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The Tie That Binds

By Fleta Aday

Sons of my sons, and Fathers of my Father,
Look for the tie that bindsó

When Fathers of my Father looked for the
Sons of their Sons, They foundó

When Sons of my Sons look for the
Fathers of their Father, They findó

I, Am the one they find.
I, Am the tie that bindsó

The Tie That Binds Copyright © 1994 by Fleta Aday. All rights reserved.

Our family history data has been compiled from The Three Sisters family history research files. Our research is presented here in the form of Family Trees (Names, Places, Dates), Family History Documents (source documents such as estate & military records) and Family Photos. We also have a Genealogy Help Page to assist other researchers who would like to Plant Their Family Tree on the Web. Our web site contains only a small sampling of our family history. Check back for updates as this project is a work in progress. Happy Hunting!

Presented by The Three Sisters

Fleta Aday, Betty Renfroe, Patsy Arkansas

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