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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



He was 35 in 1910 and said they had been married for 6 years.

Lulu Annis HART

She was 15 in 1900.

CENSUS RECORDS: 20 April 1910 Jarvis Twp, Madison, Illinois film #1370008, page #295, family #248/256
BARNES, Ellis L. head, age 35, md 6 yrs, KY KY KY
BARNES, Lulu wife, age 25, mother of 3 children with 2 living, KY KY AR
BARNES, Sadie M. dau, age 5, IL KY KY
BARNES, Pauline dau, age 3, IL KY KY

William Elvis WATSON Sr.

He was 28 in 1910 and said they had been married for 8 years. They are living in District #5, Webster County, Kentucky. Listed as Willie E. WATSON.

He was 38 in 1920 living in Clay, Webster County, Kentucky. Listed as William E. WATSON.

He was 49 in 1930 and said he had been 21 years old when he got married. They are living in District #5, Webster County, Kentucky. Listed as W. E. WATSON.

Kentucky Death Index, died in Webster County, and residence was Webster County.

Carrie L. HART

She was 17 in 1900.

She was 27 in 1910 and said she was the mother of 3 children but only 2 were living.

She was 37 in 1920.

She was 48 in 1930 and said she had been 20 years old when she got married.

In the summer of 1956 my mom Jean Fraley Beard visited with Aunt Carrie. She lived at the top of Rosebud Hill in Crittenden County past the cemetery.

Kentucky Death Index, died in McCracken County, but residence was Crittenden County.

William Elvis WATSON Jr.

He was 4 in 1910.

He was 14 in 1920.

He was 24 in 1930, single, living with his parents and working as a coal miner.

Kentucky Death Index, died in Hopkins County, but residence was Webster County.


Kentucky Birth Index, mother listed as Katie HART.


Kentucky Birth Index mother listed as Carrie HART.

William A. MURPHY

He was 24 in 1900 living in East St. Louis, St. Clair, Illinois working in construction. He said they had been married for 2 years.

He was 34 in 1910 living in East St. Louis, St. Clair, Illinois working as a salesman at a packing house. He said they had been married for 11 years.

He was 44 in 1920 living in East St. Louis, St. Clair, Illinois working as a salesman at a packing house.

He was 54 in 1930 living in East St. Louis, St. Clair, Illinois working as a salesman at a packing house.

Illinois Statewide Death Index 1916-1950.

Margaret A. HART

She was 19 in 1900 and said she was the mother of zero children.

She was 29 in 1910 and said she was the mother of zero children.

She was 38 in 1920.

She was 49 in 1930.

In 1970 she was living in Okawville, Illinois when her brother James died.

She apparently never had any children.

Social Security Death Index.

James K. HART

He was 15 in 1920, but where was he in 1910?

OBITUARY RECORDS: Newspaper the Edwardsville Intelligencer, Monday 16 Nov 1970 (Edwardsville, Illinois)
James K. (Bus) Hart, 66, owner and operator of Hart Auto Repair at Troy, died unexpectedly at 4:30 PM Saturday in his home there. He had been under a doctor's care for a heart ailment. A resident of Troy most of his life, he had been in the auto repair business the past 10 years. Before that he had been employed by Mallett Ford at Collinsville and Schmitt Chevrolet at Troy. Born 26 August 1904, in Coulterville, he was a son of the late Lucien and Harriet Crowe Hart. Surviving are his wife, the former Etta Schultz of Troy; two daughters, Mrs. Melba Paul of Collinsville and Mrs. Leslie (Carol) Jaggers of Houston, Texas; four grandchildren; two great-grandchildren and one sister Mrs. Margaret Murphy of Okawville. He was a member of Collinsville Local International Association of Machinists and Friedens United Church of Christ at Troy. Friends may call at the Mateer Funeral Home in Troy. Funeral services will be at 2 PM Tuesday in the funeral home, the Rev. R. H. Mornhinweg officiating. Burial will be in Friedens Cemetery.

Jesse HART

MARRIAGES: Hawkins County, Tennessee 1789-1865 book #976.8 V25p
Peter Hart was the security for their marriage and Robert Rogers a Justice of the Peace married them.

CENSUS RECORDS: 10 Sep 1850 Monroe County, Kentucky page #429, family #865/906
HART, Jesse age 30, male, farmer, NC
HART, Louisa age 29, female, TN
HART, Thomas age 12, male, TN
HART, Mary age 8, female, TN
HART, Matilda age 6, female, TN
HART, Francis age 4, male, TN
HART, Susan age 2, female, TN
HART, Jane age 6/12, female, KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 21 July 1870 Franklin PO, Simpson, Kentucky page #123, family #338/338
HEART, Jesse age 50, male, works on farm, $200, NC
HEART, Louisa J. age 49, female, keeps house, TN
HEART, Leticia age 20, female, TN
HEART, Sarah F. age 14, female, TN
HEART, William N. age 10, male, TN
HEART, Harmen C. age 11, male, KY
HEART, Kamdla J. age 7, female, KY
HEART, Robert V. age 5, male, KY

Louisa Jane LEWIS

She was 29 in 1850.

