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Hahn Family Genealogy

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*Some of the information already added on Geni -- see also Under ConstructionGroup-1 below -- info. also provided by Pierre M. Hahn below, Paul (see Rie family) -- Last update: February 11, 2011

Michael HAHN Born: abt. 1751 occupation: Leather Merchant. Died: Mar 29, 1802 + Katharina ABELES (or Abedles?) Born: 1752 in Vysoká Libyně (Hochlibin, Hoch Libin) or Rakovník, Bohemia, Czech? Married: abt. 1769 Died: Jan 20, 1819 in Kdyně #159 (Neugedein), Bohemia sources: Familiant Book, CZ, Kouty (Kauth) 1.5 mile from Kdyne Vol 66, census 1801, Hugo Gold

Note: If Abeles, Katharina could ber related to Vysoká Libyně family; Rubin Abeles (ca 1720 -) father of Isak Rubin (ca 1745 -), grandfather of Isack (ca 1770 -), g-grandfather of Rubin (1793 -), gg-grandfather of Israel (ca 1825 - bur Kožlany) & Franziska Popper (1834 from Říčany res. Hochlieben =Vysoká Libyně?- 1937 Prague, bur Kožlany) "ch. 9 known", ggg-grandfather of Richard (1864-1925), gggg-grandfather of Karl /Karel (1896 -), gggg-grandfather of Wilma  & (?) Iggers OR possibly Juda /Jehuda (see Abeles family) (1760-70 res. H? bei Zedwitz, Petrovice, Hochlieben - ) ?

Note: Hugo Gold KdyněCzech history "..Dec 1, 1764 archives states the small house of Salomon Hahn in Kdyně is about to fall down. Hahn pays 25 zl. per year rent, does not want to pay for the repairs and wants a new hoese built.. In 1783 Salomon Hahn recieved a license to produce potash.. CzechFeb 15, 1784 stěžuj si kdýňšti obchodnici, že pod ochranou vrchnosti stojici Židé ze K. Mojžiš Hahn a Macherl Hahn s různým koloniálnim zbožim hausiruji, nedbajice neděle a svátků, že navštěvuji rodiny a tim obchodniky kdyňské poškozuji. Již dvakráte byli zadrženi.. Učiteli rabiny byli Gottlieb, který ve K. pobyl asi 10 až 12 let, pak Löwenstein, Schwarz, Hahn a Kraus.." OR any relation to Jewishgen Všeruby 1722 census: Adam Hahn, over 60 years of age, leather and feather merchant, also a butcher, pays 3 guilders in taxes, lives in an estate-owned cottage, his annual income is over 40 guilders and has lived in Všeruby for 34 years. Mojžíš Hahn, horse merchant, also a butcher, is 34 years old, has a wife Kitel, also 34. Children Ester 8, Aron 4, Plümel 6 months. His taxes are 23 guilders, contribution 6 guilders, also lives in an estate-owned cottage, makes more than 80 guilders annually. He has been living in Všeruby 10 years OR Samuel Hahn who lived at Schlüsselberg (Lnáre), Bohemia, Austria-Hungary. 1 Samuel Hahn lived on 22 January 1793 Woseletz (Oselce), Prachiner Kreis, Bohemia with wife Magdalena & children; Dawid, Abraham, Marek, Rosina, Anna and Ester. He was under protection at Horzowitz and only owned an empty "Chaluppen", supported his family through Schnittwaren und Hausieren [cut textiles and peddling]. He married Magdalena Bloch. In 1799 census for the Prachen Region Samuel Hahn appears with his family in Woseletz (Oselce), protected in Woseletz but owned only an empty cottage. He lived with his wife Magdalena, sons Dawid (single), Abraham (single), Marek (single) and daughter Rosina. Samuel Haan appeared in the 1811 Jewish Census in Schluesselburg (Lnare), he received his marriage allowance at Schluesselberg in 1777 and lived in Woselitz Gut. Samuel's first son was Abraham, who was already married and received permission to get married in 1808


Jonathan HAHN Born: abt 1740s + Libuscha (?) Born: abt 1740s from Bezděkov (Besikau), Bohemia

Note: Hugo Gold KdyněCzech "..From 1840 to 70th years appearing in Dlažov these Jews: Salomon Goldbach, Jachim Goldbach, Abraham Kandl, Šimon Schwarzkopf, Ludvik Hutter with 7 children, Marek Baumann, David Holuz, Leopold Lederer, Josef Schwarz with 12 children, Abraham Weintraub with 11 children, Abraham Feldmann, Samuel Goldbach, Ignác Hahn, Ignác Sachs and Leopold Hein. In Libkov were Jews: Michal Lažanský with 5 children and Leopold Schwarz landowner with 9 children. In


were Adam Hahn a Mořic Kirschner. In Lhota were Jakub Back butcher, Leopold Schnurmacher merchant, Ignác Schnurmacher. In


were Jakub Schnurmacher, Jonáš Schnurmacher with 12 children. In Loučim (Mezholesch?) were Josef Schräm merchant, David Bloch. In Poleň were Ignác Bloch. In Mileticicih were Ignác Hutter merchant and to this day there are David Hahn landowner, Jindřich Salz with his family. In Běhařov around 1850 were Jews: David Schnurmacher with 8 children, Josef Steiner with 10 children, Abraham Wachtel merchant with 4 children, Jachim Greiner, Šalamoun Sicher, Jachim Salz with 7 children, Eliáš Hahn, Lazar Salz, Jachim Katz. In Loučim live today: Josef Löwenthal, Jakub Leffler, Ignác Bloch with 7 children who was there around 1860 a buyer, Ignác Hutter with 4 children, David Kohn, Šimon Bloch, Rudolf Lažanský around 1872 with 7 children, sat in the Jewish religion in Kdyně.. Around 1890 in Černikov lived Isak Hahn with 7 children.. In Mileticich after 1880 is Jindřich Salz with 7 children, David Hahn with 4 children. In Uboč were Jew Mojžiš Hahn who had 11 children."
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