatstage, p. 41; Zedner, l.c. p. 610; I. M. Zunz, 'Ir ha-Zedek, pp. 52, 176 (contains Spira's epitaph)

            • Lifsha SPIRA Died: 1731 + Menachem MENDL ABD Halosk Father: Benyamin Medl

            • Yuttla SPIRA + Yisroel (Israel) HEILPRIN or HELMAN-HALPERIN? Born: in Krotoshin, Poland Father: Eliezer Lippman Heilprin Mother: Margola Shor below

              • Eliezer Lipman HELMAN-HALPERIN or HEILPRIN? Born: 1670
              • Shmuel HELMAN-HALPERIN Born: 1672 in Krotoshin. Died: Dec 30, 1764 in Metz, France + (?)

                • Uri Feivish Schraga HELMAN-HALPERIN Born: in Mannheim, Germany Died: Oct 22, 1771 in Metz + Chaya Yittl PARNAS Father: Shaul Parnas

                  • Hindsche Hendleh HILLMANN Born: Oct 25, 1752 in Metz France. Died: Aug 3, 1835 in Prague + Schmuel LANDAU Married: 1770 in Berlin Siblings: Israel b'Yechezkel Landau "ch. Moshe Landay (Prague - 1862 Constantinograd) & Esther Rappaport daughter of Nachman Nathan Rappaport" Father: Yeheskiel Noda B'yehudah Landau Mother: Liebe Yakovka daughter of Yakov

                    • ? Yehezkiel LANDAU Born: in Prague
                    • ? daughter LANDAU Born: in Yamenitz + Herzl KATZ

                    • Jacob Yossef LANDAU Born: in Prague Died: 1858 in Prague + Rivka TOISIG Born: in Prague. Died: 1836 in Prague Father: Wolf Hirsh Toisig (Vilnius /Vilna), Lithuania -) Mother: (?) Rappaport daughter of Avraham Yekutiel Salman Rappaport (1720 - Sep 12, 1798) ben Meir Moshe & (?) Margalioth (m. 1735 Poland - ) daughter of Menachem Menish Margalioth (Magaliot) (Zolkiew, Poland - 1725) & Hinda Shor ( m. 1709 Poland - )
                      • Haskel Schraga Feivish LANDAU Died: 1848 in Prague + Chaya Lewy KONIGSBERG

                    • Yarit LANDAU + Lipman ALTSHUL Born: in Prague. Died: 1857 in Prague Father: Yaacob Altshul (Prague - Prague)
                    • daughter LANDAU

                • Yocheved HELMAN-HALPERIN + Eliezer Lazarus KATZENELLENBOGEN Father: Moshe Katzenellenbogen Mother: Yente Shor daughter of Yakov Shor Grandfather: Shaul Katzenellenbogen-Wahl

                  • Shaul KATZENELLENBOGEN Died: 1810

            • Natan Neta SPIRA of Kolín, Bohemia + (?) ?descandant of rabbi Juda Loew (see Maharal of Prague family) ?

              • ?daugter SPIRA + rabbi Samuel (Shmuel) Ha-LEVI LÖW aka. KOLIN /KELIN, KELLIN Born: abt 1720 or 24 in Kolin, Bohemia. Residence: After his marriage he settled in Boskovice and his material needs were provided by his wife, who managed a wool business, leaving him free for study. occupation: Av Beis Din of Boskowitz, Author of "Maḥẓit /Machatzit ha-Sheḳel". Died: May 20, 1806 in Boskovice, Moravia *geocities Descendant in the 5th generation: dr. Max Anton Löw *wiki convert to Catholicism, attorney of the anti-Semite Francis Deckert Father: Nathan "Nate" ha-Levi

