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This book was found at the Doddridge Co. Library


[Compiled by Etta Isabelle (Weekly) (Stone) Scott, organized and typed by her cousin Henry A. Davis]



TOLLGATE, W.Va. 26442

Ritchie Co. Hist. Society has a copy.

[Barr Wilson- Name, address and historical society were handwritten on front page at a later date.]



1- Explanatory - Place names                                              Pages 2,3              

2- Foreward                                                                           4-5         

3- Jacob Weekley                                                                 6-7-8     

4- Daniel Weekley                                                                8-9         

5- George Weekley                                                              9

6- Bishop William Weekley                                                9            

7- Isaiah Weekley                                                                10

8- Ethelinda (Weekley) Pratt                                              10

9- Thomas Weekly Branch                                 11-12-13-14

10- James Harrison Weekly and Isabelle                          11-12-13-14

with James Harrison's biography 15-16-17


11- Children of James Harrison and Isabelle Weekley 18

I- William Washington Weekley- family          19-20-21

II- Elisha Zinn Weekly                         21-22

III- Virgil Sheridan Weekly                 22-23-24-25-26

IV- Landora (Weekly) Strosnider                       27

V- Mary Stella (Weekly) Harris                          28-29

VI- Rosalie Myrtle (Weekly) Nichols                29-30-31-32-34

VII- Charles Alexander Weekly                         33-34

VIII- Libbie Diann Weekly                  34


IX- Edmund Russell Weekly                              34

X- Boyd Homer Weekly                                      34-35


XI- Lloyd Omer Weekly                                      35-36

XII- Lula May Weekly                                        36

XIII Amma Leona (Weekly) (Underwood) Shannon36-37-38

XIV- Etta Isabelle (Weekly) (Stone) Scott 39

12- Memoirs by Etta Isabelle (Weekly) (Stone) Scott 40

13- Weekly and Weekley Civil War Records 41

14- A STUDY IN GENEALOGY                          42

15- WEEKLEY- Tyler County Census, 1850                    43-44-45

- Henry A. Davis


Page 2 WEEKLEY                              


MIDDLE ISLAND- When this term is used in these records, it will mean the old Jacob Weekley Homestead on Middle Island Creek in Tyler County, at the junction of what is now State Route 18 and the Deep Valley Road which leads up Arnolds Creek.

It was at this point that Pioneer Jacob Weekley settled when he came from Fauquier County, Va., in 1811. It was here that Jacob built what was said to have been the first brick house to have been erected in Tyler County, Va. (now W.Va.), where he lived with his three wives and 15 children. It has been said that his second and third wives furnished him with seven stepchildren, making in all 22 children who were fortunate in experiencing the comforts of this old brick structure - more or less of a novelty as well as a luxury in those pioneer days.

Near this old brick house, a schoolhouse was later erected which also served for religious purposes. Thus, the large Weekley family, together with the many activities of church and school engaged in here, and constituting a community center, certainly entitled this spot to the name, "Middle Island".

Near this old brick structure, and above State Route 18, is the old WEEKLEY CEMETERY of unmarked and uncared-for graves. Jacob, his three wives, and likely some of his oldest children were buried in that old family cemetery.

According to family and census records, Jacob was about 24 years of age at the time he braved the dangers and hardships of this rugged wilderness in Tyler County, he having been born about 1787.



More Explanatory Notes- Continued

2- "THE OLD BRICK HOMESTEAD" - This will mean the old Jacob Weekley Home at Middle Island, Tyler County, Virginia as explained in item 1.

3- Wilbur - When the name Wilbur is used, it will refer to Wilbur, Tyler County, Virginia (Now W.Va.)

4- Wilbur Cemetery will refer to U.B. Church Cemetery at Wilbur, W.Va.

5- Pennsboro means Pennsboro, W.Va. in Ritchie County

6- West Union will refer to West Union, Doddridge County, W.Va.

7- Camp- Camp, West Virginia, Doddridge County, at which spot on Camp Mistake Run where there was formerly a store and post office.

8- Joseph Mills equals Joseph Mills, Tyler County, W.Va., on Middle Island Creek.

9- Centerville, Tyler County, W.Va., which is farther down Middle Island Creek, below Joseph Mills, will be termed hereafter in these writings, as simply, "Centerville"-

CONCERNING THE OLD BRICK HOMESTEAD- It was stated by Agnes Grove, daughter of Daniel Weekley (1826-1908), that father Daniel, when only ten years of age, tramped mortar in his bare feet, which mortar was used in the construction of his father's house. If such was the case, it would mean that this brick house was built about 1836. Jacob Weekley has his own brick kiln, and a Mr. Hymes laid the bricks.

The late Mrs. Inez H[ea?]dley claims to have found an old date when she was living in the house, bearing date of 1[928?], [at?]testing that the house may have been built at that time. In that case, Daniel Weekley would not have mixed the mortar. This would have…[missing line]


Page 4


Jacob Weekley, pioneer of this sketch, should long be remembered in the annals of Tyler County, West Virginia, as he contributed much to the welfare of his county, state, and nation. In addition to his many other contributions, he provided at least three sons who served in the Union Army during the Civil War, namely Daniel, Isaiah, and George. Two of his sons-in-law- James H. Weekley and William W. Pratt- also served in the Civil War on a later page).

One of Jacob's sons- the above named George Weekley- was a prominent minister in the United Brethren Church, he having served three terms as Presiding Elder (District Superintendent) of three different districts of the United Brethren Conference. His was a life-long ministry.

One of Jacob's grandsons, Reverend William Weekley, was a life-long servant within the United Brethren Church. William was indeed, a self-made man. He entered the ministry at the age of 16. William served two terms as presiding elder (district superintendent) and going forward to become Bishop within the church. He retired at an advanced age with the title of Bishop Emeritus. Among his literary contributions was a book, entitled, "TWENTY YEARS ON HORSEBACK or ITINERATING IN WEST VIRGINIA".

It is an interesting story, written in down-to-earth style, of the days that "were". Many humorous episodes, but factual and will engage the readers attention.

Another of Jacob's grandsons- Martin Luther Weekley- brother of the bishop, also became a successful minister in the United Brethren Church, occupying some of the larger pulpits within the Denomination.



Page 5 FOREWARD- Continued

When Jacob Weekley, then a young man, braved the hardships of the mountain roads- then, a little more than trails- in coming to Middle Island, he found a rugged wilderness, sparsely settled; but, abounding in wild life in the forests and an abundance of fish in the streams, both of which supplied much of his food. Jacob, like many pioneers of that day, was a rugged individual who made a home for himself in this forested wilderness without "Government Aid". It might be interesting to our generation to know how well Jacob was equipped for his travel, what article of property he brought with him, and how he began life in this new Wilderness home.

Agnes (Weekley) Grove, wife of J. R. Grove, and daughter of Daniel (1826-1908) and Elizabeth Jane (Pratt) Weekley, furnished the following information to her daughter, Mrs. Frances Smith, in which she states that her grandfather, Jacob Weekley, was first wed to Elizabeth Wells. This conforms to other records. However, Agnes further states that Elizabeth was wed to a Mr. Barker before her marriage to Jacob. Agnes further states that Elizabeth had six children by Mr. Barker, thus supplying Jacob with six stepchildren.

Jacob Weekley's 3d wife was Margaret (Davis) (Haney) Weekley. Margaret Davis first married a Mr. Haney, and as a result, Margaret was able to contribute one stepson to Jacob. However, Agnes Grove stated that this Haney stepson was raised by a Wells Family in Middlebourne, W.Va.

Some of the above information needs clarification concerning Mrs. Barker and Elizabeth Wells- one and the same person.


Page 6


Jacob Weekley, the progenitor of this Weekley line in Tyler County, was born in Fauquier County, Virginia, about 1787, which date agrees with the census records of Tyler County, Virginia, for the year 1850. From Fauquier County, he came to what is now Tyler County, West Virginia in 1811, and established his home at Middle Island (see Middle Island explanatory notes, page 2). This spot was then in Ohio County- Tyler County having been formed from part of Ohio County in 1814- just three years after the arrival of Jacob Weekley on the scene. It was here that Jacob built the "OLD BRICK" house at a later date, and which, at this late date (1968), seems to the passer-by to be in a good state of repair- see page 2, item 1.

Jacob Weekley was thrice married- see following family outlines- but it seems unlikely that either of his first two wives enjoyed the comforts of this brick structure- see the last two paragraphs at the bottom of page three. However, it seems certain that Jacob, his third wife Margaret (Davis) (Haney) Weekley, the 15 children of his three marriages, and seven stepchildren- 24 persons in all- may have lived in this brick structure. As to stepchildren, see the last paragraphs, page 5.

Jacob Weekley married Elizabeth Wells - 1st marriage. Children born to this union were: -

1- Catherine Weekley wed Jonathan Dye.

2- Peggy Weekley wed Bill Martin.

3- John Weekley- unwed-, but it is said that he was a lawyer in Marietta, Ohio.

4- Elijah Weekley wed Rebecca Wells.


Page 7



Jacob Weekley married Sarah Williamson (2nd marriage). [wed July 5, 1815 or 1818 handwritten in at a later time] Six children were born to this union: -

1- William (Mose) Weekley (1821-1902) wed Sarah Ann Pratt (1831-1907)

2- Thomas Weekley wed Mary Hammet.