She was 49 in 1870.

CENSUS RECORDS: 7 June 1880 Elk Springs, Warren, Kentucky page #264, family #56/65
HART, Louisa Head, age 60, widow, House Keeping, TN VA NC
HART, Harmon Son, age 21, single, Farming, KY NC TN
HART, Virgil Son, age 15, Farming, KY NC TN

Matilda HART

She was 6 in 1850.

Francis HART

He was 4 in 1850.

Susan J. HART

She was 2 in 1850.

Arbell HART

DEATH RECORDS: Monroe County, Kentucky
She died of brain fever at the age of 1 year and 6 months.

Sarah F. HART

She was 14 in 1870.

Harmon C. HART

He was 11 in 1870.

He was 21 in 1880, single, living with his widowed mother.

William N. HART

He was 10 in 1870.

Kamdla S. HART

She was 7 in 1870.

Robert Virgil HART

He was 5 in 1870.

He was 15 in 1880 living with his widowed mother.

Leticia Jane HART

She was 6 months old in 1850.

She was 20 in 1870.

Volentine FLOYD

He is listed as under 10 years of age in 1820.

CENSUS RECORDS: 11 Nov 1850 Southern Division, Smith county, Tennessee page 360, family #756/756, film #444852
Volentine FLOYD age 36 male laborer TN
Eliza " age 30 female TN
David " age 9 male TN
Mathew " age 7 male TN
William " age 4 male TN
Manerva " age 1 female TN

CENSUS RECORDS: 5 June 1860 Alexandria, District #1, DeKalb, Tennessee film #24552 family #90/88
Valentine FLOYD age 38 male farmer $500.00 TN
Eliza " age 35 female TN
Mathew " age 17 male TN
David L. " age 15 male TN
Mary E. " age 13 female TN
James T. " age 12 male TN
John H. " age 7 male TN
Artelia F. " age 4 female TN
Benjamin M. " age 4/12 male TN

CENSUS RECORDS: 8 July 1870, 12th Civil District, Commerce, Wilson, Tennessee film #24583, page 516, family #158/168
Vol FLOYD age 52 male white farmer $1000.00 $500.00 TN CRW
Eliza A. " age 44 female keeping house TN CRW
Elizabeth " age 22 female at home TN CRW
James T. " age 21 male farm laborer TN
John H. " age 17 male farm laborer TN CRW
Artelia F. " age 15 female at home TN CRW
Benjamin " age 11 male at home attends school TN
Nancy J. " age 4 female TN
Sarah T. " age 2 female TN

They came to Kentucky in 1873.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 Union, Crittenden, Kentucky film #1254410, Page 52D
Volentine FLOYD Self M M W 59 TN
Occ: Farming Fa: NC Mo: NC
Eliza Ann FLOYD Wife F M W 56 TN
Occ: Keeping House Fa: TN Mo: TN
Mary E. FLOYD Dau F S W 32 TN
Occ: Helps In House Fa: TN Mo: TN
John H. FLOYD Son M S W 27 TN
Occ: Works On Farm Fa: TN Mo: TN
Benjamin M. FLOYD Son M S W 21 TN
Occ: Works On Farm Fa: TN Mo: TN
Nancy Jane FLOYD Dau F S W 14 TN
Occ: Helps In House Fa: TN Mo: TN
Sarah T. FLOYD Dau F S W 12 TN
Occ: Attends school Fa: TN Mo: TN

MARRIAGES: Crittenden County, Kentucky film #'s 559057, 559058, 559060, 561062

Eliza Ann PARKER

She was 30 in 1850.

She was 35 in 1860.

She was 44 in 1870.

She was 56 in 1880.

CENSUS RECORDS: 13 June 1900 Dist#4, Crittenden, Kentucky page #80, family #104/104
FLOYD, Eliza A. head, female, Oct 1824, age 75, widow, mother of 8 with 4 living, TN TN VA
SULLENGER, Jennie A. granddau, female, Oct 1891, age 8, KY KY TN
Eliza owns a home free and clear. She could not read or write.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1910 Union, Crittenden, Kentucky

NOTES: Eliza'a greatgrandaughter Marguerite Floyd Rushing told me that one of the grocers in the town of Marion told her that Eliza would cash a pension check every month from the service of her son who was killed in the war and who served in the Union Army maybe he actually served for the south. Tennessee gave pensions to some of their soldiers who fought for the south. I received pension for David L. Floyd today 22 Feb 2000, he was not killed during the war he died after from causes from the war. He served in the Union Army and his brother Mathew also served in the Union Army. She received a pension until the day she died. In 1915 she re-applied because her house had burned down and all her papers were destroyed.

