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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Heinrich BRAUER

HISTORY NOTES: This info comes from a book called "The Levering Family" by Horatio Jones (1858) and "Lischy's Register" kept by Rev. Jacob Lischy ( see his history in a book called "The History of York County" pg 406) and a pamphlet called "Ancestors of Moses Hill and Amanda Truax" by Eleanor Sarah Hill Morgensen and parts of " The House of Brewer" by Edward Denton Brewer and another book "Levering Family History and Genealogy" by Col. John Levering. Material is also gathered from wills of Henry Brewer and others. About 1760 Heinrich Brauer and wife Barbara show up in Lischy's Register that lists children being christened. Rev. Lischy was a traveling preacher of (at that time) the German Reformed Church. About 1766 Heinrich bought land, This land has been in several counties because the counties have changed and subdivided BUT the LAND never moved. About this time the local government and census takers FORCED many of the immigrants to anglicize their names, hence Heinrich Brauer became Henry Brewer. Henry had a well-to-do neighbor named Henry Levering and eventually 3 of the children married each other. My ancestor Peter Brewer was one, he married Aholabama Levering. In 1795 Henry's wife died and through some series of events he married a YOUNG girl named Christina (or Christiana) Flick. Henry died in 1799 but a son was born named George. He was a half Brother to the other children and when Henry (Heinrich's son) died he mentioned his half brother George in his will. Many people have trouble with all the Henry Brewers. There are several including OLD Henry (Heinrich), his son Henry, John's son Henry and that son's son named Henry R. and another named Henry H. Because there were so many alive at the same time I think Henry Junior referred to John's son Henry some of the time. Henry the son of OLD Henry was married but had no children. In his will OLD Henry divided his land amongst his children. Many of them moved on to other locations and at some point for legal reasons Henry the son of OLD Henry who was still living at the homestead needed to get all the deeds signed by his siblings so he would legally own all the land. These documents are on file and because of them we know to where all the children emigrated. Eventually the land ended up in the hands of a Clarence Brewer whom we think descended from George. Due to poor judgment and (maybe) poor character Clarence eventually lost title to the land. On a trip to Pennsylvania, my father Don & I visited what we were told was the foundation of the old homestead. On a previous visit we were escorted by a very nice gentleman named Brooks Smith to the location of the Levering house and although it is no longer there we did get a brick from the original Levering house. There are pictures in the local newspaper archives of the original Levering house. Coincidentally Brooks was born in the house. Although Edward Denton Brewer never found the graves of Henry and Barbara they are in a cemetery a few miles south of the old homestead and are off Route 655. Christiana remarried and had MANY children with her 2nd husband. Now, as to Edward Denton Brewer, he mistakenly tied the Henry Brewer of PA to a Henry Brewer in Virginia. I have letters from THAT Henry Brewer's decendants that state that THAT Henry died in the south and NEVER moved to PA. Edward told a good tale and was a GREAT story teller, but his proof was NOT to be found. He never found any of the German spellings nor did he even find the wife Barbara. My father and I talked to Edward before he died and Dad has an autographed copy of the book. Edward did a good job of tracing John's widow Mary and OTHERS into Knox County, Ohio and Morrow County, Ohio so the book is invaluable as a resource for that line. Someone put Edward's info on the IGI files and at LDS and many people have copied the info not knowing it is false. If you search for Heinrich & Barbara and you find them in Chester County, PA, be aware that that couple is different. Their children stayed in Chester County and their name became BROWER.. (Can you believe there were two Heinrich and Barbara's?) If anyone can find Heinrich's lineage PLEASE forward the info to me as I am in contact with MANY of his descendants. On OLD Henry's gravestone it states in 1799 that he was about 64 years old so we gather that his birth was about 1734. Enclosed I have attachments for the family pages of Henry Levering (The 3 ties); Heinrich Brauer and each of his children. (Received all this info 24 April 2000, but was ask to not list the name of the person who sent it to me.)

Catharina BREWER

She was christened at Rev. Jacob Lischts Reformed Church.


NOTES: I have yet to find the name of this man. Did he also come to America? Any help appreciated.

Anna Margaretha BREWER

NOTES: She was christened at Rev. Jacob Lischts Reformed Church.

Maria Elisabeth BREWER

She was christened at Christ Evangical Lutheran Church.

