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Grünfeld Family Genealogy

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See also Group-A related to others on this site and "Research Groups": (1) - (10), Note section & 2nd Grünfeld page Groups 11-32 *there are 200+ Grünfeld postings on Prague conscription-db - Czech version, 100+ Grünfeld's buried in Vienna cemetery, 74 Grünfeld from Austria on Avotaynu holocaust listing, 5 Grünfeld's in Mikulov (Nikolsburg), Moravia, Czech cemetery. Info. also provided by Ilse (nee Stein) Ryder below -- Last updated: March 7, 2011

(?) GRÜNFELD *this group already added on Geni

  • Heinrich GRÜNFELD + Magdalena GÜNZBURG familyDr. med Heinrich GRÜNFELD Born: 1792 in Prague-8 (Libeň, Alt-Lieben), Bohemia, Czech Republic. occupation: Dr. Surgeon (wundarztes). Residence 1861: Prague 8 (Karlín, Karolinenthal) Died: Jul 1, 1865 in inknown + Magdalena /Magdalene (see GÜNZBURG family) Born: 1802 in Prague. occupation: Private witwe. Died: May 7, 1873 in Vienna age 71 *geni

    Note: in Joseph Bohm's under Stories tab About my Family; he states that his great-grandfather was dr. Grünfeld (abt 1800 -) who lived in HumpolecCzech (Humpoletz Jewish history). He was a chirurgus (chirurg) & Feldscher (surgeon and an army doctor) in the Imperial Austrian army. He also mentions a son of Heinrich not present on the Prague registration card; dr. Bernhard Grünfeld physician in Žatec (Saaz) south of Humpolec

    • 1903 - Therese (nee Grunfeld) Pereles - obituary
      Theresia (Therese) GRÜNFELD Born: 1825 in Lieben-Prague. Died: Mar 30, 1903 buried in Vienna NFP obituary + Markus (Marcus) Salomon (see PERELES family) Born: abt 1816 occupation: Merchant. Buried: Apr 6, 1899 in Vienna Father: Salomon Pereles Mother: Rebeka (?)

    • Franziska (Fanny, Fani) GRÜNFELD Born: 1833 in Lieben-Prague 8. Married: 1855 Died: Dec 5, 1915 in Vienna age 82 est + Josef (see BACH /BAUCH family) Born: 1827 in Prague. Residence: Wien 1, Lothringerstrasse 1. occupation: Merchant. Died: March 7, 1892, 1090 Vienna, Mariannengasse 20 IKG 1134 location of the former Sanatorium Löw age 65 Father: Markus Bauch (1805 Prague - 11/28/1869?) Mother: Sophie /Sofie (see Grünhut family) (1807 Prague - )

    • 1911 - Bernhard Grunfeld - obituary 1896 - Pauline (nee Weissberger) Grunfeld - obituary
      1893 - Max Pyritz - obituary (?) GRÜNFELD + Pauline WEISSBERGER family
      Dr. med Bernhard GRÜNFELD Born: abt 1827 Residence? Oct 18, 1881 Humpolec (Humpoletz), Bohemia. occupation: Physician ref.? Died: Nov 2, 1911 in Žatec(Saaz), Bohemia NFP + Pauline WEISSBERGER Born: 1842 Died: Jan 17, 1896 in Weinberge ?=Vinohrady Prague NFP, Prague cons. card *geni Grandchildren: Else Grünfeld, Hans Grünfeld, Käthe Siblings: Emma Weissberger ?same NFP or NFP? & Ignaz Taussig, Ernestine Weissberger & (?) Meisl, Rosa Weissberger & dr. Moritz Schön, Bertha Weissberger & Max Pyritz (1848 - 3/29/1893 Vienna) NFP "ch. Otto Pyritz", Gustav Weissberger ?same NFP & NFP?, dr. Karl (Carl) Weissberger Father: (?) Weissberger Mother: Clara (?) *geni

      Note: Pauline was legendary in her devotion to her 2 sons and when they went to study at Prague University, she packed her bags and went too OR any relation to Clara /Klara (nee Bauer) Weissberger (abt 1835 - 4/29/1898 bur in Vienna) NFP bur/w Peter Schwarz (1914 - 7/28/1935) NFP [brother of Antonie and Franz Schwarz, sons of Georg Schwarz & Helene (?) and grandchildren of Hugo Schwarz & Alice (?)] ?

