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Bohm-Bach Family Tree

Bach / Bauch Family Genealogy

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*Main Group already added on Geni -- see also Group-A, etc. with unknown connections at this time -- Last update: June 8, 2009

  • Markus BAUCH + (?) *geni

    Note: sources; "Wer Einmal War" book pg. 47 and "Soupis Židovskych rodin v Čechách z roku 1793" book-1, book-2 band 6/1 pg. 129 "Gabriel Bauch starb am 11 März, 1823. Er erhielt den ehekonsens zur vermählung mit Sophie Grünhut am 30 Juli, 1827" OR any relation to? Markus Bauch (abt 1762 - 6/13/1818 Chew. Barbara) residence: #166 (an der Wassersucht) lastträgers, Christenkinder 44, Judenkinder 12 *anno-search OR Sara Bauch (abt 1752 - 6/13/1818) residence: #235 (am Nervensteber), granatenhändlersehew., Christenkinder 23, Judenkinder 5 *anno-search ?

    • Gabriel BAUCH Born: abt 1777 occupation: Spirits handler (branntweinhändler). Died: Mar 11, 1823 Chew. Barbara) residence: #41 Prague (Prager Judenstadt (plösslich am Blutschlag)), Bohemia, Czech Republic *ref. Anno-search + Sara PORGES Father: Simon Jakob Porges *geni

      Note: any relation to families on Porges page ??

      • Markus BAUCH and Family 1805 - Markus Gabriel Bauch - census card
        Markus (Mordechai) BAUCH Born 1805 in Prague, Bohemia, Czech. occupation: Rosogliohändler in Prague. Died: Nov 28, 1869 in Prague 682-1 bur. Prag-Wolschan XI/503 cemetery *anno-search *geni + Sophie "Sofie" (see GRÜNHUT family) Born 1807 in Prague census card Married: Jul 30, 1827 Died: bur. Prag-Wolschan XI/504 cem. Father: Markus (Mayer) Grünhut (1781 Prague - 12/7/1858 Prague) Mother: Anna (Edel) Stern (1782/85 Prague - 3/28/1861 Prague) M-grandfather: Elias Wolf Pinkas the younger (see Stern family) "prev. Wolf Pinkas (der junge)" ( in SvihovCzech (Schwihau), Bohemia - bef 1793 Jindrichuv Hradec) spirit distillery owner M-grandmother: Franziska (Frandl) Herschmann ( - bef 1793) *geni

        • Josef Bach - obituary Fanny (nee Grünfeld) Bach - obituary
          Josef "Markus" BACH (changed 5/22/1872 from Bauch) Born: Jan 7 or 29, 1827 in Prague 234-V, Bohemia. Residence: #1 Lothringerstrasse, Vienna-1. occupation: Printing Manufacturer in Prague, Secretary of the Insurance company "The Gresham" and Anker Insurance Co. in Vienna. Died: March 7, 1892 in #20 Mariannengasse, Vienna-9, IKG 1134, location of the former Sanatorium Löw age 65 NFP obituary + Franziska "Fanny, Fanni" (see GRÜNFELD family) Born: Oct 27, 1833 in Prague-8 (Libeň, Lieben). Married: 1855 Died: Dec 5, 1915 in #97 Mariahilferstrasse, Vienna-6 age 82 est NFP, census card Father: dr Heinrich Grünfeld (1792 Alt-Lieben - Jul 1, 1865) Mother: Magdalena (see Günzburg family) (4/29/1802 Prague - 5/7/1873 Vienna)

          Josef Bauch and Francisca GrünfeldNote: GermanJoseph Bauch wurde unehelich geboren und per subsequens matrimonium legitimiert und als erstgeborener sohn vermerkt (Gubernial Verordnung Prag-6 August 1836). Source for Josef: WStLA, Altmatriken, Israelite cult municipality, duplicates, B 5/1 24: Duplicate to the Sterbebuch in 1892, registration number 1134

        • 1905 - Martha (nee Bach) Khuner - obituary
          Martha BACH Born: Oct 20, 1856 Died: Oct 30, 1905 in Vienna, Austria age 49 est NFP + Friedrich "Fritz" (see KHUNER family) Born: 1855 Died: Sep 16, 1912 in Vienna age 57 *geni

        • Dr. law Alfred BACH Born: Nov 24, 1857 occupation: Attorney in Vienna. Died: Jun 29, 1937 in Vienna, Austria age 80 est.