Lt. Colonel James Thomas GRAHAM

He served in Captain Hendershot's Company of the First Battalion Bedford county, Pennsylvania Militia as a Lieutenant Colonel from 9 January to 10 March 1777. Ref: PA Archives - 5th Series - Vol. V - p.67 edited by T.L. Montgomery

HISTORY: Lieutenant Colonel James Graham received baptism by Reverend Samuel Heaton in 1752. Thereby, Colonel Graham was one of the first members of Tonoloway Church. In the year 1750, there were some Graham's living along the Tonoloway with John Graham as the head of the household. It appears that John was very likely the father of James Graham. The family migrated from New Jersey and settled on what has become the old Charlton farm near Warfordsburg. Colonel Graham died of smallpox during the Revolutionary War. He had served as a volunteer in the 1st Battalion of the Bedford County Militia. The history states that he and the other officers of this unit received little more pay than that of a private, Ref.#169; James Graham married Elizabeth, daughter of Elias Stillwell of Bedford County, Ref.#170; She became a widow as early as 1779, at which time she was paying taxes on a 200 acre farm, valued at $2500.00, Ref.#171; The children of Colonel Graham were Moses Graham, Mrs. Joseph Pittman, John Graham, and James Graham Jr., Ref.#172. Ref #169: Bedford History, pp.86, 595, 653; Ref.#170:Bedford County Will Book 21, p. 278; Ref.#171, Bethel Twp. Taxes 1779; Ref.#172 Bedford County Deed Book E, p. 246; Footnotes from p.72 of History of Tonoloway Baptist Church.

HISTORY: The following was taken from the Heady Family Newsletter. "The stream now known as Tonoloway Creek, but called 'Konolawa' by the Indians living along its bank and 'The Conolloways' by the white settlers, follows a meandering course through the southern part of present Fulton County, Pennsylvania crossing the boundary line into Maryland about three miles before it joins the Potomac at a point just below that river's northern most bend. The Big and Little Tonoloway Settlements lay about five miles north of the Potomac along branches of Tonoloway Creek and immediately west of the large and small basins named, respectively, the Great (Big) Cove and Little Cove. These settlements had been founded by a few Scotch-Irish immigrants, at least one Welch family (that of Evan Shelby), and a band of Monmouth and Middlesex county, New Jersey families, which included those of Moses Graham, William Linn, Joseph Warford, Adam Stiger, John Melott, Benjamin Truax, and Elias, Richard and Jeremiah Stillwell, Thomas Heady, Gavin Eddy, Samuel Hedden, the Coombs, Belieus, Applegates and no doubt others. Whether the Monmouth and Middlesex county families came as a unit or over a period of several years, is not known but they were all there by 1765 or earlier.


MILITARY RECORDS: Levi fought in the Revolutionary War I have a copy of his pension record, Pension #W9752 ---- Enlisted 20 Jan 1776, Uniontown, Pennsylvania under Captain James Neil, 13th Virginia Regiment, Colonel William Russell for 3 years, 2 months. Discharged at Pittsburg by Colonel Richard Campbell. In his pension papers he had torn the page out of his family bible that had all of his children's birth dates on it and sent it in to prove that he still had some young children at home when he was applying for his pension.

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Shelby County, Kentucky Marriages: Hardin County, Kentucky Marriages: Washington County, Indiana Marriages, for his children.

Info received from Hazel P. Bridgewater, 106 NE 50th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97213 (1988)

Info received from Judith Farmer Lea, 124 Oxford Place, Louisville, KY 40207-2922 (1990)

Info received from Myrlene Wilson, Box 64, Morrill, Nebraska 69358 (1990)


MARRIAGE RECORDS: They were married by Isaac Sutton a minister of the gospel and banns were published three weeks earlier.


NOTES: At least 4 of his sons served in the Revolutionary War and Emmanuel and his family were all members of the Established Church of England according to different sources.

This is an assumption of a researcher: The first actual record of any Immanuel Bridgewater in America is in a tax list of Boguerterhorton Hundred, Somerset County, Maryland in 1723 [Emanuel Bridgewater]. Also in Somerset County, Maryland, 1724 Tax Lists, Bogerternortin Hundred. This alphabetical list was published in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, and contains the name "Emmanuel Bridgewater. The location and timing is close enough to allow this individual the possibility of being the father of Samuel, Elias, and Isaac, even though Cravens states Immanuel never came to America.

Also, Cravens’ statement that Immanuel Bridgewater was a Duke is probably not true. The title of Duke in English nobility is lofty enough to leave more than enough documented evidence to either prove or disprove Cravens’ assertion. The association with the celebrated Duke of Bridgewater is more likely one of invention rather than fact.

It seems unlikely that three brothers engaged in the prestigious and particularly notable occupation of canal building and “inland navigation” and owners of “sea faring vessels” would show up in America as farmers and laborers. The education and status they would have enjoyed in England would have assured a different and perhaps more lucrative profession in America than subsistence tilling of the soil.

Immanuel Bridgewater, was a duke, lived and died in England, never visiting in America. He owned quite a line of sea faring vessels for that day. He and his sons were navigators for the celebrated Earl of Bridgewater, who was known as the father of inland navigation of England. Immanuel and his family were all members of the Established Church of England. (This info from Pat Griffin 6 Sep 2004)


NOTES: Isaac served in the Revolutionary War.


NOTES: Elias served in the Revolutionary War.

Patience BREWER

NOTES: I don't have proof that Patience is the sister to Heinrich, but they lived in the same area and their descendants married each other. Other then that I have no actual proof that Henry and Patience are really brother and sister.

Elias George Washington BRIDGEWATER

He was 23 in 1850, married and living with hs parents.

Eliza Jane OWENS

She was 20 in 1850.


He was 3 months old in 1850.