      • Dr. Eugen Grunfeld
        Dr. med Eugen GRÜNFELD Born: 1863 Residence: Žatec (Saaz), Bohemia. occupatin: Medical Doctor. Died: late 1920's or early 30's + Jenny KOHN Died: somewhat later after her husband

        Note: same as in Hugo Gold ŽatecGerman history ".. dr. med Eugen Grünfeld 1907 bis 1919.." OR on KrameriusGerman Politik periodical 12/14/1896; "distrittsorzt dr. med Grünfeld in Saaz, who after being written cause of death the 4 most probably cause of death as corpses lonstatirte eiue poisoning. The iljährige son Adolf was unconscious and was lying beside her mother, who entirely ruled out, but in var-conscious to be on a deposit.."

        • Else GRÜNFELD occupation: Housekeeper, companion to a series of wealthy bachelors. Died: well before WW-II *not married, in her will she left one item to each relative

        • Hans GEROLD (born GRÜNFELD) Residence: Vienna. Died: in concentration camp + Lilli (?) Residence: Vienna. Died: in concentration camp *Hans changed his surname well before WW-II, in an attempt to avoid antisemitism. Hans was fun and when his 1st cousin Elise went on a tour to several countries he gave her a note in the appropriate language to hand to each waiter to facilitate her ordering. Too late she found that each request was for tripe ("Kuttelfleckl" in German) - not her favourite dish

      • Dr. law Emil Alfred GRÜNFELD Born: May 24, 1865. Residence: Most (Brüx), Bohemia. occupation: Lawyer. Died: Sep 12, 1931 + Ida LANGER Born: Sep 9, 1877. Interned in Terezin (Theresienstadt), then transferred to Auschwitz concentration camp. Died: 1943-44 in the gas-chambers

        Note: see on KrameriusGerman Reichenberger Zeitung Periodical "..dr. Emil Alfred Grünfeld a lawyer in Brüx - also ref. in other issues OR any relation to Siegfried Langer (1841-1927) of firma Siegfried Langer & Söhn & Anna Glaser (9/5/1850 - 1937) whose children were born or died in Most (Brüx) on Glaser page?

        • Käthe GRÜNFELD Born: Jun 5, 1899 Residence: Most (Brüx), Bohemia. Emigrated to Santiago, Chile. After the 1970-73 Allende era, widowed Käthe moved to Munich, Germany. Died: March 1995 + Rud HANAK Died: aft. WW-II in Santiago, Chile *no children

        • Elise (Lise, Lisl) GRÜNFELD Born: Mar 26, 1903 Residence: Vienna after Divorce, later Emigrating to England with her daughter. occupation: Mathematics Lecturer. Died: Mar 19, 1991 in London, England + Ernst STEIN Born: Apr 4, 1892 occupation: Lawyer in her father's office in Most, Bohemia. Died 1943 in Lodz, Poland concentration camp of starvation

          • Ilse STEIN Born: private "source" + Leslie RYDER Born: Aug 4, 1925 Married: 1958 Died: Apr 8, 2007

            • Nicholas "Nick" RYDER Born: private + Jenny BEARE

              • Matthew RYDER Born: private

            • Jonathan "Jon" RYDER Born: private + Ruth LANDRETH
    • Leonard GRÜNFELD Born: 1827 in Lieben-Prague 8, Bohemia

    • 1906 - Emanuel Grunfeld - obituary 1902 - Friederike (nee Klemperer) Grunfeld - obituary
      1910 - Rosa (nee Klemperer) Wehle - obituary 1914 - Pauline (nee Wehle) Pokorny - obituary
      Emanuel GRÜNFELD Born: 1830 in Lieben-Prague 8, Bohemia. occupation: Textile, later opened a Shop for Printing of Cotton goods. Died: Jan 31, 1906 in Vienna NFP + Friederike KLEMPERER Born: abt 1846 Died: Mar 8, 1902 in Vienna NFP, geni Siblings: Moritz Klemperer, Rosa Klemperer (1836 - 6/16/1910 Vienna) NFP & (?) Wehle "ch. Emil & Emmy (?) {parents of Lilly}, Pauline (1856 - 5/19/1914) NFP kaufmannswitve & (?) Pokorny {parents of Frieda Pokorny & Max Löhner and grandparents of Fred Löhner}

