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bullet Eva Arminell Porter (18) was born Living, details withheld.
Researcher: Ilo Ann Porter Hiller Parents: Roy C. Porter and Goldie Marie King.

Children were: Robert Allen McGehee, Lynell Marie McGehee.

bulletEva O. PORTER(21) was born on 5 MAR 1870. She died in 1942. She was christened in Lived in Burlington Vermont for a few years. She was a Stenographer In Chicago, Illinois. She was educated 2 Yrs. Wisconsin University.
Researcher: Paul D. Porter Parents: Joseph PORTER and Maria KIRK.

bulletEva S. PORTER(45) was born on 13 APR 1862 in Lee County, MS. She died on 1 NOV 1952 in Ellis County, Texas.
Researcher: Vera Belle Glenn Lane

Parents: Hugh Leslie PORTER and Sarah Elizabeth ARMSTRONG.

She was married to J. E. HENDERSON.

bullet Everett Porter(18) was born in 1905. He died in 1930. Everett was killed in a motor cycle accident.

Researcher: Ilo Ann Porter Hiller Parents: John Monroe Porter and Lillie Eugenia Baugess .

bullet Everette Porter(79) was born Living, details withheld.
Researcher: Jeanne Wyatt Parents: John Monroe Porter and Lillie Eugenia Bauguss.

bullet Exa Porter(71) was born about 1807 in New York. She died on 17 JAN 1883 in Cedar Mills, Minnesota. (514) Different Census records show Exa as 'insane' or 'foolish'. Always living with her mother or other family members.

Death record at Meeker Co., Court house, Litchfield, MN

Altho the gravestone in Pring Grove Cemetery had the death date as 1883, the courthouse record has it as 1884. It states that she was born in NY, but did not name her parents.

Researcher: Barb Conner
Parents: Aaron Porter and Lavina Chapman.

bullet Experience Porter(7) was born on 15 AUG 1676 in Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts. He died on 28 AUG 1750 in Mansfield, Tolland, connecticut.
Researcher: Barbara P. Tolbert
Parents: Samuel Porter and Hannah Stanley.

bullet Fannie Porter(14) was born in 1859 in Kentucky.
Researcher: Debra Porter
Parents: Elias Porter and Elizabeth Richardson.

bullet Fannie Edna Porter(20) was born on 18 JUL 1889 in KS. She died on 21 NOV 1891. She was buried in Fairview Cem., Webber, Jewell Co., KS.
Researcher: Steve Schack Parents: Edwin Judson Porter and Mary Elizabeth Paynter .

bullet Fannie Elizabeth Porter(515) was born on 30 AUG 1866 in , , Illinois/Texas. She died on 20 DEC 1943 in Dallas, Dallas, Texas. She was buried on 23 DEC 1943 in Heath, Rockwell, Texas.
Researcher: Terri Weidman Parents: Nathaniel Porter and Bettie Elizabeth Allen.

She was married to Isaac Jefferson Holt on 15 NOV 1880 in Heath, Rockwell, Texas. Children were: Willie Julia Elizabeth Holt, Arminta Wedersa Holt, Maude Rebecca Holt, Franklin Holt, Henry Hulew Holt, C. Charlie Jefferson Holt , Annie Lexter Holt, Evie Irene Holt, Fannie May Holt.

She was married to Chester W. Springer on 28 DEC 1898.

bullet Fannie Ellen Porter(20) was born on 2 DEC 1845 in Baileyville, Ogle Co., IL. She died on 26 FEB 1931. She has Ancestral File number 1P9L-C0R.
Researcher: Steve Schack Parents: Lewis Porter and Diantha Spencer.

She was married to Charles Nathan Ormsbee on 10 MAR 1862 in Ogle Co., IL. Children were: Effie Eugenia Ormsbee , Porter S. Ormsbee.

bullet Fannie Ethel Porter(22) was born on 26 DEC 1893 in Wayne County, Illinois. She died UNKNOWN. She has reference number 1972.
Researcher: Justina
Parents: William S Porter and Susan Alice Simpson.

