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Robitschek / Roubicek Family Genealogy

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Information also provided by Ann (Petru) Flynn below -- Last update: November 12, 2010 - our link via Kantor, Friedmann, Klimesch to Rohel family

    • Gerson ROUBIČEK Born: abt 1816 res. Praskolesy /town siteCzech, Beroun district, Bohemia. occupation: Wholesale business in Iron, Nails. Died: 1896-7 + Barbara (Betti, Betty) FAKTOR Born: abt 1827 in village near Prague. Married: abt 1845 Died: 1908 *they had 10 children, 1 died in infancy

      Note: Margaret Robitschek bio.".. Gerson was a factor; that means he bought raw material and had people work for him to process it. In his case it was iron; various blacksmiths in the vicinity of the village where he lived made nails which he then sold to ironmongers and hardware stores, and mainly of course to the general stores in the country.. ..The family was very popular in the community, and known as very hospitable. I remember to have heard that once when the grandfather had been ill, my father sent him a crate of French Cognac; whoever came to the house was offered a glass of that and the peasants loved it - and there were more and more people visiting, and the Cognac was served to all until someone told the generous host how expensive French Cognac was even then - and then the flow of Cognac stopped in the Robitschek house.. ..Everybody in the village adored grandmother Betti; she was always asked to give advice, and she always had an open hand for everybody.. Every Sunday morning, grandmother Betti would walk to the gatekeeper’s lodge. A chair was ready for her. Soon, she was surrounded by all the people from the old village, who came to talk to her about their problems, their families and current events. To accompany her to these sessions was a special favor.."

      • Moritz ROBITSCHEK Born: Jul 19, 1862 Residence: Náchod and later Choceň (Chotzen), Bohemia. Married: Jan 23, 1898 in Brno, Moravia. Residence: Náchod-Babí map, Choceň, Bohemia. Died: 1933 occupation: ?Owner of firma M. Robitschek & Co. cotton spinning weaving Choceň + Paula (see PORGES family) Born: Jun 16, 1873 in Kolín, Bohemia. Died: 1943/4 in Auschwitz concentration camp

      Note: bio. "..My father had attended a business academy in Vienna and found employment with a large cotton brokerage, Abeles & Co. who also owned various textiles factories; my father got his training there and in 1894 because Director of the Landsberger cotton spinning mill in Friedek, Silesia; from there he moved to Babi, near Náchod, in Bohemia, where he was made Director of the Katzau spinning mill.. There my mother moved after their wedding, and there I was born a year later, and two years later, my brother Hans. In 1903 my father bought Choceň, with the financial support of Theodore Kantor. He became a partner in the newly formed firm of M. Robitschek & Co. or, shortly,“MRC” Uncle Emanuel, my father’s brother, also because a partner and sales manager for the firm. The firm specialized in spinning American cotton and the product became well known for its outstanding quality.. ..My father was just as popular in Choceň as he had been wherever he lived and worked.  He founded schools, the voluntary fire fighter, the nurseries for workers’ children, the school food program, the Christmas celebrations for poor school children, he supported conservation and nature groups, the river fishing groups, the hatchery.  Even now, when we are all far away, his grave is not abandoned. I have been told that former employees still attend it and that there are always flowers there.." OR ref. in Choceň newspaperCzech July 2008 "Owner of the land p.č. 2843/7 v k. ú Choceň is Povodí Labe, a state enterprise, Hradec Králové.. ..owner of the building "Adjustment millrace fi. M. Robitschek in Chocni".. ..12.10.1929 owner and fi. M. Robitschek, spinning and weaving mill.."

