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bullet Charlene Porter (22) was born Private.
Researcher: Justina
Parents: Harold Eugene Porter and Janet Ida Choban.

She was married to Frederick Dale Moorehead Private. Children were: Frederick Dale Moorehead, Theodore James Moorehead, Julie Moorehead.

bullet Charles Porter(15) was born about 1729 in Stafford Co, VA.(119) (440) He died about 1790 in Orange Co, VA. (134)(459)
Researcher: Melissa T. Alexander Parents: Thomas * Porter and Ann * Calvert.

bulletCharles Porter(15) was born between 1759 and 1762.(119)
Researcher: Melissa T. Alexander Parents: Nicholas * Porter and Mary * Brent.

bullet Charles Porter(15) was born between 1740 and 1780.
Researcher: Melissa T. Alexander Parents: Thomas Porter and Ann Shropshire.

bullet Charles Porter(32) was born about 1849 in Delaware.
Researcher: Bill Porter
Parents: William C. PORTER and Sarah Ann Holden.

bullet Charles Porter(62) was born about 1754. He died.
Researcher: Brian Smith
Parents: Nicholas III Porter and Sarah DeCrow.

bullet Charles Porter(40) was born Private. He has reference number I114.
Researcher: Laura Curry
Parents: John Randolph Porter and Bertha Pearl Lowe.

bullet Charles PORTER Jr.(277) (70) was born between 1750 and 1760. He died after 6 FEB 1835 in Anson County, N. C.. TIMOTHY KEARNEY Genealogical Research

P.O. Box 27645

Raleigh, NC 27611

(919) 494-6786

14 February 1998

Glenna B. Kinard

3540 Gleneagles Court

Lithonia, GA 30058

Dear Mrs. Kinard:

Sincere thanks for allowing me to assist with your research in North Carolina, and I apologize for the delay. I do not know when I will ever catch up on my numerous assignments, but I try the best I can.

I am, however, very pleased to report that I was able to prove the parentage of Charles M. Porter. The case is very complicated - they being from the burned county of Anson - and I will explain the complete details in my attached report with

Thank you for the payment (deposited after this date) for 5 hours work. No charge for copies and postage.

I also checked Confederate pensions for Rufus Franklin Bryant, but found none. I checked The Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865, Vol. II, but found a Rufus A. Bryant of Mathews Co., South Carolina Heavy Artillery, which does not seem to
match yours perfectly. The best method in this regard, would be to contact the National Archives in Washington, DC who holds all the Civil War compiled service records.

I do hope you will be pleased with the enclosed information. It was an enjoyable assignment, and I look forward to being of any further assistance.


Timothy Kearney


ASSIGNMENT: To locate Charles M. Porter (1807-1882) in North Carolina and identify his parentage. Background information revealed he was born in North Carolina and lived his latter life in Fairfield Co., SC. Importantly, one Miles W. Porter
was proven to be his brother, whose SC estate revealed land in North Carolina.

INFORMATION & STRATEGY: Proven brother Miles W. Porter is the most useful clue and best evidence for establishing a search in North Carolina without knowing the county of origin, which requires using state-wide indices such as census, etc. The
early census index shows Porters in many counties including most of the border counties touching South Carolina. These include Rutherford, Mecklenburg, Anson, Columbus and Robeson. Most were in Mecklenburg, so I checked various records for that
county without seeing either name. I attempted Rutherford as well without seeing them.

I then attempted the statewide marriage bond index on microfiche, and oddly enough, found both a Charles and a Miles in Davidson County, North Carolina, although the brides were different and also too late.

Neither Miles nor Charles were indexed as heads of house in the 1840 North Carolina census, and Miles not listed in 1850 (for some reason).

I then selected Anson County - being the central border county - and examined the grantee/grantor deed index and found both Charles and Miles listed. Therefore, Anson County will be the county of this research, and I have enclosed various maps
to assist with your study.


Anson County was formed in 1750 from Bladen County and located in the south central section of the state bordering South Carolina above Chesterfield County. A devastating courthouse fire in 1868 destroyed many court records, which will play a
major part in our research.

