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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Freddie Junior DUNCAN

He was 8 months old in 1930 and was listed as Fred Jr.

Benjamin Willard BELT

NOTES: Also found birthdate of 2 Dec 1836, which is correct???

He was 33 in 1870, single, living with his parents in Hurricane Pct, Crittenden, Kentucky.

Mary M. LOW

CENSUS RECORDS: 14 Sep 1850 23rd Subdivision, McMinn, Tennessee page #269/270, family #274/665
LOW, James age 43, male, farmer, TN
LOW, Ann age 44, female, TN
LOW, Wm. age 18, male, farmer, TN
LOW, Isabella age 16, female, TN
LOW, Dece age 13, male, TN
LOW, Robt. age 11, male, TN
LOW, Nathan age 9, male, TN
LOW, Milton age 6, male, TN
LOW, Isaac age 4, male, TN

CENSUS RECORDS: 15 Aug 1860 Carrsville & Salem PO, Livingston, Kentucky page #264/265, family #544/553
LOW, James age 52, male, farmer, $350 & $100, TN
LOW, Marie age 56, female, TN
LOW, Isabella age 25, female, TN
LOW, Nathan age 18, male, laborer, TN
LOW, Milton age 16, male, laborer, TN
LOW, Isaac age 14, male, TN
LOW, Mary M. age 3, female, TN
LOW, Sarah A. age 5/12, female, KY
(I don't believe that Mary and Sarah are the children of James and Marie. I believe they are grandchildren and that Isabella may possibly be their mother. Which would make Isaac an Uncle to the two girls and not their brother. Ann Marie LOW would have been over 50 years old when Mary and Sarah were born. It is not impossible but highly unlikely.)

DEATH RECORDS: Livingston County, Kentucky
Ann LOW age 57, white, farmers wife, died 17 Oct 1861 of neuralgia, parents Mary (?) and (?) BLEDSAW, born in East Tennessee, residence Salem, parents born in Tennessee.

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Livingston County, Kentucky (Register #192)
C. W. L. McWERTHY to Isabel LOW married 3 Feb 1863 by A. H. BELT, at James LOW's residence in presence of S. W. CORN and Young MORGAN. Groom age 36 born in Livingston County, residence Crittenden County his 2nd marriage, Bride age 28 born in east Tennessee her 1st marriage.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1870 Hurricane Pct, Crittenden, Kentucky
LOW, Mary age 13, female, KY
Living in home of S. M. & Margaret WATSON and next door to Arthur & Margaret TODD BELT.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1870 Hurricane Pct, Crittenden, Kentucky
LOW, S. A. age 10, female, KY
Living in home of J. H. & S. C. KINSEY

CENSUS RECORDS: 1870 Salem, Livingston, Kentucky
LOW, Milton age 25, male, KY
Living in home of P. S. KENADY

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Livingston County, Kentucky (Register #291)
Milton LOW to Mrs. Elizabeth STEPHENS license issued 3 Sep 1870, returned unexecuted and filed.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1870 Salem, Livingston, Kentucky
LOW, Isaac age 22, male, KY LOW, Prudence age 15, male, KY

DEATH RECORDS: Livingston County, Kentucky
Lillie F. LOW age 10 months, white, female, died 30 Sep 1876 of worms, parents: Isaac & Cordelia A. LOW, parents born in Tennessee.

BIRTH RECORDS: Livingston County, Kentucky
Earnest LOW born 8 Sep 1877, white, male, alive, born Livingston County in District #6, parents: Isaac LOW and Prudence C. A. BROWN, parents born in Tennessee, parents residence Livingston County.

MARRIAGE RECORDS; Crittenden County, Kentucky
Benjamin W. BELT to Mary M. LOW married by Reuben RILEY Justice of the Peace at Margaret BELT's. Witnesses were Daniel RILEY and John BELT. Margaret BELT gave written consent: "Pleas ishue marriage lisons for Mary M. LOW to Benj. W. BELT as I have raised her and she is 21 years old."

MARRIAGE RECORDS; Crittenden County, Kentucky
Sarah LOW to Robert A. YOUNGER at B. W. BELT's on 3 Oct 1889, by R. P. MITCHELL a magistrate and the witnesses were: B. W. BELT and Harrison BELT

DEATH RECORDS: Crittenden County, Kentucky
Mrs. Ben BELT age 54, white, female, married, housekeeper, died 15 Aug 1907 of general debility, born died and resided in Crittenden County, parents James and Mary LOW, parents born in Kentucky.

Arthur Harrison BELT

He was 53 in 1870 living in Hurricane, Crittenden, Kentucky.

CEMETERY RECORDS: His tombstone says born 7 Oct 1817 died 17 Jan 1875, this stone is at the Pleasant Grove Cemetery.

Info on Arthur and some of his descendants was received from Elizabeth Belt Thorson 17 January 2002, at email:

Margaret Ann TODD

She was 54 in 1870.

Can not find her in 1880.

She was 82 in 1900, widowed, living with her son Benjamin BELT, in Sheridan, Crittenden, Kentucky.

Mary Ann BELT

She died age 34 of the flux.

Nancy Jane BELT

She was 23 in 1870.

She was 32 in 1880.

William Wade ELLIS

He was 10 in 1850.

CENSUS RECORDS: 24 July 1860 Double Springs, Putnam, Tennessee page #97, family #775/775
ELLIS, William age 20, male, farmer, $115, TN
ELLIS, Elizabeth age 20, female, TN


She was 20 in 1860.

John Spencer ADAMS

NOTES: He lived to be over 100 years old, and was of English descent. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. He was a large slave holder.