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The Most Eligible Princes


Full Name: Sanwar Azam Sunny 

Title: Sahibzada 

Born: December 17, 1989

Parents: His Excellency Colonel Sahibzada Muhammad Shahid Sarwar Azam Shah Jahan Mullah of Singranatore, and Dr. Kamrun Nahar of Munshibari, Comilla. His father is a military diplomat, engineer and commander of the Army of Bangladesh, the UN forces and the Border Guards and current head of the princely Singranatore family. 

Sister: Begum Shahzia Sarwar Shazi (born 1983) married in 2009. 

Education and work: Educated privately in military school, then Lincoln College Preparatory Academy in USA (2005), University of Kansas in 2010 (Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering) and University of Missouri in Kansas City (Masters in Public Management) in 2013, worked at the Municipal Government of the City of Kansas City, MO.

Further facts: He speaks 5 languages, and exhibited solo artwork at the National Art Gallery in Bangladesh in 2012. He taught at North South University in Dhaka, Bangladesh and published books and articles in Asia, Europe and North America. He founded Bangladesh Green Building Council in 2008. (See Wikipedia)

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