                Note: JE1, JEref, wikipedia "Samuel ben Nathan Ha-Levi Loew (Kelin) (also Lōw or Löw Hebrew: שמואל בן נטע הלוי קעלין; ca. 1720 - 1806) was a Talmudist and Halakhist (authority on Jewish law), son of "Naṭe" ha-Levi (נטע = from Nathan) born in Kolin, Bohemia. For nearly 60 years he presided over a yeshiva at Boskovice.. His works were published under the name Machatsith haShekel.." OR "..The case history of Samuel Kolin of Prossnitz [Prostějov] in Moravia tells clearly enough why. Kolin was a cloth-trader who came to that small-town Jewish settlement from Bohemia in 1752 in order to marry..".. One was the son of Samuel Kolin, who bore the German name Veith Ehrenstamm *below. In the middle 1780s this son responded to the disaster of his father's ruin.."

                • rabbi Wolf Binyamin BOSKOWITZ Born: 1740 occupation: *ref. Ga'on, Author of "Seder Mishnah", briefly rabbi in Pest from 1795-96, one of the most acute talmudic scholars of his time and the head of some of larger yeshivot in Moravia & Hungary, delivered the sermon at his father's funeral (Ma’amar Esther, Ofen, 1837). Died: 1818 *ref., friend of rabbi Moshe Sofer *any relation to Boskowitz families on Krochmal page ?

                • ? son (?) + (?)

                  • Jakob WASSERTRILLING of Boskovice, Moravia *geocities + (?)

                    Note: any relation to Markus (Moritz) Wallner (see Wassertrilling family) (9/1820 Boskovice res. Brno, Moravia - ) OR ref. R' Zvi Hirsch ben Aaron Samuel Kaidanower ( - 1712) & (?) "ch. daughter & R' Elchanan Henele Kirchhahn (1655 Kirchhain, Germany - 1735 Kirchhain) author <parents of Mirjam & R' Naftali Hirsch Wassertrilling> {son of R' Benjamin Wolf Kirchhahn & Ella (?)}" *tree OR ref. Emil Wassertrilling (abt 1859 - bur 8/22/1937 Vienna) ?

                    • Samuel WASSERTRILLING Born: 1814 in Boskovice *geocities + (?)

                      • Adolf (Naphtali) WASSING (born Wassertrilling) Born: 1843 in Boskovice *geocities + Bertha LÖW Siblings: Helene Löw & Heinrich (see Boschan family) (12/9/1849 - 1918) Father: Samuel Löw Mother: Babette Koritschoner (1822 - 12/14/1899 Vienna) NFP

                • Veith EHRENSTAMM Born: 1763 likely in Prostějov (Proßnitz), Moravia. Died: Oct 15, 1827 *wiki

            • Yitzchak SPIRA
              • Nathan Nata SHAPIRA Born: 1605 in Krakov Poland
                • Abraham Yoel ASHKENAZI Born: 1625

                  • Asher Yitzhak Zelig (see EYBESCHUETZ family) SPIRA SHAPIRO Born 1645 in Krakov. Died: 1695 in Krakov + (?) daughter Yeshayahu Ashkenazi, daughter of Yeshayahu Ashkenazi & daughter Spira

            • Chavah Dobrosh Freide SPIRA Born: 1615 in Krakov. Died: 1642 in Krakov

            • R' Shlomo JE 25 (Solomon) SPIRA Born: 1616 Died: 1648 slain by the Cossacks under Chmielnicki. Son of Nathan Nata Spira (No. 24). He was rabbi of Satanow, and edited, together with his brother Moses, the work "Megalleh 'Amukkot," to which he wrote additions and a preface. Bibliography: Fuenn, l.c. p. 66.E. C.M + (?)

              • Natan Nata SPIRA + (?)

                • daughter SPIRA + Benyamin Wulf MEIZELS
                  • Yenta MEIZELS + Shabtai HaKOHEN "Shakh" *same as above?

                    • Tauba HaKOHEN + David KATVAN above
                      • daughter KATVAN + Simkha RAPAPORT
              • Moshe SPIRA + (?)
                • Pinkhas SPIRA + (?)