        • Margaret (Grete) ROBITSCHEK Born: Jan 29, 1899 in Babi, Bohemia. Residence: Choceň Bohemia, New York? Died: Oct 17, 1984 Sta Barbara? + Bedrich (Friedrich, Fritz) HONIG /HOENIG Born: Jul 15, 1890 Married: May 16, 1920 Died: ?1945 Siblings: Irene Honig (1894 - ) & Arthur Nohel ( m. 1919 res. Washington, DC - ) widower of Irene's cousin Olga Libicky "ch. prof John Nohel & Vera Weiskopf parents of Richard, Audrey, Thomas", Nanny Honig ( - teenager Woodland, California), John (Honza, Hans?) Honig (1897 - 1959 New York) & Zdenka Sehuck ( m. 1926 - ) "ch. Mitch Honig & Margaret (?) parents of 4 four children", Milunka Honig ( - Auschwitz concentraion camp with her mother) Father: Philip Hoenig (abt 1860 - 1929) brother of Berthold Hoenig (res. Nové Hrady) philosopher and writer, Emil Hoenig ( res. Jablonec), Jeannette Hoenig & (?) Libicky farmer, Minna Hoenig & Alois Bacher ?(Malvicka's mother) Mother: Helene Lilienfeld ( m. 1888 - 1943 Terezin camp) sister of dr Ernst Lilienfeld ( res. Budějovice - 1942 Terezin) P-grandfather: Salomon Hoenig "..the Hoenigs or Honigs as they spelled their name were descendants of a Spanish or Portuguese family by the name of Pereira, who during the Spanish Inquisition were forcibly converted to Catholicism; such converts were called  “marannes".." M-grandfather: Joachim Lilienfeld M-grandmother: Charlotte (Mautner?) ( m. abt 1860 res. Jičín - )

          *bio. ".. Philip Hoenig is distantly related to mother of Anci Goldmann (from Choceň) and The Lilienfields it is known that around 1750 there were some ancestors by the name of Mautner. They had. 24 children. Even in those times it was something rather exceptional. According to an often (heard) story, the couple were ordered to appear in audience before the Empress Maria Theresia who wanted to see them. Allegedly she told her husband (Francis of Lorraine) "gib’s ihnen" meaning to let them have the tobacco store for the State Monopoly. Usually such stores were granted as a privilege to war veterans or to deserving retired public servants. The store, or as it was called in Austria, the "Trafik" remained in the family for two centuries.  I do not know when the Lilienfelds appeared on the scene‑ perhaps one of the Mautner daughters married a Lilienfeld. The Trafik was still in the hands of the family when Joachim Lilienfeld married Charlotte (Mautner?), about 1860.."

          Note: bio. "..Margaret Robitschek meets Fritz Honig - We first met on December 29, 1913.  A few months before my father had spent a few weeks at a spa near Dresden, called “Weisser Hirsch”.  While he was there he met an old business friend, who in turned had invited a related student who attended the Dresden Technical College.  My father liked the young man who was specializing in textile technology, and had some interesting discussions with him; in the course of the conversations he invited him to stop in Choceň, whenever he would have a chance, to see some new machinery my father had recently bought.. ..Fritz became a partner in the firm, later Vice President of the Textile Employers' Association, and lay judge in Labor questions. He was co‑founder of the DYAS plywood factory in Uherský Ostroh, and was well-known and respected as an outstanding expert. After the Nazi occupation the entire property was confiscated, and Fritz together with Hans Robitschek were arrested under a fictitious charge and jailed in a terrible Nazi prison. Then they were released and expelled to a small town, Holice. This happened in 1941; in 1942 the family was arrested and brought to Svatoborice concentration camp, and from there in December 1942 to Terezin camp. On September 28, 1944 Fritz was taken to Auschwitz and from there to Dachau concentration camp where he died some time in December 1944"

          • Jiri (Jirka, George) HONIG Born: private + Jarmila (Jarca) (?) Born: Jan 1, 1922 Married: 1947 Residence: Greenock. Died: Feb 9, 1973 in Scotland?