RECORD SEARCH: Some Wills and Estates records for Anson survived, but there were no Wills for Porter, and no early estates. Some marriage bonds survived, but none for the Porters we seek. The source in which I found the names Charles M. & Miles
W. was in the deed indices, and the land records of Anson County will be the main focus of this complicated case.

There were two deeds indexed for Charles M. Porter in Anson, and both recorded together, and I will abstract them below, and I must include the metes and bounds (italicized), which are of utmost singular importance to this case.

DOCUMENT: Anson Co., NC Deed Book 14. page 524 -

1 January 1845, Charles M. Porter of South Carolina to Jno. McLendon of Anson, for $250, sold 150 acres in Anson on the waters of Browns Creek - beginning at a Post oak Porters & Samuel Tysons corner and runs with Samuel Tysons line North 71
East 15 chains to a stake 3 pines & a black oak then with Tysons line 55 East 5 chains to a stake 3 blackjacks then with Tysons line East 17 chains to a pine Tysons corner then with Tysons other line South 58 East 12 chains to Pearce Watkins
corner 2 post oak pointers then with Watkins line South 50 3/4 West 28 chains to a stake 2 blackjacks & 2 post oaks William Pope's corner then with Popes line South 56 West 12 chains & 50 links to a stake a Black Jack & 2 hickorys then south
with Popes line 72 West 14 chains & 50 links to a stake in Stephen Easons line then with Easons line North 20 west 37 chains & 50 links to a Persimmon 2 blackjacks then North 27 West 14 chains to the beginning - /s/ Charles M. Porter.
Witnessed by John Drew and Miles W. Porter, who proved same in Court December Term 1855.

NOTE: The deed was not probated until 1855, and the deed immediately following was the origin of this tract.

(page 525) - 10 November 1855, Miles W. Porter to Charles M. Porter (no location given), for $37.50, sold 150 acres in Anson - beginning [exact same metes and bounds as above] containing by estimation 150 acres more or less "... an undivided
moiety* of one Sixth part of which is subject to this deed and no more...". /s/ M. W. Porter. Witnessed by C.H. Sturdivant, who proved same in Court December Term 1855.

*A half, either of two equal or more or less equal parts. An indefinite share or part.

DISCUSSION: I have enclosed copies of both deeds. There is confusion here, but we will attempt to solve it. Charles sold the same tract 10 years earlier to McLendon, but not recorded until 1855, just after Miles sold Charles his one sixth share
of the undivided 150 acre tract. This implies that there were six legatees - very important!

STRATEGY: My first objective was to locate the Porter origin of this tract, so I read a great number of early Porter deeds in Anson County and found confusion. Most of the deeds involved an older Charles Porter and a Barnabas Porter, who were
very closely associated. Their lands adjoined on Browns Creek and Samuel Tyson, etc., were their neighbors as well.

There were numerous deeds and grants for Porters in Anson, and upon reading those especially pertaining to Charles and Barnabas, I found no exact correlation with the above 150 acre tract, although their lands were in the immediate area. There
were other indications that both Charles and Barnabas were involved with debts and mortgages, which made the case even more complicated .

As a last resort, I decided to read a deed from one Joseph Medley to a William Porter, which turned out to be most surprising, abstracted as follows:

DOCUMENT: Anson Co.. NC Deed Book W, page 374 -

5 December 1828, Joseph Medley of Anson to William Porter of same, for $5.00, sold (150 acres) a tract of land in Anson "...beginning at a post oak pointer & Tysons corner and runs with Tysons line North 70 East 15 chains to a stake three pines
& black oak pointers, then with Tysons other line South 55 East 5 chains to a stake & three black jack pointers then with Tysons other line East 17 chains to a pine Tysons corner then with Tysons other line South 60 East 25 chains to a stake
his other corner two post oaks pointers then North 30 east 3 chains & 50 links to a white oak Tysons corner then 43 East 3 chains & 25 links to a stake in Popes line & three pines pointers then with Popes line South 38 West 22 chains to a stake
then South 25 East 4 chains to a red oak Popes beginning corner of his old survey then South 80 chains & 16 links to a stake Popes corner of his old survey then with his other line North 55 West 28 chains & 50 links to a stake Popes other
corner then with his other line South 54 West 13 chains to a stake one blackjack & two hickory pointers then South 72 West 14 chains & 50 links to a stake in Barnabas Porters line then with his line North 20 West 37 chains & 50 links to a
persimmon & two black oaks pointers then North 27 West 14 chains to the beginning - containing two hundred acres but is to be understood that fifty acres on the east end of this tract adjoining Samuel Tysons lands has been sold and conveyed to
Pierce Watkins whereon he now lives notwithstanding the above mentioned lines and courses includes the part sold to said Watkins. I only convey to said William Porter the balance of that tract after taking out fifty acres as above mentioned to
Pierce Watkins the balance of the said tract I do hereby relinquish my right title and interest whatsoever in the said lands described to the said William Porter his heirs, etc. ..... on the following conditions that the said William Porters
claim shall not interfere with the right of his mother Phebe Porter during her life time that she shall at all times be entitled to a right of Dower in said land after death of Charles Porter her husband provided she would wish to claim her
right in said land and further that the said William Porter is hereby required to pay to each of his brothers & sisters in a reasonable portion as would be the rightful parts in such lands as I have herewith conveyed or divided the tract of
land within described equally between all his Brothers and Sisters that is the children of Charles Porters Sr. last wife....". /s/ Joseph Medley. No witness. Acknowledged January Session 1829.

ANALYSIS: I have enclosed a copy. The metes and bounds are not exactly as the 150 acres sold by Charles, but this deed included the additional 50 acres sold to Pierce Watkins, who was a boundary with Charles & Miles' deed. You will recognize,
however, some of the exact same corner descriptions in both deeds.

The deed from Miles to Charles mentions one sixth part. Note the following:

DOCUMENT: 1820 Census, Anson Co., NC, Page 47:

Charles Porter over 45

2 males 0-10

2 males 10-16 - (Charles M. age 13)

1 female 26-45

2 females under 10

NOTE: There are 6 children in this household which is most suggestive. Barnabas Porter is listed on the same page with 2 males over 45 and 9 females of various ages. No young males. Let us continue and see an unusual possibility.

DOCUMENT: 1830 Census, Anson Co., NC, Page 74:

Charles Porter (Sr.) - 70-80

1 male 20-30 - (Charles M. age 23)

1 male 15-20

1 male 10-15 (Miles W. Porter, age abt. 9)

1 male under 5

1 female 30-40

1 female 10-15

Here we see Charles with young males in his house which would include Charles M. and Miles. Note that he is quite ancient! and that Phebe was half his age, which correlates with the above deed dated two years before this census. Oddly enough,
Barnabas is listed as 50-60, and now I am wondering if he was an older son, when I had originally thought they were brothers.

The combination of the enclosed three deeds and the 1820 census prove that Charles M. Porter was the son of Charles Porter the elder and "last" wife Phebe. Congratulations! In a county with burned records and no Porter probate files, the above
method is the best and only means of proof.

We know now that Charles and Miles had a brother William. The remaining fourth brother could very well be the following:

Anson Co., NC Deed Book 13, page 389 -

7 December 1830, Joseph Medley to Henry J. Porter, sold 100 acres which was sold at a suit Nathaniel Coker & wife against Barnabus Porter & Benjamin Barnawell, which was bid highest by said Medley, adj. Jesse Boykin, Artimus Watson and lands
where said Barnabas Porter now lives, being a total of 200 acres, 100 acres of which sold to Artimus Watson. WIT: Jesse Rowe. Acknowledged January 1851.

NOTE: Deed Book 16 page 587 reveals that Henry's wife was Mary Ann Pope.

Deed Book 14, page 273 reveal that William C. Porter's wife was Harriet Gulledge.