      Note: letter ref. from the book "Eigenh. Postkarte mit U." by Carl KarlweisGerman on-line translation: To the manufacturer Emanuel Grünfeld in Vienna "I still wanted to visit You last night, did not find You, however, at home. Thus I must say to You in writing farewell. It has so come along since that I can start already today my vacation" OR any relation to Foges page Adolf Klemperer (1844 - 10/8/1913) NFP & Emilie Feigl (1846 - 2/8/1914) "ch. Alice & dr Alfred Pollak {parents of Georg, Annemarie}, dr Paul & Mary (?), Erwin, Hans & Marianne (?) (9/10/1875 - 4/27/1942)" OR Siegmund Klemperer (1840's - ) & Louise Fuchs on Bauer page?

    • Leopold GRÜNFELD Born: 1835 in Prague *Vienna cem. has one (abt 1835 - 3/17/1900)

Group-A1: *geni

Joseph GRÜNFELD occupation: Glazier in Prague-5 (Smíchov), Bohemia, Czech + Ludmilla KLEIN

  • Jonas GRÜNFELD and Elisabeth TIMANN familyThomas Jonas GRÜNFELD Born: 1794 in Prague-4 (Branik), Bohemia + Elisabeth DIMANT? or TIMANN? or DIAMANT?Born: 1804 in Prague-4 (Branik. Died: Mar 19, 1880 in Prague *Dimant geni-image, *Prague cons-card, Prager Tagblatt Father: Joseph Dimant Mother: Theresie (?) *geni
    • Josef GRÜNFELD Born: 1828 in Prague 4 /Branik + Ludmila LEDERER Born: 1825 or 1828 in Košice/Košíc?

      • Josef GRÜNFELD and Ludmilla LEDERER familySimon GRÜNFELD Adolf GRÜNFELD and Helene HILDE and Paula LANG
        Josef GRÜNFELD and Ludmilla LEDERER familySimon GRÜNFELD Adlof GRÜNFELD and Paula LANG
        Karolina GR ÜNFELD Born: 1850 Leopold GRÜNFELD Born: 1853 Simon GRÜNFELD Born: 1857 in Prague 4 /Branik. Residence: Smíchov =Praha 5? *see cards 2nd from left

      • Dr. (med) Adolf GRÜNFELD Born: 1860 in Prague 4 /Branik + Helene "Hilde" PORGES *2nd wife: Paula LANG Born: 1867 *see cards, 3rd from left
      • Adolf GRÜNFELD + Helene PORGESNote: If the children were born in Branik, I am assuming above card is correct, see 2nd card with Dr. Adolf Grünfeld Born: 1860 in Smíchov=Prague 5 & Helene Porges Born: 1875

      • Siegfried GRÜNFELD Born: 1862
      • Franziska GRÜNFELD Born: 1865

    • Rosalie GRÜNFELD Born: 1833 in Prague 4 /Branik
    • Marie GRÜNFELD Born: 1838 in Prague 4 /Branik + (?)

    • Ignaz GRÜNFELD + Mathilde (?) familyIgnaz GRÜNFELD + Mathilde ELBOGEN familyIgnaz (Isak) GRÜNFELD Born: 1841 in Prague-4 (Branik) + Mathilde (see ELBOGEN family) Born: 1846 in Prague. Father: Ismius Josef Elbogen (1813 Prague -) Mother: Therese Schmelkes (1808 Prague -) *geni
      • Richard GRÜNFELD Born: 1871 in Prague-4 (Branik *Prague card
      • Friedrich GRÜNFELD Born: 1882 in Prague *Prague card

Note: any relation to Barbara Porges (1824-) + Abraham Grünfeld (1808 -) below or Julie Porges (1844 Prague-) + Abraham Grünfeld (1842-) on 2nd page OR anyone on the Porges web site ie; Heinrich Porges (abt 1840-1906) kaufmann aus Karolinenthal OR other Lederer families on this site: Elsa Lederer (1888 Dobrisch-1992 New York), Fred Lederer (1904-1982), Ignaz Lederer,(1820/30's - ) father of Hermine Lederer of Česká Lípa, Josef Lederer (1849-1911 Vienna), Katharina Lederer (bef. 1800), Dr. (law) Leo Lederer (1857-1911) OR descendants of Susman Lederer + Sybille Kauders, children Siegfried (-abt 1911 Prague), Olga (-1939), Arnold, Gustav, Emil, Eugene and Otto on Peter Lowe genealogy site?


