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Friedmann Family Genealogy

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Rabbi Yitzchak (Isaac/Izak) Yehuda /Judah Katz FRIEDMANN + Chana (Hannah) (?) *geni "source" tombstone of their son Israel (in Hebrew), LDS Senica ChangeDetection

Israel Friedmann - grave in Budapest, Hungary
*Tombstone right: Here is buried an honest Jewish man, our teacher the Rabbi Israel, son of our master and teacher Rabbi Yitzchak Judah Katz Friedmann of blessed memory his candle extinguished and he rose to heaven to receive his good reward for his charity for his god's obedience and for his good deeds that he did while he was alive. He passed away in good name and high esteem on Tuesday August 30, 1881 and was buried two days later. May his soul be bound in the bundle of life. And the name of his mother is Chana.

*sources: 27 Tombstone images Andras Koltai, Eternal Being cem. site AND Israel's obituary mentions daughter-in-law Auguste Horovitz typo?, Bernhard's wife is Auguste Morawetz or is it a different Auguste? AND Bratislava (Pozsony), Slovakia archives pg1Slovakpg2 for Senica, which had Israel Freidmann, father of David Friedmann (2.1.1828 Szenitz - ) AND Jewisgen Who's Who in Budapest (1837-1845) "..Marcus Friedmann (Szent György - ) tailor in Pest since 1809, Isuael =Israel Friedmann (Szenitz - ) in Pest since 1825 registered 1837, Henricus Friedmann 1845 retailer.." see *bottom OR any relation to Salomon Diamant (1640 Philippsburg, Germany - ) with descendants in Spacza near Thyrnau, Germany, Hungary on geni, ref.?  

Note: see e-sternberk.euCzech & Profit.czCzech 4/6/2008 Tkadlec tělem i duší ".. Heinrich Friedmann - Jewish businessman has significantly contributed to the industrial development of Moravian Šternberk (Sternberg), founding in the late 19th century mechanical weaving cloth, which employed up to 400 people.."In abt. 1850 the Friedmann family started their Textile business in Šternberk, 1852: Anton Heeg, Ignatz Schottik *geni (ca 1822 Bratislava, SK - 9/5/1890 Seeg. 9, Vienna-1090) 1891 Heeg & Friedmann factory announcement and Heinrich Friedmann 2005 Šternberk Post Office - Friedmann Family Textile Factory & Home 1863-1886formed a firm "Heeg, Schottik & Friedmann". 1863: Johann Kuntner sold the building (current post office see left) to "Anton Heeg & Heinrich Friedmann". 1868: the partnership dissolved and Anton sold his share to Heinrich ( - 1891). Ludwig Friedmann inherited the building, sold it in 1909 to K. K. Allgemeine Verkehrbank Wien, year after Arthur Friedmann bought his shares and became the owner of "Heeg & Friedmann" (mechanická tkalcovna na lněné a bavlněné zboží) *see Heeg & Friedmann in 1865 Bohemia, Moravia, Austrian Silesia, Krakow business directory (in German) or 1891 "Heeg & Friedmann" ownership transfer draft image right German, Friedmann Textile or Town Šternberk - (1850-1969) Friedmann-Klimesch-Rohel families

Šternbersko napříč časem 1850-1945 Šternbersko napříč časem 1850-1945 (page-32) Šternbersko napříč časem 1850-1945 (page-46)

Note: in 1886, new "Heeg & Friedmann" textile factory (Czechmechanická tkalcovna na lněné a bavlněné zboží) was built in Šternberk (Sternberg) on Nádražní 6 street (now Nádražní sídliště), to accommodate the growing business and utilize latest textile machinery - owned by Arthur Friedmann below since 1910. The head office (sales) was located in Vienna 1, Niederlage, Rudolf square #13 (Wien I, Rudolfsplatz 13) *see full history top of page or see Šternbersko Napříč Časem (isbn 978-80-904013-0-3) book with Klimesch family, Arthur Friedmann and Heeg & Friedmann factory pictures or more page images on

  • 1922 - Bertha (nee Friedmann) Kantor -  obituary
    Bertha FRIEDMANN Born: Jun 27, 1868 in #14 Gonzagagasse, Vienna-1. Died: May 22, 1922 in #3 Chimanistrasse, Vienna-19 age 54 est NFP + Ludwig (see KANTOR family) Born: Oct 19, 1855 in Jičín (Titschein, Gitschin, Jitschin), Bohemia, Czech. occupation: Gesellschafter des Bankhauses Theodor Kantor & Co. in Wien. Died: Nov. 22, 1934 in #3 Chimanistrasse, Vienna-19 age 79 est NFP Father: Hermann Kantor (9/7/1815 Jičín - 8/20/1884 # 58 Berggasse, Baden by Vienna) age 68 Mother: Flora Geduldiger (5/4/1816 - 12/9/1900 Vienna 9, Zelinkagasse 9) age 84 *geni

    Note: The Kantor family owned a private Bankhouse Ludwig Kantor Ohg (Vienna 1, Wipplingerstr. 21). In 1908 in this Putting down a trade register Vienna, was one of the biggest private Bank houses in Austria, foreign business relatively substantial circumference. Original "German doc. Historian's committee by, Peter Melichar re-organization in banking, the NS measures and the problems of the restitution Vienna in 2002". ref's: "Bankhaus Ludwig Kantor und Söhne" and "example of the Bankhouse Winter, Dipl.- Arb. Economic university of Vienna in 1984" *see Kantor & Winter families, as well as their relatives Reitlinger, Brunner, Rosenthal

  • 1935 - Helene (nee Friedmann) - obituary
    Helene FRIEDMANN Born: Nov 1, 1869 #11 Werderthorgasse, Vienna-1. Died: Mar 2, 1935 #6 Börsegasse, Vienna-1 age 65 NFP + Dr. law Siegfried REICH Born: Apr 7, 1863 in Vienna. Married: May 24, 1894 in Vienna. occupation: Lawyer (rechtsanwalt) in Vienna. Died: Jul 11, 1927 in Vienna bur. Döbling cem. 5/15 Father: Bernhard Reich (abt 1829 - 6/30/1896 Vienna) NFP insurance officer (versicherungsbeamten) Mother: Caroline /Karoline (see Jellinek family) Jelinek (abt 1837 - 9/24/1918 Vienna) NFP *geni

  • Dr. law Robert Stefan REICH Born: Jun 23?, 1896 occupation: Lawyer (rechtsanwalt)

  • Ema REICH Born: 1906 + Friedrich HOFFMAN Born: 1904

    • Peter HOFFMAN Born: private + Ilene HERSON Born: private

      • David M HOFFMAN Born: private
      • Brian S HOFFMAN Born: private
  • Philipp FRIEDMANN Born: Sep 7, 1872 in #15 Werderthorgasse, Vienna-1. occupation: Banker, Author, Poet (kaufmann und schriftsteller) in Vienna. Residence: #31 Semperstrasse, Vienna-18. Died: Mar 1, 1920 in #20 Mariannengasse, Vienna-9 *not married *geni

    Note: Philipp on Rektorat der Universität Zürich - 12716 iur. WS 1899 - Zgn.Gymn.Wien, Zgn.Einjähr.Freiw.Dienst - ohnen Zgn.06.03.1900 - E: Bernhard F', Wien I, Schottenring 32

  • Arthur (Artur) FRIEDMANN Born: Jul 12, 1877 in #11 Gonzagagasse, Vienna-1, Austria. occupation: Textile Manufacturer in Šternberk, Moravia with office in Vienna (inhaber der firma Heeg & Friedmann). Residence: #4 Bellariastrasse, Vienna-1. Died: Feb 6, 1929 in Berlin, Germany on a business trip, cremated there and buried Feb 17, 1929 in Vienna central cemetery 19/1/135 age 52 + Leonie (see BÖHM family) "aka FREEMAN in USA" Born: Mar 31, 1884 in Vienna. Married: Mar 25, 1906 in Vienna. Residence: Bellariastrasse, Vienna-1 building owned by grand-uncle Alfred Bach, 1941-abt 1953: 3915 Meredian ave., Miami Beach, Florida, 1954+: New York, NY. Died: Jan 26, 1966 in New York, NY age 81 Father: Heinrich Böhm Mother: Clara (see Bach family) *geni

    Heeg & Friedmann Textile in Sternberk(Sternberg), Moravia, Czech. on Nadrazni 6 (1800's) Heeg & Friedmann Textile in Sternberk(Sternberg), Moravia, Czech. on Nadrazni 6 (1800's) Arthur Friedmann - Ex Libris - Šternberk, Moravia, Czech Bohm-Bach Family Tree
    1930 - Arthur Friedmann + Leonie Bohm - Vienna apartment picture 1 1930 - Arthur Friedmann + Leonie Bohm - Vienna apartment picture 2 1930 - Arthur Friedmann + Leonie Bohm - Vienna apartment picture 3 1930 - Arthur Friedmann + Leonie Bohm - Vienna apartment picture 4
    : see
    Heeg & Friedmann Textile factory-home in Šternberk worth abt. $20 million dollars stolen by the communists or Town Šternberk (1850-1969) Friedmann-Klimesch-Rohel families. Arthur was a Captain in the Austrian army during WW-I. He kept a riding horse on their Šternberk property, enjoying the rides in and around the city during his visits, something he could do in Vienna. Arthur loved to read, travel, collect violins (2nd image), fine furniture like; their cabinet currently owned by Viennese Leopold Museum and on loan to Museum of Applied Art (MAK), a table, their modern clock currently owned by LACMA museum & ref-2, ref-3 (4th image by Czech-Austrian architect Adolf (see Loos family) *see Loos Friedmann article & images. Other of our relatives like Bohm, Kary, etc. also collected his furniture, etc. Loos also designed the Friedmann Vienna office & apartment in 1906-1907 and Mähren, their Šternberk factory "garden house", as well as Jakob Langer Vienna apartment in 1903, Paul Khuner summer house, reforma de villa Strasser, Vienna in 1919, reforma de la villa Mandl, Vienna in 1916, and other relatives. *ref. 1928: " GermanHeeg & Friedmann, Kurrentwarenhandel in Wien, Inhaber einer Leinen- und Baumwollwarenfabrik. Hauptniederlassung zu Sternberg in Mähren. Zweigniederlassung in Wien. Niederlage I Schottenring 31. Inhaber: Artur Friedmann, Prokuristen: Moritz Morell und Edmund Wahl". source: Alfred Posametir

    • Marianne "Anne" FRIEDMANNAnne (Friedmann) Klimes, Johann "Hans" & young Heidi Born: Apr 18, 1907 in #4 Bellariastrasse, Vienna-1, Austria. Died: Aug 28, 1939 in Šternberk (Sternberg), Moravia, Czech age 32 + Johann "Hans" (see KLIMES /KLIMESCH family) Born: Jun 12, 1888 in Pisařov (Schreibendorf), Moravia. Married: Jul 10, 1926 in Vienna witnessed by Josef Klimesch, Ludwig Kantor geni. Died: May 15, 1972 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada age 83 Father: Emmanuel Klimesch Mother: Theresia (see Valenta family) *geni

      Anne's re-burial announcementNote: Like her father, Anne lived a short life. Having the flu, she went to visit her family in Vienna, shortly after the city’s occupation by Germany in 1938. Unfortunately, Anne’s illness became worse during the next year and a half and she died of Tuberculosis, at the young age of 32 *not sure if her Godmother Käthe Formann of Wilhelmsring 54, Baden by Vienna is related. *see Anne's Eulogy 11/27/2004 in Toronto - by her daughter Adele Heidi (Klimesch) ROHEL or click on image right

    • Edith "Ethel" FRIEDMANN Born: Jan 19, 1909 in Vienna, Austria. Died: Jan 1985 in Tampa, Florida age 71 est + Ernst WERBER Born: Sep 8, 1897 in Vienna. Married: 1933 Died: Apr 1978 in Tampa, Florida age 81 est Siblings: Frederick "Fritz" Werber (1895 Vienna - ) & Margarethe "Gretl" (see Hahn family) (1898 - 1943) geni, Edith Werber & (?) Pugh? Father: Bernhard (Berisch) Werber (aka. Warber) (abt 1865 res. Hauptstr., Vienna-19 /Döbling - 12/17/1924 Vienna) carrier (spediteur) Mother: Clothilde (Klothilde) Windholz (abt 1874 - bur 5/11/1905 Vienna) NFP, *geni *1st wife of Bernhard Werber: Ida (see Popper family) (1877 Vienna - ) *geni *Ida is a 1st wife of Tibor Israel Gelyi

      Note: any relation to Ernst Werber in this article? "google translation - ...a school companion and Konabiturient of 1899 (Bertold's high school Freiburg), head of the district authority i. R., Ernst Werber in, Staufen, drew the attention of me after an article about Enghien to his great-grandfather Benedikt Werber (1750-1839) who has built house Thomasstrasse 3"..

      • Eleanor WERBER Born: private + Charles William HUBBARD Born: private

        • Megan HUBBARD Born: private

      • Steven WERBER Born: private + Isabel DOWLING Born: private

      • Gray WERBER Born: private
      • Steven WERBER Born: private

    • Clarisse FreemanClarisse FREEMAN (born Friedmann) Born: Mar 11, 1911 in Vienna, Austria. Died: 1966 in New York, NY age 55 est 2 *geni

    • Thomas FreemannThomas FREEMAN (born Friedmann) Born: Aug 29, 1912 in Baden by Vienna, Austria. Residence: London, England. Died: Apr 21, 1975 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada age 6

Senica (Senitz, Szenice), Slovakia: Israel Freidmann *top "ch. David Friedmann (2.1.1828 -)" AND Salamon Friedmann "ch. Katarina Friedmann (30.8.1827 -), Joel Friedmann (4.11.1828 -), Moises Friedmann (29.8.1829 ), Peretz Friedmann (30.5.1831 -), Heili Friedmann (17.7.1841 -) perhaps also Franz Friedmann (30.4.1830 -)" AND Herman Freidmann "ch. Jilina Friedmann (8.9.1833 -)" AND around 1850 there were 2 Friedmann families registered in Senica Family-1: Adolf Abraham Friedmann (10.6.1823 ) + Johanna (?) (22.11.1826 -) "ch. Regi Friedmann (18.11.1849 -), Rosi Friedmann (1852-), Simon Friedmann (15.9.1856-)" Family-2: Ignatz Friedmann (12.8.1821-) + Anna (?) (21.5.1824 -) "ch. Filip Friedmann (2.3.1847 -), Kati Friedmann (19.4.1849 -), Moritz Friedmann (1855 -), Wilibald Friedmann (1856 -), Simon Friedmann (1857 -), Theresia Friedmann (1851 -)"

Juden in Krems, AustriaGerman "..Ignaz: birth date and place unknown, relationship unknown, a businessman from Szenitz. January 7, 1858: "the Lord died Ignaz Friedmann, Israeli merchant, his child Wilhelm, 1 Π years old, City #350 ". 1863 Krems #202 wife: Anna (?) children: Franz (ca. 1848 - ), 1860-63 Gymnasium, Juliana, Theresia, Moritz, Simon, Josefa, Zenta, Wilhelm. 1870 15. Feber: "dead, Samuel Friedmann, Pedlers child, 3 months, Krems #350" no further mention. Moritz: son of Ignaz & Anna F. 1839-1912, IFK 1839 born, place of birth unknown 1863 from: Kaufmann detectable in Krems, Obere Landstr. 31 + wife Cäcilia born Auspitz 1847-1885, IFK Children: Alexander (Sandor) (1875 - ) Gym.Mat. 1894, Alfred (1874 - ) 1891-1895 Gymnasium, Hugo (1880 - ) Gym. Mat. 1898, Leopold (1885 - ) Gym. Mat. 1904. 1874 Chief Representative of the Israelites. Religion Cooperative, 1883-1886 Chief Representative of the Israelites. Religion Cooperative, 1891 Deletion Spaces: Trödler and Landkrämerei, 1912 died, IFK.."

Jewish Who's Who in (Buda)Pest (1837-1845): Marcus Friedmann (Szent György in Pecs? - ) tailor in Pest since 1809, Isuael [Israel?]Friedmann (Szenitz -) in Pest since 1825, Henricus Friedmann 1845 retailer, Salamon Friedmann 1845 wholesaler, 1848 Friedmann & Grün, 1857 Salamon Friedmann & son (Moritz) wholesalers (Pester Lloyd, March 14), 1873 Mor Friedmann & son [Salamon's grandson] income tax 800 f/y, real estate tax paid by Salamon for apartment buildings in Lipótvaros 2845 f/y, Sigismund Friedmann 1845 income 35 f/y

Group-1: *already added on Geni - unknown Relationship to Names above "at this time" - Heinrich Friedmann is your 3rd great aunt's 1st cousin's wife's 1st cousin's wife's aunt's husband's grandfather
  •   1895 - Johanna (nee Friedmann) - obituary
    Heinrich FRIEDMANN occupation: Kaufmann. Died: bef. 1895 + Johanna (?) Born: abt 1803 Residence: ob.Donaustr. 33, Vienna-1020 *genteam. Died: Jan 4, 1895 in Vienna NFP *any relation to ? Heinrich (born Meir) Friedmann (1795 Hungary - ) stud.chir., baptised 2/27/1826 at Am Hof parish ? *genteam

    • Caroline "Lina" FRIEDMANN Born: abt 1838 in Pest (Pesth), Hungary + Carl BAUER Born: abt 1832 Vienna?. Married: Nov 18, 1860 in Pest, Hungary witnessed by N. 1912 - Carl Bauer - obituaryKohn Jewishgen-marr. "LDS 642974, Vol. 28 99-02" -- *same as? Lina Bauer (abt 1841 - 8/1/1913 Vienna) & Karl (Carl) Bauer (abt 1832 res. Unt. Donaustr. 33, Vienna 1020 - 10/21/1912 Vienna) NFP privatbeamter i.P. genteam "ch. Clara & Bállas <parents of Alexander, Eugen>, Elise & Emanuel Herner ?(1/15/1862 Budapest. left 1914 - ) redakteur genteam <parents of Else, Tony>" ?

    • 1882 - Alexander Friedmann - obituary  
      Alexander FRIEDMANN Born: May 8, 1838 in Óbuda (Alt-Ofen, Alt-Buda or Pest), Hungary. Residence: left 1872 *genteam. occupation: Viennese Industrialist (Maschinenfabr.), Council and Member of Parliament. Died: Feb 22, 1882 in Vienna NFP + Sidonie JURATSCHECK

      Note: wikipedia: ..His parents were the merchant Heinrich Friedmann and Johanna. He and his brothers Dubi and Siegwart Friedmann (1842-1916; Samuel born; later actor and co-founder of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin) grew in Budapest in modest circumstances on. In 1860 he went to Paris. 1862 after the death of his father, he returned to Austria, where he had a job with the railway in prospect to be close to the mother.. ..In May 1864, he had a job in Majdanpek (later Yugoslavia), but returned in the same year finally returned to Vienna, where his sons attended the Academic Gymnasium. 1867 he was baptized and his sons. 1868 improved the Giffard'schen Injector (injector, feeding device for steam boilers), received an imperial privilege and dedicated next year Ernst Körting as a sales engineer, who should implement these in Italy and England. Because Friedmann not advanced him Körting did this and received in the same year a patent. In 1871 he founded in Leopoldstadt At Tabor his 6 Armaturenfabrik Alex. Friedmann and had mid-1870 sales offices in England, USA and Russia. In 1875 he moved as a deputy of the 2nd district in the Vienna City Council and was opponent of Mayor C. Fields. He was a member of the House of Representatives: October 1879 to November 1881 in the Club of the Liberal and then briefly in the United Left. He was one of the first local councilors, who developed a water supply system for Vienna.. The Friedmanngasse in Ottakring was named after him in 1882

      • Mountain friends: Arthur Schnitzler, Richard Tausenau and Louis Friedmann 1885 Rose von Rosthorn-Friedmann, 1901 painting by Gustav Klimt
        Louis (Ludwig) Philipp FRIEDMANN Born: Jun 29, 1861 in Paris, France. occupation: Austrian Industrialist and Mountaineer. Died: Apr 1, 1939 in Vienna + Rose von ROSTHORN Born: Feb 12, 1864 in Prevalje (Prävali), Slovenia. Married: 1886 Died: Jan 13, 1919 in Baden by Vienna *geni, *wiki Father: Adolf Ritter von Rosthorn (6/30/1816 Vienna - 5/8/1898 Oed, Austria) *geni-more Mother: Rosalie Fischer (1837 - 12/7/1882 Vienna) *1st husband of Rose von Rosthon: Bruno Wagner von Freynsheim legal adviser of the Austrian State Railways *geni-more "parents of Dora Wagner von Freynsheim (1885 - )"

        Note: wikipedia: Alexander Friedmann died in February 1882, the father of the only 21-year-old Louis Philippe, and left him flourishing his eponymous company to supply parts for steam locomotives had been produced and achieved market leadership in its segment. Louis Friedman was later also President of the Gräf & Stift automobile manufacturer.. OR wikipediaGerman: Rose von Rosthorn-Friedmann ..She came from the entrepreneur dynasty Rosthorn and was a 2nd cousin of Alphonsus Rosthorn. The couple (Louis Friedmann) were in the Viennese society of playwrights (Hugo von Hofmannsthal), writers (Arthur Schnitzler) and artists respected. So also by Gustav Klimt, the Rose of Rosthorn-Friedmann immortalized in one of his most famous pictures. Rose worked during WW-I as a nurse in a Vienna hospital, became infected while with fatal typhoid fever (Salmonella typhi), to which the only 54-year died in Baden near Vienna on 13 January 1919 at the sanatorium Gutenbrunn. Hugo von Hofmannsthal wrote a long letter to the widower, in which he not only brought the expressive beauty but also the intelligence and strength of this extraordinary woman expressed

        • Marie Alexandrie FRIEDMANN Born: 1887

      • Emil FRIEDMANN Born: 1863

      • Max FRIEDMANN Born: 1864 in Reschitza, Romania occupation: Industrialist, Politician, Fighter

        Note: wikipedia, Friedmann-Knoller is a former Austrian manufacturer of automobiles. Max Friedmann started the company in 1904 Vienna with the production of automobiles. After only a few copies of the 1910 production was stopped. Designer Richard Knoller (1869-1926), who later became a flight engineer and university teacher. The vehicles had he developed a steam engine, the steam engines of similar Serpollet Léon. The power transfer was via chain to the rear axle. A vehicle of this brand is on display at the Technical Museum in Vienna.

