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Hirsch Family Genealogy

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HIRSCH *geni

  • Hartmann David HIRSCH Born: late 1700's of Hořice (Horitz, Horschitz) -map (Hradec Kralove & Jičín region), Bohemia, Czech Republic + Magdalena SEEGEN Born; Polna, Bohemia *geni-more

    Note: ExhibitionČeský named Jews of Hořice - popular, known, forgotten? is another in the cycle of exhibitions mapping people of Jewish ethnicity, this time dedicated to distinguished Jewish individuals of this city. Remembered families were Hirsch, Mauthner, Goldschmidt and Feuerstein, who in the 2nd half of the 19th century built the foundation of Hořice industry ".. Its economic growth was also associated with other, namely textile industries, as various factorial firms established themselves in Hořice as early as the 18th century to buy locally made homespun to be traded in Prague, Vienna and elsewhere. After the onset of the Industrial Revolution, the second half of the 19th century saw the construction of a number of textile mills run mostly by Jewish entrepreneurs, the families of whom (e.g. those of Hirsch, Goldschmidt, Mauthner and Feuerstein) also built their residences in the town. The boom uplifted also local sandstone quarries that now started delivering quality building stone all over the land..."

    HIRSCH family history in HořiceNote: 1827: G. Hirsch mayor of the Jewish town 1833: David Hartmann Hirsch owner of factory "obchodující převážně s bavlnou". 1840: Vilém Hirsch owner "bavlnářské" factory 1843: David Hartmann Hirsch rector or administrator of synagogue 1848: Bedřich Hirsch and David Hartmann Hirsch owners of factory 1856-59: David Hartmann Hirsch mayor of the Jewish town 1856-58: Bedřich Hirsch builds 1st mechanical weaving-mill behind his house in Jewish town. Manufacturing calica, flannel, bed sheets and merchandise designated for weaving-mill products 1859-90: Bedřich Hirsch several times mayor of Jewish town 1890: Bedřich Hirsch dies (*1814), successors sons Karel and Vilém 1905: Karel leaves, owner of firm is Vilém 1910: Working plans for building a weaving-mill in Lukavec, not realized 1912: Vilém expands manufacturing to 700 stations The boom of the textile industry in Hořice was significant at the time, with six firms being established in the town during the period of 1858-1912. After WWI "zásobovací a odbytové potíže" 1927: Vilém Hirsch dies, after him JUDr. Alfred Hirsch. Little interest in business and consuming life in Vienna, combined with "hospodářskou" crisis leads the firm to bankruptcy Prosinec 1934: Manufacturing stopped and never "neobnovena" 6.5.1945: "Objekt továrny se sklady firmy Braunwerke nacisty vypálen"

    • Friedrich "Bedřich" HIRSCH Born: 1814 Died: 1890 + Eva GERBER Born: in Hořice Siblings: David Gerber (1809 Horschitz - 1880 Wien 9) & Helene Simon (1812 Dobruschka, Bohemia - 1869 Wien 8) Grandfather: Samson Simon (1740 - 1816) Grandmother: Helena Hendl Hirsch (abt 1745 -) daughter of Isaak Hirsch *see Simon family (broken url link) on Wolf-Erich Eckstein genealogy web site *Bedrich, heir of Hartmann's property, completed a new weaving mill in 1858.1. It operated until end of the WW-II, when it was set on fire by German soldiers and burned down. Bedrich was elected mayor of the Jewish community several times, during second half of 19th century. In front of the HořiceČeský town hall was a shop, where Gerber sold leather