3- Daniel Weekley (1826-1908) wed Elizabeth Jane Pratt (1834-1897).

4- Caroline Weekley (1827-1901) married Philip Sigler.

5- Elizabeth Weekley wed Boreman Smith.

6- Sarah Ann Weekley.

Jacob Weekley married Margaret (Davis) Haney- 3d marriage-, daughter of Robert (II) and Mary (Koon) Davis (see Davis history). Date of marriage, July 26, 1835. Margaret was born Aug. 3, 1801; died 1869. Children of this union were: -

1- Ethelinda Weekley (1836-1923) wed Wm. W. Pratt (1840-1927).

2- Isaiah Weekley (1838-1931) wed Leah Pratt (1842-1918).

3- Elisha Weekley, born about 1840; died at the age of 22- unwed.

4- George W. Weekley (1842-1926) wed Eliza Hoskinson (1st marriage).

George W. Weekley wed Mary Hammer (2nd marriage).

5- Isabelle Weekley (1846-1903) wed James H. Weekly (no relation), (1840-1914). Date of marriage, June 7, 1860.

The 1850 census of Tyler County, Va. lists Jacob Weekley with his third family as follows:

164- Jacob Weekley (farmer, $2000.) age 63, male, white.

Margaret age 49, female, white                                                          3

Their children, see next page.

The figure 3 at extreme right means can't read nor write.


Page 8


JACOB WEEKLEY- Census, Third Family, Continued.

Isaiah Weekley 12 male, white

Elisha Weekley 10, male, white

George Weekley 8, male, white

Isabelle Weekley 4, female, white

The oldest child of Jacob and Margaret was listed in brace 514 with the John Lemmon family: Ethelinda Weekley, age 15. There was a difference of one year in the age of Ethelinda between the family record and the census record.

Daniel Weekley, son of Jacob and Sarah (Williamson) Weekley, was born in Tyler County, Virginia, May 4, 1826; died August 24, 1908. He was a farmer and stock dealer all of his active life. Later in life, he sold his farm and moved to Salem, West Virginia, where he lived a life of retirement till his death. He was a staunch supporter of the Fairview U. B. Church of which he was a long time member. He married Elizabeth Jane Pratt (1834-1897), daughter of William and Martha (Underwood) Pratt.

There were born to this union the following Children:

1- WM. M. Weekley, minister, presiding elder, and Bishop in the United Brethren Church.

2- Sarah [M?.] Weekley wed Clay Heckert.

3- Martha Weekley

4- Ellen Weekley

5- Laura G. Weekley wed Frank Underwood.

-Continued on page 9-


Page 9



6- Martin Luther Weekley, U. B. minister.

7- George M. Weekley, born December 26, 1863.

8- Agnes Weekley married J. R. Grove.

9- Milton L. Weekley

10- Effie Weekley married Alvin Davis of Charleston

George M. Weekley, son of Daniel and Elizabeth Jane (Pratt) Weekley, and Myrtle De Pue, daughter of Beniah and Sophrona (Cunningham) De Pue, were wed July 8, 1902. One son, Paul, was born to this union, May 2, 1903.

George W. Weekley (see dates of birth and, and [sic] of his marriages on page 7), son of Jacob and Margaret (Davis) (Haney) Weekley, was an U. B. Minister. He also served as presiding elder in his church in the West Virginia Conference, as follows:

West Columbia District -    1876-1878.

Buckhannon District -         1880-1883.

Parkersburg District -          1889-1891.

William Weekley, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Pratt) Weekley, was an U. B. Minister, Presiding Elder, and Bishop. He served as presiding elder in the West Virginia Conference of the United Brethren Church, as follows:

West Columbia District -    1879-1882.

Parkersburg District -          1885-1888.


Page 10


Isaiah Weekley, son of Jacob and Margaret (Davis) (Haney) Weekley, born Feb. 13, 1838; died, 1931, married Leah Pratt, sister of Wm. W. Pratt who wed Isaiah's sister, Ethelinda Weekley. Lea [sic] was born, June 2, 1842; died 1918.

Children of Isaiah and Leah Weekley:

1- Nancy T. Weekley born Feb. 21, 1860

2- Mary M. Weekley born Dec. 14, 1861

3- Amanda J. Weekley born Sept. 17, 1865

4- William E. Weekley born Sept. 1, 1867

5- Viola A. Weekley born June 18, 1869

6- Cora M. Weekley born Apr. 8, 1872

7- Albert A. Weekley born Sept. 13, 1873

8- Florence O. Weekley born August, 1875

9- Stella G. Weekley born Aug. 4, 1877

10- Zilpha Weekley born Oct. 9, 1879

11- Gracie Weekley born Feb. 8, 1882

12- Effie G. Weekley born June 13, 1884

Ethelinda Weekley, oldest child of Jacob and Margaret (Davis) (Haney) Weekley, wed Wm. W. Pratt. I have no complete record of their families; but Norval and William (Billy), their two sons I knew, lived on Camp Mistake possibly all their lives. Norval kept the store and Post Office at Camp for many years. He died at an advanced old age at his old home at Camp. He was wed to Viola Davis, daughter of Isaac Davis and Malinda (Philips) Davis.

Billy Pratt, Norvals brother, born in 1875, wed * Nichols. They lived out their life span on the old Pratt Home at Camp.


Page 11

WEEKLEY - Weekly

We find that there were two branches of the Weekley and Weekly families who came to Tyler County at an early date. The Jacob Weekley branch stemmed from Virginia, as mentioned previously. Thomas Weekly, the progenitor of the other branch, stemmed from Maryland, to Pennsylvania, and on to Tyler County in 1798, thus preceding the coming of Jacob Weekley by about 13 years. It must be remembered that the census and later records lists names of both branches thusly: W-E-E-K-L-E-Y.


I- Thomas Weekly (1754-1843) was born in Frederick County, Maryland, and died in Tyler County, Virginia. His wife's name was Rachel.

The principal source of information concerning Thomas is contained in a deposition, dated January 19, 1833, which is on file in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. This document gives an account of his Revolutionary War service and the details of his life.

According to this deposition, he was born about 1754, his mother dying when he was a child. The records the mother kept of her children's ages were lost. In 1776, he was living ten miles below Frederick, Md., the county seat.

In June, 1776, Thomas Weekly enlisted in the Maryland Line for six months service in the Flying Camp, in Capt. Enos Campbell's company of [B?]ell's Brigade. He was marched with his unit to New York, and was in the Battle of Harlem Heights and White Plains, being discharged in Philadelphia in December. In January, 1777, he enlisted as a substitute for one, John Thrasher, a drafted militiaman, and served three months in New Jersey in Capt. Thomas Frazier's


Page 12


company, being discharged at the end of his tour. In September, 1778, he was drafted and served three months in Capt. Thomas Sly's company. During this period, he was stationed, principally, at White Marsh Creek, near Germantown, Pa., at which place he was discharged.

After the War, Thomas resided in Greene County, Pa., for 15 years, located in the extreme southwestern part of the state. He came to the Ellsworth District of Tyler County, about 1798, and settled on Muddy Creek. This is in the Frew area, just north of Centerville. On June 9, 1840, he was aged 88, and was a Revolutionary War Pensioner. His will, probated, November 1843, mentions his wife Rachel; sons James, Richard, John, Samuel; and daughters Sarah and Mary Anderson; and his deceased sons Thomas and Levi.

(2)- James Weekly (1775-1865), the oldest son of Thomas and Rachel, was born in Pennsylvania, and died in Tyler County, W. Va. His wife Jane (b.1786) was living at the time of his death. James probably came to Tyler County with his father in 1798.

His will, probated June 13, 1865, mentions his wife, Jane; sons Israel, John, James, and Resiah; daughters Nancy and Sarah; and grandson Franklin Weekly, son of Sarah. By the terms of his will, [illegible word] Israel received the "upper farm", and John, the "lower". Nancy received a 10-acre tract, and Franklin, a pair of oxen.

(3)- John Weekly (1809-1895), son of James and Jane, was born in Tyler County, and is buried by the side of his wife, Elizabeth, in the Wilbur Cemetery. He married Elizabeth Underwood (1807-1887), daughter of William and Hannah Underwood of Tyler County.

John and Elizabeth (Underwood) Weekly were the parents of eight children of record: - William, Rebecca, Hannah, Leah, James, Zane, and John.


Page 13


Marriage records of four of the children of John and Elizabeth (Underwood) Weekly are listed as follows:

1- Hannah Weekly, born in 1835 wed Perry Pratt (1831-1863), sons of John and Mary Pratt who came to Monongalia County, W.Va.

2- Leah Weekly (1838-1930) wed Isaac Weekly (1826-1901), her first cousin. Both were grandchildren of James Weekly. They lived at Shirley and are buried at Wilbur.

3- James H. Weekly (1840-1914) wed Isabelle Weekley (1946-1903), daughter of Jacob and Margaret (Davis) (Haney) Weekley. It was here that the two branches - Weekley and Weekly - became related; and as of today, both branches spell their names with the final "ley". More about James H. and Isabelle will be mentioned later in these writings.