                  • R' Avraham Abba SPIRA or SHAPIRA *"..Slavuta printing press founded in 1791 by R. Moses Shapiro son of the Zaddik R. Phinehas b. Abraham of Korets. Later Moses two sons Samuel Abba and Phinehas took over the press" & (?)

                    • R' Pinchas (Pinkas) SHAPIRA of Koretz Born: 1726 in Shklov (now Belarus) Died: 1791 + Treina WEILL Father: Jonah Weill of Slavuta *see "..His descendants include Rabbi Yehuda Meir Shapiro of Lublin, the originator of the Daf Yomi program; Hava Shapiro, a writer and diarist; and, reputedly, Moshe Feldenkrais, the developer of a physical therapy method.."

                      • R' Moshe (Moses) SHAPIRA of Slavuta + Rachel (?) Father: rabbinical judge in Prague, Bohemia

                        • Shmuel Abba SHAPIRA of Slavita Slavuta + (?) *at least 4 children: "..In 1847 a 2nd printing press was established in Zhitomir by 3 brothers Chanina Lipa, Aryeh Leib, Joshua Heschel Shapira, sons of Samuel Abraham Abba Shapira, the printer in Slavuta..." and Treina Shapira m. Dov Bertze Shapira, her uncle

                        • Pinchas SHAPIRA

                      • R' Yehudah (Judah) Meir SHAPIRA of Shepetovka + Sarah (?) Father: R' Jacob Samson of Shepetovka
                        • Dov Bertze SHAPIRA + Treina SHAPIRA, his niece above
                          • Yehudah Meir SHAPIRA + (?)
                            • Yaakov Shimsohn SHAPIRA + Margola SHOR
                              • Yehudah Meir SHAPIRA "Daf Yomi"

                      *2nd wife of Pinchas Shapira: Yuta (?)

                      • R' Jacob Samson SHAPIRA of Zaslaw + (?) Father: Rabbi Dov of Zaslaw
                      • R' Ezekiel SHAPIRA of Ostrog + (?) Father: Joseph of Polonne
                      • R' Elijah SHAPIRA + (?) Father: Joseph of Wanisnowiec
                      • Rezel (or Sarah) Sheindel + R' Samuel of Koniow, Kolinblat, and Zwenigorodka

            • Khava SPIRA + Naftali Tzvi SHORR

              • Margola SHORR + Eliezer HEILPRIN
                • daughter HEILPRIN + Avraham (?)
                    • Eliezer Lipman VEISBLUM
                      • Elimelekh of Lizhensk

            • Moshe SPIRA + (?)

              • Simkha BUNIM + (?) same as? "..Rabbi Simkha Bunim hailed Rabbi Yehudah (Maharal) as his teacher par excellence, whose writings had greatly enriched his own religious faith. He went on pilgrimages to the Maharal's grave and even expressed the hope that he might be privileged to study under him in the spirit-world after death

        • R' Israel Issachar SPIRA Died: 1630 in Worms

        Note: JE 14 Son of Nathan Nata Spira (No. 23): died at Worms 1630. He was chairman of the rabbinical college at Pinsk, and later rabbi at Worms. He is mentioned in the responsa (No. 88) of MaHaRaM of Lublin (above), and in the responsa collection "Hut ha-Shani," § 22. Bibliography: Friedberg, Luhot Zikkaron, p. 59; kobel 'al Yad, iii. 5, Berlin, 1887; Friedberg, l.c. p. 6.

        • R' Yitskhak (Isaac) SPIRA Isaac ben Nathan SPIRA Born: in Grodno. Died: 1623 in Lublin + (?)

