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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Jacob Thomas CUMMINGS Jr.

What state was he really born in: Tennessee, Mississippi or Missouri?????

CENSUS RECORDS: April 1910 Princeton, Caldwell, Kentucky page #77, family #125/130
CUMMINGS, Jake head, age 24, md 2 yrs, farm laborer, TN TN TN
CUMMINGS, Nonie M. wife, age 22, mother of 2 both living, KY KY KY
CUMMINGS, Lucie G. dau, age 3, KY TN KY
CUMMINGS, Martha A. dau, age 1, KY TN KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 29 Jan 1920 Dycusburg, Crittenden, Kentucky page #211, family #175/176
CUMMINS, Jake head, age 35, flor spar miner, MS MS MS
CUMMINS, Nona wife, age 33, KY KY KY
CUMMINS, Gordia dau, age 13, KY MS KY
CUMMINS, Martha A. dau, age 11, KY MS KY
CUMMINS, Russell son, age 8, KY MS KY
CUMMINS, Nina M. dau, age 6, KY MS KY
CUMMINS, Leonard son, age 4 3/12, KY MS KY
CUMMINS, Rosa dau, age 3/12, KY MS KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 16 April 1930 Fredonia, Caldwell, Kentucky page #122, family #169/170
COMMINS, Jake T. head, age 43, married when 20, farm laborer, MO MO MO
COMMINS, Nonie wife, age 42, married when 19, KY KY KY
COMMINS, Russell T. son, age 18, farm laborer, KY MO KY
COMMINS, Nina dau, age 16, KY MO KY
COMMINS, Renord son, age 14, farm laborer, KY MO KY
COMMINS, Rosey dau, age 10, KY MO KY
COMMINS, James son, age 8, KY MO KY
COMMINS, Leora dau, age 4 7/12, KY MO KY
COMMINS, Howard J. son, age 2 11/12, KY MO KY
FRALICKS, Sarah mother-in-law, age 69, widow, married when 17, KY KY KY

Kentucky Death Index


She was 22 in 1910 and said she was the mother of 2 children and both were still living.

She was 33 in 1920.

She was 42 in 1930 and said she had been 19 years old when she got married.

Catherine KING

She was supposedly full blooded Cherokee or Chickasaw or Choctaw Indian.


She was 18 in 1900, single, working as a servant in the home of Emil and Eva Moore in Bell Mine's, Crittenden, Kentucky.

James Miller BAKER

He was 3 in 1910.

He was 12 in 1920.

He was 22 in 1930 single still living with his parents.

He went by Miller as that is how he is listed on the census records, the Kentucky Death Index and the Social Security Death Index.

Linnie Grace WILKEY

She was 4 in 1910.

She was 14 in 1920.

She was 24 in 1930, single, living with her mother and working as a topper at the hosiery mill.

Samuel Jesse HENSON

He was 26 in 1910 said they had been married for one year and were living in Jackson Pct, Massac, Illinois.

He was 36 in 1920 living in Jackson Pct, Massac, Illinois on Unionville and Golconda Road.

He was 46 in 1930 living in Metropolis, Massac, Illinois.

Minnie Myrtle HARDY

She was 15 in 1900.

She was 25 in 1910 and said she was the mother of one child, but that child was dead.

She was 35 in 1920.

She was 45 in 1930.

Samuel Dexter HENSON

He was 9 in 1920.

He was 19 in 1930.

James Henry MCMICAN

He was 21 in 1880.