4- Zane Weekly (1842-1924) married Susan Amanda Van Sickle (1847-1927), and are buried at Wilbur. Their children included Tillman Weekly (1870-1931, Emerson E. Weekly (1872-1926), and William W. Weekly (1874-1951) of Joseph Mills. All this family are buried at Wilbur.

Thomas Weekly, brother of John Weekly Sr., and son of James Weekly, married to a lady whose first name was Mary, raised a large family in Tyler County. Their son Otho Weekly married Elizabeth Kemp, and had six children. These children, second cousins to James H. Weekly, are listed as follows: -

Levi Weekly (b.1834) married Nancy Forester. Their son Perry W. Weekly (1859-1929) lived in the McElroy District, and are buried at Wilbur.

William Weekly (1835-).


Page 14



Elmore Weekly (1837-1898), third son of Otho and Elizabeth (Kemp) Weekly (1869-1934),

married Minerva Smith. Their son, William Joseph Weekly (1869-1934), lived at Frew, Tyler County, and

is buried at the Smith's Cemetery, Middlebourne.

George Weekly (b.1839), fourth son of Otho and Elizabeth.

Rachel J. Weekly, daughter of Otho and Elizabeth, was born in 1841- married John Gorby.

Francis Marion Weekly (b.1847), sixth child of Otho and Elizabeth Weekly, married Louisa Baker. Their children were:- 1- Okey (b.1869), 2- Abednigo (b.1870), 3- Emma (b.1872), 4- Alfred (1874-1876), 5- Anne (b.1876), 6- George W. (1879-1927) of Frew, and 7- Isaiah Weekly (b.1882).

In the possession of George Walter, a descendant of Jacob and Margaret Weekley is a very old deed, bearing the date of March 30, 1866. It concerns a land transaction between John and Elizabeth Weekly and George W. Weekley, both at that time living in Tyler Co. It is clear from the wording of this deed that John Weekly was the son of James Weekly, for it is written therein, "John Weekly of James", this, to identify him from others in the same area, having the same christian name. This deed, a century old, is signed by John Weekly with the mark of his wife Elizabeth.

(4)- James Harrison Weekly (1840-1914), son of John Weekly, is fourth in genealogical line from his great grandfather who was a Revolutionary soldier, Thomas Weekly (17[?]4-1843).


Page 15


James Harrison Weekly (1840-1914), son of John and Elizabeth (Underwood) Weekly, was born in Tyler County; died at Pennsboro, W.Va., in the County of Ritchie. He was wed to Isabelle Weekley, daughter of Jacob and Margaret (Davis) (Haney) Weekley. Date of marriage, June 7, 1860, at Middle Island, Tyler County. Rev. Robert Davis, grandfather of the bride, officiating. James Harrison and Isabelle Weekly lie at rest in the Wilbur Cemetery.

This marriage of James Harrison Weekly and Isabelle Weekley initiated a unity in the two branches of the families, whose family names were spelled differently. The name, "Weekly", is not found in the Census Records of Tyler County for 1850, but both branches are listed, W-e-e-k-l-e-y. It occurs to me that the latter spelling in now the one in use, regardless of the early spellings of the names.

(5) Etta Isabelle (Weekly) (Stone) Scott who now lives in Clarksburg, and who is a daughter of James Harrison and Isabelle Weekly, is of the fifth generation of the Weekly branch from her great-great-great grandfather, Thomas Weekly. (I might interject here that Etta Isabelle is of the sixth generation from her great-great-great grandparents, Robert and Susannah Davis, who died in Delaware in the years, 1794 and 1795 respectively.).

The history of James Harrison and Isabelle Weekly will be mentioned further in the following pages, theirs, as well as their 14 children.

Note- The numbers in brackets preceding the names represents the generation number to which that person belongs.


Page 16


Isabelle Weekley (Apr. 15, 1846 - Apr. 12, 1903), youngest child of Jacob and Margaret (Davis) (Haney) Weekley, was born at Middle Island at the old "Brick Homestead" and died at Wilbur. She was married to James Harrison Weekly (May 10, 1840 - April 7, 1914). James and Isabelle came from two unrelated family branches, as you will note the difference of spelling of the surnames.

James Harrison Weekly and Isabelle Weekley were united in marriage at the old "Brick Homestead", Middle Island, Tyler County, W.Va. June 7, 1860, Rev. Robert Davis, grandfather of the bride, officiating. Rev. Robert is listed in "Davis Family Tree" as Robert Davis II.

This and the following pages will be mostly concerned with James Harrison and Isabelle Weekley and their descendants.

The census taker of 1850 disregarded the spelling of the family name of the Thomas Weekly (1754-1843) branch, and listed all Weekly and Weekley spellings as "WEEKLEY".



James Harrison Weekly, son of John and Elizabeth (Underwood) Weekly, was born at Centerville, Tyler County, Virginia, May 10, 1840; died in Pennsboro, April 7, 1914. He and his wife, Isabelle, now sleep in the Wilbur Cemetery.

As a young man, James H. Weekly was a farmer, and later was engaged in the mercantile business, being one of the firm of Weekly, Pratt and Company in Camp of Doddridge County, W.Va.

James H. Weekly served three years in the Union Army during the Civil War - from Aug. 8, 1862 to

July 3, 1865, serving in Co. E, 1[4?]th West Virginia Regiment of Infantry. For further information on his war record, see "WEEKLY and WEEKLEYS" IN THE CIVIL WAR ON A LATER PAGE.


Page 17


James H. Weekley played an important part in the erection of the old U.B. Log Church on the Daniel Weekley farm, not far from the present Fairview E.U.B. Church. I might mention here, that in 1850, Charles Davis, his wife Cassandra, his daughter, together with Bowers Davis and his mother Nancy, organized the first U.B. Class which was soon to worship in this old log church. Charles Davis was a half brother of Bowers and a full brother of Robert Davis III.

James H. Weekley, his wife Isabelle, along with Bowers Davis and wife Sarah Jane and mother Nancy, purchased a tract of land at Wilbur in 1861 to be used as a U.B. Cemetery. They purchased another tract in 1871, added it to the first tract, and deeded it also to the church. This now is a beautiful cemetery in a beautiful setting. In this panoramic setting, in the soil they loved enough to give to the church, rests the remains of most of the early settlers of the region.

James Harrison Weekly moved with his family from Wilbur to Pennsboro in the early 90'a, where he with his sons Elisha Z. and Virgil S. Weekly were instrumental in organizing the Pennsboro Grocery Company, a wholesale business which is successfully operated to this day. After several years, James H. Weekly returned to Tyler County where he owned and operated a general store at Wilbur, and where he operated the Wilbur Post office for several years. After the death of his wife on April 12, 1903, he again returned to Pennsboro and lived with his son Virgil until the time of his death, April 14, 1914.

James H. Weekly sleeps by the side of his wife, Isabelle, in the Wilbur Cemetery, in the soil they so freely gave to the church


Page 18


Children of James Harrison and Isabelle Weekly:-

I- William Washington Weekly, born Sep. 22, 1861; died Dec. 4, 1935.

II- Elisha Zinn Weekly, born April 16, 1863; died Aug. 30, 1932.

III- Virgil Sheridan Weekly, born April 15, 1866; died Dec. 22, 1929.

IV- Landora (Weekly) Strosnider, born Feb. 17, 1868; died Mar 13, 1925

V- Mary Stella (Weekly) Harris, born June 12, 1870; Died June 25, 1916.

VI- Rosalie Myrtle (Weekly) Nichols, born July 1, 1872; d. Dec. 9, 1960 [handwritten in at later date].

VII- Charles Alexander Weekly, born Sept. 7 or 8, 1874; d. ___________

VIII- Libbie Diana Weekly, born Oct. 3, 1876; d. Oct. 3, 1878.

IX- Edmund Russell Weekly, born Dec. 29, 1878; died Nov. ______, 1901.

X- Boyd Homer Weekly, born April 15, 1881; died Jan. 20, 1949.

XI- Lloyd Omer Weekley, born April 15, 1881; died ___________ .

XII- Lula May Weekly, born April 21, 1883; died Dec. ___ 1909.

XIII- Amma Leona (Weekly) (Underwood) Shannon, b. May 17, 1885: died Dec. 25, 1929.

XIV- Etta Isabelle (Weekly) (Stone) Scott, born Oct. 29, 1888- living as of March 1968.

Note,- The children and other descendants will be numbered as follows: -

Their children will be listed in Roman numerals in red. Their grandchildren will be listed in Arabic numerals in black. Their great grandchildren, in Arabic numerals in red. Their great-great grandchildren, in alphabetic letters in red.


Page 19


I- William Washington Weekly, oldest son of James Harrison and Isabelle Weekly, was born at the old Brick Homestead at Middle Island, Sept. 22, 1861; died at Camp in Doddridge County, Dec. 4, 1935. He was wed to Amanda Jane Montgomery, who was born at Joseph Mills, Jan. 1, 1860; died in 1904. Amanda Jane was a daughter of Edward A. Montgomery (1826-1904) and Eliza J. (Smith) Montgomery (1825-1893).

All the above are buried in the Wilbur Cemetery.

