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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



PROBATE RECORDS: George Storey left the following to him: 5thly I give and bequeath unto my youngest son, James Story, all the tract of land I now live on containing two hundred and forty seven acres also one negro woman named Cede. James was also one of the excutors to his father's will.

James and his wife had twelve children.


He and his wife had eight children.

Nancy Agnes MCIWAIN

PROBATE RECORDS: George Storey left the following to her: 3dly I give and bequeath to my Daughter-in-Law, Nancy Story (who was also her Uncle and her mother's brother) the one third part of twenty acres of land, one negro man named Leath which said negro she is to have for the space of ten years after my decease and at the expiration of said time the aforesaid negro Leath is to be sold and equally devided among all the children of the aforesaid Nancy Story, also twenty acres of land being a part of the third part of twenty acres of land is a part of a tract of land laid out to George Story, Jr. lying next to the land where on the said Nancy Story now lives and along a line of marked trees and also I give and bequeath unto the youngest son of the said Nancy Story three pounds to be put out at interest until he comes of age of twenty-one years also seven pounds to be paid for the schooling of the children of the aforesaid Nancy Story.

George Iles YATES

CENSUS RECORDS: 26 Jan 1920 Marion, Crittenden, Kentucky film #1820562
He worked in the spar mines.

In 1910, he was still at home.

He was 53 years old when he died.

Telia Jane FLOYD

She was 6 in 1900 and it says born in Feb 1894.

OBITUARY: Crittenden Press 2 Feb 1961 === Mrs. Tellia Duncan, 65, of Beaumont, Texas died Tuesday January 24th, at a Galveston, Texas hospital after a long illness. She was a former Crittenden County resident. Her husband Herbert Duncan.

Earl Cleaverton YATES

He was one year old when he died.


MILITARY RECORDS: He served in the Revolutionary War pension #S32537. Solder was living with his father George Story in Spartanburg District, South Carolina during the war. He lived in South Carolina until December 1817 when he started for Alabama where he lived on Canoe Creek a branch of the Coosa River in Alabama and in October 1820 he moved to Greene county, Alabama where he applied for a pension 20 September 1832.

PROBATE RECORDS: His father George Storey left the following to him: 4thly I give and bequeath unto my Son, Henry Story, a negro woman named Cloe.

HISTORY: In late 1818 Henry moved from Faiforest, South Carolina to the Coosa River Basin. In 1818 there was a economic depression, especially in the Carolinas. At about the same time, Alabama was admitted as a territory and the following year it was admitted to statehood. The fertile soil of south-centeral Alabama was right for cotton and the cotton gin invented in 1792 by Whitney was coming into its own. William Williamson moved with his father to Alabama, though he had received a Revolutionary War pension and obtained a State land grant next to his father in South Carolina he decided to move south. He settled in Pickens County but later died in Greene County. Sirlinus Alonzo was born to William Williamson and they moved to the Leif River in Smith County, Mississippi. This is where William Williamson died and was buried. Though James Walter was born in Greene County in 1854, he moved with his parents to Smith County in 1860. In 1874 he moved to Copiah County and in 1884 he married Annie Owen Bridwell. Many have questioned why Annie married a blacksmith/wheelwright. Her father was a newspaper founder (the Revelle, which still exist today) an editor, a lawer (he graduated from Union College, just outside of Albany, New York) a Major in the Confederate Army and a Judge. Annie was an educated musician and used to the finer things in life. Perpaps because he seemed to be an up and coming business man and because Judge moved to Beauregard about the same time. The attraction to the area must have been the Wesson Mills. Just before the 1893 depression they moved to Brownswood, Texas where my father, Walter Wren was born. This would have been in 1889. An amusing story is that my grandmother named my father after a Texas Wren which nested outside her bedroom during her "confinement". They did not remain in Texas long. The weather was too uncertain and Nathaniel suffered from the dust. Uncle Edgar Lee Storey was born at Wesson in 1894. After this move to Beauregard where Uncle William Rufus was born. My father was in the First World War and went to France. There he sustained a leg wound and returned home. For a period he and Uncle Lon (L. A. Storey) worked in Bude, Mississippi as car builders. This is where Uncle Lon met and married Lillian Allgood. Four of the brothers opened a business in Wesson and it continued until well into the depression. Uncle Edgar was always a farmer and grew truck crops for the New Prleons market. Uncle Lon was killed by an explosion in 1932. The business continued until Uncle Nat, who had married Grace Vaughn and raised a family, living in Wesson died of an accute Appendicitis. With the depression and with my father having to support three families he was forced to close the business and retire to a property that he had purchased next to my Grandfather (James Walter Storey). By - Charlton Storey

Thomas McNary NELSON

He was 9 in 1870 and was working as a farm laborer. He was 19 in 1880.

