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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Samuel Henry PILES Sr.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1850 Livingston County, Kentucky family #759
PILES, Samuel age 26, male, merchant, KY
PILES, Gabreller age 13, female, KY
PILES, Sarah age 61, female, $10,000.00, KY
PILES, John age 29, male, merchant, KY
PILES, Eliza age 26, female, KY

He was 33 in 1860.

Gabriella LILLARD

She was 13 in 1850.

She was 26 in 1860.

Sarah Elizabeth PILES

She was 10 in 1860.

Willis Cotton PILES

He was 6 in 1860.

Madison M. PILES

He was 2 in 1860.


HISTORY: Panhandle (now know as Ledbetter) is a five mile long peninsula between the Ohio and Tennessee rivers, ending at Livingston Point where the Tennessee flows into the Ohio across from Paducah. Most of the area is flat river bottom farmland and home sites. The area was settled as early as 1836 when John PILES was buried on the bank of the Ohio back of the old Eison peach orchard, where several other graves have caved into the river. Most residents were buried in cemeteries where the high waters did not reach. (From Livingston County, Kentucky History Book -1990-)


She was 61 in 1850 and was living with her son Samuel.

She was 74 in 1860.

Her tombstone says 23 ---- 1862, can not read the month.

PROBATE RECORDS: WILL OF Sarah PILES, Livingston County, Kentucky 30 June 1862, Know all men that I, Sarah PILES, make this my last Will and Testament hereby revising all other Wills & Testaments of a prior date to this. 1st- I will and bequeath to my son Samuel H. PILES three hundred acres of land off of my farm lying and being in Livingston County, KY, & containing four hundred and forty-six acres said three hundred acres to include the farm & dwelling in which I last resided - previous to my moving to Smithland, KY to live and also to include all of the upper part - of said tract - of land except one hundred & forty-six acres to be run off as follows to wit the line to commence on the Ohio River & run to the back line of said tract of land the said one hundred & forty-six acres to be disposed of as hereinafter mentioned & my son Samuel to have the balance of said tract to himself & heirs forever. 2nd- I also will and bequeath to my son Samuel H. PILES of my stock horses mules cattle wagons buggies carts household & kitchen furniture & everything else to or appurtaining to said farm or land. 3rd- I also will and bequeath to my son Samuel H. a house & lot which I own in Smithland, KY Known as lot No. __ and situated in __ Street it being the only real property that I own in said town. 4th- I will and bequeath to my son Samuel H. sixty acres of land lying & being in Pope County, Illinois - It's near the town of New Liberty it being the only real property that I own in said County or State and a part of the same tract of land that I bought of Henry METCALFE. 5th- I also will and bequeath to my son Samuel a Negro Slave named Denis about fifty years of age to have to him & his heirs all of the above named property forever. 6th- I will and direct that the remaining one hundred and forty-six acres of land be run off of the four hundred & forty-six acres in Livingston County from the lower part thereof commencing on the banks of the Ohio River & running to the back line of said farm & the same be equally divided between my Son Wm. PILES & my daughter Eliza DUKE and my two grandchildren Jonathan PILES and Conrad PILES children of George PILES deceased. The said grandchildren being the interest of their deceased father only the said heirs having the privilege of selling of said land or holding it in common just as they may wish but said Eliza DUKE's interest in said land whether sold or not she is to have & to hold to her sole use & benefit to the exclusion of her present husband or any husband that she may hereafter have or their debts & at her death to go to the heirs of her body. 7th- I will and bequeath to my son Samuel H. PILES, Wm. PILES & daughter Eliza DUKE and my two grandchildren Jonathan J. & Conrad PILES the children of my deceased Son George PILES the following named Slaves and their increase: Sarah, Reason, Sandy, Ellie, Charlotte, Patsy, Ann, Emma and Jane to be divided equally among them except my two grandchildren Jonathan J. & Conrad PILES who take the interest of Father George PILES deceased only & further that said Eliza DUKE is to have & hold her interest to the exclusion of her present husband or any husband she may hereafter have to her sole use & benefit. Should I die before my said grandchild Conrad becomes of age then I desire my Son Samuel H. PILES to act as his guardian as provided by law and I desire of it can be done with equal justice to all of the heirs last above mentioned that the County Court appoint three (discrete?) housekeepers of Livingston County to divide the last above mentioned and should it be so that they cannot be divided in kind item for item to be sold by the proper Court of Justice & the proceeds divided as above mentioned. 8th- Should there be any prior claim set up & sustained to any part of the above mentioned land & any of my above mentioned heirs should sustain a loss thereby then I desire the rest of my said heirs to sustain & bear & equal portion of the loss. 9th- I will & bequest to my two grandchildren Conrad and Maria (H.?) PILES children of Conrad PILES deceased One Hundred Dollars each to be paid out of my estate by my other named heirs equally. 10th- My reason for making my will as above set forth are these that Conrad PILES in his life time had more of the estate that his portion & the other heirs have had more or less of my estate and my Son Samuel H. has lived with me & taken care of me in my old age & I expect him to do so till my death & therefore make difference in his favor as a matter of rights: I hereby appoint & nominate my Son Samuel H. PILES my Executor to carry out this my last Will & testament & desire the Court not to require any security of him as I have full confidence that he will do what is right. In Testimony whereof I set my hand and Seal this the 30th day of June 1862. Sarah PILES, Witnesses: R(?) HODGE & D. B. SANDERS, State of Kentucky, Livingston County

John Ellis PILES

He was 29 in 1850 a merchant and was living in the home of his brother Samuel.

The year is faded off the tombstone, but he must have died before 1862 as his mother does not mention him at all in her WILL.

Willis Cotton PILES

Willis was the clerk at Sanders and Webb Drug Store in Smithland, Livingston County, Kentucky.

He was 35 in 1860.

James R. PILES

He died age 23 of dropsy.


He was 48 in 1850 born in Tennessee, living in Massac County, Illinois.

He was 68 in 1870 born in North Carolina, living in Bay City, Pope, Illinois.

He was 78 in 1880 born in North Carolina, living with his son Thomas, in Jefferson, Pope, Illinois.


She was 43 in 1850 born in Kentucky.

She was 63 in 1870 born in Kentucky.

Stephen L. HENSON

He was 1 in 1850 born in Kentucky.

He was 21 in 1870 born in Illinois.

Samuel Henry PILES Jr.

He was 4 in 1860.


She was 26 in 1850 and was living with her brother Samuel.

MARRIAGES: Livingston County, Kentucky
DUKE, Thomas A. age 35 born in Mason County, Kentucky to Eliza PILES age 28 born in Daviess County, Kentucky married 15 May 1856 by George H. HAYES Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. They were married at her mother's home in the presence of R. G. Ferguson, Willis Piles and Richard Haydock. The bondsman was Samuel H. Piles.

Conrad PILES Sr.

I don't know for sure if he died in Crittenden County are not. I can not find him on a census record to see where he would have been before 1862 when his mother wrote her WILL.