Children of William Washington and Amanda Jane Weekly:-

1- Alvin Emil Weekly, was born at Camp, 1882; died at Joseph Mills in 1850. He was wed to Willie Davis (1883-1928), daughter of Lafayette and Bird (Railing) Davis. Alvin Emil and his wife Willie lie buried in the Wilbur Cemetery.

Children of Alvin Emil and Willie Weekly: -

1- Enid Weekly wed Howard McCullough.

2- Arline Weekly wed James C. Moore.

3- Norman O. Weekly, born at Joseph Mills, May 20, 1917; died Nov. 12, 1944, while serving his country in World War II. Norman rests in the Wilbur Cemetery.

2- Emery Logan Weekly, 2nd son of William Washington and Amanda Jane Weekly, was born at Joseph Mills, May 9, 1884. He was wed to India Ferguson (b. march 16, 1898, near camp), daughter of Zane and Susan (Davis) Ferguson. Born to this union was one son:

1- Paul Weekly, born near Camp, Sep. 23, 1940.

This family now lives at Wilbur (1968).

3- Raymond Goff Weekly, 3d son of William Washington and Amanda Jane Weekly, was born at Glenville, W.Va., Nov. 23, 1888. He was wed, June 3, 1913, to Eliza Ellen Taylor, who was born near Pennsboro, June 23, 1891; died Aug. 6, 1943.


Page 20


3- Continued -

Eliza Ellen Taylor was a daughter of Ashford (1861-1931) and Della (Foster) Taylor (1867-1931). Ashford and Della Taylor rest in the E.U.B. Cemetery in Pennsboro.

Children of Raymond Goff and Eliza Ellen (Taylor) Weekly: -

1- Ashford Dale Weekly, born Jan. 29, 1904.

Raymond Goff Weekly wed for his 2nd wife, Edith Grace Gilman, June 27, 1946. Edith was born, Aug. 5, 1921 at Myrtle, Mingo County, West Virginia. She was a daughter of Mosco (b. Jan. 11, 1901) and Leota (Hunt) Gilman (b. May 11, 1903).

Children born to Raymond Goff and Edith Grace Weekly:-

1- Raymond Goff Weekly, Jr., born in Parkersburg, W.Va., Mar. 14, 1948.

This family lives in Parkersburg, as of Dec. 1967.

4- Clyde Hess Weekly, 4th son of William Washington and Amanda Jane Weekly, was born at Josephs Mills, Dec. 23, 1892; died in Pennsboro, May 12, 1955, with burial in the Masonic Cemetery at Ellensboro, W.Va. He was unwed. He served in World War I.

5- Bertie Hobart Weekly, fifth son of William Washington and Amanda Jane Weekly, was born at Josephs Mills, May 17, 1896. He was wed to Malinda Costilow who was born near Shirley, Jan. 27, 1897. Malinda was a daughter of Albert and Mary Wing (Davis) Costilow. Mary Wing (1856-1939) was the youngest child of Robert Davis III.

Children of Bertie Hobart and Malinda Weekly:-

1- Bonnie Weekly, born May 30, 1921.

2- Fay Nell (Weekly) Sauderback was born, Sept. 6, 1922.

3- Bertie [D or B?]athel Weekly was born, Feb. 21, 1925.

4- Ima May (Weekly) Brodbecks was born, May 27, 1927.

5- Leona Bell Weekly was born, Sept. 4, 1930.

6- Aucil Weekly was born, Sep. 22, 1932.


Page 21


After the death of his first wife, Amanda Jane (Montgomery) Weekly who died in 1900, William Weekly married Martha Jane (Davis) Pratt, widow of Oliver Pratt, and daughter of Charles Wesley and Elsie Allie (Wise) Davis. Martha was also a granddaughter of Robert Davis III (1802-1898). Martha was born Sep. 10, 1861; died April 23, 1949. Martha rests in the Wilbur Cemetery.

One child was born to this union: -

1- Royal Playford Weekly, born at Wilbur, Sept. 15, 1903

II- Elisha Zinn Weekly, 3rd son of James Harrison and Isabelle Weekly, was born at the "Old Brick Homestead" at Middle Island, April 6, 1863; died at his home in St. Marys, W.Va., Aug. 30, 1932.

He was wed to Louisa Florence Kemper, born ________; died March 17, 1943. Louisa was a daughter of Rev. John Kemper (1831-1903) who rests in the Wilbur Cemetery. Elisha Zinn and Louisa Florence (Kemper) Weekly sleep in the Masonic Cemetery in Pennsboro, W.Va.

Children of Elisha Zinn and Louisa Florence Weekly: -

1- Claude Weekly, born at Camp, Doddridge County, W.Va. He was wed to Lorena Timmons (now deceased), daughter of Walter and Cora Timmons of Pennsboro. Claude died at Parkersburg, W.Va.

Children of Claude and Lorena (Timmons) Weekly: -

1- Claude

2- Lorena

2- Nathan Goff Weekly, 2nd son of Elisha Zinn and Louisa Florence (Kemper) Weekly, was born, Nov. 28, 1886; died Jan. 22, 1887- burial at Wilbur.


Page 22


3- Le Roy Earl Weekly, third son of Elisha Zinn and Louisa Florence Weekly, was born at Central Station, Doddridge County, W.Va., Dec. 1, 1888; died at Pennsboro, Nov. 24, 1958. He rests in the U.B. Cemetery at Pennsboro. LeRoy Earl was wed to Maud D. Morris in 1910.

Children of Le Roy Earl and Maud D. (Morris) Weekly: -

1- Marguerite (Weekly) Zaroski

2- Pauline (Weekly) Westbrook

3- Glen Weekly

4- Dorph B. Weekly, fourth son of Elisha Zinn and Louisa Florence Weekly, was born at Central Station, W.Va. He was wed to Anna Smith, daughter of Sam and Ida Smith.

Children of Dorph and Anna (Smith) Weekly: -

1- Mary Weekly married Allen F. Kuntz

2- Carl Weekly, deceased

5- Clay Zinn Weekly, fifth son of Elisha Zinn and Louisa Florence (Kemper) Weekly, was born at Pennsboro, W.Va.

III- Virgil Sheridan Weekly, son of James Harrison and Isabelle Weekly, was born at the "Old Brick Homestead" at Middle Island, April 15, 1866; died at Pennsboro, Dec. 22, 1929. He was united in marriage to Effie Underwood, daughter of Ellis and Jane (Ash) Underwood. Effie was born at Centerville, Tyler County, West Virginia, in 1863; died at Pennsboro, 1933. Virgil Sheridan and Effie sleep in the Wilbur Cemetery.

Children of Virgil Sheridan and Effie Weekly: -

1- Zelma, born at Centerville (now Alma Post Office) W.Va., June 22, 1889; died Parkersburg, W.Va., Feb. 18, 1948.


Page 23


2- Esta Weekly born on Pratts Run, near Wilbur in 1894, died in infancy. Burial in the Wilbur Cemetery.

3- James Ellis Weekly, third child of Virgil Sheridan and Effie (Underwood) Weekly, was born at Pennsboro, June 5, 1894; died April 8, 1948 [typo had 1848, someone handwrote correct date over the typo]. He served in World War I.

James Ellis was united in marriage to Ila Mae McKinney, daughter of Harmon and Ona (Osborne)

McKinney, Nov. 12, 1921. Ila Mae was born in Doddridge County, Sep. 27, 1900. James Ellis rests in the Masonic Cemetery in Pennsboro.

Children of James Ellis and Ila Mae Weekly: -

1- Agnes Louise Weekly, born in Pennsboro, Aug. 20, 1922. Agnes wed Wayne Yoho. They lived in Mannington, W.Va., as of 1967.

Children of Wayne and Agnes Louise (Weekly) Yoho: -

a- James Larry Yoho - Born Feb. 26, 1955 [ Middle name and birthdate handwritten in at a later date]

b- Stephen Wayne Yoho- Born June 19, 1952 [ Middle name and birthdate handwritten in at a later date]

2- Paul Edwin Weekly, 2nd child of James Ellis and Ila Mae (McKinney) Weekly, was born in Pennsboro, Oct. 22, 1930; d. 193 [copy is cut off and rest of date is missing].

4- George Dewey Weekly, son of Virgil Sheridan and Effie (Underwood) Weekley, was born at Pennsboro in 1896; died in infancy. Internment in the Wilbur Cemetery.

5- Archie Guy Weekly, fifth son of Virgil Sheridan and Effie (Underwood) Weekly, was born at Pennsboro June 27, 1900; died July 8 [death date handwritten in at a later date]. He was wed to Pearl Locia Jett of Berea, W.Va. Pearl was born, April 29, 1899.

Children of Archie Guy and Pearl Locia (Jett) Weekly: -

1- Jack Castle Weekly, born at Salem, W.Va., Oct. 6, 1923.

2- Archie Guy Weekly, Jr., born at Salem, W.Va., Nov. 5, 1927

3- Robert Lee Weekly, born at Weston, W.Va., Feb. 16, 1930.


Page 24


4- James Sheridan Weekly, fourth child of Archie Guy and Pearl Locia (Jett) Weekly, was born, March 30, 1931.

5- Carolee Weekly, born at Weston, W.Va., March 6, 1934.

6- Patricia Louise Weekly was born at Gassaway, W.Va., Nov. 5, 1939.