        • 1921 - Geza Kanitz - obituary
          1913 - Siegfried Fleischer - obituary
          Maximilian "Max" BACH Born: May 10, 1859 occupation: Banker in London, England. Died: 1920 in London, UK age 65 est + Lily FLEISCHER Married: 1900 *geni Siblings: Mitzi Fleischer & Richard Heller (1862 - 11/6/1941 Vienna), Else Fleischer & Geza Kanitz (1870 - 3/4/1921) NFP "ch. Erziske, Mariska" brother of Arthur, brother-in-law of Armin Mangold, Eduard Komlos, Margarete Fleischer & Wilhelm Bonwitt Father: Siegfried Friedrich Fleischer (1848 - 2/4/1913 Vienna) NFP Mother: Henriette (see Frisch family) (1853 - 12/1/1923 Vienna) NFP *geni

          Note: Max Bach moved to London in his early 20's, worked in a firm of stock brokers, and later on, opened his own Brokerage Firm at the London Stock Exchange

          • Frank BACH
          • Evelyn BACH Residence: London?, England
          • Marjorie BACH

        • 1931-Clara Bach, Leonie (Bohm) Friedmann, Anne (Friedmann) Klimes & young Arthur (Klimes) RohelClara (Klara) BACH Born: Dec 19, 1860 Residence: Escaped to London, UK in March 1939. Died: 1940 in London age 80 est, ashes transferred to Miami, FL and finally to Ferncliffe Cemetery in Hartsdale, NY + Heinrich (see BÖHM family) Born: 1843 in Nový Jičín (Neutitschein), Moravia, Czech. Married: 1881 Died: 1922 age 79 est. Father: Bernhard Böhm Mother: Katherina Eisler *geni

          Note: same as ? Clara Bohm (abt 1861 - 3rd qtr 1940 Paddington, Greater London) on Ancestry England death index? *see Clara (Bach) Böhm's story doctor also treated the Royal family. *picture on right: Clara Bach with great-grandson Arthur Klimesch (sitting), daughter Leonie (Böhm) Friedmann (right) and granddaughter Anne (Friedmann) Klimesch (left)

        • Rudolf BACH Born: Sep 20, 1862 occupation: Mechanic in London, England. Buried: Oct 11, 1932 in Vienna, Austria

          Note: Rudolf was a mechanical engineer who had studied in Vienna, then worked for about 6 years in England and for 10 years in Sidney, Australia. He returned to Vienna and held for the rest of his life the agency of the German firm Borsig, a prominent manufacturer of heavy machinery

        • 1902 - Adele (nee Bach) Wolf - obituary
          Adele BACH Born: Jun 22, 1864 Died: Jun 9, 1902 in Vienna NFP + Sigmund (see WOLF family) Born: 1856 occupation: Kaufmann, Owner of a Rug and Curtain Factory in Vienna. Residence: Goldschmiedgasse 15a, Vienna-1130 genteam. Married: 1892 in Vienna. Died: Oct 27, 1921 in Vienna age 65 est NFP Father: Abraham Wolf (1803 - 1865) distiller. familiant in Hranice (Mahr. Weisskirchen), Moravia Mother: Antonia "Toni" Deutsch (1825 res. #117 Jirasek St. in Hranice (Mahrisch Weisskirchen), Moravia, Czech - ) *geni

        • Heinrich BAUCH Born: Feb 21, 1866 in #5 Rudolfsplatz, Vienna-1. Died: Sep 4, 1866 in Vienna *geni

        • The Bach familyRobert BACH Born: Oct 16?, 1875 Died: 1947 in Miami, Florida age 72 est

          Note: Robert, after completing his studies in Vienna, went for several years to France, where he continued at a higher textile school in Roubaix and thereafter, worked in the French Textile industry. After his return to Vienna, he joined the Rug and Curtain Factory of his brother-in-law Sigmund Wolf in Vienna, for the rest of his life

        • Friderich "Fritz" BACH Born: 1878 Died: 1949 in London, UK age 71 est

          Note: Friderich, too, moved to London in his early twenties where he first joined his brother in the brokerage business, later on was associated with, and finally took over as "sole owner the stock broker firm of Hart, Son & Co" in London, which he ran for the rest of his life. Through all these years he spent his summer vacations with Clara Bach's family at their country house in Baden near Vienna