          Note: JE 12 Rabbi and scholar of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; born at Grodno; died in Lublin 1623. He was principal of a large yeshibah at Kowlo, whence he went to Cracow and became identified there with the publication of his father's "Imre Shefer." While engaged upon this work he accepted a call as rabbi to Lublin, and the uncompleted work of his father's was taken to Venice, where it was published in 1583 under the title "Bi'urim." On account of the misrepresentations which were circulated in Venice re garding the contents of this work Isaac found himself compelled to forbid its further sale in that city; and in 1586 he issued a new edition in Lublin. Bibliography: Fürst, Bibl. Jud. iii. 372; Friedberg, Marganita Shappira, pp. 4-6.

          • JE 20 R' Nathan ben Isaac SPIRA "ABD Lublin" Died: 1652 in Lublin. grandson of Nathan Spira of Grodno. Cabalist and rabbi A.B.D. of Lublin in the seventeenth century;. He edited and published the Zohar (Lublin, 1623), to which he added a commentary. Bibliography: Friedberg, l.c. p. 6.E. C. S. O.

            • Israel SPIRA + (?) LURIA * above Father: Israel Isser Luria ( - 1605)

              same? JE 15 Israel ben Nathan Spira Died: 1700 (known also as Israel ha-Darshan): scholar, rabbi, and preacher of the seventeenth century;. While still young he was called to Kalisz in Poland, where he founded a large school which soon became famous. Among his most prominent pupils were Jehiel Michael Segal and Selig Margolioth. Israel was the author of "Bet Yisrael," a commentary on the "Hilkot Shehitah," of which 201 paragraphs appeared in Berlin in 1726. Appended thereto was a second work. "Bet Perez," a commentary on the treatise Megillah which he wrote in honor of his son-in-law. Bibliography: Benjacob, Ozar ha-Sefarim, p. 74;Friedberg, l.c. pp. 7-10

          • daughter SPIRA + Shlomo "Dr" LURIA

Group-1: names=11, remaining of 25 Spira names from Jewishencyclopedia not included on this page or 2nd Spira page

