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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Samuel Andrew DOSS

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 20 in 1900, living with his mother.

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Sam was 39 and Hester was 18 when they got married according to the marriage records of Carroll County.

William Evans CROWELL

CENSUS RECORDS: 26 AUG 1850 District #2, Crittenden, Kentucky family #244/244
CROWELL, William E. age 50 male farmer NC
CROWELL, Mary age 49 female SC
CROWELL, Alexander age 25 male labor $150.00 KY
CROWELL, H. M. age 21 male labor KY
CROWELL, John age 18 male labor KY
CROWELL, J. C. age 17 male labor KY
CROWELL, R. E. age 15 female KY
CROWELL, Mary age 14 female KY
CROWELL, Edward age 10 male KY
CROWELL, P. E. age 5 female KY

DEATH RECORDS: Crittenden County, Kentucky
William E. CROWELL, age 59 years, male, married, born Georgia, died 18 August 1859 of inflammation of the brain, parents Benjamin and Elizabeth CROWELL.


She was 49 in 1850.

She was 59 in 1860 living in Dist #1, Crittenden County, Kentucky.


He was 21 in 1850 still at home and was working as a laboror.

John Pinckney CROWELL

He was 18 in 1850 still at home and was working as a laboror.

Doctor Green C. CROWELL

He was 17 in 1850.

He was 27 in 1860, single, a physician, living with his widowed mother.

He was supposely killed by Yankee soldiers during the war when he wouldn't give them any more food.

Rosanna E. CROWELL

She was 15 in 1850.


He was 26 in 1850, single, living with his parents in Bern Twp, Athens, Ohio. His future wife, Lovina Rariden is living next door with his brother Hines C. SELBY who is married to Lovina's sister Sarah.

He was 37 in 1860, living in Palermo, Doniphan, Kansas Territory. He is married to Matilda Rutledge Baird Greer and they are found on page #892, and family #423/393. Matilda is at least 10 years older then him.

He was 45 in 1870, apparently single, living with his brother Hines C. Selby in Bern Twp, Athens, Ohio.

He was 55 in 1880, listed as widowed, living by himself in Lula Twp, Mitchell, Kansas.


She was 22 in 1850, single, living with her sister Sarah and brother-in-law H. C. Selby.