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Klimisch Family Genealogy

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Anton (I) (see KLIMISCH family) + Magdalena KUNZE

  • Paul Peter (see KLIMISCH family) Born: 08 Nov 1864 in Niemodlin (Falkenberg), Oberslasin Borkwitz kreis, Poland. Died: 26 Jun 1927 in Sigel cemetery, grave 1, lot 12 Utica, South Dakota age at death: 62 + Katherine III HUNHOFF Born: 26 Sep 1874 in Tell City, Indiana. Married: 26 Apr 1896 in Sigel Church, Utica, South Dakota. Died: 10 Mar 1965 in Yankton Hospital, Yankton, South Dakota Burial at Sigel, Utica, South Dakota age at death: 90. (83n.) *geni

    • Paul (II) KLIMISCH Born: 17 Feb 1897 in Utica, South Dakota. Died: 25 May 1957 in Yankton cemetery, Yankton, South Dakota age at death: 60 + Mildred M EILERS Born: 24 Dec 1902 in Guttenburg, IA. Married: 22 Nov 1927 in Yankton, SD. Died: 07 Mar 1972 in Yankton, SD age at death: 69 *geni

      • Paul (III) KLIMISCH Born: private + Ann S BEAVER Born: private Married: private *geni

        • Nancy Lynn KLIMISCH Born: private + Henry HEGGERT Born: private Married: private *geni

          • Andrew HEGGERT Born: private

        • Paula Ann KLIMISCH Born: private + Gordon MATTIS Born: private Married: private *geni

          Note: see Mattis notes on Klimisch page

        • Daniel Chester KLIMISCH Born: private
        • Sharon Rose KLIMISCH Born: private

    • Edward G KLIMISCH Born: 1899 in Utica, SD. Died: 1913 in Sigel cemetery, grave 5, lot 12, Utica, South Dakota age at death: 14 est.

    • Leo KLIMISCH Born: 18 May 1902 in Utica, SD. Died: 02 Jan 1975 in Sigel cemetery, Utica, South Dakota age at death: 72 *geni

    • Bernard Peter KLIMISCH Born: 15 Nov 1904 in Utica, SD. Died: 24 Mar 1984 in Sigel cemetery. age at death: 79, Utica, South Dakota + Marcella BORSZICH Born: 01 Aug 1912 in Lesterville, SD. Married: 08 May 1933 in St John Baptist, Lesterville, South Dakota. Died: 20 Aug 1982 in Sigel cemetery, Utica, South Dakota age at death: 70 *geni

      • ? Twins KLIMISCH Born: private

      • Bernadette KLIMISCH Born: private + Rudolph WOLLMAN Born: 26 Apr 1936 Died: 06 Sep 1993 in McKennan Hosp, Sioux Falls, SD. age at death: 57 *geni

        • David WOLLMAN Born: private
        • Robert WOLLMAN Born: private
        • Richard WOLLMAN Born: private
        • Todd WOLLMAN Born: private

      • Frances KLIMISCH Born: private + Arthur SHUTT Born: private Married: private *geni

        • Daniel Arther SHUTT Born: private
        • Nancy Lou SHUTT Born: private
        • Michael Allen SHUTT Born: private

      • Helen Marie KLIMISCH Born: 25 Dec 1941 in Yankton, South Dakota. Died: 20 Jun 1993 in Midland, Michigan age at death: 51

      • Ruth Ann KLIMISCH Born: private + Larry CHAPMAN Born: private Married: private *geni

        • Michael CHAPMAN Born: private

    • Andrew Rudolf KLIMISCH Born: 30 Oct 1906 in Utica, SD. Died: 28 May 1990 in Marshalltown, Ia. Riverside cemetery age at death: 83 + Opal Irene HALEY Born: private Married: private *geni

      • William Joseph KLIMISCH Born: private

      • Richard Leo KLIMISCH Born: private + Virginia JENKINSON Born: private Married: private *geni

        • Kurtis KLIMISCH Born: private
        • Erik KLIMISCH Born: private

      • Patricia Ann KLIMISCH Born: private + Michael MELCHER Born: private Married: private *geni

        • Lisa MELCHER Born: private
        • Sheila MELCHER Born: private
        • Krista MELCHER Born: private

      • Gerald Lee KLIMISCH Born: private + Sara QUINN Born: private Married: private *geni

        • Matthew KLIMISCH Born: private
        • Christen KLIMISCH Born: private

      • Jo Ann Kathryn KLIMISCH Born: private + Robert GALBRAITH Born: private Married: private *geni

    • Joseph Herman KLIMISCH Born: 17 May 1909 Died: 23 May 1909 in Sigel cemetery, grave 6, lot 12, Utica, South Dakota

    • Conrad Anton KLIMISCH Born: private + Ednamary CAMPBELL Born: private Married: private *geni

      • Karen Ann KLIMISCH Born: private + David Robert GRANT Born: private Married: private *geni

        • Robert David GRANT Born: private + Sandy (?) Born: private Married: private

        • Michael David GRANT Born: private + Diane (?) Born: private Married: private *geni

          • Erik GRANT Born: private
          • Elizabeth GRANT Born: private
          • Luke GRANT Born: private

        • Steven David GRANT Born: private + Pam (?) Born: private Married: private *geni

          • Danielle GRANT Born: private
          • Lucy GRANT Born: private

        • Katherine Ann (David?) GRANT Born: private + Frank FALKNER Born: private Married: private *geni

      • Ronald Leo KLIMISCH Born: private + Janet Marie NICHOLSON Born: private Married: private *geni

        • Kristin Marie KLIMISCH Born: private + Tim DYRHAUS Born: private Married: private *geni
        • Margaret Marie KLIMISCH Born: private
        • Katherine Marie KLIMISCH Born: private

      • Janet Marguerite KLIMISCH Born: private + Wayne J ROEDER Born: private Married: private *geni

        • Jennifer Ann ROEDER Born: private

      • David Conrad KLIMISCH Born: private + Diane Kay KLUENDER Born: private Married: private *geni

        • Kimberly Ann KLIMISCH Born: private
        • Craig David KLIMISCH Born: private
        • Nicholas David KLIMISCH Born: private

      • Wayne Joseph KLIMISCH Born: 26 May 1949 in Wausau, WI. Died: 15 Jan 1950 in Wausau, WI

      • Diane Mary KLIMISCH Born: private + Scott R CAMPBELL Born: private Married: private *geni

        *2nd Husband of Diane Klimisch: C Michael STRONGHART Born: private Married: private *geni

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