She was married to Walter Anderson on 7 DEC 1910 in Wayne County, Illinois. Children were: Helen Anderson, Herbert Anderson.

bullet Fanny Porter(44) was born on 11 APR 1798 in St. Michaels, Cambridge, England. Christened as Frances Porter

Researcher: Julia Harrison Parents: John Porter and Mary Smith.

bullet Fanny Porter(44) was born on 25 FEB 1830 in Belle Isle, Fernanagh, Ireland. Christened as Francess Porter. Abt. 1828 could be a sister that died and Fanny was named after her, also christened as Frances

Researcher: Julia Harrison Parents: John Grey Porter and Margaret Lavinia Lindsey .

bullet Fanny Porter(7) was born on 7 JUN 1845 in Fredonia, New York. She died on 9 NOV 1909 in Fredonia, New York. Died-Miss Fanny L. Porter died at her home on Leverett Street November 9, 1909. She was born on Berry Street in this village January 7, 1845 and was in her 65th year. She was beloved and respected by all. The funeral was from her home Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Rev. William DeLancey Benton rector of the Trinity Episcopal Church of which she was a member, officiated. Interment was in the family lot in forest Hill Cemetery.
(Copied from Fredonia Censor November 10, 1909.)

Researcher: Barbara P. Tolbert
Parents: Joseph Porter and Hannah Sawin.

bullet Farnum James Porter(4) was born on 13 NOV 1881.(124) He died on 25 DEC 1934. (124) He was a in minister of the Church of Christ.(124) [BayesMain.FTW]

Farnum James Porter and Grace Vava Mikesell. Both were
ministers in Ohio around 1920-1933. They had four children,
Dale,Paul,Eugene and Ruth. They last lived in the Fayette-Zone and
Winameg, Ohio areas. There could be relatives in the Delaware,Ohio area.

Researcher: Lozer Parents: Benjamin T. Porter and Jerusha Ann Taylor.

He was married to Vavia Grace Mikesell on 8 NOV 1899.(124) Children were: Vava Dale Porter, James Paul Porter, Eugene Farnum Porter, Ruth Porter.

bullet Finnie Cecil Porter(40) was born on 17 JUL 1928 in Slagle, Logan Co., WV. He died on 27 MAR 1997 in Logan Co., WV. He has reference number I86. SS-5

Researcher: Laura Curry
Parents: Golden Claude Porter and Anna White.

He Private-Begin Private. Children were: Paul David Porter.

bullet First Son Joseph M\Jeanette PORTER(86) (75)(57) (58) was born before 1810 in Venango County, Pennsylvania. This son is mentioned in census records but no name was given.

Researchers: Patricia Royer
Winona Hendron Parents: Joseph M. Porter Sr. and Jeanette BLAIR.

bullet Fletcher Porter(30) was born after 1800. (51)
Researcher: Bryce Stevens Parents: David A Porter and Caroline (Mary) Ray.

bullet Flora Juniata PORTER(57) (58)
Researchers: Patricia Royer
Winona Hendron Parents: Ross PORTER and Loretta DUNKLE.

She was married to Ray Vasbinder. Children were: Janet Lee Vasbinder.

bullet Florence Porter(44)
Researcher: Julia Harrison Parents: Edward Endymion Porter and Alice Greaves.

bullet Florence PORTER(13) was born <1750. PORTER FAMILY HISTORY by CAPTAIN JOHN M. PORTER, C.S.A., 1839-1884
(included in MOSES HELM, by Bob Law, 1995):
Page 12 - "Again referring to page 1st the reader will se that John
Polly Porter had three daughters-vix-Rachel, Flora and Anna."
"Flora or Florence was the oldest and married William Ewing
came to Kentucky probably about the same time that William and John

Researcher: Sarah Shaw Tatounova Parents: John PORTER and Mary "Polly" ANTHONY .

She was married to William EWING in 1770/71. Children were: James Ewing, Mary (Polly) EWING, Sarah (Sally) EWING, William EWING, Samuel EWING, Peggy EWING, Nathaniel EWING, Elizabeth (Betsy) EWING, Margaret Porter Ewing .

bullet Florence Porter(13)
Researcher: Sarah Shaw Tatounova Parents: Benjamin Porter and Elizabeth (Betsy) EWING .

bulletFlorence Euphrasia PORTER(57) (58) was born on 26 DEC 1884.(73) She died on 31 MAY 1985.(73)
Researchers: Patricia Royer
Winona Hendron Parents: Arthur A. PORTER and Mary Florence CALLAHAN.