        • 1896 - Gottlieb M. Bach - obituary 1890 - Emilie (nee Kohn) Bach - obituary
          Gottlieb Markus BACH (changed 1872 from Bauch *anno-search) Born: Aug 27, 1828 occupation: Fabrikant..., Banker in Anglo-Austrian bank in Vienna. Died: Aug 7, 1896 in Vienna NFP + Emilie KOHN Born: 1840 Died: Apr 30, 1890 in Vienna NFP Father: Juda Kohn Mother: Helene (see Hirsch family) from Hořice (Horschitz) okres Jičín, Bohemia

      Note: Helene Hirsch is related to the Simon family on via Eva (nee Gerber) Hirsch's brother David Gerber and to Adele Deutsch & 1st husband Anton Strauss and 2nd husband, famous composer Johann Sstrauss II OR any relation to Abraham Kohn who in 1801 worked as a "Ribbon-maker" in Hořice OR buried in Vienna Juda Kohn (abt 1806 - 1/6/1882) or Juda Kohn (abt 1853 - bur. 11/1/1897) with Karoline Kohn (abt 1846 - 5/10/1918)?

      • Dr. law Hugo BACH Born: March 14, 1862 Residence: moved to Vienna. occupation: Lawyer
      • Hermine BACH Born: Apr 24, 1863 Residence: moved to Vienna
      • Richard BACH Born: Jun 19, 1869 Residence: moved to Vienna
      • Johanna BAUCH Born: 1833 in Prague + Moritz Jakob (see KASSOWITZ family) Born: 1826 in Prague. Last residence: 1010 Vienna, Neutorgasse 12. Died: 1892? in Vienna *2nd wife (?) Father: Jakob Kassowitz (1788 Prague - 1840) Mother: Ewa Fuchs (1793 Prague - 5/30/1852?) *another wife of Jakob: Karolina (?)

      • Elisabeth BAUCH Born: 1835 + Adolf POLLAK

        Note: any relation to: Adolf Pollak (1830 Humpolec - 1913 Bad Ischl, Austria) on Morawetz page OR Adolf Pollak owner of Pivovar in Přehořov (south of Prague) OR Adolf PollakCzech "..Nejstarší likérku založil roku 1854.." in Krnov history OR Adolf Pollak (no dates, buried in Ivanovice), Tuch Fabrikant aus Brünn OR the 96 Pollak's on Prague residence reg. OR the 27 Adolf Pollak's buried in Vienna?

      • Emil BACH (changed 1874 from Bauch) Born: Jun 6, 1844 in Prague, Bohemia, Czech. Residence: Cheb (Eger), Bohemia. occupation Manufacturer (továrník), Businessman (obchodnik). Died: Oct 3, 1884 in Horní Slavkov (Schlaggenwald), Bohemia *anno-search + Henriette (Jette, Jindřiška) DANNHAUSER Born: Mar 25, 1845 in Insbruck, Austria. Residence: Cheb (Eger) 1906; Vienna. Died: Nov 10, 1915 in #60 Embelgasse, Vienna-5, Austria Father: Ezechiel Dannhauser *geni

        • Ernst (Arnošt) BACH Born: May 10, 1876 in Cheb (Eger), Bohemia. Residence: Vienna, Austria, then Berlin and finally Munich, Germany. occupation: Playwrite (in partnership with Franz Arnold) and Theatre Director. Died: Nov 1, 1929 near Munich, bur. Munich, Germany age 53 + Martha Charlotte GLÜCK Married: Jun 1908 at Holborn Registry Office, London. occupation: Actress. Residence: Munich until abt. 1934, then Geneva, Switzerland. Died: in Munich *geni

          Note: Ernst Bach, Theatre director and dramatist 10 May 1876 (Eger, Bohemia) - 1 November 1929 (Munich) -- 1899: made his debut as an actor at the Wiener Raimund Theater, 1903: went to Residenztheater in Berlin, 1905: went to Lustspielhaus, Berlin, 1906: became Regisseur, 1908: became Oberregisseur, 1909: started partnership with Franz Arnold with whom he wrote more than 20 plays, mainly farces and operettas, Arnold originated the "Handlungsskizzen" and Bach added the "Pointen und komischen Effekten" (eg "Hurrah, ein Junge" 1927), 1917: became director of the Muenchener Volkstheater (opened 1903; destroyed by bombs in World War II) -- Residences in Munich: 1918: Karlstrasse 1 (round the corner from the Volkstheater), 1920-23: Siegfriedstrasse 6, Schwabing, 1924-25: Sonnenstrasse 5, 1926-28: Maximilliansplatz 7 (opposite Café Luitpold: no longer there – destroyed in the war), 1929: Holbeinstrasse 24 (east of the English Garden)

