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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


William Marion LEWIS

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 Crittenden Co, Kentucky family #279/292
Sarah RICE age 43 head female house keeper KY KY KY
Watson " age 13 son male laboror KY KY KY
Jennie " age 11 dau female KY KY KY
William LEWIS age 37 husb male farm laboror TN TN VA
Pennina " age 26 wife female KY KY KY
Marion " age 9 son male KY TN KY
Maggie " age 7 dau female KY TN KY
Nonie " age 5 dau female KY TN KY
Alfred " age 3 son male KY TN KY
Oscar " age 9/12 son male born in SEP KY TN KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 1910 District #1, Marion, Crittenden, Kentucky Claylick Rd., sheet #9B, family #
William LEWIS age 62 male head TN married 40 years
Grace " age 59 female wife KY mother of 12, 10 living
Florence " age 13 female dau KY
Ethel " age 19 female dau KY
Leslie " age 17 male son KY
Carrie " age 15 female dau KY

Pininada Grace LENOX

She was 26 in 1880. She was 59 in 1910, the mother of 12 children but only 10 were still living.

William BELT

He was 25 in 1860 in Crittenden County, Kentucky.


She was 20 in 1860.

John Andrew THOMPSON

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 23 in 1870, single, living with his parents.

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 38 in 1880, widowed or divorced, living with his parents in Hamby, Christian, Kentucky.

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 57 in 1900, married 18 years, living in Lola, Livingston, Kentucky.

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 67 in 1910, married 3 times, this time for 8 years, living on Salem and Green Ferry Road, Livingston County, Kentucky.