ADDITIONAL: As I mentioned earlier, I read a number of Porter deeds before locating the above proof deed, and I will briefly abstract several below pertaining to old Charles and Barnabas:

Anson Book X, page 289 -

11 December 1802, STATE GRANT #1751 to Charles Porter for 400 acres in Anson on Jacks Branch & Cabin Branch beginning at Bells & Barnabas Porters corner and Russells line. Entered 3 January 1801.

Anson Book H-2, page 443 -

8 December 1802, STATE GRANT #1738 to Barnabas Porter for 206 acres in Anson on waters of Jacks Branch on his own corner adj Bell, Morris.

Anson Book H-2, page 506 –

22 September 1802, William Ingram to Barnaby Porter, for 25 pounds, sold 100 acres on Jacks Branch of Browns Creek adj Dennis McLendon Jr., Palsey Ingram. WIT: Rt. H. Harris, Charles Porter who proved same April 1803.

Anson Book S, page 178 -

1 June 1818, STATE GRANT #2493 to Charles Porter for 200 acres in Anson adjoining Barnabas Porter, Samuel Tyson and William Pope. Entered 14 February 1816.

NOTE: I should have copied this grant because it is probably the exact 200 acre tract conveyed later by Medley to Charles' heirs via William.

Anson Book S, page 179 -

10 January 1809, Joshua Bell of Wilkes Co., GA to Charles Porter of Anson, for $100, sold (no acres given) tract on waters of Browns Creek and north side of Jacks Branch adj the tract said Bell sold said Porter, Drew, Morris, and Smith. WIT:
Barnabas Porter, Benjamin Boykin. Proved by Barnabas January 1813.

NOTE: The deed that Bell mentions already sold to Charles was recorded in this deed book as follows :

Anson Book S, page 216 -

23 January 1808, Joshua Bell of Wilkes Co., GA to Charles Porter of Anson, for $300, sold 200 acres on waters of Browns Creek and both sides of Jacks Branch adj Micajah Axum, Beverly, edge of the road. WIT: W. Hammond, Jonathan Boggon. Proved
October 1818.

Anson Book S, page 225 -

26 June 1814, Charles Porter & Barnabas Porter of Anson to Collin King of same, for $200 sold two tracts: (1) 200 acres on waters of Browns Creek and both sides of Jacks Branch adj Micajah Axum, Beverly; (2) 100 acres adj Drew, Morris, Smith.
WIT: Bryant Pearce, Patience Boyt. Proved by Pearce October 1818.

Book O, page 155 -

30 December 1809, Barnabas Porter of Anson to William Threadgill, for $68, sold 68 acres on east side of Jacks Branch adj. Coker, Denis McLendon, Lanier, Pope, Samuel Ingram. WIT: Benjamin Boykin, Axum Turner. Acknowledged April 1818.

Anson Book T, page 250 -

8 August 1821, Charles Porter of Anson to William Wright, for $100, sold 50 acres on head waters of Jacks Branch and the Cabin Branch. WIT: William Threadgill .

Anson Book Z, page 356 - 6 February 1835, Riddick Drew to Charles Porter of Anson, for $12.50, sold 11 acres on west side of the road, adj Alien Carpenter, Axum Turner and Watson. WIT: Uriah Staton, William (?) Porter. Proved by Staton January

NOTE: This appeared to be the last deed transaction for Charles. The probate record for Miles W. Porter in Fairfield, SC mentioned his land in North Carolina. I believe that land is most likely the following:

Anson Deed Book 13, page 612 -

5 March 1852, Hardy Ferry of Anson to Miles W. Porter of Fairfield District, SC, for $300, sold 100 acres on Lanes Creek, adj Stewart, Lick Branch, and Allen Carpenter. WIT: William C. Porter, Allen Carpenter.

NOTE: It is wonderful seeing brother William C. Porter witnessing this deed, which ties the situation together nicely.

CONCLUSION: Regardless of the fact that Anson is a burned county, I am pleased to have been able to prove that Charles M. Porter was the son of Charles & Phebe Porter of Anson County, North Carolina, by means of the three very important
enclosed deeds.

I respectfully submit this report for your examination.