        Note: same as?? Marta Glück (1877 -) sister of Maria Glück (1878 -) <childen of Franz (František) Glück (1852 -) & Anna Reschonthaler (1851 -) on Prague conscription card, 2nd card, 3rd card> *2nd husband of Anna Reschonthaler: Micka Wenzel (1860 -)  "father of Karl Micka (1892 -)" ??

        • Rolf Cecil BACH Born: Sep 20, 1908 in Berlin, Germany. Residence: offered the opportunity to join his “uncles” in London in 1929, but stayed in Germany to study law. In 1938 he left Germany for Geneva and from there went to London with his mother + Hilda Mary BROMAGE Married: in 1941 in London, England. Divorced. Residence: moved to Reading, Berkshire, England

          • Michael BACH Born: private "source" *geni
          • Roger BACH Born: private

          *2nd wife of Rolf Bach: Margarette JONES *geni

          • Fiona BACH Born: private + (?) BALCHIN
          • Richard John BACH Born: private
          • Rosemary Anne BACH-HOLZER (born Bach) Born: private, her web site "source" + (?) HOLZER *geni

        • Emma BACH Born: 1879
        • Adela BACH Born: 1880 *geni
        • 1848 - Otto Bauch - census  
          1880 - Josef Wahle - obituary  
          Otto BACH (changed 1874 from Bauch) Born: Dec 14, 1848 in Prague, Bohemia. occupation: Businessman (obchodnik). Residence 1874: Cheb, Bohemia. 1889; Hamburg, Germany census card + Helena (Helene) WAHLE Born: Jul 11, 1859 in Prague. Married: Feb 6, 1887 in Prague. Residence 1898, 1905: Vienna *geni Father: Carl (Karel) Wahle kaufmann in Prague, brother of Therese, Josef (1818 - 9/7/1880 Vienna-13 /Hacking bur. in Prague) Prager Tagblatt kaufmann in Vienna & Johanna Just "ch. Bertha, Emilie", Emilie & dr med, ch. Sigmund Reis (1817 - 6/17/1884 Vienna) NFP & (?) <ch. dr. law Richard, Caroline Emilie Reis (1860 - 5/10/1929 Vienna) NFP *obit. also mentions Else Reis & Max (see Fraenkel family) (1855 - 2/4/1926 Vienna) NFP} brother of M. Reis Mother: Rosalie (Rosalia) Just (1825 from Brno, Moravia - 8/12/1883 Boslau by Vienna) *geni sister of Johanna & Josef Wahle (her brother-in-law), Regina (4/1/1825 Brno - 12/25/1883 Vienna) & Friedrich (see Joachim family) (1812 Kittsee, Austria - 11/26/1882 Vienna), Marie & Friedrich Johann Jeitteles of firma Hermann Jeitteles & Sohn, Charlotte & dr. law (?) Goldstein M-grandfather: Joachim Just (of Ivančice, Moravia - ) M-grandmother: Anna Nanette Schlesinger *geni *Josef Wahle is bur/w Gottlieb (see Schwab family) & Mathilde Wien *geni

      • Louise (Louisa) Valerie BACH Born: May 31, 1882 in #51 Magdalene, Vienna-6, Austria. Residence: #25 Burgfried, Hallerin and #305 West 98 St., New York, buried in Vienna. Died: Mar 9, 1969 in #152 Spitalgasse, Hallerin + Dr. law Emanuel ADLER Born: Sep 29, 1873 in Prostějov (Prossnitz), Moravia. occupation: Dr. law. Universitätsprofessor, Sektionschefs i.R., Konsulent der Oesterreichischen Creditanstalt für Handel und Gewerbe and? Ministry Official in Kaudlgan 36, Vienna-7?. Died: Aug 27, 1930 in Karlsbad bur. Vienna NFP Father: Josef Adler factory owner (fabriksbesitzer) Mother: Fanni (?) ( res. #5 Grillparzerstrasse, Vienna-1) *geni

