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The Diaspora
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165th Anniversary of the Madeiran Portuguese in Trinidad & Tobago
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Courtesy J.E. Fernandes

Manuel Fernandes began importing wines and spirits and operating a shop at the corner of Queen and Henry Streets, Port of Spain, in the 1890s. Joseph B. Fernandes, his grandson, also imported wines throughout his life but he remains known today for the rum business he developed.

Fernandes Fine Wines & Spirits was re-established in December 1989, by Joseph E. Fernandes, a great-grandson of Manuel, at 9 Dere Street, Port-of-Spain, moving in 1997 to Maraval.

Joseph studied at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London, obtaining diplomas A and B and trained at Stevens Garnier’s Fine Vintage Wines in Oxford under Master of Wine, Patrick Grubb, before returning to Trinidad. Today, Fernandes Fine Wines & Spirits is headquartered at Champs Elysées on Long Circular Road, Maraval and a branch in the Falls at West Mall, the business is the successor to and continuation of the tradition started by Joseph’s great-grandfather.

Quality for Today's Tastes

One of the entrenched beliefs at Fernandes is the standard of service and quality of care, storage and provenance. At the same time we are at heart a modern wine and spirits merchant, fully recognising the changing role of wines and spirits in Trinidad and Tobago’s evolving society.

Fernandes appreciates that wine is, above all, meant to be enjoyed and is the ideal accompaniment to food. We are exclusively wine specialists and believe there is an ever-growing need for the individual specialist offering knowledgeable service. We remain passionate advocates of wines from all over the world that offer value, character and substance. Everybody, however, is a connoisseur of their own palate; many of the wines we choose are simply wines that we like, wines that speak to place and individuality.

The cellars at Fernandes are temperature controlled for long-term storage and our shops are all air-conditioned; all of our wine is treated with the respect it deserves, ensuring that it gets to you in the best possible condition. We stand by the great products we represent and are glad to present to you a broad range of wines and spirits from around the world.

Two Locations in Trinidad and the Convenience of Online Pre-Ordering

To ensure the wine reaches you in optimum condition we have two stores, one in Maraval the other at the Falls at West Mall in Diego Martin. We invite you to browse our selection online and save time when you visit the stores by pre-ordering. Our attentive and knowledgeable staff can help answer any questions by phone, e-mail, on our website - find us on Facebook or in person. Saúde! Santé!

© Joseph E. Fernandes

9 May 2011