        1930 - Adele (nee Deutsch) Strauss - obituary
        1899 - Leopold - Deutsch - obituary
        1886 - Albert Strauss - obituary
        1889 - Hermine (nee Strasser) Deutsch - obituary
      *Siblings of Helene Simon: Salomon Simon, Samson Simon Stepdaughter of Johann Strauss, Alice Elisabeth Katharina Maria Strauss (aka Alice Epstein) Strauss - Wives& Wilhelm Franz Josef Marquis de Bayros well known painter, illustrator and exlibris artist *2nd husband of Alice: Richard Epstein "ch. Julius, dr Hans Epstein-Weiss" *3rd Gustav Seidl *4th Rudolf Ferdinand Edler von Meyszner oberst. Alice's Father: Anton Strauss (3/6/1845 - 1/7/1877) NFP brother of Ida Strauss & Simon Bandler "ch. Minna, Max" Mother: Adele Deutsch (abt 1855 - 3/9/1930 Vienna) NFP sister of Louise Deutsch & Josef Simon "ch. Johann /Hans, Grete", Helene Deutsch & Max Chavanne "ch. Adele" *Helene's 2nd husband: Moriz Conrad or Father: 2nd husband of Adele Deutsch: Johann Strauss II (10/25/1825 St. Ulrich =Neubau Vienna m. 8/1882 - 6/3/1899 Vienna) wiki, compositions under Stories tab - previously married to Jetty Treffz mezzo-soprano and Ernestine Henriette Angelika Dittrich Johann's parents Johann Baptist Strauss I & Maria Anna Streim P-grandfather: Albert (Abraham) Strauss (abt 1818 - 11/14/1886 bur Vienna) NFP brother of Leopold Strauss, Josefine Strauss P-grandmother: Wilhelmine Pollak (6/12/1826 - 5/7/1851) M-grandfather: Leopold Deutsch (1826 Raab-Szigeth - 10/30/1899 Vienna) NFP M-grandmother: Hermine Strasser (1835 Nagykanizsa - 5/15/1889 Vienna) NFP sister of Lina Strasser & (?) Klein {children of Lazar David Strasser & Kunigunde Baron} *Albert & Wilhelmine are also bur/w Hermine Strauss ( - bur 1/15/1852), Isaias Baumgarten (1810 - 1/29/1883), Elisabeth Koditschek ( - 3/9/1908) *see more on Strauss family

      • Arnost HIRSCH
      • Karel HIRSCH

      • 1927 - Wilhelm Hirsch - obituary  
        Wilhelm (Vilém) HIRSCH Born: abt 1849 occupation: Kommerzialrat. Died: Jun 13, 1927 in Vienna NFP + Jula HELLER

        • Dr. law Alfred HIRSCH occupation: Lawyer. Died: 1942/44 in Osvetim (Auschwitz) concentration camp + Dr. phil Maria (Maryla) Mathilde (see PARNAS family) Born: abt 1899 Died: Jun 4, 1932 in Vienna NFP Father: Oskar Parnas Mother: Gabriele Bernstein

          • Eva HIRSCH Born: private
          • Ilse HIRSCH Born: private
          • Martha HIRSCH Born: private + (?) private *source: son & grandson

        • 1933 - Olga Hirsch - obituary
          Olga HIRSCH Died: Nov 9, 1933 NFP + Oskar BUKOWITZ Born: 1875 in Vienna. Married: 1905 in Vienna-18 (Währing) *see more on Geni

          • Franzi BUKOWITZ
          • Stefan BUKOWITZ

        • Dr. Edith HIRSCH + Dr. Friedrich (Freidrick, Fritz) HERTZ occupation: Ministerialrat and a Political History-Economics Professor. Opponent of Hitler's regime, he became a member of the Austrian Council, an exile government in waiting during the war but never returned to Austria

      • Rudolf HIRSCH
      • Julius HIRSCH

      •   1909 - Emanuel Feuerstein - obituary
        Thekla HIRSCH Born: abt 1845 Died: Dec 30, 1931 bur in Vienna + Emanuel FEUERSTEIN Born: abt 1840 occupation: Grossindutriallen Chefs der firma mech. weberei Em. Feuerstein & Co. in Hořice, Bohemia. Died: May 14, 1909 in Vienna NFP

