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JAMES PRATT Family of Preston Co, West Virginia


These are the known facts for the family of James and Sarah HOWARD PRATT family and descendents. We are still not sure what the relationship is between James and JOHN PRATT f/o Henry, Hillary b 1826, Perry b 1831, and John W. Pratt b.1841 but we are including this information in the hopes that other cousins can help. See References. Also see Birth, Death, and Marriage Information.

The following information comes from Mortonís "History of Preston County."

James Pratt came from Virginia and settled in Lyons about 1825. He first lived on the George W. Orr place and then located permanently near the heads of Birds Creek. John, his son, was in the war of 1812."

1.1. James PRATT b ca 1780c d ca 1846/1849

+ _____GOLDWIN

NOTE: This first wife GOLDWIN may be James's mother.

+ Sarah HOWARD of NJ on Sept. 6, 1810 Harrison Co., VA.

2.1. John PRATT b ca 1812; lived in Preston Co, WV; grave not found


3.1. Maria PRATT b ca 1832

3.2. Nancy PRATT b ca 1834

3.3. Sarah K. PRATT b ca 1837

3.4. Clarissa PRATT b ca 1839

3.5. Mary E. PRATT b ca 1841

3.6. Amanda PRATT b ca 1843

3.7. John W. PRATT b February 28, 1846; January 9, 1918 (References: War of 1812 pension application, records of Preston Co., WV, grave markers, 1880 Preston Co., WV census)

+ Charlotte H. Haskill/Hiskill [spelled both ways in pension application]

From the records of Preston Co., WV comes the following information:

Death Record

Died January 9, 1918, John W. Pratt b February 28, 1846.Father John

Pratt; Mother Mary Snyder.72 years, 11months, 9 days.Diabetis



March 4, 1874 Charles W. Pratt, Lyon District

Father John W. Pratt

Mother Charlotte H. Pratt


July 27, 1875 William Clark Pratt, Lyon District

Father John Wesley Pratt

Mother Charlotte Heiskell


January 3, 1885, Orpha Bell Pratt, Preston

Father Jno W. Pratt

Mother Charlotte H. Pratt


From the grave of John W. Pratt:born February 28, 1846 and died January 9, 1918.

Charlotte H. Pratt was born April 16, 1845 and died March 5, 1919.They are buried in the Pratt Cemetery, Preston County.


1880 Census Preston County LO28

John W. Pratt WM 34 VAVAVA

Charlotte H. WF 35 Wife HKVAVAVA

Eliza J.WF 13 Dau

Amos R. WM 10 Son

Charles W. WM 6 Son

Wm. C. WM Son


Samuel Hose was the uncle of John W. He gives deposition for John W. in the War of 1812 pension application.

3.8. William PRATT b ca 1852

3.9. Charles Nelsen PRATT b Nov. 5, 1853 Drains Threefork Creek

3.10. Charles H. PRATT b ca 1855††††

††††††††††† 2. 2.Joseph PRATT b ca 1815, d 24 July, 1851; lived in Preston Co, WV; buried at Scotch Hill Cemetery,

Preston Co., WV

+ Nancy SHAHAN

3.1. Abraham PRATT b ca 1839

3.2. Mariah PRATT b ca 1836

3.3. Ara F. PRATT b ca 1840

3.4. Richard PRATT b ca 1842

+ Sarah A. BELL

4.1. James R. PRATT b ca 1865

4.2. William D. PRATT b ca 1864, d Oct. 1871

4.3. Joseph M. PRATT b ca 1867

4.4. Charles H. PRATT b ca 1868 d 1892

4.5. Sarah J. PRATT b ca 1870 d 2 Oct., 1871

4.6. George W. PRATT b ca 1870, d 30 Dec., 1870

4.7. Sopha F. B. PRATT b ca 1871, d 1899 

4.8. John H. PRATT b ca 1873

4.9. Maggie M. PRATT b ca 1875

4.10. Nathaniel Aaron Burr PRATT b ca 1878

4.11. Martin L. PRATT b ca 1880

4.12. Frank Benjamin PRATT b 23 Mar. 1883, d 28 Oct. 1975

3.5. William PRATT b ca 1847

2.3. Henry PRATT

+ Louisa COOL SHAVER †††††

2.4. Solomon PRATT b ca 1818; lived in Preston Co, WV; grave has not been found

+ Nancy WOLFE

3.1. Amaziah PRATT b ca 1842

3.2. Mary E. PRATT b ca 1843

3.3. Phebe J. PRATT b ca 1845

3.4. Rebecca E. PRATT b ca 1848

3.5. Ida A. PRATT b ca 1850

3.6. John A. PRATT b July 12, 1854 Waters Threefork

3.7. Almeda PRATT b April 2, 1857 Three Forks Creek

+ John William WILES at his ______ Dec. 23, 1894

3.8. Emma Louise PRATT b March 21, 1859 Birds Creek

3.9. Benjamin PRATT b ca 1861

3.10 James Allen PRATT b Birds Creek d March 9,1853 of Croup 8 mos 21; buried Pratt Cemetery?


2.5. James PRATT b c 1820 Preston County d August 29, 1859 at the Preston County Poor House, Cause of death Spinal disease age 38.