DEATH RECORDS: Her death certificate says she died of kidney trouble and paralysis. Tucker Funeral Home took care of the burial. She died on a Sunday night. She was 92 years old when she died. Her death certificate gives her fathers name but not her mother's.

OBITUARY: Crittenden Record Press 15 Feb 1917 === Mrs. Eliza Floyd, an aged citizen, mother of John Floyd died Sunday night in the Sisco's Chapel section. She was born 1824, Oct 19th in DeKalb County, Tennessee and moved here in 1873. Five children survive: James T. Floyd of Arkansas, John H. Floyd, B. M. Floyd, Katie Wright and Sarah Sullenger of this county. Burial was at Sisco's Chapel.

David L. FLOYD

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 9 years old on the 1850 census records.

CEMETERY RECORDS: Found in cemetery records of Smith County, Tennessee a tombstone for a D. L. Floyd that all it has on it is Co. E, 4th TN, Mtd. Inf. Is this David L.??? He is buried by a Monroe M. Floyd at New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery in the old section. This cemetery is located in DeKalb County, Tennessee east of Alexandria on Walker Creek Rd. Is D. L. my David L.???? Found on internet that Co E, 4th TN Mtd. Inf. was a Union regiment. (10 OCT 1999)

MILITARYR ECORDS: Sent for and received pension today 22 Feb 2000 for David L. Floyd. He is mine. He is the one buried at New Hope Cemetery. He died 30 June 1866 of chronic diarrhea and liver disease. He was 5 foot 5 inches tall had blue eyes, light hair and complexion. He died at home from effects suffered from the war. He enlisted as a private and was discharged as a sergeant. His mother Eliza Ann Parker Floyd received a mother's pension for his service. She first applied on 10 Feb 1888 in Crittenden County, Kentucky.

William FLOYD

He was 4 years old on the 1850 census records.

He may have fought in the Civil War but more then likely it was his two older brothers instead.

Granville Elite LEAKE

CENSUS RECORDS: 25 June 1880 Dist #1, Robertson County, Tennessee page #24, family #161/161
LEAK, G. E. Head, age 39, Miller, KY KY TN
LEAK, Mary E. Wife, age 37, Keeping House, KY KY TN
LEAK, James F. Son, age 12, KY KY KY
LEAK, Charles W. Son, age 11, KY KY KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 23 April 1910 Franklin, Simpson, Kentucky page #53, family #224/240
LEAK, Granville E. head, age 69, md 43 yrs, gardiner in a truck garden, KY KY KY
LEAK, Mary E. wife, age 66, mother of 3 with 2 living, KY TN TN

CENSUS RECORDS: 12 Jan 1920 Franklin, Simpson, Kentucky page #58, family #300/320
LEAK, Granville head, age 70, KY KY KY
LEAK, Lucinda wife, age 68, KY KY KY
(Is this a different Granville????)

CEMETERIES: Simpson County, Kentucky

Kentucky Genealogy and Biography Vol 4

Mary Elizabeth HART

She was 8 in 1850.

She was 37 in 1880.

She was 66 in 1910 and said she was the mother of 3 children but only 2 were still living.

She was 87 in 1930 living with her son James in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky.

Peter HART

CENSUS RECORDS: 8 Nov 1850 Dist#9, Greene, Tennessee page #231, family #1376/1376
HART, Peter age 51, male, renter, VA
HART, Charity age 53, female, VA
HART, Larkin age 18, male, laborer, TN
HART, Irvin age 11, male, TN
HART, Hiram age 9, male, TN
HART, Mary A. age 20, female, TN
HART, Franklin age 6, male, TN

CENSUS RECORDS: 2 July 1860 Rogersville PO, Hawkins, Tennessee page #86, family #601/556
HART, Peter age 60, male, laborer, $50, NC
HART, Charity age 58, female, VA
HART, Polly A. age 30, female, TN
HART, Hiram age 18, male, laborer, TN
HART, Franklin age 16, male, laborer, TN

Charity TAYLOR

She was 53 in 1850.

She was 58 in 1860.

CENSUS RECORDS: 9 Sep 1870 Lynn Camp PO, Knox, Kentucky page #464, family #7/7
HART, Charity age 59, female, farmer, VA
HART, Mary A. age 39, female, TN
(Charity would really be about 70 to 73 years old and not 59.)

Mary Ann HART

She was 20 in 1850, single, living with her parents.

She was 30 in 1860, single, living with her parents.

She was 39 in 1870, single and living with her widowed mother in Knox County, Kentucky.

Aaron HART

He was 18 in 1850.

Irvin HART

He was 11 in 1850.

Ivy Larnie FRYAR

He was a Staff Sargent during World War II in the United States Army.

He married Mary Lee 1st then they divorced then he married Helen then they divorced and then he married Mary Lee again. Larnie and Mary Lee were married again in 27 May 1979 in Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky.