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Árpássy /Gerstl Family Genealogy

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Árpássy /Gerstl Family Genealogy

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*Information already added on Geni -- Last update: October 15, 2010
Imre Arpassy in Australia Hermine (Trencsanszky Weiss) Arpassy in Melbourne, Australia Hermine (Trencsanszky Weiss) Arpassy Charlotte Walter Arpassy (not in tree) unknown-1 Arpassy unknown-2 Arpassy unknown-3 Arpassy unknown-4 Arpassy Gesella Arpassy (not in tree) Hymeuth (Anglia) (Not in tree) unknown-5 Arpassy

Compiled from (2) trees and correspondence, which mentions Imre von Abalehota Arpassy being a cousin of Vladimir Arpassy, as well as cousin or brother of Helen Arpassy, Imre's sister. However the generations currently do not align and Imre is (1) generation younger than Vladimir. The Árpássy family was from the area of Lake Balaton, Hungary. *sources: Paul Doemeny (, incl. Dömeny names on Friedmann page & his Hungarian newspaper articles & letters translator Zsuzsa Rácz - Hungarian Translation Services of Cleveland, "Wer Einmal War" book profile of Moricz Gerstl family below

Bogdan ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1596 in Zsigm. Bark. Died: 1639 age 43 est *geni

  • Gedeon ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1620 + (?)

    • Jozsef ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1640 + (?)

      • Matyas-Jozsef ÁRPÁSSY Military service: 1715 received Coat of Arms, royal second? in Bratislava, Slovakia. Died: 1722 + Maria LEB *geni

        • Jozsef ÁRPÁSSY + Anna Maria NADELBAUER *any relation to Peter Steiert Nadelbauer sold in 1788 the Schmiede to his stepson Mathias Laule for 190 guilders. Haus no. 43 this property belonged earlier to the Nadelhof from what the same apparently has his name - Oberbirken part of Stegen, Germany articleGerman?

          • Janos ÁRPÁSSY Died: bef 1787 occupation: Chief of logistics bef. 1787 + Zsuzsanna MELCZER (MEDERER) Died: 1787 widow of  *1st husband (?) who issued nobility title certificate

            Note: any relation to Lajos Meder below OR Matthaus Mederer Edler von Wuthwehr (6.9.1739 Lichtenthal, heute zu Wien - 26.5.1805 Wien), osterr. Militararzt, Chirurg (Austrian military surgeon) OR Oxford Journals $$ "In 1774 Mederer was made Professor of Surgery in Freiburg, in Breisgau.. ..of the famous school of surgery at Vienna, Mederer, was. ennobled in 1787 as Mederer von Wuthswehr. The family subsequently dropped the Wuthswehr and styled themselves von Mederer.. OR Order of Battle of (Austrian) South Army 1866 Obst. Conrad Mederer von Mederer und Wuthwher?

            • Samuel Janos GERSTL (born ÁRPÁSSY) Born: 1771 Died: 1848 age 77 est. occupation: Landowner + (?) NYITA Born: 1775 *geni

              Arpassy Villa in Zobot (Nitra region), Slovakia Note: there are 2 different family trees; 1st with Albert, Leopold, Emanuel, Samuel, Moricz-Karoly and 2nd with Albert, Johanna, Moricz-Karoly, Agoston

              • Julie GERSTL

              • 1894 - Moritz Gerstl Arpassy - obituary Gerstl - in Wer Einmal War
                Moricz-Karoly "Moric" Mordechai GERSTL (Arpassy) Born: 1822 occupation: Businessman, large Landowner with 1000's of hectares around Nitra (prev. Neutra, Nyitra, Hungary), Slovakia, president of the Jewish Community in Nitra (kaufmann und gutsbesitzer, präses der Israelitischen kultusgemeinde in Neutra). Died: Feb 19, 1894 in Nitra, Slovakia NFP obituary + Sophie (Sali) EHRENFELD *2nd wife: Johanna "Janka" EHRENFELD Born: abt 1836 Married: abt 1852 Died: Jan 17, 1891 in Nitra Father: baron Josef Keresztely Ehrenfeld Mother: Betti Gomperz *geni

                Note: see above "Wer Einmal War" book - profile of Moricz Gerstl family OR any relation to Philipp Christian von Normann-EhrenfelsGerman "..German lawyer and state minister of Kingdom of Wurttemberg.. ..descended from the old knight's gender from Normann [1] of the island Rugen. He married in 1782 Franziska von Harling (1766-1819) & they had 10 children including Karl August Friedrich Graf von Normann-Ehrenfels (1783-1824), Friedrich Graf von Normann-Ehrenfels (1787-1834), Karl Friedrich Leberecht Graf von Normann-Ehrenfels (1784-1822).." OR Ehrenfels, Joseph Michael, Freiherr von 1767-1843 "German "..lessons for farmers of the illnesses of the horses, the horned cattle, the Schaafe and pigs. Zwote new altered and increased edition Wien: Aloys Doll, 1793. 181, [3]p., frontis., port., illus., 18cm. Provenance: J. H. Anderhub) OR Christian Freiherr von Ehrenfels "full name Maria Christian Julius Leopold Karl, Freiherr von Ehrenfels" (Jun 2, 1859 Rodaun near Vienna - Sep 8, 1932 Lichtenau) Austrian philosopher known as one of the founders of Gestalt psychology, brief German OR on site Auguste Grafin von Normann-Ehrenfels (Jan 6, 1815 Altensteig, Germany - Nov 19, 1897 Cannstatt) OR Woman writers of Austria Ehrenfels, Baroness Elfriede [aka Kurban Said] (1894-)

                • Dr. law Alexander GERSTL Born: abt 1844 in Nitra, Slovakia. occupation: Landes- und Wechselgerichts- Advokat in Nitra. Died: Jul 6, 1873 in Nitra *not married

                • same as above? Sandor ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1850's Died: 1880? occupation: Royal State Prosecutor General in Nitra (Nyitra), Slovakia

                  • ?? Sandor ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1870's + Olga (?)

                    Note: postcard from Sandor Jan. 12, 1913: Last week I wrote to Sandor from Vienna, but I haven't received an answer yet. I am writing to him once again right now, and I hope he will make the necessary arrangements for the car (cart?). The moment he writes to me, I will let you know. My wife Olga is ill; she has the cold. She will write later when she gets better. She has the cold for the second time this year I hope you will get this letter on time, hugs, Sandor Árpássy

                    • Sandor ÁRPÁSSY Born: early 1890's

                • Sophie (Sofie, Zsofia) GERSTL Born: May 24, 1845 in Nitra, Slovakia. Died: Sep 28, 1917 in Budapest, Hungary + Simon (Sigmund) BENEDICT Born: Apr 26, 1837 in Vienna stadt 460, Austria. Married: May 27, 1869 in Budapest *witnesses: Moritz Gerstel, Marcus Benedict. occupation: Öffenlicher Gesellschafter der firma Kopel Benedict's Söhne. Died: Jul 26, 1882 in #71 Hirschengasse, ober Döbling =Vienna-19 Father: Koppel (Kaspar, Jacob) Benedict Mother: Louise (Dorothea) Kohn P-grandfather: Naphtali Benedict *geni

                  • Heinrich BENEDICT
                  • Otto BENEDICT

                  • Helene BENEDICT + Eugen Edmund RÉVAI Born: abt 1863 Died: Mar 28, 1931 in Budapest, Hungary *geni ?son of Odon Revay below?

                    • Lily RÉVAI
                    • Maria RÉVAI
                    • Andreas RÉVAI

                *2nd husband of Sophie Gerstl: Dr. med Alois (Alajos) ADLER Born: abt 1836 Died: Sep 30, 1912 in #37-39 Nagymezö-utcza, Budapest-6, Hungary Father: Samuel Adler Mother: Julie Gerstl (abt 1812 - 12/13/1897 Budapest) M-grandfather: Samuel Gerstl *geni another husband of Sophie Gerstl? (?) BEUARETYNE

                  • Fritz ADLER

                • Adolf GERSTL Born: abt 1846 in Nitra, Slovakia. occupation: Commisionsgeschafts - Inhaber in Vienna. Residence: #9 Zelinkagasse, Vienna-1. Died: Feb 26, 1890 in #3-5 Leorngasse, Vienna-3 + Laura (Chaje, Lea) GRABSCHEID Oct 11, 1852 in Sambor, Galacia. Married: Mar 17, 1878 in Vienna. Died: Jan 16, 1926 in #66 Praterstrasse, Vienna-2 Father: Hirsch Grabscheid Mother: Scheindl (Caroline) Grabscheid *1st husband of Laura: Kalman PAPPENHEIM Born: abt 1840 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Married: May 8, 1872 in Vienna. Died: Jan 3, 1890 in #61 Obere Donaustrasse, Vienna-2 Father: Hermann Pappenheim Mother: Marie Porges

                  • Alexander GERSTL Born: Dec 22, 1879 in #11 Praterstrasse, Vienna-2. Died: Mar 17, 1882 in #9 Zelinkagasse, Vienna-1 *geni

                  • Stefanie Elisabeth Maria GERSTL Born: Jul 1, 1885 in #26 Hetzendorfestrasse, Vienna-13 (Hietzing), Austria. + Dr. law Alois (Louis) Carl EGGHARD (born ENGLÄNDER) Born: Dec 11, 1874 in #5 Taborstrasse, Vienna-2. Married: Jan 31, 1903 in Vienna *witnesses Anton Sauer gymnasialdirektor, dr. E. med Ritter von Niemayer. Divorced: Aug 10, 1939 occupation: Magistrat in Wien, k.k. Ministerialsekretär im Ministerium für Kunst un Unterricht. Died: aft. 1920 Father: dr. med Maximilian Egghard (born Engländer) Mother: Hermine Gabriele born Engländer *2nd husband of Stefanie: Dr. med Max ASKANAZY Born: Feb 24, 1865 in Nesterov (Stallupönen, Ostpreussen), east Prussia current Russia. Married: Dec 1919 occupation: Arzt, Univerisity Professor für Pathologie an der Univ. Geneva (Genf), Switzerland. Died: Oct 23, 1940 in Geneva Father: Joseph Samuel Askanazy Mother: Nanny nee? Aschkanazy *geni

                  • Margarethe (Grete) THOMAN (born GERSTL) Born: Jul 20, 1887 in #17 Dornbacherstrasse, Vienna-14 (Hütteldorf), Austria. Residence: #9 Zelinkagasse, Vienna-1, #21 Stiftgasse, Vienna-7. Died: Oct 15, 1941 in Vienna-18 bur. cent. cem 20e/2/22 + Hermann TENNENBAUM Born: May 1, 1873 in Botoșani, Romania. Married: Feb 5, 1905 in Vienna *witnesses Friedrich Frankl, Elias Tennenbaum. occupation: Kaufmann Father: Elias Tennenbaum ( res. Iași /Jassy/Lasy, Romania - ) Mother: Pepi Theiler *geni

                  *3rd husband of Laura (Gerstl) Grabscheid: Friedrich (Perez) (see FRANKL family) abt 1846 in Holíč (Holitsch, Holics), Slovakia. Married: Feb 19, 1893 in Vienna. Residence: #22 Taborstrasse, Vienna-2. Died: Aug 6, 1905 in Purkersdorf by Vienna Father: Salomon Frankl Mother: Nelli (Netty) Fanto *geni

                • Imre von Arpassy in Australia Hermine (Trencsanszky Weiss) von Arpassy
                  Hermine (Trencsanszky Weiss) von Arpassy Janos Trencsanszky Weiss
                  Imre (Emmerich) ÁRPÁSSY de ABALEHOTA Born: Feb 24, 1857 in Lehota (Nitra region), Slovakia. Imre von Abalehota Arpassyoccupation: Director General of Nyitra Credit Bank. Died: Feb 25, 1920 in Nitra, Slovakia age 63 + Hermine Trencsanszky WEISZ 1885 changed to VERÖ Born: Feb 11, 1865 in Rochov, (Litoměřice region) or Rochov (Úštěk region), Bohemia, Czech. Married: Jun 2, 1885 in Rochov roman catholic church. Died: Mar 21, 1920 Siblings: Zsiga Verö (born Weisz or Weiss) Father: Janos Trencsanszky Weisz or Weiss? retired army captain Mother: Anna Bossanyi *geni

                  Note: Imre von Árpássy (cousin fo Vladimir below) was a very wealthy banker in Nytra, because he sold war bonds more than anyone else in Austria - he got the title (von) Abalehota. Dr. Istvan Szathmary, president of the Union, retired chief public notary of Nyitra Castle County, wrote on Jan 21, 1940: I personally knew Imre Arpassy from Abalehota, president ofthe Credit Bank of Nyitra, member of the legislature in Nyitravary, etc. He was a great Hungarian man, serving the Hungarian interests any which way he could. He was a relentless, selfless supporter of many a social and charitable movement, and he was especially well known for his good heart and exemplary family life. He was very popular and all Hungarians of that region grieved his early departure from this life in 1920. *Institut Deutsche AdelsforschungGerman (Institute German nobility research) page hasthe name "Árpássy de Also-Arpas OR any relation to Aranka Verö (born Weiss) & Franz (see Boschan family) (1867 bur. 12/1/1937 Feuerhalle Simm.) OR Lilly Trencsinszky below or see Trencsánszky on Hungarian Radixindex ?

                  Hungarian article Oct 30, 1936: Great people lie in the Nyitra cemetery: "Right next to the entrance of the cemetery lies the grave of Imre Árpássy. Never in Nyitra's business and financial life has there been a more eminent person. He was a unique innovator with huge power such as has not been born in Nyitra since. He was born in Hungarian article: Great people lie in the Nyitra cemeterythe town of Nyitra in 1857, and received a very good education. After high school, he went on to study law and Trade Academy in Vienna. Returning home, he mastered practical skills on his father's huge estates. Soon, however, he felt the irresistible allure of the big world. He lived for a long time in England, and then went to Australia. From the world exposition in Melbourne he sent articles to Hungarian newspapers, with which he attracted the attention of the whole country. In 1882Árpássyreturned to his home country and took over the management of his father's estates. He was elected deputy in the local government and for a short while also served as honorary town councilor. He also became a member of the district judicial committee, in which he was very active as a member of various sub-committees. In 1887 he was elected director of the Nyitra Credit Bank, and under his direction the bank attained the class of the big national banks. In 1911 he was awarded the noble title of "abalehotai" for his well-merited achievements. He died on 23 February 1920. In less than a month, on 21 March, he was followed by his wife, ne'e Hermin Verö."

                  • Maria "Mici" Arpassy Maria "Mici" Arpassy
                    Maria "Mici, Miczi " Louise ÁRPÁSSY de ABALEHOTA Born: Sep 17, 1887 in Nitra, Slovakia. Married: Jun 28, 1909 in Nitra. Divorced abt 1920. Deported: Apr 27, 1942 from #24 Favoritenstrasse, Vienna-4, Austria > to Włodawa, Poland or died 1941 in Oświęcim (Auschwitz) concentration camp, Poland age 54 est + Dr. med Paul (see DÖMENY von STRAHLFELSEN family) Born: Mar or Sep 13, 1876 in #57 Mariahilfer Strasse, Vienna-6. Married: Jun 28, 1909 in Nitra, Slovakia. Deported August 20, 1942 from #32-37 Novaragasse, Vienna-2 > to Terezín (Theresienstadt), Bohemia, Czech concentration camp. Died: Mar 21, 1944 in Terezín concentration camp "source" Israelitische Kultusgemeninde 10/17/1994 Father: dr. med Leopold Edler Dömeny von Strahlfelsen /born Deutsch (1/9/1845 Somogyhárságy, Hungary - 9/11/1921 Vienna Pf. Schottenfeld 1070 Westesahn Strasser 17) Mother: Mathilde Friedmann (6/17/1854 Prostějov /Prossnitz, Moravia, Czech - 1/10/1940 #97 Gürtel, Vienna-18) *geni

                    *2nd husband of Maria: Major Egon (Egan) KULTERER Artillery Major in the Austrian army and a friend of General Paul von Dömeny, which is how they met

                  • Aladar Arpassy Lilly Arpassy and unknown Arpassy?
                    Josef Aladár ÁRPÁSSY de ABALEHOTA Born: abt 1889 in Nitra (Neutra), Slovakia. Residence: Arpassy family house in Soborhegyi. Died: 1970 + Lilly TRENCSINSZKY Father: (?) Trencsinszky *any relation to Janos Trencsanszky above?

                    Note: translated letter: " Tibor Árpássy is accusing his older brother Aladar of embezzlement, fraud and blackmail in this paper he submitted to the court. He asks the court to arrest his brother speedily, since there is good reason to believe he is fleeing Czechoslovakia, going to Budapest, Hungary. Gyula Kovacs was Tibor's lawyer. Their father Imre passed away on Feb. 25, 1920; their mother on March 21, same year. They were four children left to inherit: Aladar, and two girls Miczi and Janka. The estate probation papers are at the court of Nyitra, no 931/1920. According to those, each child inherited 1/4 of the estate. However it was right after the war, while Tibor was still in the army, and the girls away in Austria or in Budapest, only Aladar was in Nyitra. He was the director of the Nyitra Credit Bank (Nyitra Hitelbank), which went bankrupt, while Aladar took out over 300,000 Korona from the bank. He also helped freely to his parents' money while they were away in Budapest (till July 14, 1919). During this time he also sold his parents' house in Varmegyehaz Street in the spring of 1919; also the villa in Zobor with all the valuable furniture in it became his, after he paid his siblings 50,000 Korona each for it; he then sold it to an American named Moller for 1,100,000 Korona and pocketed the money." *their uncle Zsiga Verö and Geza Verö are also mentioned

                    • Lilly-Eva-Janka ÁRPÁSSY de ABALEHOTA + Karoly BLASCHECZ

                  • Johanna (Janka-Maria) ÁRPÁSSY de ABALEHOTA + Jozsef  (Joska, Joskatok) KEREKES Military service: Former head of department at the defense ministry, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) from the General Staff, member of the Iron Crown Cavalry Order

                    • Jozsef "Dody" KEREKES

                    • Imre KEREKESHAZY *same as? (2/20/1912 - 4/21/2001) last residence 11223 Brooklyn, Kings, NY, Hungarian Royal Court Clerk

                      1910 - Josef Cantor - obituary
                    1894 - Adolf Cantor - obituary 1886 - Sofie (nee ?) Cantor - obituary
                    Tibor ÁRPÁSSY de ABALEHOTA Military service: German Cavalry, 1st lieut. (ret.), member of the Maria-Crusaders Cavalry Order. Died: 1934-36 in Prague, Bohemia, Czech + Berta Dora BREUER Born: Nov 19, 1902 in Baden by Vienna. Married: 1928 Divorced: Oct 5, 1931 in Reno, Nevada, USA Residence 1932: # South Hartford ave., Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA Father: dr. med Adolf Breuer k.u.k. stabsarztes, regimentsarzt Mother: Dorothea "Dora" Henriette Funk *geni sister of Fritz, Paul children of dr. Ignaz Funk & Bertha /Berta (born Cantor) & her 2nd husband Theodor Baumfeld k.k. regierungsrat sister of dr. Matthias Cantor univ. professor, Josef Cantor (abt 1854 - 12/2/1910 Vienna) NFP emerit. direktors und berwaltungsrates der österr. Naphta=Import- gesellschaft Nobel & Elisabeth Sonrel "ch. Emmy, Adolf, Ludwig, Adrian, Carola" children of Adolf Cantor /Kantor (abt 1808 - 2/18/1894 bur Vienna ref. Gmunden, Austria) NFP kaufmann, privatier & Sofie (?) (abt 1827 res. Am Gestade, Vienna - 10/22/1886 bur. Vienna) NFP> *geni