Samuel GRÜNFELD + Rachel ROTH *geni, source: Inge Geiringer and marriage of Josef & Sofie Schneider 5/17/1874 line-69, Vienna-1

  • 1910 - Josef Grunfeld - obituary  
    Dr. med Josef GRÜNFELD Born: 1839 Died: May 14, 1910 in Vienna NFP + Sofie SCHNEIDER Father: Ignaz Schneider Mother: Johanna Stöger *Josef is also bur/w Mathias de Majo (1826 - 12/21/1880)

    • Ella GRÜNFELD + Dr. Leib Lucius STOLPER Born: 1870 from area of Chernivtsi (Czernovitz), Ukraine. Died: Apr 4, 1931 in Vienna Siblings: Flora Stolper & Max Abramovici "ch. Albert, Arthur, Robert" Father: Hirsch Stolper Mother: Freide (Fanny) Gelber ( - 6/22/1909 Vienna)

      • Annie GRÜNFELD Born: 1904 + Georg STEINBACH
      • Hans Georg GRÜNFELD Born: 1909

    • Irene GRÜNFELD + Maximilian (Max) RESCHOVSKY

    • 1914 - Dr. Richard Leo Grünfeld - obituary
    • Dr. med Richard Leo GRÜNFELD Born: abt 1875 occupation: k.u.k. Senior Physician (oberarzt). Died: Sep 20, 1914 NFP + Hedwig (see SCHWEINBURG family) Born: abt 1885 Married: 1906 Died: Apr 12, 1939 in Vienna Father: dr. law Moriz Schweinburg (6/1846 - 8/31/1918) NFP lawyer Mother: Adele May (6/4/1852 m. 4/27/1879 Vienna-1 - 9/16/1923) NFP

      • Elisabeth "Lisl, Liesel" GRÜNFELD Born: 1907

    • Margaret (Margit) GRÜNFELD Born: Dec 1, 1881 in Vienna? Died: 1962 or Jan 1963 in New York? + Dr. law Julius (see KNÖPFMACHER family) Born: Mar 4, 1870 in Mikulov (Nikolsburg), Moravia. Residence: Esslinggasse #15/1, Vienna-1. Died: Dec 24, 1940 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

      *2nd husband of Margaret Grünfeld: Dr. law Richard (see SUBAK family) Born: Dec 26, 1878 in Třebíč (Trebitsch), Moravia. occupation: leading Lawyer. Died: Aug 26, 1914 in Galecia on the battlefield in WW-1 NFP, mentioned on the memorial wall Father: Bernard (Bernhard) Subak (5/7 or 15/1846 Třebíč, Moravia - 9/29/1912 Vienna) NFP Mother: Charlotte (see Ornstein family) (5/27/1855 - 10/21/1928 Vienna) NFP, grave

  • Samuel GRÜNFELD
  • Ignaz GRÜNFELD
  • Deborah GRÜNFELD + (?) BREITBART


1882 - Moriz Grunfeld - obituary 1881 - Regina Grunfeld - obituary
Moses GRÜNFELD and Regina PICK family
&/or Moritz (Moriz) GRÜNFELD Born: 1817 ? in Holin=Holyně=Prague 5 or Kolín, Bohemia. Buried: Mar 8, 1882 in Vienna NFP, Census card- add details, Prague card + Regina PICK Born: 1826 or abt 1829 Died: Apr 25, 1881 in Vienna NFP Father: Elias Pick Mother: Anna Breitenfeld Grandchildren: Joseph, Edmund, Richard, Hedwig, Eduard
  • Rosalie (Rosa) GRÜNFELD Born: 1850 in Prague + Hermann BLOCK

  • Alfred GRÜNFELD Born: Jul 4, 1852 in Alfred Grünfeld Prague. Died: Jan 4,1924 in Vienna. Occupation:composer, pianist & pedagog, vor 154 Jahren in Prag