6- Freda Isabelle Weekly, sixth child of Virgil Sheridan and Effie (Underwood) Weekly, was born in Pennsboro, March 14, 1903. She was wed to George Albert Caramella (born at Fitz Henry, Pa., Jan. 26, 1894. His parents were Peter and Lucy (Glione) Caramella who were born in Europe.

Children of George Albert and Freda Isabelle Caramella:-

1- Isabelle Elaine Caramella was born at Clarksburg, W.Va., May 30, 1923. Isabelle was wed to Lawrence Dale Roberts who was born at Suolette [Sublette?], Illinois, Aug. 27, 1920. Lawrence Dale Roberts was a captain in the U.S. Air Force. His parents were Andrew Drace and Gladys (Taylor) Roberts.

Lawrence Dale and Isabelle Elaine (Caramella) Roberts had one daughter:-

a- Sharon Lynn Roberts

2- Patricia Ruth, 2nd daughter of George Albert and Freda Isabelle (Weekly) Caramella, was born in Tylertown, Miss., as of 1929.

The Caramellas were living at Gulfport, Miss., as of 1967.

7- Kenneth Wilford Weekly, son of Virgil Sheridan and Effie (Underwood) Weekly, was born at Pennsboro, March 27, 1904. He was first wed to Atta Chipps.

Born to this Union was one son: -

1- John Kenneth Weekly, born March 27, 1927.


Page 25


Kenneth Wilford Weekly wed for his 2nd wife, Edith Jack. To this union were born the following children: -

1- John W. Weekly was born Feb. 2, 1932. He was serving in the U.S. Air Force as staff sergeant, at Merced, Calif., as of 1959.

2- Virgil S. Weekly Jr., 2nd son of Kenneth Wilford and Edith (Jack) Weekly, was born May 8, 1934. He also served in the U.S. Air Force.

Kenneth Wilford Weekly wed for his third wife, Marguerite Karas. Children to this union were: -

1- Donald R. Weekly, born Oct. 19, 1944.

2- Kenneth W. Weekly, born Jan. 2, 1947.

3- James P. Weekly, born Jan. 7, 1950.

4- Paulette M. Weekly, born, April 9, 1953.

5- Pamela J. Weekly, born, Oct. 27, 1957.

6- Robin Weekly, born, April 15, 1961.

8- Euda Naomi Weekly, daughter of Virgil Sheridan and Effie (Underwood) Weekly, was born at Pennsboro, W.Va., May 26, 1905; died May 6, 1955. She was wed to William Clifford Allmaker who was born in Philadelphia.

Children of William Clifford and Euda Naoma Allmaker:-

1- William Virgil Allmaker, born June 23, 1925.

2- Betty Lou Allmaker, born Aug. 5, 1927; died in 1930.

3- Phyllis Naomi Allmaker, born Jan. 23, 1929.

4- Patty Nadine Allmaker, born March 3, 1932.

5- Emmojean Allmaker, born Jan. 18, 1935.

6- Enid Elaine Allmaker, born July 23, 1938.

7- Sharon Rose Allmaker, born Oct. 13, 1939.

8- Shirley Jean Allmaker, born May 13, 1940.


Page 26


8- Euda Naomi, Continued-

After having this large family, William C. Allmaker left his home in Pennsboro, and not much was heard of him until his death a few years ago.

William Virgil Allmaker, oldest son of William C. and Euda Naomi Allmaker, was a master sergeant in the U.S. Air Force.

9- Robert Denzil Weekly, son of Virgil Sheridan and Effie (Underwood) Weekly, was born at Pennsboro, Aug. 17, 1907; died in Weirton, W.Va., Nov. 23, 1957. Interment in the Masonic Cemetery at Pennsboro, W.Va.

10- Russell Sheridan Weekly, son of Virgil Sheridan and Effie (Underwood) Weekly, was born in Pennsboro, Dec. 22, 1908. He served in World War II.

11- Enid Edna Weekly, daughter of Virgil Sheridan and Effie (Underwood) Weekly, was born in Pennsboro, May 7, 1912; died Nov. 10, 1973[ death handwritten at later date]. She was wed to Paul Davis, July 2, 1933. Paul is a son of Addison and Addie May (Grubb) Davis. Paul was born at O'Neal, W.Va., Dec. 12, 1907; died Aug. 29, 1978 [death handwritten at later date]. Paul and Enid Edna have operated and owned grocery stores in Salem, W.Va., where they resided for many years.

12- Howard Taft Weekly, youngest child of Virgil Sheridan and Effie (Underwood) Weekly, was born in Pennsboro, Jan. 9, 1914; died Aug. 8, 19 [death date handwritten in at a later time]. He was wed to Mabel Mae Bee, June 3, 1939. Mabel was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bee of West Union. The elder Bees are now deceased.

Children of Howard Taft and Mabel Mae (Bee) Weekly:-

1- Carolyn Sue Weekly, born in Parkersburg, W.Va., Dec. 19, 1948.

2- Janet Kay Weekly, born in Parkersburg, W.Va.

Howard Taft Weekly served in World War II - mostly in the South pacific. This family now lives in Pennsboro, W.Va.


Page 27


IV- Landora Weekly, daughter of James Harrison and Isabelle Weekly, was born at the old "Brick Homestead" at Middle Island, Feb. 17, 1868; died in Pennsboro, March 13, 1925. She was wed at Center Point, Doddridge County, to William Thompson Strosnider, Nov. 6, 1895. William was born at Blacksville, Pa., Sep. 17, 1867; died in Pennsboro, W.Va., Nov. 20, 1928. William was a son of Resin and Sarah (Lemly) Strosnider. William and Landora rest in the Wilbur Cemetery.

Children born to William T. and Landora (Weekly) Strosnider:-

1- Florence Etta Strosnider, born at Center Point, Doddridge County, West Virginia, Sep. 21, 1896; died April 16, 1960. Funeral services and interment at New Castle, Delaware.

2- Ralph Richard, second child of William T. and Landora Strosnider, was born at Center Point, Doddridge County, W.Va., July 6, 1898; died in Winchester, Va., May 11, 1943. He was wed to Madge Ada Gooden near St. Marys, W.Va.

Children born to Ralph and Ada (Gooden) Strosnider:-

1- Ralph John Strosnider, born May 8, 1926. He was wed to Phyllis Martin of Wilmington, Delaware.

Children born to Ralph John and Phyllis (Martin) Strosnider:-

a- Deborah Lee Strosnider, born July 1, 1953.

b- Paul Richard Strosnider, born July 27, 1957.

2- Jack Richard Strosnider, 2nd son of Ralph Richard and Madge Ada (Gooden) Strosnider, was born at Winchester, Va., Jan. 21, 1934. He was wed to Barabra Gale _________, Jan. 28, 1955. Jack Richard and Madge Ada (Gooden) Strosnider live in Wilmington, Delaware, as of 1957.


Page 28


V- Mary Stella Weekly, daughter of James Harrison and Isabelle Weekly, was born at Wilbur, June 12, 1870; died in Pennsboro, June 25, 1916. Mary Stella lies in the Wilbur Cemetery. She was wed to Harvey Theodore Harris, March 12, 1887. Their seven children were as follows:

1- James Gilbert Harris was born on Jefferson Run, near Wilbur, Dec. 21, 1888. He first wed Margaret Mobley, now deceased- no issue.

James Gilbert Harris wed for his 2nd wife, Gladys Robinson. To this latter union, one son was born:-

1- James Gilbert Harris Jr.

2- Charles Jacob Harris, 2nd son of Harvey T. and Mary Stella (Weekly) Harris, was born on Jefferson Run, near Wilbur, July, 1891; died Dec. 11, 1891.

3- Lilly Isabelle Harris was born on Jefferson Run, near Wilbur, March 12, 1893; died June, 1944. Lily Isabelle was wed to Charles William Murdock of Pennsboro- now deceased. One child was born to Charles William and Lily Isabelle:-

1- Helen Louise Murdock who died in Parkersburg, W.Va. Helen Louise was wed to John Vincent of Parkersburg, W.Va. Lily Isabelle (Harris) Murdock wed for her 2nd husband, Adam Castin of Parkersburg, W.Va.

4- Alma Hazel Harris, fourth child of Harvey Theodore and Mary Stella (Weekly) Harris, was born on Jefferson Run, near Wilbur, July 2, 1896. She was wed to Lewis Arlie Henderson, son of John Alonzo and Alice Elizabeth (Mason) Henderson. To this union were born one son:-

1- Lewis Arlie Henderson Jr., who wed Cecilia Jane Miller, daughter of William Arthur and Alda Rea Miller. Their children, continued on next page.


Page 29


Children of Lewis Arlie and Cecilia Jane Henderson:-

a- Janice K. Henderson

b- Kenneth Lew Henderson

c- Connie Sue Henderson

d- Kimberly J. Henderson

5- Castle Troy Harris, fifth child of Harvey Theodore and Mary Stella (Weekly) Harris, was born in Pennsboro, Jan. 21, 1899; died in 1902 - Burial in the Wilbur Cemetery.

6- Carl Roy Harris, twin brother of Castle Troy Harris, was born at Pennsboro, Jan. 21, 1899; d. Oct., 1966.

7- Wanda Louise Harris was born at Pennsboro, July 10, 1906; died Feb. 17, 1915 - Interment in the Wilbur Cemetery.