                    *2nd husband of Berta Breuer: Jacob Moritz (Moriz) SULKE Born: abt 1872 in Russia. Married: Feb 27, 1932 Atlantic City, NJ occupation: Merchant and Banker in New York *geni

                    Note: Hungarian newspaper "Ujsag" Aug 23, 1931 article translation: The Divorce of Tibor Árpássy. This just inHungarian article from the newspaper "Ujsag" on Aug. 23, 1931from Bratislava: There is a sensational new development in the divorce case of Tibor Árpássy ; the files of his case have been traveling between Vienna, Bratislava (Pozsony), Prague and America for years by now. As it is well known by now, the wife of Tibor Árpássy, who was born as Dora Breuer in Vienna, fell madly in love with an American millionaire a few years ago. Her husband didn't want to give her a divorce, so she accused him of plotting to murder her. Árpássy was sentenced for two years in prison on these false charges and while he was sitting in prison, his wife filed for divorce, this time being absolutely convinced that the court will grant her a divorce. However Tibor Árpássy succeeded in persuading the court - this time in Prague - to reopen his case, and the retrial of the case is underway as we speak. This was too much for Dora Breuer, who decided that she can't be bothered to wait anymore, and - as we just heard - eloped in July to America with her millionaire lover, Jacob Moritz Sulke. The lovebirds are staying in Reno, Nevada, which is a Paradise for people wanting to get a speedy divorce; here Dora Breuer is trying to take advantage of the special local Nevada laws to get rid of her lawful husband. She has already filed for divorce and paid the customary $30 000.00 fee to the court, for which divorce is granted in Reno to anybody. Tibor Árpássy received a subpoena from the Reno court two days ago ordering him to appear in front of the court in twenty days time to defend himself; otherwise a divorce is going to be given to his wife on the base that it is his fault for neglecting her in the last 12 months. It is a mystery at this point how did Dora Breuer manage to leave the country and go to America, since at this point she is still the lawful wife of Tibor Árpássy and as such, a Czech citizen; and the only way for her to get a valid Czech passport would have been if she would have been able to attach a permission signed by her husband to her passport application.

                •   1918 - Ignatz Frankl - obituary
                    1897 - Salomon Frankl - obituary
                  1924 - Fanny (nee Brettauer) Frankl - obituary 1914 - Johanna (nee  Frankl) Nadler - obituary
                    1893 - Anna (nee ?) Frankl - obituary
                  Adele GERSTL Born: abt 1864 Died: Feb 21, 1937 in Vienna + Ignatz (Ignaz) FRANKL Born: abt 1854 Died: Mar 1, 1918 in Vienna NFP occupation: Seniorchef der firma A. Herm. Frankl & Söhne Vienna - Budapest book Siblings: Salomon Frankl (abt 1841 - 1/14/1897 Vienna) NFP & Fanni Kraus bur/w Fanny Grünwald (1845 - bur 7/11/1926), Johanna Spitzer (1866 - bur 7/29/1923), Philipp Frankl (1850 - bur 4/4/1907 Vienna) & Fanny /Fanni Brettauer (1852 - 2/29/1924 Vienna) NFP "Egon (1878 -  11/10/1939 Vienna), Frieda", Gottlieb Frankl & Emma Deutsch, Gustav Frankl & Emma (see Koller family), Heinrich Frankl & Elise Deutsch, Ernestine Frankl ( - 11/2/1903 Vienna) & Adolf (see Weiss family) (1835 - 4/15/1896 Vienna), Fanni Frankl & L. Weiss, Johanna Frankl (1853 - 12/2/1914) NFP & M. Nadler "ch? Siegfried Krauss, Oskar, Walther, Paula Krauss & (?) Abdela", Rosalie Frankl & Max Stern, Eugenie Frankl & Jacques Hirsch, Helene Frankl & dr. D. Samek Father: Abraham Hermann Frankl (1813 Miroslav /Misslitz, Moravia, Czech - ) Mother: Anna (Netti) Weininger (abt 1821 - 10/31/1893 Vienna) NFP *geni