    • Dubi FRIEDMANN

    • 1916 - Siegwart Friedmann - obituary  
      Samuel "Siegwart" FRIEDMANN Born: Apr 25, 1842 in Budapest, Hungary. Residence: Vienna, etc.. occupation: German Actor. Died: Apr 22, 1916 in Dresden, Germany NFP, wikipedia, geni + Helen von DÖNNIGES Born: Mar 21, 1845 in Munich, Germany. Married: 1868-73 Died: Oct 1, 1911 in Munich *wikipedia *geni-more *1st husband of Helen: Wallachian count von Racovitza

      *2nd wife of Samuel: Selma GIEBEL Born: 1850 Died: 1892 from Geschlecht Westerholt-Gysenberg, Germany, genealogy

      *3rd wife: of Samuel: Maria Theresia PIATRIK von LANZENBERG

      • here? Kurt Heniz FRIEDMANN

Group-1a: *already added on Geni - unknown Relationship to Names above "at this time" - Sigmund Friedmann is your 1st cousin 3x removed's husband's great aunt's husband's sister's husband

  • (?) FRIEDMANN + (?)

    • Sigmund FRIEDMANN Born: Oct 17, 1837 in Hungary. Died: Feb 22, 1920 buried in Vienna, Austria *NFP + Charlotte Lotti PORGES Born: abt 1832 Died: Dec 29, 1902 buried in Vienna *NFP Father: Lazar (see Porges family) Mother: Julie Reich *geni

      • Leopoldine Paula FRIEDMANN Born: 1863 in Vienna. Died: Oct 21, 1936 in Vienna *NFP + Eduard E. RUDINGER Father: Markus Rudinger (ca 1810 - 4/11/1900 Plzeň /Pilsner, Bohemia, bur. Štěnovice (Stienowitz, Stenowitz), Bohemia) *obituary also includes Ferry Sonnenfeld Mother: Josephine Lichtenstern *geni-more

        • Stephan RUDINGER
        • Hugo RUDINGER

        *2nd husband of Leopoldine Friedmann: Adolf KAPRALIK Born: Feb 4, 1858 in Chernivtsi (Czernowitz), Ukraine. Residence: #14 Frankenberggasse, Vienna-1040. Died: Nov 25, 1937 in Sanat. Himmelhof, Vienna-1190 *NFP Father: Henuchem Kapralik Mother: Henny Tarakower (ca 1838 - 9/23/1910 Chernivtsi) *geni

      • Ludwig FRIEDAMNN Born: 1866 in Vienna. Died: Dec 20, 1908 in Vienna + Louise KOHN *geni

      • Julius Rudolf FRIEDMANN Born: Jun 14, 1875 in Vienna. occupation: Engineer. Residence: Prague, Bohemia, Czech. Died: after Apr 27, 1942 (murdered, deported Prague > Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia Apr 24, 1942 and from there on Apr 27, 1942 to Izbica, Poland) * info., Prague cons. card + Karolina (Karoline, Karli) LANG Born: 1884 Died: bef. May 4, 1937 * *geni

        Note: ?same? as on Prague Conscription card: Karoline Lang (1884 -) sister of Karl Lang (1871), Max Lang (1872), Ernst Lang (1874), Rosa Lang (1875), Friedrich Lang (1877) and children of Karl Lang (1837) & Rosa Janouschek (1848) = likely in this Janouschek family on Prague cons. card with wrong 1845 vs. 1848 year

Group-2: *already added on Geni - unknown Relationship to Names above "at this time"

  • (?) FRIEDMANN + (?)

    • 1924 - Eduard Friedmann - obituary
      Eduard FRIEDMANN occupation: Kommerzialrat Died: Jun 20, 1924 in Vienna NFP + Malvine (see BAUER family) Born: abt 1856 Died: Apr 7, 1899 in Vienna NFP Grandchildren: Gerty, Alice, Maria *Eduard's obit. also mentions Cäcilie Alexander Father: Jacob Bauer (1808 - 2/4/1894 Vienna) NFP, geni Mother: Babette (see Mauthner family) (1824 - 3/21/1884) NFP whose siblings are in a tomb of 25 people

      • Elsa FRIEDMANN + Hans (see FOGES family) Born: Jan 17, 1877 Residence: Hoernesgasse 3/9, Vienna-3; Ttroedler Gasse 15 2nd. Transport: Vienna > Litzmannstadt (Lodz), Poland 10/23/1941 Died: May 25, 1942 in Litzmannstadt, Poland camp *Yad Vashem? Father: Rudolph Foges (abt 1846 - 2/1/1923) Mother: Marie Weil (abt 1844 - 8/2/1922) *geni

      • Friederike (Frieda, Ricki) FRIEDMANN Died: bef. Emil + Emil RIE Married: 1904 in Vienna? *genteam *geni
      • Paul FRIEDMANN Born: abt 1891 Died: Mar 9, 1909 bur. Vienna, Austria