She was married to Clifford POTTER.

bullet Florence Helen Porter(27) was born on 9 MAY 1872 in Dudley. She died on 29 SEP 1966 in Christchurch Hospital. She was christened. She was a Private Nurse.
Researcher: Tony Porter Parents: Joseph Porter and Emily Slater.

bullet Florence Susanna Porter(44) was born about 1831 in Henbury Fort, Devon, England.
Researcher: Julia Harrison Parents: William Porter Capt. and Elizabeth Gibbs Ludlow .

bulletFloyd PORTER(410) died unknown.
Researcher: Rebecca K. Bass Parents: George Henry PORTER and 3 or 4 wives UNKNOWN .

bullet Floyd PORTER(89) was possible son of James and Polly.
Researcher: Beth Porter Parents: James PORTER and Polly KILLMER.

bullet Floyd LaVern Porter(22) was born Private.
Researcher: Justina
Parents: William Cramer Porter and Ethel Long.

He was married to Doris Betty Boday Private. Children were: Jimmie LaVern Porter , Gail Lynn Porter, Dale Lee Porter, Billy Porter.

bullet Forbes PORTER(57) (58)
Researchers: Patricia Royer
Winona Hendron Parents: John PORTER and Lillian CUNNINGHAM.

bullet Forrest L. Porter(71) was born on 13 JAN 1892 in Cedar Co. Iowa. He died on 2 NOV 1960 in Linden, Iowa/Linden, Dallas Co., IA. Forrest married a total of 4 times.

Researcher: Barb Conner
Parents: William H. Porter and Carrie Mae Barnhardt.

Children were: Son Porter , Mary Louise Porter.

He was married to Myrtle Meisel on 21 JUN 1915. Children were: Dolly Porter.

bullet Four others, names unknown PORTER(60)
Researcher: Hope Stanley Parents: Isacc PORTER and Ann WILSON.

bullet Frances Porter(15) was born on 12 JAN 1756 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA.(118)
Researcher: Melissa T. Alexander Parents: Calvert Porter and Elizabeth Cash.

bullet Frances Porter(14)
Researcher: Debra Porter
Parents: Elias Hull Porter, JR.

bullet Frances PORTER(12) was born in 1895. She died.
Researcher: Joni Fojtik
Parents: Alexander Campbell PORTER and Lula F. SANDERS.

Children were: Pauline COALIRON , Paul COALIRON.

bulletFrances Porter(44).
Researcher: Julia Harrison Parents: Joseph Porter and Ann Salkeld.

bulletFrances Porter(24) was born in 1850 in Canton, Saint Lawrence County, New York.(516)
Researcher: Marsha Wilcox Parents: Jeremiah Porter and Sylvian Unk..

bullet Frances Porter(25) was born in 1835.
Researcher: Kevin Pinson Parents: Elijah Porter and Mary Scott.

bullet Frances Porter(30) was born about 1777.
Researcher: Bryce Stevens Parents: Charles Porter and Helen Scott.

She was married to William O Lodge on 17 JAN 1797 in Rock Creek Parish, Montgomery County, Maryland.(117) (295) Children were: Harriet Porter Lodge, Lavellin Lodge, Caroline Lodge, Lueza Lodge, Thomas Jefferson Lodge.

bullet Frances E. Porter(7) was born on 14 JUL 1827. She died on 28 FEB 1843 in Buffalo, New York. Died-In Buffalo, suddenly, Feb. 28, at the residence of her uncle, Mr. W. Porter, Frances E. Porter, only daughter of Mr. Joseph & Hannah Porter of this town, aged 15 years & 8 mos.
In the death of Frances E. a numerous circle of relatives & friends have been bereft of one highly and deservedly esteemed by all who knew her.
The bereavement is most deeply felt by the parents & brother, bereaved of an only daughter & sister. She died of an inward ulceration, in 23 hours after her last attack. The disease which terminated in her death, had obviously been preying upon her system for years. Her remains were conveyed by her friends, from Buffalo to her parents the next day after her death.
The funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. Bishop in the Baptist Church in this village on the 4th inst. and attended by a large concourse of sympathizing friends.
(Copied from Fredonia Censor March 22, 1843)

Researcher: Barbara P. Tolbert
Parents: Joseph Porter and Hannah Sawin.

bullet Frances K Porter(30) was born about 1837 in Kentucky.(51) (179)
Researcher: Bryce Stevens Parents: Lemuel Charles Porter M. D. and Zerelda Courts .

bullet Frances M. Porter(25) was born Living Individual, details withhel.
Researcher: Kevin Pinson Parents: Willard Preston Porter and Vada Pearly Winters .