                  • Felix FRANKL + Grete SALZ ?daughter of dr Adalbert Salz & Rosa Sohr (1868 - 5/25/1891 Prague) NFPmore on Rindskopf page?

                  • Dr. Paul FRANKL Born: abt 1887 Died: Sep 4, 1928 in Vienna + Ida (see REITLINGER family) Born: 1892 Died: 1987 Father: Theodor Reitlinger (1/12/1844 Ichenhausen - 12/11/1917 Vienna 1) komrat fabrikant Mother: Philippine (see Brunner family) (6/26/1860 Trieste, Italy - 3/27/1936 Vienna)

                    • prof. Elfrieda "Elfrieda Frank" FRANKL Born: 1915

                • Julius (Gyula) GOSZTONYI de ABALEHOTA (born GERSTL) Sep 10, 1865 in Nitra (Neutra), Slovakia. occupation: Grossgrundbesitzer. Died: aft Jun 1938 + Louise RUHMANN Born: Dec 23, 1867 in #4 Malzgasse, Vienna-2. Married: Oct 27, 1889 in Vienna. Died: Mar 23, 1921 in #8 Schottenfeldgasse, Vienna-7 Father: Adolph Ruhmann papierfabrikant Mother: Anna Tritsch

                  • Anna Louise GOSZTONYI de ABALEHOTA Born: Mar 6, 1906 in Vienna. Died: Jul 4, 1998 in Vienna + (?)

                    *2nd husband of Anna: Franz JOLESCH Born: Dec 20, 1898 in Wiese bei Iglau=Jihlava, Moravia-Bohemia. Married: Jan 7, 1927 in Budapest, Hungary. occupation: Industrieller in Jihlava (Iglau), Moravia-Bohemia. Deported to Buchenwald, Germany concentration camp Father: Emil Jolesch (abt 1868 - 1/20/1935 #20 Mariannengasse, Vienna-9) Mother: Olga Zeisl

                    *3rd husband of Anna: Johannes (Hanns) EISLER Born: Jul 6, 1898 in Leipzig, Germany. Married: Dec 7, 1937 in Prague, Bohemia. occupation: Komponist. Died: Sep 6, 1962 in Ost-Berlin, Germany Father: Rudolf Eisler professor philosophie Mother: Marie Fischer professor philosophie

                    *4th husband of Anna: Ernst FISCHER Born: Jul 3, 1899 in Chomutov (Komotau), Bohemia. Married: 1955 occupation: Schriftsteller un kommunistischer Politiker. Died: Jul 31, 1972 in Prenning bei Deutsch Feistritz bur in Vienna central cemetery 2/2/3/14 Father: Josef Fischer k.u.k. obersten Mother: Agnes Planner von Wildinghof

                  *2nd wife of Julius: (?) unknown

                • Helen ÁRPÁSSY + Odon REVAY Residence: Feb 1, 1911 17 Munkacsy street, Budapest, VI district. They had no children. Odon was an avid traveler, however we're not sure if for business or pleasure

              • Albert ÁRPÁSSY + (?)

