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WEEKLEY Family of Frederick Co., Maryland and Tyler Co., West Virginia

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1.1.Thomas WEEKLEY, Sr. was born ca 1754 in Frederick Co., Md and he died Nov. 27, 1843 in Tyler Co, (W)VA. He enlisted 1 June 1776 in the "Flying Camp" 1st. Battilion, MD Militia in Capt. Campbell's Co. in the Battles of York Island & White Plains. He was discharged Dec. 1776 and, in 1776 and he substituted for John Thrasher under Capt. Frazure. In 1778, Thomas, Sr. served under Capt. Sly and he received a pension in 1833 in Tyler Co. The file is VA Revolutionary War Pension file # 22680, #6343 (Reference: "West Virginians In The Revolution, by R. B. Johnston, p. 297.)

+ Rachel (b 1754-July 24, 1842 Tyler Co, (W)VA) married about 1782

2.1. John WEEKLEY b March 4, 1790 Washington Co., Pa; d July 15, 1878 Marietta Run, Ritchie, W.Va.; Buried in Highland Cemetery Ritchie, W.Va.

+ Elizabeth GATRELL (1798-1822) on June 1814 Tyler Co, (W) VA; d/o Stephen GATRELL and Sarah

3.1.Dorcas Elizabeth WEEKLEY b1814 Tyler Co, (W) VA

3.2.Rachel WEEKLEY b 1816 Tyler Co, (W) VA; d 1852

3.3.Mary Ellen WEEKLEY b Dec. 28,1818 Tyler Co., (W)VA; d Jan.15, Grant Dist., Ritchie, W.Va.

+ Hillary H. PRATT

3.4. Stephen WEEKLEY b 1820 Tyler Co, (W)VA; d 1886

3.5.Thomas WEEKLEY b 1822, Tyler Co, (W)VA

+ Sarah Ann JARRET/GERRARD Married: 1824; d Jan. 26,1864 Ritchie Co., W.Va.; Buried: Highland Cemetery Ritchie, W.Va.; d/o Justus JARRETT/GIRARD and Rhoda MERCHANT

3.6.Jane WEEKLEY b 1825 Tyler Co, (W)VA

3.7.Rhoda M. WEEKLEY b 1827 Tyler Co, (W)VA; d 1852

3.8.Richard WEEKLEY b 1830 Tyler Co, (W)VA; d 1897

3.9.Justus WEEKLEY b 1831 Tyler Co, (W)VA; d 1900

3.10.Elizabeth WEEKLEY B 1832 Tyler Co, (W)VA; d 1856

3.11.Sarah WEEKLEY b Oct. 11,1835 Tyler Co., (W)VA; d May 4,1910 Ritchie, W.VA.

3.12.John Andrew Jackson WEEKLEY b 1837 Tyler Co, (W)VA; d 1913

+ Orpha SLOCUM (1839-1881) married in 1857; d/o Oswald SLOCUM and Rachel ( )

2.2. James WEEKLEY b 1784; d 1865

+Jane ( )

3.1. John WEEKLEY b1809/1810; d 1895; Occupation: farmer; both buried in Wilbur Chapel Cemetery, Tyler Co, WV

+ Elizabeth UNDERWOOD b. 1807 d. Feb. 11, 1887 d/o William S. UNDERWOOD and Mary Hannah WILLIS;

4.1.William WEEKLEY b. 1830

+ Sarah PRATT on Dec. 16, 1852 

4.2.Rebecca WEEKLEY b. 1832

+ Alfred FERGUSON on Aug. 9, 1847

4.3.Hannah WEEKLEY b. May 19,1835 d. June 12, 1881

+ Perry PRATT on Dec. 12,1852

4.4.Leah "Tizzy" WEEKLEY b. April 12,1838 d. Jan. 12.1930

+ Isaac WEEKLEY on Aug. 22,1855

4.5.James WEEKLEY b. May 10,1840 d. 1914

+ Isabelle WEEKLEY on June 7,1860

4.6.Zane WEEKLEY b. 1843 d. April 15, 1924; Officer Nov. 22,1866 in CW


4.7.Emily Jane WEEKLEY b. 1846

+ John BAKER on April 26,1866

4.8.John WEEKLEY b 1846 d. Nov. 3,1878

+ Susan BOONER on Jan. 26,1855

2.3.Thomas WEEKLEY b 1785; d 1832-1834 (References: Howard L. Lecky, " The TenMile Country And Its Pioneer Families", 1970, Pg. 495. Lecky has the will and children of  Thomas Weekley Jr. listed but not the children of Thomas Weekley Sr. This information is also from "History of Tyler County West Virginia To 1984"; Carole at