Wikipedia: "..Son of a Prague leather merchant, pianist and composer Alfred Grünfeld was regarded at the end of his life as one of Vienna's most celebrated musicians, having for years served as court keyboardist for the Austrian Imperial family (a position destroyed by World War I). His parents guided both him and his cellist brother Heinrich, toward lives as professional musicians from early childhood on. In his teens, Grünfeld went to Berlin to study piano with the renowned Theodor Kullak. He moved to Vienna -- then Europe's unchallenged cultural pearl -- in 1873 and set about making a living teaching and performing. His cream-puff transcriptions of Johann Strauss' waltzes made him a favorite with the Viennese public, and he also included these works on his programs when touring abroad. As a composer, Alfred Grünfeld limited himself to piano showpieces, characteristic sketches and to operetta, the latter genre being represented by two items: Der Lebemann (1903) and Die Schönen (1907). Even by the standards of his own time, Alfred Grünfeld's compositions were appropriate for their intended audience, but unremarkable beyond that. The same is not true in terms of Grünfeld's activity as a pioneer recording artist. Grünfeld was the first pianist of significance to leave behind a sizable legacy of recordings, both on early discs and on Welte piano rolls. Alfred Grünfeld's first recordings were made in 1899 for Emile Berliner's newly-formed Deutsche Gramophone Gesellschaft label, and by the time Grünfeld made his last records in 1914, he had made more than a hundred of them. Original copies of Grünfeld's records exchange hands at significant rates, and not all of the titles he is known to have made are believed extant. Grünfeld's recordings reveal that he was an outstanding pianist, and not nearly as stylistically old hat as his compositions might have suggested on their own" AND Ivan Moravec (1930-), "Czech concert pianist.. ..Piano studies began later with Erna Grünfeld, niece of the Austrian pianist Alfred Grünfeld.." AND  Sep 1871-Mar 1872, Gustav Mahler boarded in Prague in the house of the parents of Alfred and Heinrich Grünfeld.. PEP Web - Gustav Mahler " and "..Gustav não foi bem tratado na casa dos Grünfeld..German" AND Nachlass Ernst LotharGerman(see Geiringer page) - Grünfeld Heinrich, Porträtpostkarte (an Hans Müller), Berlin, 22. Oktober 1921 and Grünfeld Alfred und Heinrich, 2 Stück (eines mit Widmung Heinrich Grünfeld)

  • Ludwig GRÜNFELD Born: 1854 in Prague. Buried: Feb 8, 1925 in Vienna NFP with his parents

  • Heinrich GRÜNFELD Born: Apr 21, 1855 in Prague. Died: Aug 26, 1931 in Berlin. occupation: Musician, Violoncellist

Note: Heinrich, "Bohemian-Austrian violoncellist; a brother of Alfred Grünfeld. He educated at theHeinrich GrunfeldPrague Conservatory, he went to Berlin in 1876, and for eight years taught at the Neue Akademie der Tonkunst in that city. In conjunction with Xaver Scharwenka and Gustav Holländer (later with Émile Sauret, Max Pauer, and Florian Zajic), he arranged trio soirées which became very popular. In 1866 Grünfeld was appointed court violoncellist to King William of Prussia.."

  • 1899 - Sigmund Grunfeld - obituary
    Sigmund GRÜNFELD Born: 1856 in Prague. Died: Sep 1, 1899 in Vienna with his parents *Same?: "..Czech Gymnastics Association Sokol], October 1, 1897, p.3: Sigmund Grünfeld, jako pøítel jazyka. èeského [Sigmund Grünfeld as a Supporter of the Czech.."

  • Emma (Ema) GRÜNFELD Born: 1858 in Prague

  • Ernst GRÜNFELD and Helene VEJROVÁ family Ernst GRÜNFELD and Helene family
    Ernst GRÜNFELD Born: 1860 in Prague. occupation: Major + Helene VEJROVÁ Born: 1867

    • Ernestine GRÜNFELD - aka Arnoštka "Erna" GRÜNFELDOVÁ Born: Sep 26, 1904 in Lvov. Died: Feb 16, 1989 in Prague. Occupation: piano pedagog (klavírní pedagožka), her works

      Note: Arnoštka "Erna" Czech..Od 1910 v Praze, kde studovala Vyšší dívčí školu, konzervatoř (1921/28) a mistrovskou školu u Viléma Kurze (1928/33). Od roku 1936 byla profesorkou klavíru na pražské konzervatoři, kde prokázala značné pedagogické úspěchy, zejména v elementární klavírní výuce. Z jejích žáků vynikl mj. Ivan Moravec. S Aloisem Sarauerem a Zdenkou Böhmovou vypracovala (1955) novou českou klavírní školu s metodickými pokyny pro začátečníky. Předná­šela v kursech klavírní pedagogiky pro učitele hudebních škol (1946/52). Napsala článek o Růženě Kurzové (Hudební rozhledy 1, 1948/49, s. 86)"

