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Years of chasing my ancestors through antique courthouse records has taught me to use many tools in bringing my ancestors into clearer focus, such as researching histories and biographies about the places & times these people lived. Searching around the Web I have found many sites with exciting historical content that help me understand the stories of my people. Although the house pictured above did not prove to be one of those exciting finds for me, it would be for certain Powell researchers, for this is the historical Samuel Powel House. Powel, one of Philadelphia's wealthiest, met Voltaire, the Pope, and the Duke of York. George and Martha Washington were frequent visitors. Follow the link for the full story.

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Last Updated April 26, 1997

This page contains links to sites containing historical content, not just historical links. If you have found a web site that you feel should be included here Please contact us at:

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Picture & Background courtesy of the Independence Hall Association

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