+ Mary

3.1 Otho WEEKLEY b. 1810

+ Elizabeth KEMP

4.1. Levi D. WEEKLEY b July 12, 1833 Tyler Co., (W)VA; d April 28, 1913 Jacksonburg, Wetzel Co, WV; Civil War 10th WV Co. "E" from March 10, 1862 to May 7, 1865 (Reference- Presidents Soldiers, Statesmen by Hardesty, page 1235.). He was in the Tyler Co census 1860 -1880. In the 1900 Tyler Co. census, Levi and Nancy are found in Postly Booker's household. In 1910 Wetzel Co, WV, Levi is living with his daughter Virginia Cunningham. Both Levi and Nancy are buried at Martin Flats Cemetery in Golmish, Wetzel Co, WV. Nancy's stone records her birth as Dec. 18, 1848. Her marriage record said she was 14 years old when she got married, making her birthday 1841. Additional sources: FTM # 3260

+ Nancy H. FORESTER on May 8, 1856 Tyler Co, (W)VA; b Nov. 18, 1840 Tyler Co, (W)VA; d March 27, 1901; d/o John and Barbara FORESTER



5.3. Perry Washington WEEKLEY b Sept. 1858; d July 31, 1929 Wood Co, WV; buried in Wilbur Chapel Cemetery, Tyler Co, WV; stone reads 1859-- "Father" (no death date); Tyler Co. birth records page 31 shows a Ray Weekley b. Sept. 3, 1859 s/o Levi & Nancy Weekley. Could this be Perry? Perry is found in 1900 Tyler Co. census.

+ Samantha S. CUNNINGHAM on Sept. 9, 1883 Wetzel Co, WV; b July 1861; d 1921; d/o Robert T. and Isabell CUNNINGHAM; buried WCC; stone reads 1861-1921 Mother "Gone but not forgotten"

6.1. Florence WEEKLEY b. May 1884

6.2. Stella D. WEEKLEY b. Nov. 1885

6.3. Rosa WEEKLEY b. Feb. 1887

6.4.Anna B. WEEKLEY b. April 7, 1889; d. April 28, 1911; Buried: Wilbur Chapel Cemetery Tyler Co WV; stone reads "Dau of P.W. & S.S. Weekley"

4.2. Mary Ellen WEEKLEY

+ John Francis STEPHENS

5.1. Margaret E. "Maggie" Stephens

+ Dayton Ed Way

4.3.William W. WEEKLEY

4.4. Elmore W. WEEKLEY

4.5. George W. WEEKLEY

4.6. Rachel Jane WEEKLEY

4.7. Francis Marion WEEKLEY


3.2. Thomas III WEEKLEY b.1812

3.3. Levi M. WEEKLEY b.1814

3.4. Mary WEEKLEY b.1816

3.5. Charlotte WEEKLEY B.1819

3.6. James WEEKLEY b.1820

3.7. Michal WEEKLEY b.1821

3.8. Another child, name unknown, b.1826; d.1832

2.4. Richard WEEKLEY b 1788; d 1848

2.5. Levi WEEKLEY b 1794; d 1834

3.1.Samuel WEEKLEY

4.1.Silas WEEKLEY

+ Melissa STULL

5.1.Emery WEEKLEY b March 8, 1911 Tyler Co. WV; Died: Jan. 29, 1974 Friendly, WV

+ Doris Mildred MILLER b June 18, 1915; d/o Barnett MILLER & Allena BUCHANAN

Emery had a farm near Friendly WV named 'Home City.' He worked in Weirton at a steel mill. Their first three sons were born in Weirton, W.Va. Shortly before their forth child was born they moved to Friendly. Emery worked for the B & O Railroad until his death. A picture of Emery & Doris can be found on page 493 of the Tyler Co. History.

5.2. Thornton WEEKLEY b Aug. 24, 1891 Wetzel Co, WV; d Dec. 23, 1980 Wood Co, WV

+ Martha ASH married on Dec. 25, 1914 Ashley, WV

6.1.Ora P. WEEKLEY

+ Dora SEESE b March 21, 1896 Tyler Co, WV; d Dec. 4, 1974 Wood Co, WV; d/o James D. SEESE and Minerva BATES; buried at Masonic Park Cemetery, West Union WV; Source: Ora P. Weekley, Jr. of Williamstown, WV; Dora's Obit: Tricounty Obits, Vol. II, page 112

2.6. Sarah WEEKLEY b 1792

2.7. Mary WEEKLEY b 1797; d 1875



3.1. Elizabeth ANDERSON b.1828


3.2. Martha ANDERSON b. Nov. 1, 1839; d. Feb. 8, 1891, Tyler Co., (W)Va. 

Her tombstone is one of three on a hillside outside Muddy Creek at the mouth of

Doe Run. The other two are Robert Anderson and Mary Weekley her parents.


3.3. John ANDERSON b.1829


+ Lucretia CARROLL married Sept. 22. 1861


4.1. James ANDERSON b.1867

4.2. Berkley ANDERSON b. Sept. 4, 1868

4.3. Mattie ANDERSON b.1875

4.4. Charles R. ANDERSON b. Jan. 1, 1879


3.4. Robert ANDERSON b. Feb. 12, 1832; d.15 March 1894


+ Rachel ANDERSON b. Jan. 8, 1840; d. May 2, 1901; both are buried in Alf Smith

Cemetery in Tyler Co.,WV.  Alf Smith Cemetery is on Rt. 18 out of

Middlebourne.  It is close to Mt. Aris Cemetery where others are buried.


