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Generations 1 & 2


James Anderson Cobb (b. October 20, 1844 in Alabama, d. August 8, 1911 near La Lande, NM, USA)

    married Jaily Ann Stephens (b. October 3, 1854 in Alabama, d. August 17, 1917 in Wise County, TX, USA) on ?


  1. John Thomas Cobb (b. December 1879 in Hunt County, TX, USA)
  2. Frances Luranah Cobb "Fannie Cobb" (b. April 29, 1883 in Hunt County, TX, USA, d. 1957 in Wise County, Texas, USA)
  3. Oscar Jefferson Cobb (b. March 1885 in Hunt County, TX, USA, d. ?)
  4. Elmer "Elmo" Albert Cobb (b. March 16, 1887 in Hunt County, TX, USA, d. ?)
  5. Mary Ida Cobb (b. February 20, 1889 in Hunt County, TX, USA, d. 1961 in New Portland, ME, USA - Mary L. Pease)
  6. Minnie Mae Cobb (b. January (4, 1895) 1890? in Hunt County, TX, USA, d. ?)
  7. Nettie Ethel Cobb (b. October 10, 1890 in Hunt County, TX, USA, d. ?)
  8. Archie Hubert Cobb (b. December 10, 1892 in Hunt County, TX, USA, d. ?)
  9. Bulah Gertrude Cobb (b. September 4, 1896 (1897?) in Hunt County, TX, USA, d. ?)


1900 US Census: James was a farmer, John, Oscar, and Elmo were farm laborers, Frances and Mary were in school.  Frances, Oscar, Elmo and Mary had a 3rd grade education.  James through Mary could read and write.

Patsy Faulkner ( James and Jaily Cobb are my ggrandparents. They lived in the Preskitt community in Wise Co., Texas. James went to LaLande, New Mexico and bought land for 10 cents an acre and died and was buried there in 1911. Jaily Ann is buried in the Preskitt Cemetery in Wise, Co., Texas. I have most ancestors of Jaily Ann STEPHENS and good info. on children thanks to a lovely cousin Ethel Dugan that keep the family together. Looking for the parents of James (Jim) Anderson COBB. If you connect or have any information, please let me know.

Barbara Dennis Sorice ( I have been looking for any information that I can find on my grandmother Nettie Cobb. Unfortunately I never met her or knew much about her. I do have a couple of pictures. She had to have been born at about the time of Nettie Ethyl Cobb because my dad, Marvin Dennis, was born in 1912. The Nettie I am looking for was married to Roger Q.Mills Dennis in Texas I think. She also had family in Oklahoma and Fort Worth/Dallas area. There is no one I can locate from my dad's family who can help as they are all deceased, including my father. My father had an older brother, John Melvin and a younger sister Elizabeth. If you can provide me any kind of lead I would appreciate it. This is the closest thing I can find on Nettie E. Cobb

Patsy Faulkner ( My Nettie Ethyl Cobb was born October 10, 1898 and died August 23 1977. She married Freddie Lee Morrison, August 21, 1913. They were from Wise County, Texas.  I wish I could help you and I will be on the lookout for another Nettie Cobb. Good Luck.

Several more Cobb families are included that did not have documented (yet) ties to Fannin County. However, it has been established that these families were at one time in very close proximity to Fannin.

James A. Cobb married Jaily Ann Stephens in 1875, in Rockwall County, Texas. In 1880, per census, they were living in Hunt County, which borders Fannin along the southern boundary. By 1900, they were in Wise County, about one hundred miles to the west.

1850 Alabama Census:

Lauderdale County

Walker County

  • 089     Cobb        Wilborn          33   farmer            AL                274

  • 089     Cobb        Lusinda          31                     AL                274

  • 089     Cobb        Mary             13                     AL                274

  • 089     Cobb        Elizabeth        9                      AL                274

  • 089     Cobb        James            6                      AL                274

  • 089     Cobb        Sarah            4                      AL                274

  • 089     Cobb        David            2                      AL                274