        FEUERSTEIN family history in HořiceNote: 1848: Brothers Feuerstein & Goldschmidt own a factory 1850's: David Feuerstein owns factories in other cities 1856: Brothers Feuerstein & Goldschmidt open on Jaroměřské (Žižkově) street first "soustředěnou manifukturu" 1864-65: Isaak Feuerstein mayor Jewish town 1862: Isak Feuerstein opens as yet largest weaving-mill on Králohradecké(Husově) street 1887-89: Emanuel Feuerstein mayor Jewish town 1894: Emanuel Feuerstein builds a villa on Husově street čp.321. Chroncle of J. Řehák states "manufacturer Feuerstein was a good Jew, who lived more in Hořice, than in Vienna. His wife was generous towards the poverty-stricken" 1909: Emanuel Feuerstein dies, after him Arthur and Egon and nephews Hugo and Richard Strauss of Vienna (firm Feuerstein a spol.). "Vyrábělibavlněné tkaniny hladké i vzorované" 1924: "Prístavba" weaving-mill on Husově street 1928: Firm "Feuerstein a spol." buys weaving-mill "za Hrabem" with the villa for 2.5 million Kč. "Zadlužená firma se dostava do problemu, ktere prohlubuje FEUERSTEIN weaving-mill factory on Králohradecké (Husově) street in Hořice - built by Isak in 1862nadchazejici hospodarska krize. Reseni ma prinest novy vyrobni program - vyroba umeleho hedvabi a modernich kapesniku" 1932: Consequently due to the crisis, manufacturing stopped on Havlíčkově street "v chonu ponechána weaving-mill" on Husově street and in Poličce-see history:Český" 1938, Feuerstein a spol. employed 800 people.." 1938: Hitler invades Austria and Hugo Strauss plans "arizaci" firm, Arthur Feuerstein dies 1939: Firm ownership changes to Egon's son-in-law Gschwendt and wife of Hugo Strauss 1944: Egon Feuerstein commits suicide, cousins Strauss died in Osvětim (Auschwitz) concentration camp.. AND rough translation from Hořice web site Jewish historyČeský In 1856 Emanuel Feuerstein and brothers Goldschmidt started the first Textile business in Horschitz and in 1862, the largest mill to-date on Husově street was built by Isaak Feuerstein *see reference to Feuerstein a spol.

        • Artur FEUERSTEIN Died: 1939

        • Egon FEUERSTEIN Died: 1944 + (?)

          • daughter FEUERSTEIN + (?) GSCHWENDT had to join the Wehrmacht Died: on the eastern front

        • Melanie FEUERSTEIN + Max LANGSTEIN Residence: Liberec (Reichenberg), Bohemia

            1899 - Fanni (nee Winternitz) Pick - obituary
          1917 - Emilie (nee Mautner) Winternitz - obituary 1918 - Paul Winternitz - obituary
          Irene FEUERSTEIN + Dr. Carl (Karl) PICK Died: Sep 25, 1917 in Kaltenleutgeben, Austria Siblings: Sofie Pick ( - 1/28/1914) & Alois Blum ( - 2/13/1904), Hedwig Pick & Philipp Frankfurther, Ernst Pick (1848 - 3/28/1893 Kaltenleutgeben) & Hedwig Linhardt Father: Leopold Pick (1817 - 9/23/1896 Kaltenleutgeben) brother of Franciska (1815 - 11/28/1890 Chrudim, Bohemia) & Jakob /Jacob Vondörfer *2nd husband of Franciska: Albert Bär /Baer (12/19/1821 - 4/12/1892 Heřmanův Městec, Bohemia ) geni-more, Ignatz Pick & Auguste Kohn geni-more, Moriz /Moritz & Babette Wertheimer geni-more, Theresia & Albert Kern geni-more Mother: Fanni Winternitz (2/15/1826 - 1/9/1899 Kaltenleutgeben bur Mödling) NFP P-grandmother: Marie Kern geni


