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Generations 2 & 3


Alter Grabois "Albert Grabois" "Alter Grabojes"1 (b. 1872 in Faleshti, Russia, d. 1927 (@ 54) hit by careless driver)

[only child present when Saul Grabois died in 1906]

    married Goldie Goldenberg "Goldie Grabois"2 (b. 1876 in ?[from the famous Bessarabian wine district, the Codrys (or Codreni), in Moldova], d. ? in ?) in ?


  1. Rose Grabois "Rosa Grabojes"1 (b. August 1896 in Faleshti, Russia, d. April 1991 in Hollywood, FL, USA)
  2. Benjamin Grabois "Ben Grabois" "Boruch Grabois"2 (b. March 8, 1900 in Faleshti, Russia, d. May 1989 in Wilmington, DE, USA) - SSN issued in Delaware
  3. Francis Grabois "Feige Grabois"2 (b. 1903 in Faleshti, Russia, d. April 1976 in Rockville, MD, USA)
  4. Unknown Boy Grabois (b. 1911 in Faleshti, Russia, d. 1913 in Faleshti, Russia)
  5. Diane Grabois "Dine Grabois"2 (b. 1913 in Faleshti, Russia, d. 2003 in Miami, FL, USA)


1Alter (age 40) and Rosa Grabojes (age 16) immigrated to the US from Russia through Ellis Island on August 20, 1913 on the SS Uranium from Rotterdam.

2Golde (age 38), Boruch (age 15), Feige (age 10), and Dine (age 1yr, 6mo) immigrated to the US from Russia through Philadelphia on July 6, 1914 on the SS Konigin Luise from Br?, France? Golde had brown hair and blue eyes and a fair complexion.

Notes:  Alter's youngest son was said to be a boy genius by the age of two.  He died shortly before Diane was born, so she was blamed for his death.  Her family never forgave her for it and distanced themselves from her.  Her sister, Francis, kept in contact with her, and Francis' son, Seymour, stayed close to her until she died in 2003.

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