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Early Via Processioning Records

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Albemarle Co. VA

From: Fredericksville Parish Vestry Book, compiled and edited by Rosalie Edith Davis
7 Mar 1752
"We have processioned all the lines within the precinct mentioned in the order in the presence of ALEXANDER FREEMAN, SAMUEL THOMERSON, DAVID VIA, EDMUND STRINGER, NICHOLAS GENTRY."
Mar 23 1752
Capt. David Mills, present
Mr. Thomas Ballard, present
Mr. Andrew Ray, present
Mr. George Clark, present
Mr. Wm. Davis, present
Colonel John Henry
Mr. John Carr
Mr. John Michie
Mr. Wm. Viar
Mr. Thomas Scott
Mr. Wm. Buster

For the latter names on the list, "no persons appear'd to shew us the lines therefore they are not procession'd."

28 Sep 1752
"In Obedience to an order of Vestry we have processioned Viz.
lines RICHD. LONG & BRUCE in Company; WM. THOMSTON line ROBT. VIA in Company;
& DAVID HESTERS lines themselves in Company; GEORGE THOMERSONS line, THOS.
            George Thomerson
            Wm. Tate
23 Jul 1755
Land processioned in Louisa Co., Virginia "we have processioned the lines between SAMUEL THOMASON & JOHN THOMASON in the presence of ALEXANDER FREEMAN, SAMUEL THOMASON & EDMUND STRINGER; the line between SAMUEL THOMASON & JOHN THOMAS in the presence of sd. persons; the
line between SAMUEL THOMASON & DAVID VIA in the presence of the sd. Persons"

Hanover Co. VA

From: The Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County, Virginia 1706-1786, Transcribed and edited by C.G. Chamberlayne, Virginia State Library and Archives, Richmond, 1940
14 Mar 1708/9
p. 217    The lands of James Blackwell Senr, Geo Turner, Benj Buckley, Widdow Thompson, Gabriel Heath, John Barnet, and Amor Viah being made one precinct, of which the said Geo. Turner, and Amor Viah, were Appointed Overseers, who made this return on the Back of the Order (viz,) in Pursuance of an Order of Vestry held for St Pauls Parish for processioning of Lands We Amor Viah & Geo. Turner in Company with Robt Thompson, Edwd Burnet, John Howard and George Jones, have procession'd our lands into one precinct, except the failures hereafter mentioned and also the divinding Lines betwixt each other without any Exceptions:...    Subscrib'd, Amor Viah, and Geo. Turner
17 Mar 1711/12
p. 226   The Lands of Robt Horsley, John Matlock, Peter Plantine, Jonas Lawson, Wm Talley, John Talley, Mark Anthony, Marg: Via, Widdow Thomson, Widd Burnet, Jno Peece & Widd Crawford being made one precinct, whereof the Sd Robt Horsley & Jno Matlock were appointed Overseers, made ye, return viz, 9ber ye, 24th, 1711, in Obedience to this Order of Vestry, we the Subscribers have, with ye, within mention'd persons, procession'd the Lands of the within mention'd Order       John Matlock, Robt Horsley
24 Sep 1711
p. 238   The lands of Robt Horsley, John Matlock, Peter Plantine, Jonas Lawson, Wm Talley, Jno Talley, Mark Anthony, Mar Vin, Widdow Thomson, Widdow Burnet, Jno Peece & Widdow Crawford being made one precinct, whereof the said Robt Horsley & John Matlock were appointed Overseers made, this return viz, 9br, ye 24th, 1711
3 Apr 1716
At a Vestry held at the Lower Church ye 3d of April 1716, it was ordered,  that ye Clerk record the returns for Processioning verbatim as they were returned by the Overseers.  "The lands of Robt Horsley, Jno Matlock, Peter Plantine, Jonas Lawson, Wm Talley, Jno Talley, Mark Anthony, Mary Via, Widd Tomson, Widd Burnet, Widd Peace & Widd Crawford being made one precinct, whereof Robert Horsley & Jno Matlock were Overseers, and made this return, viz in Obedience to the within Order of vestry, we have Peaceably Procession'd the Lands of Jonas Lawson, Wm Talley, Mary Anthony, Amor Via, Widd Thompson, Widd Burnet, Widd Peece & Widd Crawford  Peter Plantine not Present, being afflicted with an ailment and not fitting to Come.  John Talley having no Land adjoyning at Present.   Robt Horsley, Jno Matlock"
10 Aug 1719
p. 260   The lands of Rowland Horsley, Robt Horsley, Henry Crompton, Wm Reynold's, Thos Sandige, Thos Lightfoot, Thos Gibson, Widd Thorp & her Sons, John Bostick, John Garland for John Hopkins orphan, being one precinct of which Rowland & Robt Horsley were Overseers who made this return  In obedience to the within Order, we the Subscribers, with the within mentioned persons excepting Thos Lightfoot, Thos Gibson, Henry Crompton, Majr Nicho Meriwether in lieu of whom were Hen: Kerby, Geo: Barker, Henry Crompton Jr & Robt Via & with them have peaceable and quietly Processiond the within mentioned Land accordingly
Jan 1719.          Rowland Horsley, Robt Horsley
29 Oct 1731 18 Oct 1735
Thos Frances                        Thos Franches
Richd Glass                            Richd Glass
Joseph Peace                          Joseph Peace
Widdow Simmons                 Widd Simmons
John Maske                             John Mask
John Blackwell                        John Blackwell
Robt Willsford                        Robt Willsford
Saml Chamberlayne                Saml Chamberlayne
Doctoc Hopkins                       Doctor Hopkins
Col Dandridge                        Col Dandridge
Wm & James Blackwell        Wm & James Blackwell
John Turners Orphans            John Turners Orphans
Wm Turner                              John Urssery
John Ussery                             Jno Blackwell Junr
John Blackwell Jr                    Widd Hughes
Widdow Hugh                        Geo Jones
Geo Jones                               Saml Peace
Saml Peace:                            John Holden
  now for John Thomson         Edwd Burnett
John Holden                            Robt Thompson
Edwd Burnett                         Benja Goodman
Robt Thompson                      Saml Goodman
Benja Goodman                     Wm Via
Saml Goodman                      Wm Talley
Wm Via                                  Mark Anthony
Wm Talley                             Richd Bullock
Mark Anthony                       Thos Pollett
Richd Bullock                         Richd Glass
Thos Pollett                           John Holden
Richd Glass
John Holden
11 Sep 1739 23 Mar 1743
Thomas Franches:              Col Thompson
  part for John Sandage        Wm Maske
Richard Gass                       John Sandwich
Joseph Peace:                       John Peace
  for John & Wm Peace        Wm Peace
Widdow Simmons                John Ursery
John Maske                          John Thompson
John Blackwell                     Widd Markland
Robt Willsford:                    John Holden
  for Wm Mask                     Saml Hill
Saml Chamberlayne            Thos Franches
Doctor Hopkins                    Heirs of Richard Glass
  to John Orsery                    Widdow Simmons
Col Dandridge                       John Mask
Wm & James Blackwell       John Blackwell
  to John Thompson               Saml Chamberlayne
John Turners Orphans          Col Dandridge
John Ursury                           Wm Blackwell
  for Col Roger Thompson     John Turners Orphans
John Blackwell Junr               John Blackwell Junr
Widdow Hughes                   Widd Hughes
George Jones                        Geo Jones
Saml Peace                           Saml Peace
Mr. John Holden                   John Holden
Edward Burnett                   Edwd Burnett
Robt Thompson:                  Benja Goodman
  to John Holden                  William Via
Benja Goodman                  Mark Anthony
Saml Goodman                   Richard Bullock
  to Widdow Markland       Thos Pollett
William Via
William Talley
  to Saml Hill
Mark Anthony
Richd Bullock
Thos Pollett