                • Miksa ÁRPÁSSY Military service: Fought 1848 (honved)
                • Karoly ÁRPÁSSY Military service: Lieutenant Colonel - Imperial Royal

              • Johanna ÁRPÁSSY
              • Emanuel ÁRPÁSSY + (?)

                • Agoston ÁRPÁSSY Military service: Fought 1848 (honved)
                • Miksa ÁRPÁSSY

              • Samuel ÁRPÁSSY
              • Leopold ÁRPÁSSY + (?) FRANCO

                • Tulip Karoly ÁRPÁSSY

            • Maria ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1775
            • Mihaly ÁRPÁSSY + (?)

              • Anna ÁRPÁSSY Died: 1846 + (?)

                • Maria ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1846

              • Jozsef ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1855? + Maria FEDERANTUS

                • Janos ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1855 Married: 1882 + Rozsa PAPP

                  • Maria ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1894

          • Karoly ÁRPÁSSY occupation: Record-keeper in Parliament

          • Benigna ÁRPÁSSY + Mihaly KREGAR

            • Mihaly KREGAR Born: 1775 occupation: Served in the treasury. Military service: Second lieutenant

      • (?) ÁRPÁSSY occupation: Parish priest in Csorna, Hungary

    • Jakab ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1655 + (?)

      • Bazil ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1690 + (?)

        • Konstantin ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1715 occupation: Priest - Eastern Rite Catholic Church, Alsoarpas + (?)

          • David ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1768 Died: 1839 in Alsoarpas age 71 est. Military service: 2nd lieutenant - imperial-royal + Marianna BODITS

            • Janos-Karoy ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1802 Military service: lieutenant colonel - imperial-royal + Maria KRANCZEVICH *2nd husband of Maria: Demeter GEORGIEVIC 2nd lieutenant - imperial-royal

              • Pulchezia ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1828 Died: 1906 age 78 est.
              • Julia ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1831 Died: 1920 age 89 est + Sablas PETROVIC
              • Mihaly ÁRPÁSSY
              • Erzsebet ÁRPÁSSY

              *2nd wife of Janos-Karoy: Lajos MEDEZER

              • Franciska (Strasser) Arpassy
                1902 - Franziska (nee Smeringa) Strasser - obituary
                Wladimir (Vladimir) von ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1856 occupation: k.k. Lieutenant a. D. u. Nordbahn-Controlor. MilitaryVladimir Arpassy service: Austrian imp. (illegible), Captain - Imperial Royal, member of German calvary order. Died: 1924 age 68 est. + Albertin (Albertine) Franciska STRASSER ?Residence: Schottenring, Vienna-1 map? Siblings: August Strasser & Marie Vetter, Johann Strasser & Marie Buczkó, Ladislaus Strasser k. u. post-controlor & Hermine Kéler, Marie Strasser & Johann Beness k. ung. postoberoffizial, Julie Strasser & W. Albrecht hausbesitzers, Vilma Starsser & Sándor Grussz contolor der Kaschau-Oderberger bahn, (?) Semjén-Strasser k. ung. oberoffizial & Etelka Fabian Father: (?) Strasser hausbesitzers Mother: Franziska Smeringa (abt 1823 - 10/1/1902 Piešťany /Pistyan, Pöstyén, Slovakia, buried #54 Franz Josefstrasse Teplice, Bohemia) FS#181 *geni

                *Wladimir, Helen and Olga had a great time in Vienna. *under review: correspondence mentions Vladimir as Imre Árpássy cousin & cousin or brother of Helen, Imre's sister. However the (2) tree alignment makes him 1 generation older

                • Otto ÁRPÁSSY Born: 1897 occupation: Military service Captain - Imperial Royal + J. Mihaly NEMET

              • Karla ÁRPÁSSY Died: in 1827 + Simeon POPPOVICH

Note: any relation to 1930/08/07 Berlin ship list Berta Árpássy (abt 1903 -) age 27, married from Vienna destination Astoria, N.Y. OR Maria Árpássy (Hungary - Jan 11, 2006 in Sydney, Australia) ?

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