    • Helene GRÜNFELD Born: 1905
    • Marie GRÜNFELD Born: 1909

  • 1910 - Anna (nee Grunfeld) Wilhelm - obituary
    Anna GRÜNFELD Born: 1863 Buried: in Apr 22, 1910 Vienna NFP + Josef WILHELM Born: abt 1859 Buried: Sep 27, 1925 in Vienna Mother: Charlotte (?)
    • Hans WILHELM
    • Paul WILHELM

Group 3: (n=4)

Abraham GRÜNFELD + Barbara PORGES familyAbraham GRÜNFELD Born: 1808 in Holin=Holyně=Praha 5 or Kolín, Bohemia. Died: Sep 17, 1873 + Barbara PORGES Born: 1824 in LiteňCzech/Litten? (south of Prague)

  • Theresie GRÜNFELD Born: 1847 in Holin=Holyně=Praha 5 or Kolín, Bohemia
  • Anna GRÜNFELD Born: 1851 in Holin=Holyně=Praha 5 or Kolín, Bohemia

Note: see notes on Porges above

Antonia GRÜNFELDGroup 4: (n=1)

Antonia GRÜNFELD Born: 1815 in Politschan?, Studenetz? *possibly: Poličany (Kutná Hora, south of Kolín) or Poličany (Křečovice, s. of Prague) or Bílé Poličany (Trutnov, between Hořice & Dvůr Králové nad Labem) OR Police nad Metují (Náchod)

Barbora GRÜNFELDGroup 5 (n=1)

Barbora GRÜNFELD Born: 1823 in Holin=Holyně=Praha 5 or Kolín. Died: Jul 16, 1895 in same?

Group 6: (n=3)

Josef GRÜNFELD Born: 1824 in ? Died: Nov 13, 1893 + Franziska (?) 1830 *card also has 30?.8.1888 Česká KameniceCzech/Kamnitz?

  • Rosa GRÜNFELD Born: 1869

Group 7: (n=3)

Julie GRÜNFELD + (?) ENGEL familyJulie GRÜNFELD Born: 1828 in? + (?) ENGEL

  • Klara ENGEL Born: 1867 + Karl FISCHER Born: 1857 in?
    • Klara ENGEL + Karl FISCHER familyMarie FISCHER Born: 1889
    • Margarethe FISCHER Born: 1893

Note: same as? Klara Engel & (?) Fischer in Prague, sister of Eugenie & (?) Ornstein in Prague, Friederike & (?) Kohn in Prague, Louise & Eduard Kornfeld in Zagreb "ch. Fritz, Ernst, Gertrude & Richard Kronfeld (1873 - 8/1/1908 Zagreb) NFP [{parents of Viado & Ida (?)} brother of Alice & dr Ziga Herzog, children of Adolf Kronfeld], Carl Engel (1851 - Vienna-13 Bernbrunngasse 1) NFP & Emma (?) "ch. Fritz, Robert & Elsa (?) in Prague, ing Max M. in Schanghai, dr Erwin and grandparents of Marie Engel" OR any relation to Klara Engel (13.5.1867 Lemberg - 28.11.1938 Vienna) OR Walter Franz Engel (11.6.1908 Vienna- ), dr. Paul Engel, Klara Engel, Julius Engel, Anna Rosenfeld, Moriz Rosenfeld, Theresia Engel, Leopold Engel on Erinnerungen österreichischer Juden?

Group 8:

Leopold GRÜNFELD + Sara NAGELSTOCK familyLeopold GRÜNFELD Born: 1830 in ? Died: Nov 29, 1884 + Sara NAGELSTOCK Born: 1833 in Prague

  • Otto GRÜNFELD Born: Nov 1, 1863 in Prague census card -more. occupation: Obchodnik + Hedvika EISERT Born: Feb 7, 1871 Born: in Kladno, Bohemia Father? Edmund Eisert of Kladno #41
    • Viktor GRÜNFELD Born: Mar 29, 1896 in Prague
    • Kamil GRÜNFELD Born: Dec 6, 1898 in Prague
  • Rudolf GRÜNFELD Born: 1867 in Prague

