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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


James Thomas FLOYD

He was 21 in 1870 and still at home working as a farm laborer.

MARRIAGES: Crittenden Co, Kentucky film #'s 561067, 561071

CENSUS RECORDS: 1 June 1880 Union, Crittenden, Kentucky film #1254410, page 49A, family #9/9
Jas. T. FLOYD Self M M W 30 TN
Occ: Farming Fa: TN Mo: TN
Mary Ann FLOYD Wife F M W 23 KY
Occ: Keeping House Fa: TN Mo: TN
Sarah Lolia FLOYD Dau F S W 1 KY
Fa: TN Mo: KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 13 June 1900 Dist#4, Crittenden, Kentucky film #1244111, SD#1, ED#32, Sheet #5B, page #80B, family #103/103
FLOYD, James head, male, Aug 1849, age 50, md 21 yrs, farmer, TN TN TN
FLOYD, Mary A. wife, female, Jan 1855, age 45, mother of 8/8 living, KY TN TN
FLOYD, Jennie F. dau, female, Feb 1881, age 19, KY TN KY
FLOYD, Allie S. dau, female, Oct 1887, age 12, attends school, KY TN KY
FLOYD, Mathew M. son, male, Dec 1890, age 9, attends school, KY TN KY
FLOYD, William son, male, Mar 1894, age 6, KY TN KY
FLOYD, Kittie B. dau, female, Nov 1896, age 3, KY TN KY
They own a farm free and clear. James and Mary both can read and write.

Information received from the daughter of child number four Mattie Ernie.

NEWSPAPER: The Crittenden Press Newspaper, Wednesday, April 12, 1882, County Court, L. White released as surveyor of road and James Floyd appointed. February 1911, James Floyd and family were living in Sikeston, Missouri.

Mary Elizabeth Ann SUGG

She was 23 in 1880. She was 45 in 1900 and said she was the mother of 8 children and all 8 were still living.

Matthew Monroe FLOYD

He was 9 in 1900 and was attending school.

William Harrison McKinley FLOYD

He was 6 in 1900.

Kittie Bertha FLOYD

She was 3 in 1900.

Augustus Henry BRIGHT

CENSUS RECORDS: 18 June 1900 Rector, Saline, Illinois film #1240342
He says he has been married for 15 years and that he is a house carpenter.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1910 Rector, Saline, Illinois film #1374337

Juliet J. DAVIS

She was 15 in 1880 attending school.

The 1900, census says she is the mother of 5 children but only 4 are still living.

NEWSPAPER: 8 February 1919, District 63 -- Several from this community attended the funeral of Mrs. Guss BRIGHT at Texas City last Friday. Rev. Baughman of Eldorado conducted the services after which the remains were laid to rest at Poplar Cemetery. Obituary: Juliet DAVIS was born December 1, 1866 near Stonefort, Illinois. Moved with her parents to Saline County when a small girl. She was united in marriage August, 1885 to G. H. BRIGHT. To this union was born five children -- one having died in infancy; the other four living are: Robert, Claud, Cletis and Mrs. Lutishia GRAVES. They were all present at the time of her death, except Cletis, who is with the American Expedictionary Forces. Sister BRIGHT was converted during the great revival at Texas City in 1905, and has remained a member of Poplar Church ever since. Mr. BRIGHT and family moved to East St. Louis some two years ago, which proved to be the most successful era of their married life, until Wednesday, January 28th, at near eleven o'clock, the death Angel called, and Sister BRIGHT answered. She leaves a devoted husband, four children, five grandchildren and one brother (Levi DAVIS); three sisters, and a host of friends and acquaintances. During the time they resided in Texas City Brother and Sister BRIGHT were closely connected with the church work there, and we can say that the future looks clear for Sister BRIGHT. She was 52 years, one month and 27 days old at the time of her death. The husband will find home vacant without the devoted wife. The children will not soon find another love so true as mother's. But we feel that our loss will bring joy eternal to her, and the way is being prepared for the future home of the family over there if they will all keep faithful to her Christ. Her desire was to live until Cletis returned, he being the youngest son.

Cletus E. BRIGHT

Found on Social Security Death Index, SSN#333-16-7061

William K. SIMPSON

CENSUS RECORDS: 18 Sep 1850 Equality Pct, Gallatin, Illinois page #404, Family #28/28
SIMPSON, William age 25, male, farmer, $160, IL
SIMPSON, Margaret age 28, female, KY
SIMPSON, Rachel age 1, female, IL

CENSUS RECORDS: 14 Aug 1860 Christmasville PO, Gallatin, Illinois page #1041, Family #1283/1283
SIMPSON, William age 36, male, farmer, $2000 & $500, IL
SIMPSON, Margaret age 39, female, KY
SIMPSON, Rachel F. age 12, female, attends school, IL
SIMPSON, Martha A. age 9, female, IL
SIMPSON, Isaac P. age 6, male, IL
SIMPSON, Eliza J. age 4, female, IL
SIMPSON, Matilda C. age 1, female, IL

CENSUS RECORDS: 7 June 1870 Equality PO, Gallatin, Illinois page #345, Family #82/82
SIMPSON, William age 45, male, farmer, $2500 & $500, IL
SIMPSON, Margaret A. age 50, female, housekeeping, KY
SIMPSON, Rachael age 21, female, at home, IL
SIMPSON, Martha A. age 19, female, IL
SIMPSON, Isaac P. age 17, male, attends school, IL
SIMPSON, Louisa J. age 13, female, attends school, IL
SIMPSON, Matilda C. age 11, female, attends school, IL
SIMPSON, Stephen A. age 17, male, attends school, IL (Who is he??? He married Sarah Jane DOLEY on 24 July 1876 in Gallatin County.)

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 White Oak, Gallatin, Illinois page #481
SIMPSON, William Head, age 54, Farmer, IL KY KY
SIMPSON, Margret Wife, age 58, Keeps House, KY SC SC
SIMPSON, Matilda Dau, age 21, single, IL IL KY
ELDER, Millard Other, age 17, Farm Laborer, IL KY IL

Margaret Amarilas ELDER

She was 28 in 1850.

She was 39 in 1860.

She was 50 in 1870.

She was 58 in 1880.


She was 1 in 1850.

She was 12 in 1860.

She was 21 in 1870, single, living with her parents.