            Note: bio. ref. "..George and a friend had escaped in January 1940 and after many adventures in Slovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Turkey reached Beirut, then still in French hands, where he joined the French Foreign Legion.  He received his training in Agde and Montpe1ier (Southern France) and after the fall of France in the summer of 1940 came to England.  He became an expert in the Signal Corps and trained large numbers of enlisted men. Three weeks before the end of the war he was very seriously wounded near Dunkirk.."

            • Patricia HONIG Born: private + Ahmed "Sacha" SOUFI

              • Dalila SOUFI Born: private

              • Sacha SOUFI Born: private + Wei DAI Born: private

                • Lewis Cameron SOUFI Born: private

            • Alan HONIG Born: private + Francesca FORTE Born: private

              • Katya HONIG Born: private + Andy (?)
              • Marcus HONIG Born: private

            *2nd wife of Jiri Honig: Dorothy BROWN Born: private

          • Madeleine (Madla) HONIG Born: private + Karel PERLHEFTER changed to PETRU Born: Dec 17, 1908 Died: Apr 10, 1989

            • Michael PETRU Born: private + Kathy CLEVELAND Born: private

              • Rachel PETRU Born: private
              • Jeremy PETRU Born: private

              *2nd wife of Michael Petru: Harvey DEUTCH Born: private

            • Ann PETRU Born: private "source" + Kevin FLYNN Born: private divorced

              • Emily FLYNN Born: private
              • Stephen FLYNN Born: private

            • Anthony PETRU Born: private + Sarah KNEELAND

              • Catherine PETRU Born: private
              • Erica PETRU Born: private
              • Nicholas PETRU Born: private

          • Irena "Iri" Helen HONIG Born: private + Philip R. LEVER Born: private

            • Janet LEVER Born: private + Greg JONES *2nd husband: Dan WOOD

            • Mirian LEVER Born: private + Sam SINGER Born: private Divorced

              • Nicholas SINGER Born: private
              • James SINGER Born: private

        • Hans (Honza) ROBITSCHEK Born: Feb 4, 1901 in Babi, Bohemia. Died: Sep 13, 1989 in Buenos Aires, Argentina + Gabriele "Elli" SEIGERT Born: Apr 5, 1900 Died: Apr 1990

          • Martin ROBITSCHEK Born: private + Ruth ZAMBRANO

            • Miriam ROBITSCHEK Born: private + Adrian LEVIS Born: private

              • Lucia LEVIS Born: private
              • Marcos LEVIS Born: private
              • Ian LEVIS Born: private

            • Juan "Ian" Pablo ROBITSCHEK Born: private + Marcela CARIGNANO Born: private

              • Maria Paula ROBITSCHEK Born: private
              • Juan ROBITSCHEK III Born: private

            • Daniel ROBITSCHEK Born: private + Gabriela KAVKA Born: private

              • Julieta ROBITSCHEK Born: private
              • Maria Belen ROBITSCHEK Born: private
              • Melisa ROBITSCHEK Born: private
              • Nazarena ROBITSCHEK Born: private

          • Tomas ROBITSCHEK Born: private + Margarita (?) Born: private

            • Andreas ROBITSCHEK Residence: private + Maximina (?) no children *2nd wife: Pavla VANECKOVA

              • Adam ROBITSCHEK
              • Natalie ROBITSCHEK Born: private

            • Alicia ROBITSCHEK Born: private + Miguel LUNA

              • Joaquin Geronimo LUNA Born: private

          • Doris ROBITSCHEK Born: private + Eric GUTH Born: private

            • Martin GUTH Born: private

            • Mariana GUTH Born: private + Pablo SANTERO

              • Luciana SANTERO Born: private
              • Laura SANTERO Born: private
              • Veronica SANTERO Born: private

            • Sebastian GUTH Born: private

        • Theodor (Tida) ROBITSCHEK Born: May 17, 1905 in Czech. Died: 1981 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada + Miluna TABORSKY Born: May 2, 1905 Died: Oct 18, 1994

      • Joseph ROBITSCHEK Residence: Vienna + (?) *2 daughters and 1 son, all died in WW-II

      • Karl ROBITSCHEK + (?)