[Judy asks:  However, looking at 1755, 1759, 1763, and 1767 I find a William Vines.  This William is in the same precinct that the William in 1739 and 1743 was in.  That is just too much of a coincidence for me.  Was the name spelled Vires and miss transcribed as Vines.  How could William Via in precinct 25 be listed in 1739 and 1743 and when the records pick up again in 1755, 1759, 1763, and 1767 a person by the name of William Vines be in the same precinct previously occupied by William Via????]

Note: 21 Feb 1725/6 will of Thos Glass
Wit: Thomas Fitch, William Via, Mary Fitch
5 Mar 1734 proved by oath of William Via

18 Sep 1743
p. 309   Orderd into one precinct for processioning the Lands of Michl Tucker, Amos Tucker, John Tucker, William Tharp, John Tharp, Chas Tharp, Robt Via, George Barker, Wm Meanly, John Brothers, Richd Crawford, Abraham Burnet, Thos Logwood, Henry Crumpton, Henry Wood, Wm Kerby, Wm Reynolds Burnet, Robert Strange, Widdow Chapman, John Thomson, Wm Watkins, John Goodwin, Joseph Baughon, Robt Goodman, Richd Leak, Widdow Wooddy, John Phillips & that Mr John Street, and Robt Via see the said processioning perform'd

[Records that pertain to a second William Via]

