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From a French Surname Dictionary: Vial+Viau (altere en Viaud (+), Viault (+), Viaux), forme du Centre et de l'Ouest; Viel (+), Vie (+) (Nord)

1675 The first reference to William Vier is made in a land patent (Headrights) to Mr. Henry Aubery of 5100 acres on 4 Oct 1675 for transporting 102 persons to Virginia, on of which was William Vier.
--Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume II, Patent Book No. 6, pp 165-6

1677 Amer Via (one of 14 persons in group) is transported to Virginia by John Rea and John Webb of New Kent Co. VA.
John Webb & John Rea.  700 acres, in Upper part of New Kent Co., on South side of land formerly taken up by Andrew Davis on Machumps Cr: _____ of  _____
1677   500 acres belonging to said Webb & 200 to said Rea. Trans. of 14 persons:  Thomas Davis, Charles Halsy, Abigail Neale, Rich. Davenport, James
the frenchman; Daniell Steere, Tho. Turpin, Tho. Barber, Amor ( or Amos) Via, Fr. Derige, Tho. Wallbrooke, Jo. Bird, Morrice Thomas, Deborah Buncks.
--Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume II, Patent Book No. 6, pp 178-9, 619

1698 Pierre Viet, from France, settled at Manakintowne, Goochland Co. VA
--The Compendium of American Genealogy, First Families of America, p. 322

Pierre Viet is listed as a founder of the Huguenot Colony of Manakintowne
--The Huguenots at Manakintowne, p. 209

1710 Jacob Vier, 26 years old, carpenter and a Lutheran was included with a large group of Palatines from Germany to England.
--The New World Immigrants CD

1714 Viet, Pierre n.a.: Virginia, 1714 953 p75
--Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1982-85 Cumulation, p. 3141