2.6. Zachariah PRATT b c 1825, d 1896; lived in Harrison Co, WV

+ Nancy McGEE on 17 Oct. 1844, Harrison Co., VA

3.1. John S. PRATT b c 1847

+ Mary A.CURTIS on Jan. 16, 1868, Harrison Co., VA

+ Susan TURNER of VA.

3.2. Floyd L. PRATT b ca 1861 m. Eva J. LYONS Mar. 3, 1881, Harrison Co., VA

3.3. Fielding I. PRATT b ca 1863

3.4. Margaret J. PRATT b ca 1867

3.5. Oscar L. PRATT b ca 1871

3.6. Christina E. PRATT b 21 April, 1854

3.7. Catherine PRATT b ca 1853 Waters of Three Forks, d 28 Feb., 1855, Tunnel Hill of Whooping Cough; Two yrs 3 mos & 8 days


NOTE: Zachariah PRATT may have had other children. The next two children were found in Preston Co. Records.

2.7. Nancy PRATT was killed by a tree.

2.8. Sarah Elizabeth PRATT b ca 1840

2.9. Mary Ann PRATT

+ Samuel HOSE (click here for Samuel's obituary) The Preston County Journal, Kingwood, West Virginia, Thursday, November 23, 1893, Page 2, Column 2. The Journal is located at the WV Archives.


NOTE: Confirmation that Mary Ann (PRATT) HOSE was the daughter of James & Sarah (HOWARD) HOSE (and that Morton omitted her as a daughter) can be found in the deed records of Preston Co, at the Preston County Courthouse, as follows:

Deed Book 32, page 61 references a deed made Aug 22, 1851 between Solomon Pratt & Nancy, his wife; James Pratt; Samuel Hose & Mary, his wife, all of Preston Co, Zachariah Pratt of Harrison Co and John Pratt of Preston Co. The deed states that Solomon, James & Zachariah Pratt and Mary Ann Hose were children of James Pratt, who died without a will. The deed also mentions Sarah, widow of James Pratt.

Deed Book 32, page 60 references a deed made Feb 14, 1863 between Sarah Ellen Pratt and John Pratt. Land of James Pratt. This deed shows Sarah's full name was Sarah Ellen.

There may be other references to the family of James Pratt in the deed records but they have not been researched as of yet.


1. Deed information submitted to Lu Grubb by Roy Lockhart, who wrote a genealogical book on the Goffs.

2. Obituary provided by Roy Lockhart and Lu Grubb.

3. History of Preston County by Mortons

4. Lu Grubb-

5. Census




1.James Pratt, single b Preston County d August 29, 1859 at the Preston County Poor House. Cause of death Spinal disease

age 38. Son of James & Sarah Howard Pratt

2.Catherine Pratt d February 28, 1855, Tunnel Hill, Whooping Cough, Two yrs 3 mos & 8 days da of Zachariah & Susan

Turner Pratt. Born Waters of Three Forks.

3. James Allen Pratt b Birds Creek d 9 March, 1853, Croup 8 mos 21 days son of Solomon & Nancy Wolfe Pratt (Buried

Pratt Cemetery?)

4. Emma w/o John Pratt b 3 March 1812 d 1 January, 1888, 73 yrs 10 mo 2 d (I am not sure who this Emma is)



1. Almeda Pratt b 2 April, 1857 Three Forks Creek Parents Nancy Wolfe & Solomon Pratt. Almeda Pratt married John William Wiles at his _________Dec 23, 1894

2. Emma Louise Pratt b March 21, 1859 Birds Creek. Parents Nancy Wolfe Pratt & Solomon Pratt

3. John A. Pratt b July 12, 1854 Waters Threefork. Parents Nancy Wolfe Pratt & Solomon Pratt

4. Charles Nelson Pratt b November 5, 1853 Drains Threefork Creek. Parents Mary Snider Pratt & John Pratt.



1. James PRATT -md- 6 Sep 1810 Sarah HOWARD no other info listed

2. Zachariah PRATT -md- 17 Oct 1844 Nancy McGEE no other info listed. (Zachariah Pratt is James' son).

3. John Howard s/o John, Sr. m Elizabeth Pratt on 11 June, 1819

4. Henry Pratt m Peace Gifford on 627 March, 1846

5. Robert Stark m Peacy Pratt on 6 March, 1848

6. William Cottrill 26 m Arminta Pratt 27 on June 12, 1892. Arminta parents were Irvin & Rebecca.

7. George Winter 38 m Columbia Pratt 20 on 10 April 1890 Parents Irvin & Rebecca Pratt

8. John S. Pratt 21 m Mary Cutis 22 on Jan. 16, 1868. Parents were Zachariah & Nancy Pratt

9. Floyd L. Pratt 20 m Eva J. Lyons 16 on March 1881. Parents were Zachariah & Susan Pratt and Richard M. & Martha


10. Amos N. Kester 29 m Loverna Pratt 24 on July 19, 1891. Parents were Thomas & Margaret Kester and Irving & Rebecca Pratt.