            1917 - Emilie (nee Mautner) Winternitz - obituary

          *Fanni's siblings: Ludwig Winternitz (8/8/1829 - 6/6/1908 bur Mödling cem, Austria) geni & Emilie Mautner (1/23/1837 - 9/20/1917 bur Mödling) NFP, centropa- Sophie Hirn German "ch. Olga & (?) Kern, Bertha & baron (?) von Teschenberg, Paul (8/20/1860 - 11/22/1918 bur Mödling) NFP & Irene Raditz (1869 Tata, Hungary - ) {parents of Helene /Kucky? (abt 1894 - ) & Ernst Goldberger ( res. Vienna-9 -) [parents of Paul, Juliane], Clara (4/13/1900 Vienna - 8/28/1994 ) & dr. law Richard Engler (5/15/1891 Vienna m. 6/4/1923 Vienna - dep. to Dachau to Buchenwald camps) below, geni [parents of dr. med Sophie (6/28/1929 Vienna - ) & dr. law Albert Hirn (9/6/1927 Vienna -) #parents of dr. med Beate Annabelle, Irene Gertrude, Richard#]} <sister of Risa Raditz (1868 Tata - ) & dr. Albert Mittler (abt 3/31/1854 Arad, Romania - 7/17/1930 Vienna) geni-more, Vilma Raditz (1870 Tata fled to USA - ) & dr. Daniel Bachrach (abt 1860 - 4/20/1912 Vienna) geni-more {parents of Alice, Franz Karl, Lisl & Franz Schnabel [parents of Walter]} children of Sigmund Raditz (abt 1839 - 9/30/1911 Vienna) geni & Charlotte Frankl (1845-1938) {sister of Wilhelm Frankl von Szephely (abt 1839 res. Hungary - 8/5/1930 Štúrovo /Párkány, Slovakia) grossindustriellen, gründers & seniorchefs firma Frankl söhne geni-more & Rosa Braun (abt 1848 - 12/30/1924 Bratislava, Slovakia) [parents of Ella & (?) Sándor geni-more, Josef & Sari Renner <parents of Maria Katharina>, Wilhelm (1907 -) grandfather of Inci ( emig. 1956 to USA - )]}>, dr. prof. Wilhelm Winternitz (1835 - 2/22/1917 bur. Vienna) & Lydie Löwenthal *Vilma, Risa, Irene (nee Raditz) were deported 19/10/1941 from Rosenbursenstraße 8/7, Vienna-1 to Łódź ghetto döw, deported 1943 to Theresienstadt

          1929 - Heinrich Engler - obituary 1909 - Sofie (nee Friedmann) Engler - obituary

          *Richard Engler siblings: Martha Engler (1894 - ) geni + dr. Julius Mayer ( res. fled to USA - ) "ch. Stefan & Uli (?) {parents of Gary, Monika", Greta /Grete Engler ( emmig. to Manchester, England - ) + (?) Frischman /Frischmann "ch. Susie & Walter Eisenberg {parents of a son}", Hans Engler ( fled to China - on the way to USA) ing. + Hulda (?) ( res. China, Philippines, USA - USA) "ch. Lee /Leopold ( res. England, Boston, USA - ) geni & (?) {parents of 3 sons}" Father: Joachim Heinrich "Heinerle" Engler (abt 1849 res. Glockengasse 24, Vienna-2 - 9/27/1929 Vienna) NFP Eskomptier genteam Mother: Sofie (Sophie) Friedmann (abt 1870 - 3/5/1909 Löblichg. 14, Vienna 1090) NFP, geni <sister of Hugo & ?Antonie Toni Spitzer ?) {parents of Otto, Paul (1903 Vienna - 3/11/1916 Vienna) NFP, genteam bur/w Paula Haas (1859 - 3/23/1917) and daughter of dr Robert Spitzer (1862 - bur 5/26/1913 Vienna) & Amalie (?)}?, Karl, dr. med Rudolf, Ernst, Emma & Ludwig Ignácz and sister-in-law of Mizzi (nee ?) Friedmann> *1st wife of Joachim Engler: (?) parents of: Rosa Engler + Gustav Spitzer ( - bef. 1938) geni "ch. Tilde ( - South America) & Paul Fein ( - South America) {parents of Gustl ( res. South America -) & (?) with children)}", dr. dent. Albert Engler + Alice (?) ( - both dep. to Theresienstadt; 9/14/1942 Vienna to Maly Trostinec, Belarus - 18/9/1942 Maly Trostinec) döw "ch. Marianne & Kurt Curtis (of Austria m. England - ) {parents of Ruth & George (?)}" P-grandmother: Antonie (nee ?) Engler (abt 1813 - 1/21/1893 Vienna) bur/w Hauser totgeb. Knabe (2/22/1899 - bur 2/22/1899) M-grandfather: Heinrich Friedmann *geni

          • Ernst PICK
          • Leopold PICK
          • Fanni PICK
          • Anni PICK