11 Sep 1739 Mar 1743
Edwd Wade                        Edwd Wade
Wm Via                             William Via
Roland Horsley                   Rowland Horsley
Mrs Crumpton                    Mrs Crumpton
Edwd Wade Junr                Edward Wade Junr
Wm Wade                         Vinkler Cobbs
Vinkler Cobbs                    William Wade
David Holt                         David Holt
Henry Wade Junr              Henry Wade
Henry Wood                      Henry Wade Junr
Doctr Matthewson            Henry Wood
Richd Lancaster                 Doctor Mattheson
Robt Bumpass                    Richd Lancaster
John Clements                    Robt Bumpass
Stephen Clements             John Clement
John Slaughter                    Stephen Clement
Charles Talley                    John Slaughter
                                            Charles Talley
30 Sep 1751 17 Nov 1755
Anthony Hughes                    Michael Tucker
Aaron Stark                            Amos  Tucker
David Richardson                    John Tucker
Robt Hood                                William Thorp
Wm Talley                                John Thorp
Eleanah Rea                             Charles Thorp
John Barker                            Robt Via
Anthony Hughes                    George Barker
Ralph Humphreys                    Josias Via
David Bullock                            Gideon Via
Robt Wheeler                            William Mask
Zach Hester                            Abraham Burnet
Gideon Via                                Thomas Snead
Wm Burnet                                Edwd Wade
Nocho Mills                                Bond Burnet
Saml White                                David Crew
Wm Kerby                                William Reynolds Burnet
Henry Kerby Junr                    Chapman's orphans
                                                    John Thompson
                                                    Gabriel Hill
                                                    John Goodwin
19 Nov 1759
p. 387-388   At a Vestry held for Saint Pauls Parish Novr 19th 1759  Ordered into one Precinct for Processioning the Lands of Michael Tucker, Amos Tucker, John Tucker, William Thorp, John Thorp, Charles Thorp, Robert Via, George Barker, the land That was William Meanly's, the Land that was John Brothers, Richard Crafford, Abraham Burnet, Lewis Webb, Edwd Wade, Bond Burnett, William Kerby, William Reynolds Burnet, Robert Stranges Orphans, Tyree Harris, Thomas Austin, John Thomson, John Goodwin, Robert Goodman, Mordecai Booth, Martha Wooddey, John Mask and that Robert Via, and Charles Barker See the Said processioning, Perform'd and return their proceedings according to Law.  Ordered That if any of the Several Persons appointed to See the Processioning performd, find any Persons Land Adjacent to the lands Named, and not mentioned in the Orders for Processioning that do See the Lands so left out of the said Orders processioned, and return an Account of the Same with the other lands mentioned in the said Orders.  In Submission to your order, we Robert Via and Charles Barker hath seen the above mentiond lands processioned, now owned by the following persons Michael Tucker, Amos Tucker, John Tucker, Robert Via, John Thorp, Charles Thorp, Robert Via, Charles Barker Sr, Charles Barker Jr, Gideon Via, Josias Via, William Mask, Abraham Burnett, Edmund Wade, William Wade Jr, Samuel Sneed, William Reynolds Burnet, William Spencer, John Goodwin, Thos Elliott, John Thomson Decd, John Street, Robert Goodman Decd, Martha Wooddey, John Mask   Examined, Robert Via, Charles Barker
30 Nov 1763
p. 424   At a Vestry held for Saint Pauls Parish 30 Novr 1763  Ordered into one precinct for processioning the lands of Michael Tucker, Amos Tucker, John Tucker, William Thorp, John Thorp, Robt Via, George Barker the land that was William Meanlys, the land that was John Brothers, Richd Crafford, Abraham Burnet, Lewis Webb, Edward Wade, Bond Burnet, William Kerby, William Reynolds Burnet, Robt Strange's Orphans, Tyree Harris, Thomas Austin, John Thomson, John Goodwin, Robt Goodman, Mordechai Booth, Martha Wooddey...

[The third William Via]

Sept 30 1767 Nov 12 1771
Michael Tucker                    Amos Tucker
Amos Tucker                        John Tucker
John Tucker                           James Parsons
John Thorp                            John Thorp
James Parsens                     Robert Via
Robert Via                            Archilus Hughes
John Barker                          William Hughes
Robert Brown                       William Via
Gideon Via                            Josias Via
Gabariel Hill                         Michael Tucker
  for Saml Hill                        John Barker
Abraham Burnett                 Charles Barker
  for Edwd Burnett                Edmund Wade
John Blackwell                     Gabariel Hill
Charles Barker Senr            Robert Brown
Josias Via                            William Lane
William Via                          Joshua Snead
William Wade Junr              Joel Watkins
Edmund Wade                    Turner Slaughter
                                            John Pasley
                                            Henry Wood
                                            William Wade
                                            Edward Watkins
30 Sep 1767
p. 463   In Obedience to the annexed Order to us the Subscribers directed, we have processiond all the Lands belonging to the Several persons therein mention'd except the following Persons (viz) Robert Brown, Gideon Via, Gabriel Hill and Joshua Snead, owns the Lands at present, that formerly belongd to William Meanly, John Brothers, Richard Crafford, and Lewis Webb.  We also have processioned the Lands of Charles Barker Sr, Josias Via, William Via, William Wade Jr and Edmund Wade who were included in the said precincts, and not Mention'd in the said order, all which Lands were quietly processiond among the Several Owners thereof.  Witness our Hands this 22d day of January 1768     John Blackwell, Charles Barker
Nov 12 1779
Amos Tucker
Jno Tucker
James Parsons
Jno Thorp
Robt Via
Josias Via
Archelius Hughes
Wm Hughes
Wm Via
Michl Tucker
Jno Barker
Charles Barker
Edmd Wade
Gabriel Hill
Robt Brown
Wm Lane
Joshua Snead
Turner Slaughter
Jno Parsley
Henry Wood
Wm Wade
Edward Watkins