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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



Info received on John and his descendants from Janice Cannon 21 Jan 2003.

Dessie V. MOTT

She was 5 in 1920.

She was 15 in 1930, said she had been married when she was 15 and she is living with her father but no husband is with her. The last name looks like WAUOS, but it is kind of smeared.

Jesse Perry DUNCAN

He was 1 in 1860.

COURT RECORDS: Crittenden County, Kentucky
Jesse DUNCAN died intestate before 12 Oct 1868 when John L. DUNCAN relinquished his right of administration on the estate and R. F. HAYNES was appointed administrator and took the oath with Rufus GASS as surety. Rufus GASS, G. W. JOHNSON and J. G. HOOVER were appointed appraisors to view and appriase the estate of the decendent. (Order Book #4, page #5-6) Appraisement and Bill of Sale of the decendents estate made Nov 1868, recorded 29 Jan 1869. (Inventory Book #C, pages 109-110) On motion of James BROWN and it appearing to court that Jesse P. DUNCAN an orphan boy about the age of 10 years is without means of support and BROWN agreeing to take said boy, it is ordered that Jesse P. DUNCAN be placed and bound to BROWN until he is 21 years of age. (Order Book #4, page #22, 9 Nov 1868) James BROWN appeared in open court and moved to be released on his apprentice bond as master of Jesse P. DUNCAN. It appearing to the court that Jesse P. DUNCAN, minor orphan, has not an estate sufficent for his support and Rufus P. GASS having signified his willingness to take Jesse P. DUNCAN as an apprentice to learn the art and business of a farmer. (Order Book #5, page #5, 14 Oct 1873)

NOTES: Jesse is not with James BROWN or Rufus GASS in 1870. I can not find him in Crittenden County at all in 1870 with anyone else. Rufus GASS was married to Sarah DUNCAN who was a sister to Jesse Sr. and John L. DUNCAN. I find all of Jesse's brothers and sisters living with different people in Crittenden County, but not him.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 Bells Mines, Crittenden, Kentucky Film #1254410, Page #104A
DUNCAN, Rice H. Head, age 34, farmer, TN TN TN
DUNCAN, Sarah A. Wife, age 28, keeps house, KY TN AL
DUNCAN, Sarah E. J. Dau, age 1, KY TN KY
DUNCAN, Jesse P. Cousin, age 21, farm hand, TN TN TN

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Crittenden County, Kentucky
Jesse P. DUNCAN to Sallie A. THURMAN, 21 Nov 1880, by Dr. M. BRISTOW at Dr. M. BRISTOW's home, witnesses: Harvie HUGHES and Henry WOODS.

MARRIAGES: Hardin County, Illinois film #965704
Jesse DUNCAN age 35, to Lucy Ann HUMPHREYS age 20, married 28 Aug 1893 by James HAWKINS at Elizabethtown. Jesse was a farmer, born in Smith County, Tennessee son of Jesse DUNCAN and (no first name given) LANE and this was his 2nd marriage. Lucy was born in Crittenden County, Kentucky the daughter of Charley HUMPHREYS and (no first name given) BONAM and this was her 2nd marriage.

CENSUS RECORDS: 8 June 1900 Cave-in-Rock, Hardin, Illinois page #15, family #103/108
DUNCAN, Jesse P. head, age 41, Mar 1850, md 6 yrs, farmer, TN TN TN
DUNCAN, Sarah A. wife, age 26, Jan 1874, mother of 3 both living, KY -- --
DUNCAN, Osa dau, age 12, Aug 1887, KY TN KY
DUNCAN, Pearl dau, age 4, Oct 1895, IL TN KY
DUNCAN, Edna M. dau, age 2, Mar 1898, IL TN KY
MELVIN, Henry step-son, age 9, Oct 1890, KY KY KY

NOTES: Jesse's daughter Edna said that her father had died in Crittenden County, Kentucky when she was 6 years old and was buried in Tolu.

Robert DICKEY Sr.

NOTES: Robert and his wife Mary moved shortly after the War with Mary's parents to Logan County, Kentucky sometime during the 1790's. By 1803 they had moved to Livingston County, Kentucky in the part that later became Crittenden County, Kentucky. Robert was first married to Margaret Hillhouse, she apparently died by 1779. Robert also served in the Revolutionary War.


NOTES: John and Martha immigrated to America in 1737 to Albermarle County, Virginia and in 1771 to York County, South Carolina.

John Ellison MCCORD

NOTES: This family moved from Maury County, Tennessee to Christian County, Kentucky after 1853 in a covered wagon. He was a farmer and a minister of Universal Religion.