VI- Rosalie Myrtle Weekly, daughter of James Harrison and Isabelle Weekly, was born at Wilbur, at what is known as the Alex Stewart property, July 1, 1872. She was wed at the Fairview U.B. Church, Nov. 2, 1890, to Marvin Hathaway Nichols who was born at Shirley, W.Va., Feb. 27, 1867. Marvin was a son of Samuel Clevenger and Rachel Catherine (Weekley) Nichols.

Marvin was educated in the schools of Tyler County, W.Va., and at Lebanon, Ohio, where he pursued courses preparatory for teaching. He was a teacher for many years, and served as teacher examiner for the certification of teachers. He later served as secretary of the Board of Education in McElroy District. For many years he was deputy assessor for Tyler County. He was a devoted family man and a loyal churchman.

Children of Marvin Hathaway and Rosalie Myrtle (Weekly) Nichols are listed on the next page.


Page 30


1- Talmage B. O. Nichols, oldest child of Marvin and Rosalie (Weekly) Nichols, was born at Central Station, Doddridge County, W.Va., Aug. 30, 1892. Talmage spent most of his early life on a farm, near Shirley. He was graduated from the Tyler County High School, following which, he attended the Thomas Training School, Detroit, Michigan, where he completed courses in manual training and arts, and special courses completed at the Chicago Technical College, and at Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois, in the field of Industrial education. Talmage was wed to Florence Belle Osborne, June 18, 1915. Florence was born at Warren, Ohio, May 13, 1896. Children of Talmage and Florence Belle Nichols;-

1- Norma Jean, born at Kidwell, Tyler County, West Virginia, June 28, 1916. Norma Jean was wed to Woodrow W. Hume who was born at Williamsburg, W.Va, Dec. 28, 1914.

2- Richard James Nichols was born in Hanover, Pa., Dec. 13, 1919. Richard was wed to Ollie Mae McGuire of Charleston, W.Va., July 24, 1942. Ollie Mae was born, May 28, 1920.

Children of Richard James and Ollie Mae (McGuire) Nichols:-

a- Nancy Ocharne Nichols, born at Charleston, W.Va., April 16, 1945.

b- William Richard Nichols, born at Charleston, W.Va., Sep. 3, 1946.

c- Robert James Nichols, born at Charleston, W.Va., Oct. 17, 1954.

2- Wilbur Hess Nichols, 2nd son of Marvin and Rosalie (Weekly) Nichols, was born, April 19, 1894; died April 27, 1960. He was


Page 31


united in marriage to Esta Pearl Chapman at Athens, Ohio, Sep. 25, 1915. Esta was the daughter of Clinton and Velma (Richards) Chapman. Esta was born at Nina, W.Va., April 14, 1896.

Children born to Wilbur Hess and Esta Pearl Nichols:-

1- Helen Elaine Nichols, born at Shirley, W.Va., May 13, 1917, was wed to Robert Evans Chaney of Columbus, Ohio, Sep. 25, 1940, at Wheeling, W.Va. Robert was a son of Clay and Blanche Chaney of Columbus, Ohio.

Children of Robert Evans and Helen Elaine (Nichols) Chaney:-

a- Linda Elaine, born at Troy, Ohio, June 28, 1941.

b- Robert Evan, born at Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 5, 1945.

2- Elnore Louise Nichols, daughter of Wilbur Hess and Esta Pearl (Chapman) Nichols, was born at Central Station. W.Va., Aug. 14, 1918. She was wed to Joseph James Weishar of Wheeling, W.Va., Joseph, the son of Joseph David and Hedwig Weishar, was born, Nov. 27, 1941.

Children of Joseph and Elnore (Nichols) Weishar:-

a- Sandra Louise Weishar, born Nov. 2, 1943, at Wheeling.

b- Diana Lynn Weishar, born March 4, 1947 at Wheeling.

c- Thomas Joseph Weishar, born March 2, 1952 at Wheeling.

d- Joseph David Weishar, born Aug. 12, 1957 at Wheeling.

3- Warren Hathaway Nichols, son of Wilbur Hess and Esta Pearl (Chapman) Nichols, was born at Guysville, Ohio, Feb. 11, 1922. He was wed to Ruth Elaine Hooks of McAllen, Texas, Nov. 2, 1945, at McAllen, Texas. Ruth Elaine was a daughter of J.R. and Isla (Dorn) Hooks.


Page 32


Warren Hathaway Nichols was a major in the U.S. Air Force since 1942. In 1944 and 1945, he flew 57 missions in the 15th Air Force in Italy. He was shot down on his 21st/71st[?], this in Korea, Dec. 12, 1946. He has flown over the North Pole. He did a tour in Alaska in 1947-48, and again in 1953-54. He is a provost Marshall, and is now stationed at the A.F.B. in Greenville, Mississippi.

Children of Warren Hathaway and Ruth Elaine Nichols:-

a- Sheryl Elaine Nichols, born at McAllen, Tex., Dec. 12, 1946.

b- Garry Warren Nichols, born at Anchorage, Alaska, May 22, 1948.

c- Hollis Key Nichols, born at Sumpter, S.C., Nov. 22, 1951; died at birth.

d- Stephen Hathaway Nichols, born in Alexandria, La., Dec. 14, 1952.

3- Minnie Mabel Nichols, daughter of Marvin and Rosalie (Weekly) Nichols, was born at Pennsboro, Feb. 23, 1896. She was unmarried and lived with her mother in Middlebourne, Tyler County, W.Va.

4- Lula Maud Nichols, daughter of Marvin Hathaway and Rosalie (Weekly) Nichols, was born at Shirley, Tyler County, W.Va., Aug. 11, 1897. She was wed to Joseph W. Cooper, Nov. 6, 1921, at Rinehart, Harrison County, W.Va. Joseph was born, Oct. 29, 1890; died at Pennsboro, W.Va., Jan. 18, 1958.

5- Edna Pearl Nichols, daughter of Marvin Hathaway and Rosalie Myrtle (Weekly) Nichols, was born at Shirley, W.Va., and was wed to Clyde Tustin of Walnut Fork, Tyler County, W.Va., Clyde was born, Sep. 16, 1892, and Edna Pearl was born, Jan. 1, 1900. They were married at Oakland, Md.


Page 33


6- Pauline Belle Nichols, daughter of Marvin Hathaway and Rosalie Myrtle (Weekly) Nichols, was born at Shirley, W.Va., March 4, 1908; died Feb. 26, 1976 [death handwritten at later date]. She was wed to Erval Stanley Jameson, Jan. 2, 1929, at Oakland, Md. Erval was born at Medville, Tyler County, W.Va., Jan. 31, 1907, the son of W.W. and Alice (Alkire) Jameson of Parkersburg, W.Va. They had one child:-

1- Patty K. Jameson, born Sep. 20, 1929, at Wick, Tyler County, W.Va. Patty was wed to Jack Wilcox who was born - C. Jack Wilcox at Parkersburg, W.Va., Oct. 30, 1926.

Born to C. Jack and Patty K. Wilcox:-

a- Ricky D., born at Parkersburg, W.Va., May 3, 1948.

b- Mark Scott, born at New Martinsville, W.Va., Aug. 14, 1951.

c- Rita Paulette, born at New Martinsville, W.Va., Aug. 5, 1953.

VII- Charles Alexander Weekly, son of James Harrison and Isabelle (Weekley) Weekly, was born at Wilbur. Sep. 8, 1874. He was wed to Grace Clayton (born, March 20, 1875), daughter of John Spencer and Margaret (Mornerva) [Mernerva?] Clayton. Date of marriage, May, 1895. Grace was born at Pennsboro, W.Va.

Children of Charles Alexander and Grace (Clayton) Weekly:-

1- Earl C. Weekly, born July 3, 1896, at Pennsboro, was married to Jessie Dykes who was born at Ogden, Wood County, W.Va., June 29, 1900. They were wed at Parkersburg, W.Va., Apr. 28, 1918. Jessie was a daughter of Corvin and Mina L. (Richardson) Dykes.

Children born to Earl and Jessie (Dykes) Weekly:-

1- One son died soon after birth.

2- Evelyn Jeanette, born in Parkersburg, W.Va., July 3, 1931.


Page 34


2- Katherine Clair Weekly, daughter of Charles Alexander and Grace (Clayton) Weekly, was born in Pennsboro in 1897. Katherinw was wed to Ralph Van Camp. They reside in Michigan.

Charles Alexander Weekly was wed (2nd m.) June 4, 1958, to Anna C. Gatts, who was born in Wood County, W.Va., Nov. 8, 1887, a daughter of John H. and Mary (Lemon) Gatts. John H. Gatts was born in Burlington, Iowa, and his wife Mary was born in Wood Co., W.Va.

VIII- Libbie Diana Weekly, daughter of James Harrison and Isabelle (Weekley) Weekly, was born at Wilbur, Oct. 8, 1876; died June 25, 1878. Interment in the Wilbur Cemetery.

IX- Edmund Russell Weekly, son of James Harrison and Isabelle (Weekley) Weekly, was born at Wilbur, Dec. 29, 1878; died at Pennsboro, W.Va. in 1901, at the home of his brother-in-law and sister, Harvey and Mary Stella (Weekly) Harris. Edmund never wed.