Note: any relationto: Marie Nagelstock (1828-) + Simon Flusser (1816) and Cecilie Nagelstock (1852) + Jacob Fried (1852) on Prague registry OR Dr. Wilhelm Nagelstock (1838-1897 Vienna) + Jenny Hoffmann on Randol Schoenberg's genealogy site OR Charles Nagelstock + Sophia Fisher of Austria & Fremont, Nebraska, parents of Arny E. Nagelstock (1880 Wisconsin-), Edwin Nagelstock, Gertrude Nagelstock + Joseph Heller, Sidney Nagelstock (-1914 Fremont, Nebraska) OR Hedwig Nagelstock (15.01.1876 Austria-) on avotaynu list OR journalist Walter Nagelstock (24. 8. 1878 Hadersdorf, Austria-)?

Group 9: (n= 7)

Anna GRÜNFELD + Elias GOLDSCHMIDT familyAnna GRÜNFELD Born: 1830 in RožďaloviceCzech /Rozdalowitz, LibáňCzech (Jičín district), Bohemia. Died: Dec 30, 1904 + Elias GOLDSCHMIDT or GOLDSCHMIEDT Born: 1831 in Janovice nad ÚhlavouCzech, Bezděkov = (Janowitz,Anna GRÜNFELD + Elias GOLDSCHMIEDT family  Bezdiekau) Bohemia. *cards also mention residence in Klatovy (Klattau, south of Plzeň) or see jewishgen Janovice history, including Abraham Goldschmidt (abt 1860-14.2.1841), etc., but no mention of Elias?

  • Emilie (Emma) GOLDSCHMIDT Born: 1863 in Smíchov/Smichow =Prague 5 Hermann (Herrman) GOLDSCHMIDT Born: 1864 in Smíchov Friedrich GOLDSCHMIDT Born: 1866 in Smíchov Bernard GOLDSCHMIDT Born: 1868 in Smíchov
  • Karl GOLDSCHMIDT Born: 1870 or 1876 in Smíchov

Group 10: (n=6)

Leopold GRÜNFELD + Josefa KOHN familyLeopold GRÜNFELD Born: 1833 in RožďaloviceCzech /Rozdalowitz, LibáňCzech Jičín district, Bohemia + Josefa KOHN Born: 1850

  • Camil GRÜNFELD Born: 1876 Arthur GRÜNFELD Born: 1878 Anna GRÜNFELD Born: 1875 *likely same as on site; Anna Grünfeldová born 30.8.1874, last residence Rožďalovice, transport Cl-422 (13.1.1943 Mladá Boleslav -> Terezín), transport Cq-173 (20.1.1943 Terezín -> Osvětim)
  • Marie GRÜNFELD Born: 1882

Note: any relation to: Filip Kohn (1825-) & others from Brezova OR Kaspar Kohn (1750 Pirnitz, Mor.-1816 bur. Vienna) + Elisabeth Bauer (1752-1829 bur. Vienna), residence Humpolec, Boh. on Peter Lowe site OR Heinrich Kohn/Kolm (-1924) of Vidochov /Widach (okres Jičín), Bohemia + Emma Goldschmidt?