        • Louise ROBITSCHEK Residence: South America
        • Hilda ROBITSCHEK Residence: South America
        • Arthur ROBITSCHEK + Frieda (?) Residence: South America
        • Berta ROBITSCHEK + (?) FRAGGIACOMO Residence: Cuernavaca, Mexico

      • 1930 - Emanuel Robitschek - obituary 1928 - Elise (nee Drach) Robitschek - obituary
        1919 - Julius Drach - obituary 1920 - Hermine (nee Drach) Kramer - obituary
        1907 - Eduard Polacek - obituary  
        Emanuel "Eman" ROBITSCHEK Born: abt 1852 Buried: Apr 21, 1930 in Vienna NFP. occupation: Partner and Sales Manager of M. Robitschek & Co. cotton spinning weaving Choceň + Elise (Elisa) DRACH Born: abt 1867 in Slovakia. Died: Aug 3, 1928 in Vienna NFP Siblings: ing Julius Drach (1861 - 12/9/11919 Vienna ?bur 2xmore) NFP fabrikant & Josza (?) "ch. Franz (1901 - bur 4/29/1932), Georg, Anni", Hermine Drach (1847 - 7/2/1920) NFP & (?) Kramer "ch. ing Ernst (1875 - bur 11/13/1930), Siegfried (1876 - 7/20/1914), Ida & Bela Reschovsky {ch. Margit, Erna, Elly, Hansi}, ing Oskar (1879 - 8/18/1937), Fanny & Otto see Böhm family)" mother-in-law of Elsa Stein, Ernestine Drach (1858 - 6/2/1938) & Jakob (see Wertheim family) NFP, Moritz (Moriz, Mavro) Drach (Slovakia res. Vienna - New York) owner of mills and forests in Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia and Austria, from a family of landowners & Irma Polacek "Arthur, Fritz, Katarina /Käthe & (?) Rosen {mother of Marietta (?) Poras parents of dr Joseph source}, 1 gr.daugt. Vera Drach & (?) Hahn (res. Great Neck) sister of Michael Polacek ( - bur 9/4/1923) daughter of Eduard Polacek (1844 - 6/14/1907 Vienna) NFP & Charlotte Schlesinger (1846 - bur 10/2/1925) granddaughter of Leonore (nee ?) Polacek sister-in-law of Ottilie Polacek & (?) Neumann, Pauline Polacek ?(1846 - 10/20/1927) NFPmore & Isidor? Weissberger ?(1838 - 7/17/1918), Jeanette Polacek & (?) Singer" Father: Moritz Drach lumber dealer in Vienna *Frida below is buried with Adof Drach (1834 - 4/17/1880 Vienna) and Antonie Drach (1861 - bur 1/2/1912)

        Note: see postcard with a poem Jul 5, 1917 - mailed from Chotzen to Mrs. Elise Robitschek at Praskoles, Bohemia, in Austria on The Robitschek Correspondence Project: "I think only in sun's beauty In the earth's domain full of happiness The word of man's heartfelt tunes And the peace tree is full in bloom - Who laughs at the dreamer? - No doubt the dead, Whose quietly whispered hero's greetings.."

        • Ing. Alfred ROBITSCHEK Residence: Los Angeles, CA + Lola (?)

          • George ROBITSCHEK Residence: Los Angeles, CA
          • Mimi ROBITSCHEK + (?) BOEHM Residence: New York, N.Y.