        • 1905 - Alice (nee Feuerstein) Altschul - obituary  
          Alice FEUERSTEIN Born: abt 1875 Died: Oct 10, 1905 in Chrastava (Kratzau), Bohemia NFP + Friedrich "Fritz" ALTSCHUL Siblings: Marie Altschul ( res. Liberec /Reichenberg, Bohemia - ) & (?) Pollak, Frieda Altschul ( res. Budapest, Hungary - ) & (?) Pexider, Emilie Altschul ( - 3/28/1926 Vienna) NFP & Heinrich Pollak ["ch. Else ( res. Prague - ) & dr Eugen Grünbaum, Herbert ( res. Vienna - ) & dr Helene (?), Fritz Georg ( res. Berlin - ) & Trude (?)" grandparents of Hans, Herbrt, Evelyn] Mother: Sophie (?) ( res. Česká Lípa /Böhmisch-Leipa, Bohemia - )

          • Johanna ALTSCHUL
          • Grete ALTSCHUL
          • Else ALTSCHUL

      • 1929 - Caroline (nee Hirsch) Strauss - obituary 1919 - Friedrich Strauss - obituary
        Karolina (Karoline, Caroline) HIRSCH Born: abt 1851 Died: Jul 7, 1929 in Vienna NFP + Friedrich STRAUSS Born: abt 1842 Locations in obit. Vienna, Hořice (Horitz) and Polička (Politschka), Bohemia. occupation: Industriellen, Seniorchef Em. Feuerstein & Co. Died: Sep 27, 1919 NFP, geni Grandchildren: Walter Strauss, Susi Strauss

        • Dr. Richard STRAUSS Died: 1944? in Osvětim (Auschwitz), Poland concentration camp + Steffi (see REIF family) Father: dr. Emanuel Reif Mother: Bertha Eisenschitz /Eisenschütz (abt 1850 - 5/19/1905 bur. in Vienna) NFP, geni  

        • Hugo STRAUSS Died: 1944? in Osvětim (Auschwitz), Poland concentration camp + Mimi (nee ?)

        • daughter STRAUSS + Dr. Marcel BARACS
          • Margit BARACS

        • Leonie STRAUSS + Theodor KANTOR Married: 1903 in Vienna Father: Leopold Kantor (abt 1840 - 3/13/1891 Vienna-15 /Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, Austria) NFP Mother: Regine Moises (abt 1849 - 10/17/1926 Vienna) Grandfather: Abraham Kantor Grandmother: Cäcilie (?) *see more on Geni

          • Lilly KANTOR

      • 1898 - Josef Goldschmidt - obituary 1893 - Albert Goldschmidt - obituary
        1921 - Guido Goldschmidt - obituary 1877 - Franciska (nee Mauthner) Goldschmidt - obituary
        Klara (Clara) HIRSCH + Josef GOLDSCHMIDT Died: Oct 29, 1898 in Vienna NFP Siblings: Ferdinand Goldschmidt, Mathilde Goldschmidt & Dr Karl (Carl) Hlawatsch, Otto Goldschmidt, Caroline Goldschmidt & Albert Goldschmidt NFP (Hořice - Oct 21, 1893 Hořice) manufacturer "ch. Wilhelm Goldschmidt, dr Emil Goldschmidt, Guido Goldschmidt (1865 - 2/9/1921 Vienna) NFP & Henriette (?) [ch Jacques Goldschmidt], Lucie Goldschmidt & Franz Friedländer, Richard Goldschmidt, Ottilie Goldschmidt" Sister-in-laws: Emma (nee Stiassny) same? (1852 - 1/25/1910 Vienna)?, Elise (nee Stein), Clara (nee Hirsch) Father: Moritz Goldschmidt Mother: Francisca Mauthner (abt 1810 - 5/2/1877) sister of Amalie Mauthner ?possibly same as wife of Emanuel (see Mauthner family) & Amalie (?) *geni ?

