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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



COURT RECORDS: Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Court of Common Pleas, 1779, C260; R260, pg. 161; "Mary Stevenson, orphan bound to Sarah Stevenson, to learn Spinster's art and to receive 75 pounds beside lawful dues."

Her last name is sometimes found as Stinson.

She was 76 in 1850 living with her son David in Macon Dist, Macon, Illinois.

She was 86 in 1860 living with her son Andrew in Dowling PO, Macon, Illinois.


He was 4 in 1870.

CENSUS RECORDS: 14 Jan 1920 Joy, Livingston, Kentucky page #87, family #87/87
QUERTERMOUS, Will H. head, age 51, farmer, KY KY KY
QUERTERMOUS, Fannie wife, age 49, KY KY KY
QUERTERMOUS, Jessie Lewis son, age 24, farm laborer, KY KY KY
QUERTERMOUS, Sallie dau, age 23, KY KY KY
QUERTERMOUS, Roy son, age 21, farm laborer, KY KY KY
QUERTERMOUS, Clyde son, age 19, farm laborer, KY KY KY
QUERTERMOUS, Nellie dau, age 17, KY KY KY
QUERTERMOUS, Gertie dau, age 15, KY KY KY
QUERTERMOUS, Gracie dau, age 12, KY KY KY
QUERTERMOUS, Rebel dau, age 10, KY KY KY
QUERTERMOUS, Calvin son, age 8, KY KY KY


She was 49 in 1920.


He was 4 in 1870.

Arthur TRAVIS Sr.

MILITARY RECORDS: He served in the Revolutionary War as a private under the command of Colonel Lacy. He served as a spy under the command of General Sumpter. He was taken prisoner by the British but was later released. General George Washington presented him with a Indian tomahawk and a fife, which was kept by descendants for years. They were later destroyed by a fire. He applied for a pension in 1832. He came to Livingston County, Kentucky in 1799. He was a gunsmith and a school teacher.

DEATH RECORDS: Crittenden County, Kentucky
His death record says he was worn out with age, he was 88 years old, a blacksmith, and a widower.