            1924 - Johanna (nee Kramer) Kann - obituary
          Margarete "Grete" ROBITSCHEK + Eduard KANN Born in 1880? Residence: Los Angeles, CA. Died: aft 1930 in 1962? Siblings: Alfred Kann, Arnold Kann, Jenny Kann, Emma Kann, Charlotte Kann & Siegfried Fischer Mother: Johanna Kramer ( - 2/5/1924) Miroslav (Misslitz) Bohemia, Shangai, Vienna NFP

        • Gerhard ROBITSCHEK Died: in WW-I

        • 1923 - Frida (nee Robitschek) Wenger - obituary  
          Frieda ROBITSCHEK Born: abt 1897 Died: Apr 23, 1923 in Vienna NFP + Franz WENGER Married: 1923 Siblings: Lisi Wenger, Marta Wenger Father: dr Hartwig Wenger (abt 1856 - 2/14/1934 Vienna) Mother: Ella (?)

          • Tommy WEGNER
          • Gerhart Stefan WEGNER

        • Edith ROBITSCHEK Born: abt 1904 Buried: Apr 11, 1930 in Vienna + Franz WENGER Married: 1929 *same as above

          • Thomas WWENGER Born: abt 1927 Buried: Mar 18, 1929 in Vienna

      • Henrietta (Henriette) "Jettie" ROBITSCHEK Died: in Chicago + (?) POLLAK Died: in Chicago

        • Ernest POLLAK Died: in Chicago + (?) Died: in Chicago

      • Eleonore Sara? "Lori" ROBITSCHEK Born: abt 1855 1906 or Died: Jul 13, 1942 in Vienna occupation: Hair Dresser in Vienna + (?) RESEK Married: in Vienna occupation: Worked at the Vienna Exchange

        Note: bio. "..At that time, there were no beauty parlors. Ladies had either maids who washed and set their hair, or a hair dresser would come every morning to do it. Aunt Lori had her steady customers and was on her rounds every day of the year. In between she raised her family of 5, and took care of younger brothers who in the course of time were all sent to Vienna for their schooling. Her husband had a job with the Vienna Exchange, and barely made a living. In later years my father invited him to come to Choceň and to supervise the work in the reconstruction of the factory. He remained several years with us, and I remember him as a very quiet and friendly little man.."

        • Karla RESEK Died: in Polish concentration camp

        • Rosa RESEK Died: in Polish concentration camp + (?) KOREF

          • Ernest KOREF + Vally MEDLINGER Residence: Panama *no children

        • Lisl RESEK + Ossy SIMEK Residence: Europe

          • Anita SIMEK

        • Marianne RESEK Died: in a German concentration camp

        • Max RESEK + Bella FISCHER

        • Friedl RESEK Died: in WW-II Shanghai, China + Franzi GLUECKAUF

      • Siegfried ROGER (born Robitschek) Died: bef WW-I in Paris, France

      • Rudolf (Rudolph) ROBITSCHEK + Rosa FLAMM *2nd wife: Eugenia Mordo

        • Ada ROBITSCHEK
        • Steffi ROBITSCHEK
        • Franz "Francois" ROBITSCHEK

        • Lilli ROBITSCHEK+ Mario AIROMI‑PETTI Residence: Branford, Ontario, Canada. occupation: Italian painter

          • Rosetta AIROMI‑PETTI + (?) CAZES *7 children in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
          • Paolo AIROMI‑PETTI Residence: Chicago, Illinois

      • Rosa ROBITSCHEK Died: 1944 in Auschwitz concentration camp + (?) SCHWARZ Married: 1904

        • Egon SCHWARZ Died: 1959 in New Zealand\

Note: any relation to Emil Robitschek & Gabriele Reichmann "ch. Victor", Hermine Robitschek (abt 1851 - 9/16/1911 Vienna) NFP & Leopold Stein ( - 8/3/1898 Hinterbrühl, Austria) NFP mitchefs der firma L. Stein & Robitschek "ch. dr Conrad, Olga & Friedrich Kraus {parents of Alice, Robert}, Valerie & Arnold Friedmann on Friedmann page note {parents of Leonie}, Stephanie /Stefanie & Siegfired Glass {parents of Edith}" parents-in-law of Margit (nee Nyitrai) Stein, grandparents of Willy Stein and brother of Rudolf Stein, Emilie Stein & dr D. L. Uutitz ?

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