Timothy Kearney


Researchers: Glenna Kinard
Dan Sullivan
Parents: Charles PORTER Sr..

Children were: James Barnaby PORTER.

Children were: Charles M. PORTER (III?) Rev., William C. PORTER , Alexander PORTER, Stephen PORTER, Judith PORTER, Miles W. PORTER.

bulletCharles PORTER Sr.(69) (69)(70) Researcher Glenna Kinard Charles served in the Revolutionary Wary. He was a member of Capt. James Variar's company and Col. Nicolas Long's regiment. In 1781 he was taken prisoner by the British at Halifax. Eventually he received parole and continued on parole until
the close of the war. He applied for a pension in 1827 which was granted on Oct. 9, 1832. At this time he was residing in Anson County.

Researchers: Glenna Kinard
Dan Sullivan

Children were: Charles PORTER Jr..

bulletCharles Porter(2) was born in 1834 in Alma, Pictou County, NS.(312) He died on 10 OCT 1868 in Alma Cemetery, Pictou Co., NS.(312)
Researcher: Karen Farmer
Parents: James Porter and Jane Cassidy.

He was married to Catherine Jardine about 1854 in New Hampshire, USA.(312) Children were: Joseph Porter, James Robert Porter, Elizabeth A. or C. Porter , Charles Elliott Porter.

bullet Charles Porter(44)
Researcher: Julia Harrison Parents: Joseph Porter and Mary Taylor.

bullet Charles Porter(44) was born on 8 DEC 1796. He died on 16 JUN 1877. He was buried in Raunds. Charles Porter, third son of Bishop Porter, B.A., 3rd Wrangler 1819, M.A. 1822, Fellow and Tutor Caius College, Cambridge, Vicar of St. Martin's, Stamford 1833-42, Rector of Aghnamullen, Ireland, 1842-50, Vicar of Ganton, Yorkshire, 1850-55, of Raunds, Northhants, 1855-77.

Researcher: Julia Harrison Parents: John Porter and Mary Smith.

Children were: Clementina Margaret Porter, Penelope Hannah Porter, Charles Fleetwood Porter , Henry Richard Porter Capt., Mary Porter, Elizabeth Ann Porter, Barbara Porter, William Carmichael Porter, Thomas Porter, Lavina Porter.

bulletCharles Porter(44).
Researcher: Julia Harrison Parents: Edward Endymion Porter and Alice Greaves.

bullet Charles Porter(17) was born in 1920. He died in 1977.
Researcher: Jim Porter <> Parents: Albert Lee Porter and Maggie Leo Dillon.

bullet Charles PORTER(139) was born unknown. He died unknown. He Researcher Carrie Kurlowicz
Researcher: Carrie Kurlowicz

He was married to Elsie UNKNOWN. Children were: Charles W. PORTER .

bullet Charles Porter(4) was born in 1870. (124)
Researcher: Lozer Parents: William J. Porter and Mary A. Shellenbarger .

bullet Charles Porter(39) was born on 14 JUN 1823 in Dover Township, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.(418) Not sure if this is the same person, but in the Index to Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Coroner Files, case# 1046 is a Charles M. Porter who died 3/7/1879 in a
railroad accident. No age given.

Provided by: Hal W. Jennings <> Parents: Nehemiah Porter and Rebecca West.

bullet Charles Porter(30) was born in 1735. (51)(460) He died on 21 OCT 1809 in Montgomery County, Maryland. (117)(51) He Researcher Bryce Stevens Charles first appears in Montgomery County in 1794, when he purchased 17
acres of land from Charles Perry. He was listed in the deed as a planter
living in Montgomery County (Liber E, folio 649). Charles sold this
parcel of land to John Shook in 1804. In 1799, Charles purchased the 309
acre Brandy Hall estate in Montgomery County from David Stewart of
Baltimore Town (Liber H, folio 457). In September 1809, less than a
month before his death, Charles purchased a 55 1/2 tract of Brandy Hall
from John Shook and John's second wife, Dorcas.

Helen is supposed to be of Scottish descent.

