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Generations 2 & 3


Abraham Potler "Abe Potlach4" "Awram Patler"5 (b. 1872 in Russia, d. <1930 in ?)

    married Hannah Mazibove5 "Anna Potler"3 "Hanna Potlach"4 "Hanna Pettler"5 "Hannah Potler"5 "Channah Potlach"5 "Chane Pettler"5 "Chane Patlach"5 (b. February 15, 1875 in Fastov (near Volgograd), Kiev, Russia, d. ? in ?) in Russia


  1. Morris Patler "Moses Potlach"4 "Moisej Patlach" (b. 1895 in Russia, d. ? in ?)
  2. Mary Potlach4 "Masse Patlach" (b. 1899 in Russia, d. ? in ?)
  3. Nathan Potler "Nathan Potlach"4 "Nuchem Patlach" (b. October 12, 1902 in Russia, d. September 1974 in Miami, FL, USA)
  4. Francis Potler "Fannie Potlach"4 "Feige Patlach"3 (b. January 27, 1906 in Fastov, Kiev, Russia, d. August 16, 1999 in Philadelphia, PA, USA)
  5. Dave Potler "David Potlach"4 "Dude Patlach"2  (b. September 16, 1907 in Russia, d. September 1980 in Washington, DC, USA)
  6. Bessie Potler (b. 1912 in Philadelphia, PA)
  7. Alice Potler (b. 1914 in Philadelphia, PA)
  8. William Potler (b. November 8, 1915 in Philadelphia, PA, USA, d. April 4, 1999 in Philadelphia, PA, USA)


1910 Census (Philadelphia, PA): Abe (37), Hanna (34), Moses (16), Mary (11), Nathan (8), Fannie (4), and David Potlach (2) lived together.

1930 Census (Philadelphia, PA):

1940: Hannah Potler lived at 820 Ritner Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Notes: After gaining access to 1930 Census records, I determined that Anna Potler and her youngest children lived with Francis and Abe Baren.  Francis was the same age as Feige, and the listed in the census as the daughter of Anna Potler.  Alice, Bessie, and William were, as I had previously suspected, Dave's younger siblings and Anna's youngest children.



Notes: After gaining access to 1910 Census records, I speculated that Anna Potler might be going by one of her other first and last names listed in the Alien Registration Form I obtained from the Dept. of Justice.  I found Abe Potlach and Hanna, along with 5 children whose names and ages matched the Patlach immigrants from Ellis Island.

Notes: After gaining access to Philadelphia Immigration Records, I speculated that Abe Potlach probably came directly to Philly instead of Ellis Island, and must have come after David's conception and before Bessie's (1907-1912).  I also speculated that his last name would be a variation of either Pettler, Potler, or Potlach, since Anna went by so may names and they have never appeared the same way twice.  I searched for A Potler or any variation of the last name, and stumbled across Awrum Patler.  Awrum or Avrum is hebrew for Abraham or Abram, which would have been Abe's full name.

1All birthdates are estimations based on ages at time of immigration, census, marriage, death, etc.

2Although "Dude Patlach" is listed as Female in Ellis Island records, the US Naturalization Records have determined that David Potler was "Dude Patlach" in 1913.

3In the 1930 US Census, Anna (54), Dave (22), Bessie (18), Alice (16) and William Potler (14) live with Abe (24), Francis (24) and Eileen Baren (2).  Francis was Feige, her husband was Abe and their daughter was Eileen.

4In the 1910 US Census, Abe (37), Hanna (34), Moses (16), Mary (11), Nathan (8), Fannie (4), and David Potlach (2) were living in Philadelphia, PA. 




Kiev Gubernia Duma Voters List



Possible surnames derivations:

Patler, Petler, Potler

Pattler, Pettler, Pottler

Patlach, Petlach, Potlach

Patlack, Petlack, Potlack

Patlakh, Petlakh, Potlakh

Patloch, Petloch, Potloch

Patlock, Petlock Potlock