CENSUS RECORDS: 30 Jan 1920 Donaldson, Caldwell, Kentucky SD#1, ED#21, Sheet #11B, Family #236/248
NELSON, Tom M. head, age 59, male, farmer, KY KY KY
NELSON, Mary F. wife, age 47, female, KY KY KY

He was a member of Donaldson Baptist Church, which is located in Farmersville.

He died at the age of 82.


She was 12 in 1880. She was listed as 47 in 1920.

Robert H. SON

BIRTH RECORDS: Caldwell County, Kentucky
Robert H. SON, born 27 Nov 1856, male, alive, white, parents: Abram SON and Precious A. Guess, parents live at Farmersville.

He is not on the 1860 census was he accidently left off?

He was 14 in 1870.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1900 Donaldson Pct, Caldwell, Kentucky family #116/116
SON, Robert H. head, age 43, NOV 1856, md 23 yrs, farmer, KY KY KY
SON, Casanda wife, age 44, MAR 1856, mother of 7 all living, KY VA KY
SON, Ollie M. dau, age 22, AUG 1877, single, mother of 1 still living, KY KY KY
SON, Alpha dau, age 17, MAY 1883, single, KY KY KY
SON, John son, age 15, MAY 1885, single, farm laborer, KY KY KY
SON, Eula dau, age 12, single, attends school, KY KY KY
SON, Otie dau, age 7, MAR 1893, single, KY KY KY
SON, Jack son, age 2, FEB 1898, single, KY KY KY
SON, Edith granddau, age 2, NOV 1897, single, KY KY KY
CARNER, William servant, age 22, MAY 1878, single, farm laborer, KY unk KY

Sarah Cassandra NELSON

BIRTH RECORDS: Caldwell County, Kentucky
NELSON, Sarah C. born 3 March 1856, female, alive, white, parents: Henry NELSON and Sarah FELKER.

She was 4 in 1860.

She was 14 in 1870 and was attended school.

She was 21 in 1880 married with 2 children.

She was 44 in 1900 and said she was the mother of 7 children and all were still living.

NEWSPAPERS: 'The Twice a Week Leader' in Princeton, Kentucky Friday 9 April 1909
After a lingering illness of consumption, borne with Christian fortitude, Mrs. Bob SONS died Tuesday night at her home near Farmersville. The burial took place at the Asher graveyward on Wednesday.

Precious Ann SON

She was 5 months old in 1880 listed as born in December.

Alpha SON

She was 17 in 1900.

DEATH RECORDS: Caldwell County, Kentucky
Alpha SONS age 28, female, single, parent: Bob SONS, died of pulmonary tuberculosis 6 Sep 1908, born lived and died near Farmersville, Caldwell County.

John H. SON

He was 15 in 1900.

Eula SON

She was 12 in 1900.

Otie SON

She was 7 in 1900.

Jack SON

He was 2 in 1900.


She was 6 in 1860. She was 15 in 1870 and was attended school.

Family records of Anne L. Rodick, 211 South Spriggs Court, Bloomington, Indiana 47401, (as of 1984)


He was 28 in 1880.

CENSUS RECORDS: 22 June 1900 District #5, Caldwell, Kentucky film #1240511,
He was 48 and says he has been married for 23 years, and he is a farmer and rents a farm.

CENSUS RECORDS: 15 Jan 1920 Flynn's Ferry Road, Caldwell, Kentucky

Amanda M. NELSON

She was 8 in 1860. She was 17 in 1870. She was 28 in 1880. 1900 census says she is the mother of 6 children and all 6 are living. Also her sister Missouri Nelson is living with them also.

Cordelia B. HILLYARD

She was 6 in 1880.


He was 1 month old in 1880. He was 20 in 1900.


She was 17 in 1900.


He was 15 in 1900.


He was 8 in 1900.

George STOREY Jr.

PROBATE RECORDS: George Storey left the following to him: 2dly I give and bequeath unto my well beloved Son, George Story, a negro girl named Fanny, also one negro boy named Derre which is to remain with his mother until he is three years old, also all my wearing apparel.

Suzannah ELDER

She married the brother of Margaret Storey, who married William Elder.