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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Morrilton M. MITCHELL

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 3 in 1900, listed as Minnie M.

COURT RECORDS: Morrilton MITCHELL, minor under the age of 14. Placed in the guardianship of Mrs. Mary M. Powers of Cleburne County, Arkansas 28 Oct 1907. (So have both his parents died and if so who is this Powers lady???) I found her on the 1900 South Sugar Loaf Twp, Cleburne, Arkansas census. She is age 56, born April 1844 in Tennessee, widowed, mother of 4 children with only 1 still living. Her daughter Laura C. HENRY age 31, born May 1869 in Arkansas, single, is living with her. Her daughter Laura in 1910, is living by herself, age 40, still single, living in Sugar Loaf, Cleburne, Arkansas. I believe Mary M. POWERS has died and that is probably why Morrilton is with his grandmother in 1910. Laura C. HENRY, is living by herself, age 45 in 1920, single, living in Safety Harbor, Pinellas, Florida.

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 13 in 1910, listed as Morrilton, living with his grandmother Nancy HASKINS in Giles Twp, Cleburne, Arkansas.

I can not find him in 1920, wonder where he went too???

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 38 in 1930, working as a laborer in the sawmill, living in Bigelow, Perry, Arkansas. His name is listed as Mitchel MARRILTON instead of Morrilton MITCHELL.

NOTES: Social Security Death Index gives full birth date. Social Security Number issued in Louisiana before 1951. Texas Death Index gives full death date.

Minnie Bell LOFTIS

She was 6 in 1900.

She was 16 in 1910.

She was 23 in 1920, and says she is widowed, living with her two children Elsie and Floyd in her parents home in Sulpher Springs Twp, Van Buren, Arkansas.

She was 37 in 1930, married and living with Morrilton MITCHELL.

NOTES: Here death date and place of June 1954 are found in the Loftis Book. However, her granddaughter says that her father Otto, Minnie's son, barely remembered his mother, so she may have really died in 1934 instead of 1954. Her granddaughter also said she may have die in chidlbirth with twins.


He was one month old in 1920.


He was 2 years and 7 months old in 1930.

NOTES: The Social Security Death Index has his birth date as 10 Sep 1924, but census records put his birth year about 1927 instead. His daughter said he lied about his age so he could enlisted during World War II. His daughter found her dad's discharge papers and they say he was born in 1926.

Tennessee America LOFTIS

She was 2 in 1860.

She was 11 in 1870 living in the home of Elizabeth LOFTIS in Cadron Twp, Van Buren, Arkansas.


He was 35 in 1850 living in Dist #6, Overton County, Tennessee.

NOTES: Tons of info on this family at:

Elizabeth HAMMOCK

She was 35 in 1850.

Vernon Bird CREACY

He was 33 in 1850 living in Dist #1, Decatur County, Tennessee.


She was 33 in 1850.

Elizabeth R. CREACY

She was 6 in 1850.


He was 5 in 1850.


He was 1 in 1850.

Ephraim H. CREACY

He was one month old in 1850.

Josiah Valorius DOSS

He was 16 in 1850 and was attending school.

He was 27 in 1860, working as a wool carder, living in Pct #1, Lamar County, Texas.

He was 36 in 1870, working as a machinist, living in Pct #3, Tarrant County, Texas.

MILITARY RECORDS: He was approved for a Confederate pension in Wood County, Texas (file #27130) for service in the Civil War.

NOTES: His occupation was a machinist.


She was 26 in 1870.


He was 4 in 1870.


He was 1 in 1870.

Marion Louis LOFTIS Sr.

He was 8 in 1900.

He was 18 in 1910.

He was 38 in 1930 living in Perry Twp, Perry, Arkansas.


She was 42 in 1930.