X- Boyd Homer Weekly, son of James Harrison and Isabelle (Weekley) Weekly, was born on Pratts Run, near Wilbur, April 15, 1881; died in Shreveport, Louisiana, Jan. 20, 1949. He was united in marriage to Bertha Havens, Feb. 2, 1902. Bertha was born Jan. 16, 1883 in Eldred, Pa., daughter of Franklin S. and Lillian (Threehouse) Havens.

After living many years in the Clarksburg, W.Va. area where he was employed by the Libby-Owens Glass Company, he was loaned to their Shreveport, Louisiana Plant, while said plant was under construction, to oversee the installation of the equipment in the power plant. The Libby-Owens- Ford Company then asked him to stay on as its chief engineer. He was the company's chief engineer from the beginning of its operation at Shreveport until the time of his death.


Page 35


X- Boyd Homer, Continued

Part or all the time that Boyd Homer was chief engineer of the Shreveport plant, he also was safety engineer. He served as plant manager for two years, after the death of the regular manager. He was also retained in an advisory capacity long after he had reached retirement age. He was affectionately known throughout the plant as "Chief".

Boyd Homer Weekly was a good citizen and loyal churchman, serving for many years on the official board of his church. He was buried in beautiful Forest Park Cemetery in Shreveport, a cemetery of perpetual care.

Children of Boyd Homer and Bertha (Havens) Weekly:-

1- Carleton Buton Weekly, born in Clarksburg, W.Va., June 26, 1908. Carleton was wed to Elizabeth Camp, Oct. 25, 1934. Elizabeth (Mary Elizabeth) was born in Claiborne Parish, La., Nov. 15, 1909. She was a daughter of Thomas Wesley and Lillian Ma[i?] (Burnham) Camp.

XI- Lloyd Omer Weekly was a twin brother of Boyd Homer Weekly, and was born on Pratts Run, near Wilbur, April 15, 1881. He was wed to Pearl Riggs who was born at Smithburg, W.Va., Aug. 27, 1883. Pearl was a daughter of Enoch Haddox and Rhoda (James) Riggs.

Children born to Lloyd Omer and Pearl (Riggs) Weekly:-

1- Rexal Garnet Weekly was born in Parkersburg, W.Va., Sep. 22, 1905; died at Pennsboro, Jan. 21, 1950. Rexal was wed to Helen

Irene Magee who was born in Marietta, Ohio, Feb. 6, 1907.


Page 36


Children of Rexal and Irene (Magee) Weekly:-

1- Barbara Jo, born at Pennsboro, Jan. 6, 1931.

2- Nellie Woodford Weekly, born at Pennsboro, Feb. 23, 1933.

2- Ralph Riggs Weekly, 2nd son of Omer and Pearl (Riggs) Weekly, was born at Pennsboro, May 23, 1907. He was wed to Orpha Weaver, who was born at Harrisville, W.Va., Dec. 22, 1912. Ralph Riggs Weekly served in the Army Signal Corps in World War II.

Children born to Ralph and Orpha (Weaver) Weekly:-

1- Ronald Ralph Weekly, born at Harrisville, W.Va., July, 1933

2- Michel Gary Weekly, born Oct. 10, 1939.

3- Sandra Jo Weekly, born March 6, 1941.

XII- Lula May Weekly, daughter of James Harrison and Isabelle (Weekley) Weekly, was born at Camp , Doddridge County, W.Va., April 21, 1883. She never wed. She died Dec. 1909, at the home of her brother.

XII- Amma Leona Weekly, daughter of James Harrison and Isabelle (Weekley) Weekly, was born on Pratts Run, near Wilbur, May 17, 1886; died at West Union, Dec. 25, 1930. She was wed to Brennie Blaine Underwood, May 9, 1903. Brennie, the son of Valentine and Laura (Vansickle) Underwood, was born near Alma, Tyler County, W.Va. Sep. 22, 1882; died Oct. 9, 1912. Brennie and Amma Leona rest side by side in the Wilbur Cemetery.

Children of Brennie and Amma Leona (Weekly) Underwood:-

1- Gerald Bernard, born near Alma, Tyler County, Feb. 9, 1904; died March 31, 1904 - Interment in the Wilbur Cemetery.

(Brennie and Amma's children - continued on next page)


Page 37


2- Eula Clarice Underwood, daughter of Brennie Blaine and Amma Leona Underwood, was born near Alma, Tyler County, W.Va., July 22, 190 [copy on edge of paper cut off]. She was wed to Wanda D. Burdette, Nov. 24, 1924.

Born to Wanda D. and Eula Clarice (Underwood) Burdette:-

1- Patricia Louise Burdette, born Sep. 7, 1930. Patricia Louise was wed to James Palmer. They were the parents of one daughter.

2- Leona Lee Burdette, 2nd daughter of Wanda and Clarice Burdette, born April 9, 1934, wed Dale Richmond.

3- Edith Isabelle Underwood, daughter of Brennie Blaine and Amma Leona (Weekly) Underwood, was born at Pennsboro, July 5, 1907. Edith was wed to Cletus Denham Chelfant who was born at Huntington, W.Va., April 29, 1895. Cletus was a son of Claborne Ellis and Gertrude (Clark) Chalfant. Claborne Ellis was born, April 10, 1867, and his wife Gertrude was born, Sep. 26, 1872.

Children of Cletus and Edith Isabelle (Underwood) Chalfant:-

1- James Donald Chalfant, born at West Union, W.Va., July 7, 1923, was wed to Betty Jean Adams in Cleveland, Ohio, March 12, 1954. Betty Jean was a daughter of Benjamin Hughes and Mary Ann (Luttrell) Adams. Betty Jean was born, Oct. 28, 1929, in Dubach, Louisiana.

Children of James Donald and Betty Jean (Adams) Chalfant:-

a- James Donald Chalfant Jr., born in Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 12, 1954.

b- Jane Dennis Chalfant, born in Cleveland, Ohio, June 11, 1957.

2- Frederick Cletus Chalfant, 2nd son of Cletus Denham and Edith (Underwood) Chalfant, was born in West Union, W.Va., Feb. 9, 1925. He served 6 1/2 years in the U.S. Air Service.


Page 38


[The author jumps from child 2 to child 4]

4- Edna Lucille Underwood, daughter of Brennie Blaine and Amma Leona (Weekly) Underwood, was born April 26, 1910. She married John D. Lawrence MacIsaac March 5, 1954.

Children of John and Lucille MacIsaac:-

1- Joan Carol

2- Cathryn Aileen

3- Beth

5- Bernice Blaine Underwood, youngest child of Brennie Blaine and Amma Leona (Weekly) Underwood, was born at West Union, W.Va., April 7, 1913, nearly six months after the death of her father. She died in West Union, Oct. 28, 1918, with interment in the Wilbur Cemetery.

Amma Leona (Weekly) Underwood was wed (2nd marriage) to Charles Ellis Shannon, Nov. 1918. Charles Ellis Shannon was born at Deep Valley, Doddridge County, W.Va., and was the son of Lewis Cass and Louisa (Duckworth) Shannon who were respected settlers of Deep Valley. Charles Ellis Shannon died, Oct. 1922 and was buried in the West Union Cemetery.

Children born to Charles E. and Amma Leona Shannon:-

1- Louis Cass Shannon, born at West Union, W.Va., March [ ]0, 1919 [Bad copy].

2- Charles Ellis Shannon was born at West Union, June 26, 1921; died May 29, 1946.

This concludes the record of James Harrison and Isabelle (Weekley) Weekly, except for the lone survivor of their children, Edith Isabelle Scott, who now (April, 1968) lives at 543 W. Pike St., Clarksburg, W.Va. -For Etta's history, see the following pages-


Page 39


XIV- Etta Isabelle Weekly. The youngest and only surviving child (as of May, 1968) of James Harrison and Isabelle (Weekley) Weekly, was born on Pratts Run, near Wilbur, Tyler County, West Virginia, October 29, 1888. She was united in marriage to James Stone, at Pennsboro, West Virginia, November 26, 1905. James, the son of Cornelius and Mary (Holiday) Stone, was born September 6, 1884; died March 20, 1935. His remains lie in a vault in the Masonic Cemetery in Clarksburg, West Virginia. His widow Etta is to [be] placed in the vault, near James, at her demise. Cornelius Stone, father of James was a native of Little Rock, Arkansas. The mother, Mary (Holiday) Stone was a native of Morganville, West Virginia.

Etta Isabelle Stone wed for her 2nd husband, Charles D. Scott, February 3, 1940, at Morristown, Tennessee. Charles was born at Harrisville (Oil Ridge), West Virginia, October 21, 1889. He was the son of William Herman and Mary Virginia (Cowan) Scott. Charles D. Scott died Nov. 13, 1965 [death date handwritten at later date], and is interred beside his sister in the Masonic Cemetery, Clarksburg, West Virginia.

(Note:- The major part of this Weekly - Weekley history was compiled by Etta Isabelle (Weekly) (Stone) Scott, who now lives at 543 W. Pike Street, Clarksburg, W.Va. The material was organized and typed by her cousin, Henry A. Davis of Pennsboro, W.Va.).

