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Our first record we have found of our earliest Powell ancestor is the entry on the Overwharton Parish Registry for the birth of a son named John Powell 20 September 1731 Stafford County, Virginia born to Charles Powel and Elizabeth. Charles Powel's death is recorded as April 30 1744. His estate records in Stafford County list his meager belongings but tell us little about his life. We do not know any details of his life prior to September 1731. Years of research have revealed nothing about his parents, siblings or where he was born. We think it is likely he was born in England, but even that is uncertain.

Although we do not know the maiden name of Elizabeth, wife of Charles, we do have details about her life after his death. Elizabeth married Duke Whalebone December 3, 1745. She had at least 2 children by Duke and later the family moved to Caswell County, North Carolina with her son John Powell. We do have early records from London for Duke Whalebone in the records of Old Bailey. It is our dream to find documentation detailing the early life of Charles and Elizabeth Powell. The quest continues...

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