Misc: any relation to Moriz Friedmann (12/15/1859 Sobotište /Szobotist, Ószombat/, Senica district, Slovakia - ) & Ernestine Stransky on geni OR Friedmann's on Diamant page OR on geni; Löebl Friedmann + (?) "ch. Rubin Friedmann (1778 Staré Hobzí /Althart, Moravia - 1852 or 8/29/1862 Währing cem. or Baden by Vienna) genteam <father of Löbel, Cäcilie Sara Feiffer, Wilhelm Wolf, Henriette Franziska Taussig, David, Markus, Salomon, Joseph, Wilhelmine Schlesinger, Katharina, Charlotte Hirschl, Otto Bernhard, Mathilde Mayer, Emma Spitz, Adolph, Rosalie of Vienna on Beck-Glaser-Levitiss site pictures>" OR 1799 Boskovice /Boskowitz, Moravia tax census on Jewishgen Salomon Friedmann, Markus Friedmann or (?) (see Friedmann family) geni-more & Charlotte Singer (abt 1822 - 4/15/1908 Vienna, Boskovice, Brno /Brünn, Prostějov /Prossnitz, Moravia, New York) NFP or Leopold Friedmann (abt 1832 - 12/2/1910 Vienna, Brno, Boskovice) NFP, geni-more &
1917 - Fanny (nee Basch) Friedmann - obituary 1910 - Leopold Friedmann - obituary
1904 - Bernhard Spitzer - obituary 1913 - Fanny (nee Weiss) Spitzer - obituary
1898 - Isidor Graf - obituary 1888 - Samuel Graf - obituary
  1897 - Johanna (nee Stark) Ehrlich - obituary
Fanni /Fanny (see Basch family) (abt 1840 or 1851 - 3/7/1917 Vienna) NFP brother of Bernhard (Bernard) Friedmann (1833 - 12/9/1917 Vienna) NFP & Josefine (Josephine, Peppi) Ehrlich or Samuel Friedmann + (?) "ch. lawyer Desider Friedmann (1880 Boskovice, Moravia -) with offices at Schottenring 26, Vienna 1 until 1934" or Salomon Friedmann (12/28/1859 Boskovice - dep. 10/19/1942 Treblinka), Karel Friedmann (9/28/1895 Boskovice, dep. 4/23/1942 Lublin, Majdanek - 8/16/1942 Majdanek), Oskar Friedmann (6/18/1897 Boskovice, dep. 4/23/1942 Lublin, Majdanek - 8/10/1942 Majdanek) possibly related to (?) Friedmann & Hany Aufricht (11/1/1851 Boskovice - ) or Isidor Friedmann (8/23/1891 Boskovice - deported Brno/Minsk 11/16/1941) lettertothestars OR Heinrich Friedmann (abt 1810 res. Springerg. 4, Vienna 1020 - 12/12/1890 Vienna) privatier genteam OR Leopold Friedmann geni + Therese (?) "ch. Heinrich Friedmann (1834 Topoľčany, Slovakia - 1924 Tapolcsany) & Karoline (Lina) Helene (see Spitzer family) (1846 or 2/5/1847 Eisenstadt m. 5/30/1866 *genteam - 1893 Tapolcsany)" OR dr. med Leopold Friedmann geni & Hermina (see Löwy family) (4/8/1878 - ) OR Therese Friedmann (1815 - 6/24/1888 Baden by Vienna) NFP + Ignatz (see Eisenberger family) (1817 - 6/12/1881 Vienna) geni "ch. Caroline & Moriz Friedmann (- 1891 Vienna) silk manufacturer geni <parents of Sigmund Oskar, Egon Friedell /Friedmann philosophor, historian, Elsa>" OR Johanna Friedmann (1815 - 12/12/1899 Vienna), Samuel Friedmann (abt 1822 - 2/19/1882 Vienna) of Foges page OR Samuel Friedmann (abt 1825 - 7/12/1899 Brno, Moravia) NFP-more + Ernestine Pollak brother of Daniel Friedmann, Sofie Friedmann & (?) Jellinek on Beck page OR rb. dr. Bernard Friedmann *geni & Auguste Kastan "ch. Rosalie (Rosa) Friedmann (10/9/1854 - 19/1/1911 Berlin, Germany) & rb. Nathan Porges (21/12/1848 Prostějov, Moravia - 1/9/1924 Würzburg, Germany) OR 1861 in PodhartCzech, Bohemia Gutfreund-FriedmannCzech and Winternitz a FriedmannCzech (later Hellmann) built first mechanical weaving mill and in Dobrovského. dr. Pavel WinternitzCzech ( - shot him self in Vienna) OR Isidor (Israel) Friedman (1841-1920) justice in Głogów, Silesia on Leo Baeck Inst. archives: 688 resume written by a descendant John Friedmann.. 4 S. TS Lebenslauf & 14 S.. 362: the descendants of the serving host Loewel Friedmann. from Altmark, Moravia? ..The story of a Viennese Jewish family 1804-1941.. 