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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



He was 9 in 1870, he is listed as Jehue COX instead of MITCHELL.

He was 18 in 1880, listed as Jahue COX instead of MITCHELL. His father's birthplace is listed as unknown.

He was 38 in 1900, listed as Jehu MITCHELL, married 16 years, living in Giles Twp, Cleburne, Arkansas. Parents born in Alabama. James F. Mitchell is listed just two families before him.

He was 48 in 1910, listed as Jay H. MITCHELL, married twice this time for 4 years, living in Giles Twp, Cleburne, Arkansas. Parents born in Alabama.

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Jay Hugh MITCHELL getting married 14 Dec 1884 in Cleburne County, Arkansas to Mary E. LOCKARD. (This web page on has their marriage date listed:

CEMETERY RECORDS: Shiloh Crossroads Cemtery in Cleburne County, Arkansas
His stone has J. H. MITCHELL stamped in top of the stone. No dates are visible anywhere. It is located toward the middle of the cemtery behind the church and near the gravel road.


She was 34 in 1910, married once, mother of one child who is living.

Lieut. John WHEELER

NOTES: The Wheelers, John and his sons Henry and James came from South Carolina in 1796, to Livingston County, Kentucky. John settled the place now owned by Frank Paris. Henry settled the place known as the John M. Wilson farm in 1805, and also in 1805, James settled the place where his descendant Isaac Wheeler now lives. All the Wheelers were strict Presbyterians. They brought slaves with them when they came to Kentucky. John only has a sandstone marker, with no dates on it. He was a Revolutionary War soldier.

PROBATE RECORDS: Livingston County, Kentucky Will Book A & B, book #976.9895 P28j John WHEELER, Will written 23 DEC 1834, Probated 1 JULY 1839, Signature was made with a mark. Mentions wife: Susanna; Sons: Isaac H., Henry, James; Daughters: Mary Ann HENRY, Sarah WYATT, Mary CRUCE, Matilda CAVIT, Susanna MERCER; granddaughter: Susan Clark WHEELER; wife Susanna and son Isaac H. executors; witnesses: James CRUCE, Arthur TRAVIS, James THRELKELD & Aaron THRELKELD.

Susannah CLARK

She was 90 in 1850 living with her son Isaac H. Wheeler.


She was 5 in 1880.

She was 15 when she married John Cannon.

She was 24 in 1900, divorced and she and her son Henry H. BEARD are living with her divorced mother.


CENSUS RECORDS: He was 2 in 1850.

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 12 in 1860.

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 22 in 1870, married, living in Green Briar Twp, Independence, Arkansas.

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 33 in 1880, married, living in Green Briar Twp, Independence, Arkansas.


CENSUS RECORDS: She was 21 in 1870.

CENSUS RECORDS: She was 32 in 1880.


She was 1 in 1870.


CENSUS RECORDS: There is an H. MITCHELL, age 30, born in Alabama, married to Mary E. and says his parents born also in Alabama, living in Healing Springs, Independence, Arkansas.

NOTES: Hoot and Zaddi, in later years, also assisted in the up-bringing of one of Hoot's great-nephews, Morrilton Mitchell. (Info from this web site:

Arzada A. HARMON

She was 16 in 1860.

NOTES: Arzada A. Harmon, born 1844 in Tennessee was first married to Siamon CANNON on 5 July 1868 in Independence County, Arkansas. Zaddi and Siamon were the parents of four children: 1. James Siamon Cannon, 2. Cynthia Sarah Cannon, 3. Charles Ponley Cannon, 4. Rufus Madison Cannon. Siamon CANNON disappeared around 1880 and Zaddi secondly married Aria "Hoot" MITCHELL. Zaddi and Hoot were the parents of five children. (Info from this web site:

Peter Casper HARMON

He was 33 in 1860, married in the census year to Jane age 21 born in Missouri. They are living in California Twp, Van Buren, Arkansas.


CENSUS RECORDS: He was 70 in 1850, living in Dist #17, Giles County, Tennessee. Giles County is just across the state line from Madison County, Alabama.

PROBATE RECORDS: Brazos County, Texas Case 101a filed 22 Sept 1856, WPA Probate Index, Probate packet 101; wife Jane MITCHELL; children Rebecca LEE, E. R. MONTGOMERY, Ann S. SPINDLE (wife of John P. SPINDLE), James H. MITCHELL, Elizabeth C. BALDRIDGE, Harvey MITCHELL, J. P. MITCHELL & Calvin W. MITCHELL. Brazos Genealogist, v.16, no.4, pp.135-136. Jefferson P. MITCHELL applied for probate of will of his father James MITCHELL decd.; 30 Sept 1856. Brazos County Probate Minutes, Book B, pp.148-149. Elizabeth C. BALDRIDGE of Madison County, Alabama gave her power of attorney to E. H. MITCHELL, to recover any property due her from the estate of James MITCHELL; 30 Nov 1860, Brazos County Deeds, Book F, p.281.


CENSUS RECORDS: She was 68 in 1850, born in North Carolina.

CENSUS RECORDS: She was 73 in 1860, born in Virginia, living with (her son ??) Charles C. MITCHELL in Green Briar Twp, Independence, Arkansas.

James Henry MITCHELL

Went to Texas

Doctor Jefferson Paley MITCHELL

Went to Texas

Calvin Whitney MITCHELL

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 25 in 1850, single, living with his parents.

Went to Texas

Thomas T. TAYLOR

He was 25 in 1860, married, living with his in-laws, in Green Briar Twp, Independence, Arkansas.

He was 38 in 1870, apparently widowed, living with his two children in Green Briar Twp, Independence, Arkansas. They are listed just two house from Charles Mitchell and the next house after James Mitchell.

Elizabeth Jane MITCHELL

She was 8 in 1850.

She was 18 in 1860, married, living with her parents.

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Arkansas Marriages, 1851-1900
Elizabeth Jane MITCHELL age 16, with consent of her parents, married 22 Aug 1858 in Independence County, Arkansas to Thomas TAYLOR age 25, by Harrison Blevins a Justice of the Peace.


He was 2 months old in 1860.

He was 12 in 1870.

He was 20 in 1880, single, working as a laborer, living in the home of Ch. G. (Charles) McCullock in Green Briar Twp, Independence, Arkansas. John was born in Arkansas, his fathers birthplace was left blank and his mother was born in Alabama.


She was 4 in 1870.