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Researchers working on our family lines.
WWW Documents Referencing our family.
Surname List Servers

Connections to other researchers working on our family tree.

  1. George Perbix is a descendant of George & Rhoda Powell Cole . Contact George at GHPerbix@aol.com for more information.

  2. Shannon is a descendant of John Powell & Jane Nobel . Contact Shannon for more data and family photos.

  3. Sue Sturgis is researching Nancy Powell (daughter of John Powell and Sarah Kiff) and Clark Deems of Bates Co. MO. Contact Sue for more information.

  4. John Wood is researching Lucinda, daughter of Henry and Matilda of Schuyler Co. Mo. Lucinda married Charles Spry and settled in Jasper Co. MO in 1875.

  5. Sondra (Riley) Peterson is researching Perlina Ann Powell, daughter of Charles Fletcher Powell and Nancy Gates of Buchanan Co. MO.

  6. Phil Tomlinson is researching Mary Powell, wife of Fields Prewitt. Phil's line of descent is:
    1. Fields Prewitt + Mary Ann Powell
    ---2. Martha Prewitt + Lowry Hoskin
    ----3. Mary Jane Hoskins + Martin Price
    -----4. Miranda Price + David Daily
    ------5. Raymond Daily + Geneva Duckworth
    -------6. Letha Daily + Joseph Robert Tomlinson

  7. Nancy Vaughan Brousseau is researching Malinda Powell, daughter of Henry Powell of Schuyler Co. MO. Malinda married William Vaughn and moved to Jasper Co. Iowa. Nancy's genealogy page as more information on Malinda's Family

  8. Gerri is researching John Edwards and Sara Powell Edwards, daughter of Henry and Matilda of Schuyler Co. Mo. Gerri is the source of our picture of Henry Powell.

  9. Bettie B. Davis is researching Nathaniel Warren and wife Lucy Powell Warren, daughter of Charles and Sarah Gholson Powell. Bettie is the source for virtually all the Warren information in our family tree database.

  10. June Cramer is researching Anthony Powell and Elizabeth Miller genealogy. Anthony was born in Spotsylvania Co. VA and died in Calloway Co. MO. ca 1835.

  11. Ruth E. Schultz of Hines, Oregon is researching John Goldsmith and Martha Powell. We have a Goldsmith Genealogy Page compiled from genealogy contirbuted by Ruth.

  12. James Furry is researching the David Powell (1805-1893)& Lucinda Shoemaker (1810-1895) line. (KY>MO>TX) He is also researching the surnames Tabor and Byrd. Contact James for much more about David Powell and his descendants.

  13. Don Ryan is researching the Charles Powell (1826-1897) & Elizabeth Jane Lane (1827-1908) line. (KY>MO>IA) Contact Don for more information about his Powell family tree.

  14. Dave Dollard is a researcher with a Sandridge family connection. He a web page with additional Sandridge genealogy information.

  15. Julie Sandidge is a Sandridge researcher. Her line descends from William Sandidge down through Stephen, Benjamin Thurmond, Thomas Hastings, Charles Estus, Clarence Estus to Julie. She would be glad to share the information she has.
  16. A Lewis Powell Database is online in the Mercer County Kentucky Databases with additional descendants of Lewis Powell (1776-1840).

  17. June & John Bunch are researching the John William Powell (1861-1938) line. The Bunches would be glad to share genealogy data about this family.
  18. Dee Godkin
  19. is a researcher working on the Edmund Bottom family. Dee says the name is Edmund Bottom, not Edmond Bottoms as it is in the database. Visit the new Bottom Virtual File Cabinet for more Bottom genealogy and to see view larger pictures like this one of Sally Powell Bottom's gravestone. Dee is also working on the surnames: Russell, Wynn, Thompson, Mills.