682: Roemhild Friedmann 5/6/1942.. farewell letter to children in Palestine, 2 days before the deportation 3 1/4 S. TS.. Xerox a copy by Meir Freidmann, Bat Yam.. 597: Arnold Friedmann (1925 Nuremberg, Germany m. 1949 res. Israel, USA - ) rijo.homepage pdf "ch. 2 sons", Jewishgen & Susanne "Susi" Kirsch (1926-) family collection 1786-1999 daughter of Johanna "Hansi" Kirsch (nee Schmidl).. and ref. Sidonie (nee Friedmann) Schmidl, Clara (nee Friedmann) Ruge, Rosa Friedman, Else Friedmann, Rubin Friedmann, Otto Friedmann and on J K Mann Lia FriedmannGerman (10/7/1919 Vienna - ) referenced Mina Friedmann Bardach, Rosa Friedmann Mayer, Julius (Julian) Friedmann, Karl (Carlos) Kirsch (3/12/1896 Vienna res. Yugoslavia, Argentina - ) ref. Julie Morawetz geni & Emanuel (see Strassmann family) ( - 8/8/1900 Voitsberg, Austria) NFP, Otto Bernhard Friedmann from biography of Bernhard Friedmann family tree of the Kirsch-Strassmann OR Adolf Friedmann + Katharina Kohn "ch. dr. Berthold Friedmann (1864 - ) & Klara Sinek" witnesses Jacob Mayer and Ludwig Friedmann OR E. Friedmann in Vítkov (Wigstadtl), Moravia historyCzech 1874 established a factory for silk goods in Fulnek employing 400 workers OR S. FriedmannCzech in 1894 Svitavy (Zwittau), Moravia factory .. in 1908 Friedman from Svitavy merged with Schiel creating Maximilian Friedmann & Gebrüder Schiel OR Theresa Friedmann + Theodor Fleischmann "ch. Amalie (1867 Olomouc, Moravia m. 1886 Vienna - 1943 Terezin camp) & Sigmund Gelbkopf (1861 Boskovice, Moravia - 1942 Terezin) on Gelbkopf page OR Louis FriedmannGerman .pdf (1861-1939) Viennese industrialist, sportsman and Gerad' aus! (Hrsg. O. Bernhard Friedmann). 1. Jahrgang, Num.122-141. 1. - 26.10.1848 (Wien, Lechner) 1848. Gr. 2°. HLn. OR Israel Friedmann (2/18/1862 res. #137 Erlachgasse, Vienna-10 - 4/8/1923 Franz Josefspital, Vienna-1100) owner of a small restaurant (gastwirt), branntweinschänker *genteam, geni + Hermine (see Subak family) (abt 1861 - 6/13/1916 bur. in Vienna) OR Heinrich Friedmann (aka. Herrmann (Hirsch)) (1864 Kobiernice, or Klasno by Wieliczka, Silesia - 1934/1935 Ostrava, Moravia) + (?) "ch. Marie (1888 Ostrava-), Adolf, Isidor, David (1893 Ostrava - 1980 St. Louis) painter only Holocaust survivor <father of Miriam Friedman Morris> Heinrich's siblings; brother deported from Ostrava to Nisko camp, Rosalie & Joachim Kluger OR Arnold Friedmann & Valerie Stein daughter of & Leopold Stein ( - 8/3/1898 Hinterbrühl, Austria) NFP & Hermine Robitschek (abt 1851 - 9/16/1911 Vienna) NFP on Robitschek page note OR Heinrich FriedmannSlovak 1941-2 Šambron, Slovakia liquadation of "mixed trade goods, as well as Eugen Friedmann of Gromoš, Slovakia OR Josef Friedmann (abt 1836 - 4/18/1919 buried in Vienna) *geni & Cäzilie (?) "ch. dr. Gustav Friedmann, Kamilla Friedmann & Eduard Aschenberger, Luise Friedmann & Adolf Thorsch, Hermine Friedmann & Ludwig Fassel, Bertha Friedmann & Sigmund David, Ida Friedmann & Gustav Herrlinger, Mizi & Max Frankl, Viktor Friedmann" OR Adele Friedmann (11/12/1900 Vienna - ) and the other 93 Friedmann's on U.K. Moving here site OR Juden in Mähren: Friedmann, Kraus, Kohn, Mayer, Singer, Spitz, Weiss.. OR Friedmann's on Dennis Friedman's genealogy site OR 279 Friedmann's on Prague conscription db (1850-1914) OR 37 Friedmann's in Brno, Moravia cemetery OR 174 Friedmann's from Austria on Avotaynu OR 30 Friedmann's refugees from Czechoslovakia in England OR Friedmann's on Wikipedia?

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