4.1. John W. ANDERSON b. 10 May 1857; d. in infancy

4.2. Louisa ANDERSON "Eliza Jane"  b. 1858; d.1887

+ John William Cyrus SOLE

 4.3. Rymer ANDERSON "Henry Antonio" b. 25 July 1860; died 15 July 1940,

+ Anna Belle McGEORGE

4.4. Daniel William ANDERSON b. 1863

+ Olive SMITH

4.5. Thomas Edward ANDERSON b. 17 Aug. 1865; d. 26 Feb. 1926

4.6. James Milton ANDERSON b. 1866; d.1938

+ Bertha LAWSON married Oct. 16, 1894

4.7. Robert Phillip ANDERSON b. 1868,

4.8. Franklin Richard ANDERSON b. 25 March 1872; d.15

July 1921 after being struck and killed by a train

+ Roseanna M. HAMILTON

+ Etta Francis HAMILTON

5.1. Gladys ANDERSON

+ Everett RUCKLE

4.9. Sarah Elizabeth ANDERSON b.1874; d.1918


4.10. Mary Emily ANDERSON b.1876; d.1935; never married

4.11. Levi Baker ANDERSON b.1878; d. 29 Jan. 1959

+ Esta Mae WEEKLEY

4.12. Rachel Mahala Rose Etta ANDERSON married 03 Sept. 1880

4.13. Lydia Adeline ANDERSON b. 1882


4.14. Charlie Barney ANDERSON b.18 March 1888; never married

3.5. Mary ANDERSON b. 1830/32


3.6. Ruth ANDERSON b. 1834/1835

+ William WEEKLEY s/o Oath and Elizabeth WEEKLEY

3.7. Thomas D. ANDERSON b. 1835/1840

+ Rachel P. KELLER

3.8. Mahala ANDERSON b. 23 March 1840; d.13 April 1913; never married;

Mahala is buried in Mt. Aris Cemetery in Middlebourne, Tyler Co., West Virginia in Tyler


2.8. Samuel WEEKLEY b 1801



CEMETERY INFORMATION: HEBRON METHODIST CHURCH CEMETERY DIRECTIONS: From State Route 2 in St. Mary's - State Route 16, 8.5 miles to county line; left on County Route 30, 5.5 miles to County Route 32; right 2.1 miles to County Route 5; continue on Route 32, 100 feet and park vehicle; walk up dirt road 0.1 miles to unused church with cemetery behind. A Methodist Protestant organization was formed here in the early 1860's. During the previous 30-35 years of settlement, the cemetery at Pine Grove was used. John McGregor, Nathan Morgan, John Odell, William Piles, T. P. Pratt, L. C. Shingleton, J. W. Simonton, David, Wagner, Thomas Weekley and M. Williamson were among early members.


Prudence Weekley ____ 03/22/1863 71y 1m 20d, w/o Richard

Thomas Weekley ____ 12/13/1876 59y 6m 3d

Hannah Weekley ____ 08/23/1871 43y 2_d, w/o T.


Documents and Sites of interest

Thanks to Carlton Weakley for passing this information on to me.

This is a site for "Early Virginia Religious Petitions." choose Culpeper County. There are various surnames of interest to this site such as Pratt and Weekley (Jacob). Look for the signature sections. They are scattered throughout the documents and some of the documents are a number of pages long. Some of the Pratt signatures are at Nov 2, 1785 Culpeper against assessment Image 3. A lot of good information is on their home page at:

Land Grants for Weekleys:

The University of Virginia has downloadable land documents in tif format at Go directly here for the Weeks/Weakley/Weekley card

Land Office Patents and Grants ~ Grants No.67 1817-1818 James Weekley p. 76

Land Office Patents and Grants ~ Grants No.89 1838-1839 Richard Weekley and John T. Lacy p. 67

Land Office Patents and Grants ~ Grants K 1783-1784 Robert Weekly p. 539

Land Of Land Office Patents and Grants Thomas Weakley

Land Office Patents and Grants ~ Grants No.112 1855-1856 William Weekley Pg. 439

Land Office Patents and Grants ~ Patents No.7 1679-1689 (VOL.1 & VOL.2) Pg. 52 Abraham Weeks and

Hugh Williams (purchased from Henry Corbyn)



1. Relatives

2. Nancy Gates

3. Nancy Pratt (see Perry Pratt)

 4. Minnie Lowther's History of Ritchie County

5. Samuel Weekley genealogy provided by Joann Cupp at

6. Carole Richardson

7. Lecky, Howard L., "The TenMile Country And Its Pioneer Families", 1970, Pg. 495.

8. "History of  Tyler County West Virginia To 1984"

WEEKLEY or WEEKLY FAMILY TREES, Compiled by Etta Isabelle (Weekly) (Stone) Scott, organized and typed by her cousin Henry A. Davis , 1968