  20. Charles Gholson is researching Gholson genealogy. His Gholson line is William Gholson, Jr., b abt. 1758, a grandson of Anthony, Sr. He and his wife Mary "Polly" Jarrell apparently moved from Spotsylvania Co. to the area of Princeton, KY (presently Caldwell Co.) about 1800.
  21. Jim and Debbie Powell are researching the Gaddy surname.
  22. Shirley Hoch is a descendant of Fields Prewitt & Mary Ann Powell, daughter of Charles Powell & Sarah Gholson. Lowery Warren Hoskins married Martha "Patsy" Pruitt 25 Mar 1829 Morgan Co Ill. Patsy Pruitt born 9 May 1810 Morgan Co Ill, died 12 Oct 1848 Coles Co Ill No. Okaw Twp. Check out Shirley's new web site Treasures for more about Shirley's ancestors.
  23. Karen Hicks is a descendant of Sarah Jane Maples & Green Jordan Morris. She would like to share research data with other Maples & Morris descendants.
  24. Penny Cooper Bailey is researching the John S. Cooper family of Barry Co. Missouri. Penny has extensive information on this family to share with other researchers.
  25. Charles E. Powell is researching another Powell line that was planted in Lawrence Co TN from about 1820 until he was born in Oklahoma in 1953. Prior to 1820, he believes his Powells were in Union Co SC. He has a Powell Genealogy Page.
  26. Phil Adcock's Genealgoy Page has extensive information about the Adcock surname. This is also the source of the Adcock Surname mailing list.
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    Connections to Documents on the WWW that reference our family.

    Add your connection.

    1. 1782 Halifax County VA Heads of Housholds: Lists Charles Powell & Mary Gholston.
    2. 1785 Also Halifax County VA Heads of Housholds: Lists Charles Powell & Mary Gholston.
    3. The Edmund Bottom Cemetery in Boyle Co. KY has been posted by Dee Godkin. Photos of the tombstones of Edmund and Sally Bottom are included on this page.
    4. Mercer Co. Marriages can be found at this site.
    5. William Sandridge's Will posted by Dave Dollard is at this site.
    6. Mary Elizabeth Powell Saul's story I Remember Yesterday has been place in the South Dakato GenWeb Archives. Mary Powell Saul was born December 20, 1897 to William Henry Powell and Vina Ann Darrington Powell. She was the first of seven children born at their home in Boomer Township, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. In 1904, when Mary was only seven years old and South Dakota was still frontier country, her family moved by train to Gregory, South Dakota. Don Ryan sent us Mary's life story told in her own words. The entire manuscript is now accessible from the GenWeb archives. Mary's story is a wonderful, first-hand account of pioneer life in Gregory County, South Dakota. Don't miss it.

    7. Irene Decker Powell Rudolph's story Powell Family History In Montana is in the Wyoming GenWeb Archives. Click on Sheridan and you will see Irene's Story. Irene married Harry Powell, son of Willis & Eva Powell. Her story is rich with details about Montana ranch life in the 1930's. This link will take you directly to Powell Family History In Montana
    8. The Mercer County, Kentucky GenWeb project co-ordinator, Pam Durstock, has transcribed the 1850 Mercer County census. If your family was in Mercer County in 1850 this is a great resourse.
    9. Gholson land grants for Anthony Sr., Anthony Jr., & William Gholson can be viewed at Spotsylvania County Archives. Anthony Gholson's will is included in the Halifax County Archives. And Orange County FTP Archives contains Orange County Gholson deeds. The Gholson land grants are the earliest official records we have found pertaining to our family.
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      Surname List Servers for Our Surnames

      1. Powell List Server

        POWELL-L Mailing List, has been relocated to the Rootsweb Mail Server
        You can subscribe by sending a message addressed to:
        POWELL-L-request@rootsweb.com You only need one word in your message, and no more than this one word [no signature line, for example]. That word is : subscribe . If you wish, you can subscribe to receive the mail in bundles, called a Digest, rather than immedialely receiving each individual message. To do so, send your subscribe message to this address instead: POWELL-D-request@rootsweb.com

      2. Cooper List Server

        For the Cooper List Server sundane@neosoft.com is the address for any administrative needs or concerns such as SUBSCRIBE or unsubscribe or to ask for help: Harold Helm, List Owner: Please help - recruit new members & explain list guidelines for all to share. COOPER-L@rootsweb.com spelled exactly this way for all variants is for posting of COOPER or variants explicitly connected genealogy. COOPER - YEAR - LOCATION is the format for posting. Subject line: fill in the subject line with your spelling and key YEAR & LOCATION of 1st event explicitly detailed connected to the list topic as you describe it in the body of the message to COOPER-L@rootsweb.com.

      3. Adcock List Server

        To subscribe send a message to:majordomo@lads.com with the text
        subscribe adcockfamily
        to unsubscribe, send a similar message with the text
        unsubscribe adcockfamily

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