- Henry A. Davis


Page 40


"When I was four years of age, my father, James Harrison Weekly, moved our family from Wilbur, Tyler County, W.Va. to Pennsboro, Ritchie County, W.Va.; and, for the next few years, he owned and operated the Brown Hotel- later, the McCullough Hotel- in Pennsboro, in addition to his being associated with his sons, Elisha Z. and Virgil S. in the grocery and produce business. A few years later, my father had a desire to return to his childhood surroundings where he had lived, and which he loved; so we were again living at Wilbur. It was there that we lived close to the Fairview Church and near the school which I attended.

I became a member of the U.B. Church at an early age, during the pastorate of F.G. Radabaugh. After the death of our mother, April 12, 1903, my father, with my sister Lula May and I, returned to Pennsboro where my uncle, Rev. George Weekley, was a pastor in the U.B. Church for many years.

I count myself fortunate to be privileged in the pleasant task of reviewing the lives of our beloved forefathers. As we reviewed their history, we should be especially grateful for the religious heritage they bequeathed to us. May we all deeply appreciate the preservation of those ideals which are engraved on our memory- They are our greatest treasure."

- Etta Isabelle Scott

Afterword - "I am now a member of the First United Presbyterian Church of Clarksburg, W.Va., an ordained deacon in the church, a member of the Wilson Bible Class, a member of the Women's Association of the church, and I work whenever and wherever needed, and am thankful for the privilege."

- Etta Isabelle Scott.


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WEEKLY - Weekley

Weekly and Weekleys of record in the Civil War


Daniel Weekley (1826-1908) served in the 14th W.Va. Volunteer Regiment of Infantry, 1862-1865.

Isaiah Weekley (1838-1931) served in the 14th W.Va. Regiment of Infantry, enlisting in the same outfit and on the same day as his half brother Daniel.

George Weekly (1842-1926), Isaiah's brother, served from 1862 to 1865 in Company M, Sixth W.Va. Volunteer Regiment of Infantry.

William W. Pratt, husband of Isaiah and George Weekley's sister, Ethelinda (Weekley) Pratt, also served in the 14th W.Va. Volunteer Regiment of Infantry.

James Harrison Weekly (1840-1914), husband of Isabelle (Weekley) Weekly, and brother-in-law of the above named Isaiah and George, served in the same 14th Volunteer Regiment with his brothers-in-law, Isaiah and George, for three years.


The pension records show that James Harrison Weekly applied for a pension from the U.S. Government, because of Permanent disability, on April 26, 1906, from Pennsboro, W.Va.

Attest: (1) G.W. Weekly

(2) Laura C. Underwood


This application stated that James Harrison Weekly enrolled in the service on Aug. 8, 1862, at Middlebourne, W.Va., in Company E, 14th W.Va. Volunteers to serve for three years or during the duration of the war, and that he was honorably discharged at Wheeling, W.Va., July 3, 1865.

- Signed, James H. Weekly


Statement was made in the Adjutant General's Office, Washington, D.C., Oct. 16, 1876, as to his war service as stated above. He was properly mustered out of service at Cumberland, Md., June 27, 1865- just 6 days before the issuing of his honorable discharge.


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1- Robert Davis ( -1794) m: Susannah ___________ ( -1795)

2- Robert Davis (I) ( -1825) m: ______________

3- Robert Davis (1782-1863 or 64) m: Mary Koon

4- Robert Davis (1802-1898) m: Rebecca Ash (1813-1873)

m: Margaret Davis (1801-1869)

5- Daniel Davis (1850-1922) m: Margaret Duff (1865-1956)

6- Henry A. Davis (1887- ) m: Edna Swisher (1887-1964)

m: Carrie L. Buzzard (2nd m.)




Thomas Weekly (1754-1843) m: Rachel _________ ( )

James Weekly (1775-1865) m: Jane ___________ (1786-____)

John Weekly (1809-1895) m: Elizabeth Underwood (1807-1887)

James H. Weekly (1840-1914) m: Isabelle Weekley (1846-1903)

Isabelle m: Jacob Weekley (1787- )

Etta Weekly (1888- ) m: James Stone (1884-1935)

m: Charles D. Scott (1889-19____)


Page 43

WEEKLEY- Tyler County Census, 1850

Code: Mw equals male, white. Fw equals female,white

1 at extreme right, wed within the year.

2 at extreme right, attended school within the year.

3 at extreme right, cannot read nor write.


50- Samuel Weekley (farmer) $500. - - age 49 mw Va

Levina Weekley 44 fw Va

James Weekley 16 mw Va

Mary Weekley 13 fw Va

Margaret Weekley 11 fw Va

Elizabeth Weekley 9 fw Va

Mariah Weekley 7 fw Va

Virginia Weekley 4 fw Va


66- Sarah Weekley 30 fw Va

Benjamin Weekley 5 mw Va


Marion Weekley 3 mw Va

Tailor Weekley 2 mw Va

Jane Weekley 7/12 fw Va


70- James Weekley (farmer) $800. 65 mw Pa -3

Jane Weekley 64 fw Va -3


72 Israel Weekley (farmer) 24 mw Va

Elizabeth Weekley 26 fw Va -3

Lettice Weekley 10 fw Va

Harrison Weekley 7 mw Va

Samantha Weekley 4 fw Va

Jane Weekley 2 fw Va

Mary Weekley 6/12 fw Va


80- Levi Weekley (farmer) 35 mw Va


Mary Weekley 30 fw Va

Mahaley Weekley 12 fw Va

Melvina Weekley 10 fw Va

Lorenzo Weekley 4 mw Va

Jackson Weekley 2 mw Va

Leviny Weekley 5/12 fw Va


87- Samuel Weekley 31 mw Va

Michel or Michael Weekley 26 fw Va -3

Delila Weekley 5 fw Va

Elizabeth Weekley 3 fw Va

Susan Weekley 2 fw Va


93- Thomas Weekley (farmer), $200. 23 mw Va -1

Jane Weekley 20 fw -1


Page 44

WEEKLEY, Tyler County Census, 1850


96- John Weekley (farmer) 27 mw Va

Jane Weekley 27 or 29 [bad copy] fw Va

Elizabeth Weekley 9 fw Va

Oliver Weekley 7 mw Va

Rachel Weekley 3 fw Va

Matilda Weekley 1 fw va


98- Nancy Weekley 83 fw Va

Amanda Weekley 2 fw Va

Louisa Weekley 23 fw Va

Eliza Weekley 2 fw Va

Manerva Weekley 1 mw Va

Prudence Weekley $200. 50 fw Va

Joseph Weekley 12 mw Va


120- Nancy Weekley 44 fw Va -3

Isaac Weekley 23 mw Va -3

Sarah Weekley 22 fw Va

Catherine Weekley 20 fw Va -3

Cassa Weekley 18 fw Va

John Weekley 15 mw Va

Amanda Weekley 2 fw Va


142- John Weekley (farmer, $250.) 40 mw Va

Elizabeth Weekley 43 fw Va

William Weekley 20 mw Va

Rebecca Weekley 18 fw Va

Hannah Weekley 15 fw Va

Leah Weekley 12 fw Va

James Weekley 10 mw Va

Zane Weekley 8 mw Va


Jane Weekley 4 fw Va

John Weekley 4 mw Va


162- Daniel Weekley (farmer, $250.) 24 mw Va


164- Jacob Weekley (farmer, $2000.) 63 mw Va

Margaret Weekley 49 fw Va -3

Isaiah Weekley 12 mw Va

Elisha Weekley 10 mw Va

George Weekley 8 mw Va

Isabelle Weekley 4 fw Va

Note: Ethelinda Weekley, the oldest child of Jacob and Margaret, is listed in brace 514, with the John Lemon family.


Page 45



332- Thomas Weekley (Constable) 38 mw Va

Christian Weekley 31 fw Va

Darcus Weekley 3 fw Va

Mary Weekley 2 fw Va

Rachel Weekley 2/12 fw Va

Elias Roberts 11 mw Va


477- Levi Weekley (farmer) 35 mw Va

Elizabeth Weekley 25 fw Pa

Samuel Weekley (farmer) 23 mw Va

Margaret Asher 60 fw Pa

Montreville Asher (farmer) 29 mw Pa


537- Thomas Weekley (farmer) 35 mw Va

Hannah Weekley 25 fw Va

Louisa Weekley 8 fw Va


George Weekley 6 mw Va

Richard Weekley 4 mw Va

Jane Weekley 1 fw Va



680 Stephen Weekley 29 mw Va

Nancy Weekley 28 fw Va

Emaline Weekley 8 fw Va

Joseph Weekley 7 mw Va

Thomas Weekley 5 mw Va

Elijah Weekley 1 mw Va


714- Oath Weekley (Stonemason) 40 mw Va

Elizabeth Weekley 37 fw Del.

Levi Weekley 16 mw Va

William Weekley 15 mw Va

Elmore Weekley 13 mw Va


George Weekley 11 mw Va

Rachel Weekley 9 fw Va

Marion Weekley 4 mw Va


845- Sarah Weekley 20 fw Va

(Listed in the William Stealey brace)


NOTE- The foregoing census records are from a copy from Mrs. Dwight Curtis, 501 Short Road, Santa Rosa, Calif. 95405.

-signed Henry A. Davis