        • Dr. law Franz ADLER Born: Sep 23, 1908 in Vienna. occupation: Sociology Professor at the University of California in Los Angeles. Residence 1969: 4933 O'Sullivan Dr., Los Angeles 90032. Died: May 21, 1983 in Los Angeles, California

        *2nd wife of Emanuel Adler: Valerie (?) *geni

      • Dr. Carl (Karel) BACH Born: Jun 27, 1883 in Vienna genteam. Residence 1905: Klorlemeuburgergasse? 26, Vienna-20, 1914; enlisted & no records found after in Vienna. Occupation: Dr. c. h. pol. Manager in Vienna

        Note: any relation to dr. Karl Bach ( - 8/1914) NFP OR dr. med Carl Bach ( - 5/16/1916 Vienna) NFP brother of Anton bach, Valerie Bach & dr. prof Emanuel Adler and cousin of dr. Rosa Stern daughter of Julius Stern (abt 1843 - 6/15/1923) NFP & Hedwig (?)

      • Anton Rudof BACH Born: Jan 20, 1886 in #8 Bachstrasse, Bambeck, Hamburg, Germany. occupation: Actor. Residence 1903: Vienna, 1905; Dorfen, Germany. Died: Jan 29, 1910 in Vienna + Ludmilla Margarethe RICHTER Born: Jan 8, 1886 in Vienna. Divorced. Died: 1982 in Camden, London, England Father: dr. law Johannes (Hans) Richter Mother: Ludmilla Kuranda *geni

Group-A: *group already added on Geni
  • Enoch David BAUCH *source: "Wer Einmal War" book

    • David ben Enoch David BAUCH Born: 1821 in Prague, Bohemia. occupation: Buchhalter, dann beeideter Börsen- und Wechselsensal in Prague. Died: Jul 23, 1898 in Prague bur. Wolschan cem. + Henriette HOCK Born: 1822 in Prague. Died: Feb 4, 1867 in Prague 923-II bur. Wolschan cem. Father: Arön Low (Juda) Hock buchhalter Mother: Judith Kisch M-grandfather: Jakob Kisch *geni
    • August BAUCH Born: Apr 23, 1860 in Prague. Died: Jul 2, 1878 in Prague *not married
    • Hugo HOCK-BAUCH Born: Jun 2, 1861 in Prague. occupation: Hanschuhfabrikant in Prague. Died: Aug 1, 1936 in Petersburg, Bohemia *not married

    • Carl HOCK-BAUCH Born: Jan 31, 1863 in Prague. occupation: Cellist (stage name Carl Bauch), königlich schwedischer kammermusiker in Stockholm, Sweden. Buried: Feb 23, 1945 in Stockholm Norra Begravningsplatsen, kvarter 2, grab 21 + Helga Aug. A. Buried: Aug 11, 1927 in Stockholm bur. with husband

    • Julius BAUCH Born: Apr 8, 1865 in Prague. Jan 26, 1871 in Prague *not married *geni

    *2nd wife of David Bauch: Klara (see JEITELES family) Born: abt 1831 in Prague. Married: May 26, 1872 in Prague. Died: Jul 13, 1917 in #42 Novaragasse, Vienna-2 *card also mentions (married or divorced?) May 26, 1872 Dr. or D. M. TAUBER same NFP? Father: Abraham Samuel Jeiteles Mother: Caroline (Karoline) Neustadtl *geni

Group-1: (25 names)

Josef BAUCH + (?)

  • Johann BAUCH Born: 1739 in VlasaticeCzech /Wostitz (okres Mikulov), Moravia, Czech Republic. Died: in PasohlávkyCzech (Weisstätten), okres Mikulov FS + Anna Maria NEY Born: 1739 in Wostitz, Mikulov. Married: Jan 25, 1763 in Wostitz, Mikulov. Father: Josef Ney Mother: Maria Simon *any relation to Byrsnitz Simon (ca 1720-) of DobruškaCzech (ner Hradec Kralove), Bohemia on Eckstein page? Dobruška history .pdf

    • Leopold BAUCH Born: May 8, 1765 in Pasohlávky. Died: in Pasohlávky FS + Katharina ZIMMERMANN Born: 1758 in OdroviceCzech (Odrowitz), south of Brno, Moravia. Married: Jan 25, 1786 in Pasohlávky. Died: in Pasohlávky. Father: Math. Anton Zimmermann (abt 1732 - abt 1757 Odrovice)