*see 2nd Grünfeld research page groups (11) - (32) = 83 names

Note: any relation to: industrialist & banker Heinrich Henry Grünfeld (1904 Breslau-1999 London) on Grünfeld page OR Sofie Grünfeld & Salomon Geiringer ( -aft. 1840) on Geiringer page OR Dr. B. Grünfeld mentioned in Humpolec articleCzech of 1873, producing a sporting outfit for the Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria in a 11 hr record time: "..Celý pracovní postup sledovala zvláštní komise a trojmo o činnosti sepisovala protokol, z nichž jeden byl později přiložen k obleku pro císaře. Vlastní práce začala v 6 hodin na dvoře továrny stříháním ovcí, které předtím prohlédli přítomní lékaři Dr. J. Kašpar a Dr. B. Grünfeld.." OR Anna (Grünfeld) Weiner (abt 1788 - Apr 30, 1863 Vienna) age 75, Rosalia (Grünfeld) Rosenfeld (abt 1823 - Apr 29, 1874 Vienna) age 51 OR PhDr. Josef Grünfeld family archives (Rodinné archivy a osobní pozůstalosti) in Třeboň, satellite office Jindřichův Hradec OR Grünfeld Sophie, geb. Schneider, Gründerin eines Wohlfahrtsvereines *Wien 7.4.1856+ USA nach 1938. Seit 1874 mit Dr. med. Josef Grünfeld. verheiratet..OR archives Grünfeld, Sofie – 1 Karte (25.5.1936, Wien) OR in Nikolsburg: Grünfeld, Herschl 1827 Beer license p. 436 and Grünfeld, Betty 1830 House p. 436 OR Max Grünfeld (1856 Kroměříž -1933) philosopher & writer OR in Polydekor, spol. s r.o. in Česká Lípa history: "Czech..firma Bloch a Grünfeld Přádelna od roku 1875 do první světové války V exekučním výprodeji získala většinu Thumeovského majetku firma Bloch a Grünfeld. V budově dříve Müllerově založili přádelnu lněné příze. O dva roky později byl však provoz zastaven a stroje rozprodány. Dalších deset let byl podnik mimo provoz." aka. Grunfeld & Bloch OR Austrian Bernhard Grunfeld (29.06.1869-) and others on Avotaynu OR chessmaster/schachgroßmeister Ernst Grünfeld (note) (21.11.1893 Vienna-03.04.1962 Vienna) OR Josef GrünfeldGerman gekauft. Laut Perles’ Adressbuch hatte Josef Grünfeld seit 1. Jänner 1906 ein Antiquariat in Wien I., Bognergasse 7, betrieben OR Salamon Grünfeld + Arnoštka Löserová, parents of the last Rabbi in JihlavaCzech, Bohemia Dr. Arnold Grünfeld (1887 Kroměříž or Cheb-) OR Josef Grünfeld (1840-1910) Developed the first Urethroscope.. lectured at Policlinic OR Jičín krajský rabbi/rabín Boleslavského kraje Abraham Grünfeld (1799 Kolín-1878) OR Ephraim Grünfeld (1864-1944 Auschwitz) + Sali Sarah (Schwartz) Mannheim & son Moshe Gruenfeld (15.4.1914-1944 Auschwitz) OR die Urologie Josef Grünfeld OR architect Ignatz Grünfeld (1866-1894) & 3rd son Hugo Grünfeld city councilor of Katowice/Kattowitz OR in DačiceCzech history Hugo Grünfeld (6.6.1871 tr. Bw 19.10.1942 Terezín - Treblinka), Matylda Grünfeldová (13.3.1880 tr. Aw 22.5.1942 Třebíč - Terezín tr. Bw 19.10.1942 Terezín - Treblinka) & Rudolf Grünfeld (10.5.1918 tr. Aw 22.5.1942 Třebíč - Terezín tr. Az 25.5.1942 Terezín - Lublin) OR Dr. psychiatrist Berthold Grünfeld (1932 Bratislava-) Norwegian physician and daughter Nina Grünfeld OR "German.. Alfred Loos.. Laut eigenen Angaben verliebt sich Elsie Altmann 1917 in den um mehr als dreißig Jahre älteren Mann, obwohl sie bereits im Alter von 14 Jahren auf Wunsch der Mutter mit Alexander Grünfeld verlobt worden war OR Tauberrettersheim: Bertha Frank geb. Grünfeld (1900), Betty Grünfeld (1898), Emma Grünfeld (1879 oder 1880), Gretchen (Gretel) Grünfeld (1868), Leo (Jehuda) Grünfeld (1901), Willy Grünfeld (1896), Minna Heinemann geb. Grünfeld (1874)..1939/40 wurden zwei (nichtjüdische) Dorfbewohner beschuldigt, der Händelswitwe Gretel Grünfeld Brennholz verkauft zu haben OR Johanna (nee Grunfeld) Gluck (1820-1893) buried in Presov, SK OR Mondlicht Antalné Grünfeld Anna (1830 - 1919) Kozma utca - Budapest 42. Parcella 82. Sor 34 sirhely OR genealogy descendants of: (?) Heller, daughter Cecelia (Cilli ) Strauss + Jakob Grünfeld, daughter Fàni "Anne" Grünfeld (1861 Zolyom Dobrovaraljan?-)=Zvolen, Slovakia + Ignac Neumann (1844 Trencsen-)=Trenčín, Slovakia. Anne's siblings: Leopold "Lipot" Grünfeld, Terka Grünfeld + Leopold Spitzer, etc.?

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