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Lichtenstadt Family Genealogy

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Last update: November 28, 2009

This page is 95%Under ConstructionResearch Groups & when a family link is found to someone on this site not in "Research Group", the Surnames will be added under Names tab. Besides our ancestor Abraham in Group-A, relatives Jacob, Abraham and Moshe in Groups B-D, this page also includes research Groups (1) Abraham, (2) Kopelmann, (3) Isak, (4) Kalman Moses and Misc.

Group-A: *names already on Geni *see also on Spira and Loew family pages

Abraham Ha-Levi OETTINGEN + (?)


Group-D: *geni

Group-1: *geni 4th great aunt's1st cousin's husband's brother


Group-4: n=20 *geni


Misc Group:
  1. Hayim LICHTENSTADT rabbi *in letters 1674-75 of Bella Perlhefter *possibly same as Hayyim /Joachim/Lichtenstadt primas of 1660
  2. Menahem Mendel LICHTENSTADT Died: 1660 = 421 *in Judaica Bohemiae
    1. Abraham ben Menahem LICHTENSTADT Died: 1695
  3. Abraham LICHTENSTADT-KATZENELLENBOGEN and. Samuel Tchorsch after the inglorious elections of 1688 is unclear.. *in Judaica Bohemiae
  4. Liberman LICHTENSTADT KATZENELLENBOGEN *in Judaica Bohemiae *possibly same as Lieberman Lichtenstadt mentioned along with Hayyim Todros
  5. Abraham Liberman LICHTENSTADT
  6. Abraham Salomon LICHTENSTADT *on wiki
  7. Edel LICHTENSTADT Died: 1708 in Altona, Hamburg, Germany *on broken-link page
  8. Wolf LICHTENSTADT abbreviated W. Lasch (hebrew Benjamin-Zeev ben Juda) Born: 1755 in Třešť (Triesch), Moravia. Died: Jan 9, 1827 in Trenčín (Trentschin), Slovakia
  9. Simon LICHTENSTADT abbreviated S. Lasch Born: Sep 30, 1796 in Hroznětín (Lichtenstadt) by Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), Bohemia. Died: Aug 21, 1868 in Prague
  10. Feisch Manes Halfan LICHTENSTADT rabbi *likely same as Feischel Liechtenstadt

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