bulletFrancis PORTER(6) (5) was born about 1568 in Felstead, Essex, England. He died before 26 MAY 1635 in (Will). He was christened in Of Felstead, Essex, England. He has Ancestral File number 1B53-PHC. Researcher: Aaron Porter Parents: John Porter and Sibyl Vessey.

bullet Francis Porter(6) (5) was born on 12 SEP 1585 in Felstead, Essex, England. He was buried in 1635 in Felstead, Essex, England. He died on 26 MAY 1635 in Felstead, Essex, England. He was christened in Felstead, Essex, England. He has Ancestral File number NHQ2-8M. Researcher: Aaron Porter Parents: John Porter and Sibyl Vessey.

bullet Francis PORTER(6) (5) was born about 1588 in Felstead, Essex, England. She died on 26 MAY 1635. She has Ancestral File number 1B53-PJK. Researcher: Aaron Porter Parents: John Porter and Sibyl Vessey.

bullet Francis PORTER(10) was born in 1588 in Essex, ENG. He died on 26 MAY 1635 in Felsted, Essex, ENG. (517)
Researcher: Janis De Lay
Parents: John PORTER and Sibyl VESSEY.

He was married to Joan THOMAS\ DRAPER on 12 SEP 1585 in Felsted, Essex, ENG.

bullet Francis Porter(18) was born in 1782 in Wilkes County, NC. He died in 1839 in Molls Creek Area, Russell Co, VA. Francis owned property that joined his father's land, but by 1825 he had sold it and was located in Russell County, Virginia by 1828. Francis settled on the waters of Mills Creek on a 50-acre tract purchased from Jeremiah Elam in November 1828, which indicates he probably came to Russell County earlier since November is much too late to prepare his family for winter.
Francis and Malinda had at least nine children and all were born in Wilkes County . . . the oldest about 1803 and the youngest about 1825. Francis' son John married in Wilkes County before moving to Russell County. At least seven of his children were probably married in Russell County.
Francis' health began to fail him and in February 1833 it was ordered that Francis Porter be exempted from payment of county levies due to his age and bodily infirmities. By 1839, Francis was dead, confirmed by a deed settling his estate, in which eight of his children sold out to their brother John Porter.
In 1850 Malinda was living in Scott County, Virginia, near her son William; however, by 1860 she was back in Russell County living near her son Francis Jr. (Source: Article written by Billy R. Porter and published in the Wilkes County Heritage Book)

Researcher: Ilo Ann Porter Hiller Parents: Joseph , Sr. Porter and Sarah Reynolds.

He was married to Malinda Johnson on 27 NOV 1802 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Children were: John Henry Porter, Melvin Porter, William D. Porter Sr., Elizabeth Porter, Rebecca Porter, Sebra Porter, Francis Porter Jr., Caroline Porter, Larkin Porter.

bullet Francis Porter(79) was born in 1781. He has reference number 115.
Researcher: Jeanne Wyatt Parents: Joseph Porter Sr. and Sarah Reynolds. Parents: .

bullet Francis "Frank" (Marion?) PORTER Capt.(13) was born in 1765 in Campbell Co. VA. He died on 21 OCT 1821 in Butler Co., KY(?). He was buried in Porter Graveyard, Butler Co., KY. He has reference number 158.0. RELIGION: Presbyterian
QUESTION: Perhaps a brother of William PORTER, Jr. who married his
sister, Elizabeth CARSON. QUESTION: Bob Law does not include the
name "Marion" in the Moses Helm Book.

Moved to Butler Co.. KY.

Researcher: Sarah Shaw Tatounova Parents: John PORTER and Mary "Polly" ANTHONY .

He was married to Sarah "Sally" CARSON on 8 JAN 1788 in Campbell Co., VA. Children were: Mary "Polly" PORTER, James A. PORTER , Sarah "Sallie" PORTER, John M. PORTER, Nathaniel PORTER, Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann PORTER, Margaret J. PORTER, Francis A. PORTER.

bullet Francis (2) Porter(27) was born on 20 JAN 1857. He died. He was christened. He was a. Son of John Francis Porter (2nd marriage).

Francis Morier Porter wrote: "Died in USA during 1914-18 War. A clergyman. Went to USA quite young and never returned. Before America came into the war, we transferred money through him to Eliza>
beth (Porter, b. 12/5/1855 q v)"

Researcher: Tony Porter Parents: John Francis Porter and Ellen Wadler.

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