      • Magdalena BAUCH Born: Apr 28, 1787 in Pasohlávky
      • Anna Maria BAUCH Born: Mar 13, 1789 in Pasohlávky
      • Anton BAUCH Born: Dec 23, 1790 in Pasohlávky
      • Genofeva BAUCH Born: Apr 5, 1793 in Pasohlávky
      • Lorenz BAUCH Born Apr 25, 1795 in Pasohlávky
      • Elisabeth BAUCH Born: Jan 7, 1797 in Pasohlávky
      • Maria Anna BAUCH Born: Mar 19, 1798 in Pasohlávky
      • Vinzenz BAUCH Born: Apr 5, 1800 in Pasohlávky

    • Judith BAUCH Born: Feb 23, 1767 in Pasohlávky

    • Pankraz BAUCH Born: May 11, 1770 in Pasohlávky. FS Died: in Pasohlávky + Anna Maria DEMEL

      • Anna Maria BAUCH Born: Aug 15, 1798 in Pasohlávky

    • Johann BAUCH Born: Aug 18, 1773 in Pasohlávky
    • Theresia BAUCH Born: May 15, 1776 in Pasohlávky
    • Andreas BAUCH Born: Nov 26, 1778 in Pasohlávky
    • Anna Maria BAUCH Born: Mar 25, 1781 in Pasohlávky

Group-2 Prague conscription cards: (19 names)
  1. Rachel BAUCH Born: 1778 in Prague + (?)
    1. (?) BAUCH Born: 1804
  2. Johann Friedrich BAUCH Born: 1797 in Penich? HoražďoviceCzech (Horazdiowitz), Bohemia. Died: Oct 29, 1863? + Antonin? SVOBODA Born: 1800 in Jimgbuzlau? Died: 1836? *2nd wife of Johann: Anna? FRIEDMANN Born: 1814 in Tuppau? Married: 1838? in Horažďovice *see 2nd card without 1st wife

    1. daughter? BAUCH Born: 1837? in Silbuburg? + Josef CORDA?
    2. Josef? BAUCH Born: 1846 in Prague
  3. Adolf BAUCH Born: 1862 in Koledej near Pardubice (Pardubitz), Bohemia + Anna? (?) Born: 1870
    1. Johann BAUCH Born: 1898 in Rimkov?
    2. Anna BAUCH Born: 1900

Note-group: any relation to Vienna cemetery Hermann Bauch (abt 1821-1906) buried with Amalie Bauch (abt 1825-1913), Emilie Kaufmann (abt 1858-1925) or Klara Bauch (abt 1872-1917) and others OR Valentin Bauch, who bought a house in 1618 Rybářská No. 1, Český Krumlov (south of České Budějovice) OR Anton Bauch, organist in Panny Marie, Opava church since 1745 OR the Bauch family (1735+) of Sobědruhy (now part of Teplice (Jewishgen shtetlinks Teplitz)) which may be the same as in the Bohemian Jewish Census 1793: (5 volumes excluding Prague) has 3 Bauch families, all in Leitmeritz county (vol 2, p 322, 356 and 358): 322-Lewi Bauch, teacher, unmarried from Teplice/Toeplitz in houshold of David Kramer with his 6 unmarried children and one married daughter, place: Krzemusch. 356-Abraham Bauch (family No 18), house owner, 4 unmarried children Isak, David, Barbara and Rebekka, place: Soborten, Teplice/Toeplitz district. 358-Marcus Bauch (family No 45), owner of part of a house, sons Isak, Markus and Elias, place: same like 356. There is only one Bach: vol 5 p 43 in Czaslau county: Essechiel Bach (family No 38), married, from Sedletz, in Goltsch Jenikau, occupation: "Baendergeselle, Baender from Band= string, ribbon, Geselle=journeyman? in textile manufacturing OR Anna Maria Bauch (1725-) + Peter Meese Vroman married Apr 13, 1758 or Barbara Bauch (abt 1885 Pasohlávky, Moravia -) on OR the Bach's on site OR 27 Bauch and 53+ Bach names on Prague conscription db (1850-1914) or 201 Kohn individuals buried at the old Mikulov (Nikolsburg) cemetery

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