        GOLSCHMIDT family history in HořiceNote: 1731: Abraham Goldschmidt mayor Jewish town 1800: Wolf Goldschmidt "výrobce pentlí" 1840: Isak Goldschmidt owner of bavlnářské (cotton) factory 1848: "Brothers Goldschmidt a Feuerstein", Nathan Goldschmidt owner of factory 1850's: M. Goldschmidt owns factories in other cities 1864: "S.L. Goldschmidt", Emanuel Mauthner and Moses Goldschmidt owners of factory 1875: Karl Goldschmidt owner of the last factory 1856: "Brothers Goldschmidt a Feuerstein" open on Jaroměřské (Žižkově) street 1st "soustředěnou manifukturu se 100 regulátorovými stavy". They manufactured cotton calico 1857-60: "Brothers Goldschmidt a Fauthner" build a weaving-mill in Borku (later firm "Goldschmidt a spol.", manufacturing cutting and "pestrobarevných tkanin" 1871: M. Goldschmidt mayor Jewish town 1888: Brothers Ferdinand and Josef Goldschmidt build a weaving-mill "za Hrabrem" on Havlíčkově street, modern building from English standards "se strestnim světlem" firm: Brothers Goldschmidt, manufacturing "bavlněných, vlněných a hedvábných látek". After WWI "zásobovací a odbytové potíže" 1928: Brothers Goldschmidt sell weaving-mill za Hrabrem to "Feuerstein a spol." May 1931: Consequently due to a crisis, weawing-mill Goldschmidt a spol. na Borku stopped, later becoming property of Herman Reif in Vienna. The Goldschmidt's lived in Vienna, with Austria becoming part of Germany they fled before the Nazi's to Prague, from where they were taken to concentration camps. AND In 1888, Goldschmidt mill was updated on Havlíčkově street within r. Adolf Mautner and Joseph Müller weaving-mill, on the outskirts of Chvaliny. Also, mention goes to stepmother, yet juggling within 90. aviator 19. st. Absolon Raubitschek AND ČeskýOd r.1880 působila v Miletíně faktorie Josefa Müllera z Hořic (čp. 187), od r.1912 měl zde menší faktorství Machek. Až v letech 1901/2 vystavěl pod městem větší tovární budovu Samuel Frankebusch a v ní zahájil provoz tkalcovny bavlny. R.1905 tkalcovnu koupil v dražbě bělohradský fabrikant Ferdinand Goldschmidt a v jeho rodině se udržela až do r.1924.. V květnu 1906 byla v Miletíně rozsáhlá stávka zaměstnanců mech.tkalcovny F. Goldschmidta.

        • Franziska GOLDSCHMIDT

    • Dr. med. Arnold HIRSCH Born: 1815 Died: 1896 + Sofie WEHL

      Note: Arnold, one of the most famous Hirsch family members in Hořice, was a practicing doctor and a writer. Member of The Medical College in Vienna, he was awarded special prize of merit in science and art by the Saxony Court, as well as honorary knight of the French legion. Arnold corresponded with some famous personalities of his period, such as Alexander Dumas

      • Wilhelm HIRSCH
      • Jula HIRSCH .2

    • Caroline HIRSCH Born: abt 1826 in Hořice (Horitz, Horschitz) -map (Hradec Kralove & Jičín region), Bohemia, Czech Republic + Bernhard GERBER Born: 1813 in Hořice, Hradec Kralove, Bohemia, Czech

      • Käthe GERBER Born: abt 1861 Died: Aug 12, 1912 + Filipp /Philipp (see BAUER family) Born: abt 1853 Died: Mar 7, 1913 Father: Jacob Bauer (1808 - 2/4/1894 Vienna) NFP, geni Mother: Babette (see Mauthner family) (1824 - 3/21/1884) NFP
    • Julius HIRSCH Born 1857 Died: 1936

      Note: Julius was a well known traveller from HořiceČeský(Horitz, Horschitz), Bohemia

    Ref: .1 Gold, Hugo ed.: Židé a židovské obce v Čechách v minulosti a v přítomnosti I. Dějiny Židů v Hořicích v Podkrkonoší. Židovské nakladatelství, Brno-Praha 1934 (Gold, Hugo ed.: The Jews and the Jewish commune in Bohemia - The past and the present I. The History of Jews in Horice v Podkrkonosi. Publisher: Židovské nakladatelství, Brno-Praha 1934). .2 Jilemnický, Alois: Podhorští tkalci. Listy z Hořické kroniky. Nový Bydžov 1970 (Jilemnicky, Alois: The weavers from foothills. The Annals of Horice, Novy Bydzov 1970)

Note: any relation to: Julie Hirsch (1809 Horitz -) + Joachim Heller (1802 -) "ch. Gustav (1840 -), Amalia (1841 -), Karolina (1842 -) on Prague housing registry?

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