In his will date 16 August 1809, Charles Porter bequeathed one eighth of
his residual estate to each of the following: (1) son, David; (2) son,
Nathan; (3) son, Edward; (4) son, Denton; (5) son-in-law, John Riddle;
(6) grandson, David Shook; (7) children of daughter, Frances Lodge; and
(8) children of daughter, Charlotte Heeter. This seems to indicate that
Charles divided his residual estate equally among his children (or their
heirs), although it seems odd that David Shook got all of his mother's
share, while his brothers and sisters got nothing. In addition, David
was bequeathed a four year old black gelding. Charles did not identify
David's mother; however, information from other sources indicate that she
was his daughter, Arrana, wife of John Shook. Arrana died about 1798,
eleven years before Charles made his will.

(W. Roger Small, Jr., Descendants of Charles Porter II and Helen Scott)

Researcher: Bryce Stevens

All children with estimated birth dates are my estimates, based on births
of their children or what other clues I could find, unless the birth year
has a source number. The estimates are meant as a guide only, placing
them in a reasonable time frame for further research. Children were: Nathaniel S Porter, Denton Scott Porter, David A Porter, Frances Porter, Charlotte Porter, Arrana Porter, Susanna Porter, Edward Porter.

He was married to Polly Fry on 10 APR 1803 in Montgomery County, Maryland.(51) (461)

bullet Charles Porter(30) was born about 1843 in Kentucky.(51) (179)
Researcher: Bryce Stevens Parents: Lemuel Charles Porter M. D. and Zerelda Courts .

bullet Charles PORTER(333) Researcher: Barbara Watson Parents: William R PORTER and Marilda Galia WOODS.

bullet Charles Porter(46)
Researcher: Jeanne Wilcox Parents: Robert Smith Porter and Emma Whelmina Plotts .

bullet Charles A. PORTER(45) was born in 1855 in Blackland, Tishimingo, MS. He died after 1922 in Tupelo, MS.
Researcher: Vera Belle Glenn Lane Parents: Hugh Leslie PORTER and Sarah Elizabeth ARMSTRONG .

bullet Charles A. Porter(24) was born on 6 JUL 1846 in Allegany County, New York.(462) He died on 15 NOV 1914.(463)
Researcher: Marsha Wilcox Parents: David H. Porter and Chloe Smith.

He was married to Phebe Hespia Mather on 14 NOV 1872. (464) Children were: Isreal M. Porter , Ralph Alvin Porter, Ruth Porter, Raphel Asa Porter, Hannah M. Porter, Wilford D. Porter, Charles A. Porter.

bullet Charles A. Porter(24) was born on 6 FEB 1886. (465) He died WFT Est. 1887 1976. (466)
Researcher: Marsha Wilcox Parents: Charles A. Porter and Phebe Hespia Mather.

bullet Charles A. PORTER(11) was born in 1822 in KY. He was a Druggist (1850 Marion Co., KY Census). He Researcher Donna Warner According to a legal petition against him (1857) on behalf of
his son (aged 6 yrs.) and his brother-in-law, it appears Charles
Porter abandoned his young son after the death of his wife,
Martha Woods.

The Petition in Equity is an attempt to regain the possession of
2 slaves, and 3 slave children that were owned by Martha Woods
before her marriage and sold by her husband without her release.
At the time of the petition, it appears that Charles Porter's
whereabouts were unknown (it refers to "if he is alive") and a
non-resident of the state of Kentucky.

Researcher: Donna Warner

He was married to Martha A. WOODS on 16 SEP 1846 in Mercer Co., KY. Children were: James Jones PORTER.

bullet Charles B. Porter(13) was born in APR 1891 in Ohio Co., KY. He died in Ohio Co., KY.
Researcher: Sarah Shaw Tatounova Parents: William Egbert Porter and Martha E. Wallace .

bullet Charles Benson Porter(15)
Researcher: Melissa T. Alexander Parents: Eli Porter and Martha Ball.

