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This is a crude attempt of sharing our Family Trees with family, friends, other family historians and yes the rest of the world.

Pratt Family Tree

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Murphy Family Tree

Murphy Family Pics under construction


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The Pratts

The Pratts immigrated from County Cavan,  Ireland around 1830. As of yet little is known
about Abraham Pratts ancestors, except that he is possibly descended from Sir Francis
Pratt. Abraham Pratt was a Hotel Keeper (Pratts Inn) in County Sligo, Ireland , on the
mail coach route from Dublin to Iniskillen. Abraham married twice, his first wife was a
McGuire, they had five children. Isaac, Francis, William, Abraham jr., and Ann.
The name of his second wife is unknown, they had two children, a girl who married a
Storey, and a son Jack who went to Duluth.

The first five, sailed to Montreal and proceeded by boat up the Ottawa River and then up
the Rideau River to Marlborough Township, in Upper Canada.

The Pratts were energetic and aggressive people. They acquired much land and were
active in the lumber business in the early days. They spread out and settled in many other
Townships of Carleton County.

The Murphys

The Murphys Originated from Comber, County Down Ireland. Andrew and Margaret,
immigrated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada, along with their son Andrew jr. in 1931.
The Murphys had lived for centuries in the surrounding area of  Comber, and were mainly
The Ulster Murphys are a Sept of the Clan O’Neill., who were mighty Kings of Ireland for



                                                              I Am Addicted To Genealogy!

     When you are in a different city do you look through the phone book to find people that have the
     same surname as one of your ancestors?
     Do you get excited when you drive by a Cemetery?
     Do you talk about your deceased ancestors as though they were still a live?
     Does your librarian or the person that works at the archives know your whole life story?
     Do you check the obituaries everyday?
     Does your spouse call the library to see when you are coming home?
     Do you spend your vacation tracking down ancestors in county courthouses?
     Do you keep pictures of tombstones or long deceased ancestors in your wallet?
     Can you remember the date an ancestor died but you can't remember to feed the pets?
     Instead of an emergency kit in your car you have a research kit.
     Does your boss call the library or archives to see when you will be coming back from your lunch

                    If you said yes to one or more of these you are an addicted genealogist.