JE 19 Menahem Zion b. Meïr Spira: a native probably of Speyer. He wrote in 1430 "Ziyyuni" (Cremona, 1560), a cabalistic commentary on the Pentateuch, prefaced by a song for the Sabbath and enumerating the labors forbidden on that day. Bibliography: Steinschneider, Cat. Munich, codices 68, 76.; Landshuth. l.c. p. 193;Zunz, S. P. p. 110; idem, Literaturgesch. p. 523.E. C. M. K.JE 11 Isaac Kohen-Spira: Died: in 1582 at Cracow. son of David Kohen-Spira. officiated as rabbi in Cracow, was the father-in-law of Rabbi Meïr Lublin. He had a namesake and contemporary, Isaac Kohen-Spira, who was probably rabbi at Kreminiec, and afterward at Cracow. Bibliography: Frankel, Zeitschrift, iii. 386; Ha-Karmel, xii. 658;  J. B. R., Bemerkungen zu I. M. Zunz Ir ha-Zedek, p. 18, Brody, 1878.E. C. M. K.JE 9 Isaac Spira: Died: March 16, 1711 in Lemberg. son of Eliezer Spira. wrote "Elef ha-Magen" (notes on the four ritual codices), printed by his son Nathan Spira (Zolkiev, 1732). JE 17 Jacob Kohn - Spira: son of Isaac Spira. lived at Lemberg in the seventeenth century. He was the author of "Be'er Mayim Ḥayyim" (Cracow, 1616), a commentary on the Pentateuch and on Rashi's commentary. Bibliography: Buber, l.c. p. 112.E. C. M. K. JE 13 Isaac ben Nathan Spira: Born: 1624 Died: 1649 in Cracow. son of Rabbi Nathan. Polish merchant. He was a man of means, and when, in May, 1641, the Jewish community of Cracow was financially embarrassed he voluntarily made it a loan of 800 Polish gulden in gold. When, toward the end of the eighteenth century, his tombstone began to decay, the community showed its gratitude by erecting a new one. Bibliography: Wolf, Bibl. Hebr. iv. 1207; Fürst, l.c. iii. 372; Friedberg, Luhot Zikkaron, pp. 61-62, Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1904. JE 16 Jacob ben David ha-Kohen Spira: rabbi of Neutitschein, Moravia, in 17th and 18th centuries; relative of Isaac ben David Spira. He was the author of "Ohel Ya'akob," haggadic novellæ (Frankfort - on - the - Oder, 1719). His sons Moses Moeschel and Isaac severally added to it "Likkutim" to difficult passages in the Midrash and Yalkut and novellæ to Yoreh De'ah. Bibliography: Steinschneider, Cat. Bodl. col. 1257; Nepi-Ghirondi, Toledot Gedole Yisrael, p. 187; Benjacob, l.c. p. 19; Fuenn, Keneset Yisrael, p. 577; Azulai, Shem ha-Gedolim, ii. 3; Fürst, l.c. i. 17.E. C. S. O. JE 18 Judah Löb Spira (Pap): Rabbi of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; officiated probably in Frankfort-on-the-Main. He was the author of "Ha-Rekasim la-Bik'ah" (Altona, 1815), containing brief notes on the Bible. Bibliography: Steinschneider, l.c. col. 1373; Fürst, l.c. iii. 372.E. C. S. O. JE 22 Nathan Nata Spira: Died: 1662 Reggio, Italy. son of Reuben David Spira, associate rabbi of Cracow. He was sent from Jerusalem to Germany and Italy to collect alms. Most of his works are cabalistic in nature, including "Tub ha-Arez" (Venice, 1655; Zolkiev, 1781), on the excellencies of the Holy Land, on the holy vessels, etc.; "Yayin ha-Meshummar" (ib. 1660), on "Yayin Nesek"; "Mazzot Shimmurim" (ib. 1665), on the mezuzah, zizit, etc. Azulai saw the manuscripts of his religious discourses and of several of his cabalistic works. Bibliography: Azulai, l.c. i. 148; De Rossi-Hamberger, Hist. Wörterb. p. 301; Steinschneider, Cat. Bodl. col. 2051. JE 21 Nathan Nata Spira: Died: Nov. 13, 1761 in Eibenschütz. son of Selig Spira and grandson of Nathan Nata Spira. He was rabbi in various communities, his last charge being at Eibenschütz, in Moravia, where he officiated only one year, dying in early manhood. Bibliography: Dembitzer, Kelilat Yofe, i. 118 (contains Spira's epitaph, in which must be read instead of ).

JE 3 Aryeh Löb Spira Born: 1701 Died: May 19, 1761 in Wilna. (aka Klein Löb) (see image) son of Isaac Spira. Holograph Letter of Baruch Spinoza, Dated 1665. (From Van Vloten and Land, "Benedicti De Spinoza Opera."); associate rabbi in Wilna. At the age of seventeen he corresponded with the rabbi of the Karaites at Troki. Aryeh Löb acquired a knowledge of mathematics and Hebrew grammar. He wrote "Nahalat Ariel" and "Me'on 'Arayot" (Dyhernfurth, 1732), a double commentary on the treatise Soferim. Bibliography: Buber, Anshe Shem, p. 118; Fuenn, Kiryah Ne'emanah, pp. 111 et seq. (contains Spira's epitaph).

Note-1: see descendants of Jehiel Michael Spira on J. K. Loren's AND Levie Kanes genealogy site OR any relation to: Spiro, Salomon Levinger (Salomon Wolf Levi oder Salman Levi; sein Vater war burgauischer LandRb, geb. 1748 Pfersee, gest. 1825 Gailingen): studierte in Prag, 1776 bis 1825 LandesRb der Ritterschaft Liebenfels mit Sitz in Gailingen) OR Isaak Speyer, sons Michael Isaak Speyer ( -1692) + Jutle Oppenheim and Moses Isaak Speyer on Wertheimer page

*see Miscellaneous Names page from Judaica Bohemiae documents

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