He was married to Netty Elston.(16)

bullet Charles Crew PORTER(12) was born on 1 SEP 1930 in Spring Hill, Bowie Co., TX. He died on 22 JUN 1979 in Spring Hill, Bowie Co., TX.
Researcher: Joni Fojtik
Parents: Jim Henry PORTER and Ella Mae BALDWIN.

Children were: Charles Randall PORTER.

He was married to Bonnie JoAnn BRIDGEMAN in Bryan, Oklahoma. Children were: Harlan Patrick PORTER, Jim Wrenzy PORTER, Calvin Joe PORTER.

bullet Charles D. Porter(24) was born after 1850 in NY.
Researcher: Marsha Wilcox Parents: Horatio Porter and Susan Muritta Burr.

bullet Charles David Porter(22) was born Private.
Researcher: Justina
Parents: Raymond Porter and Gladys Fisher.

He was married to Patricia Elizabeth Guirra Private. Children were: Sandra ReNee Porter , Colette Eileen Porter, Charles Jeffery Porter.

He was married to Patricia Judith Peterson-Schwall Private.

bullet Charles E. PORTER(139) was born unknown. He died unknown.
Researcher: Carrie Kurlowicz Parents: Charles W. PORTER and Hannah R. SMITH.

He was married to Ina UNKNOWN.

bullet Charles Edward PORTER(333) was born living. Researcher: Barbara Watson Parents: Charles Franklin PORTER and Daisy PARKER.

bulletCharles Elliott Porter(2) was born on 28 DEC 1867 in White Hill, Pictou Co., NS.(123) He died on 5 JUN 1952 in White Hill, Pictou Co., NS. (312)
Researcher: Karen Farmer
Parents: Charles Porter and Catherine Jardine.

bulletabt 1852 Charles F PORTER(60).
Researcher: Hope Stanley Parents: Isaac PORTER and Elizabeth Jane CULTER.

bullet Charles F. , Jr. Porter(18) Check birth date: Found Charles Porter b. July 7, 1915, d. Oct 1987

Researcher: Ilo Ann Porter Hiller Parents: Charles F. , Sr. Porter and Mirl Carver.

bullet Charles F. , Sr. Porter(18) was born on 1 APR 1885 in Summitville. He died in MAY 1964.
Researcher: Ilo Ann Porter Hiller Parents: James F. Porter and Emily (Emma) F. Worthington .

He was married to Mirl Carver on 23 DEC 1909. Children were: Leon Porter, Charles F. , Jr. Porter, Helda Porter, Girl#1 Porter, Virginia Ethellene Porter, Girl#2 Porter, Girl#3 Porter.

bullet Charles Fleetwood Porter(44) was born on 12 SEP 1830. Charles Fleetwood Porter, of Staverton Grange, Oxford, B.A. Caius College, 1853, M.A. 1856, Vicar at St. Anne, Dropmore, 1867-81, of Banbury 1881-05, Hon. Canon of Christchurch, Oxford.

Researcher: Julia Harrison Parents: Charles Porter and Penelope Vaughan Fleetwood .

He was married to Emily Ottley about 1862.

bullet Charles Franklin PORTER(333) was born on 10 JUL 1906. He died on 14 JAN 1943. Researcher: Barbara Watson Parents: William Richmond PORTER and Susian Lemial MITCHELL.

He was married to Zophie Micensky. Children were: Madeline May PORTER .

He was married to Daisy PARKER. Children were: Charles Edward PORTER, Barbara Deloris PORTER.

bullet Charles Frederick PORTER(410) died unknown.
Researcher: Rebecca K. Bass Parents: George Henry PORTER and 3 or 4 wives UNKNOWN .

bullet Charles G. Porter(19) was born on 22 AUG 1875 in , Linn, OR. He died on 27 NOV 1930 in Corvallis, Benton, OR. He was buried on 29 NOV 1930 in Oakville Cem., Linn, OR.
Researcher: Lee Gentemann Parents: James Taylor Porter and Sarah Jane Millhollen .

He was married to Leatha Lenore Richard on 7 JAN 1917 in Corvallis, Benton, OR.

bullet Charles Gilkison Porter(19) was born on 31 MAR 1850 in , Jones, IA. He died on 11 DEC 1939 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA.
Researcher: Lee Gentemann Parents: John Porter and Julia Ann Barnd.

He was married to Margaretha Boysen on 2 OCT 1880 in Grand Mound, Clinton, IA.

bullet Charles Jeffery Porter(22) was born Private.
Researcher: Justina
Parents: Charles David Porter and Patricia Elizabeth Guirra.

bullet Charles Joshua Porter(22) was born on 15 JUN 1911. He died on 25 SEP 1914. He has reference number 13425.
Researcher: Justina
Parents: Amos Eugene Porter and Allie May Long.

bullet Charles Lafayette Porter(22) was born on 11 AUG 1870 in Geff, Wayne County, Illinois. He died on 3 DEC 1954 in Illinois. He was buried UNKNOWN in Oak Valley Cemetery; Geff, Wayne County, Illinois. He has reference number 1881.
Researcher: Justina
Parents: David Culbertson Porter and Emily Ellen Sellars.

He was married to Cora Lee Fansler on 12 OCT 1913. Children were: Dorothy Glenn Porter, Gladys Corrine Porter, Nellie Leone Porter, Helen Jean Porter.

bullet Charles Randall PORTER(12)
Researcher: Joni Fojtik
Parents: Charles Crew PORTER and Mary MARTIN.

Children were: Kara Melisa PORTER .

Children were: Kathlyn Marie PORTER, Crew William PORTER.

bulletCharles S. PORTER(70) was born about 1845 in Fairfield County, S.C.. He was a Miller. The 1850 Fairfield County census (1202-1203) lists on page 268A (Dwelling 1005, family 1006):

Charlie M. Porter, age 43, Baptist preacher, born in North Carolina

Emily, age 28, born in Fairfield County

Phebe, age 16, born in North Carolina

CHARLES, age 5, Fairfield County, SC

Harriet, age 4, born in Fairfield County, S. C.

Adeline, age 2, born in Fairfield County, S. C.

Roger W., age one month, born in Fairfield County, S. C.


1860 Census, Fairfield County, Winnsboro, S. C. page 231, dwelling No. 547:

Porter, C. M., 55, Male, white, Baptist Minister, real estate value $1256 Personal property value, $154.67

Elizabeth, 41


Harriet, E. 13

Adeline A., 12

Roger W., 10

James S., 9

William J. (?), 8


1870 Census, Fairfield County, Winnsboro, S. C.

page 164, dwelling 102, family 102:

CHARLES S. Porter, 22

Josephine Porter, 21


1880 Census Fairfield County, S. C.

Call #T-9-1229; page No. 9

Porter, CHARLES S. -- white male, 34; miller; born SC; father born NC; mother born SC.

Porter, Josephine -- white female 31; married; housewife; born SC; father born SC; mother born SC.

Hood, Anna B. -- white female, age 5; adopted; single;born SC; father born NC; mother born SC.

Researchers: Glenna Kinard
Dan Sullivan
Parents: Charles M. PORTER (III?) Rev. and M. Emily Avatine ("Emily") McCANTS.

bulletCharles S. Porter(19) was born about 1873.
Researcher: Lee Gentemann Parents: John Christian Porter and Mervilla M. Wheeler .

Children were: Charlotte Porter, Maude Porter.

bulletCharles Shepherd Porter(39) was born on 9 DEC 1803 in Ashfield, Franklin, Massachusetts. (467) He graduated in 1827 in Graduated Amherst College. He died on 10 APR 1870 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. (468) He was a Minister. Hal Jennings has an etching of Charles Porter.

Provided by: Hal W. Jennings <> Parents: Joseph Porter and Leonard Graves.

bullet Charles Thomas Porter *(43) was born on 1 OCT 1863. He died on 10 NOV 1956.
Researcher: Chris Hankins
Parents: William Henry Porter and Elizabeth C. Emerson.

bullet Charles Tupper Porter(2) was born in 1865 in NS.(288) He died in 1897. (288)
Researcher: Karen Farmer
Parents: James William Porter and Jane Patrick.

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