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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Margaret BARGER

She was 14 in 1850 and was attending school.

Elizabeth BARGER

She was 12 in 1850 and was attending school.

Sarah Verlinda BARGER

She was 6 in 1850 and was attending school.


He was 24 in 1850 but was living with another family in Russell County.

William Riley MCCONNELL

He was 18 in 1850 living with his parents in Cherokee County, North Carolina and working as a farmer.

CENSUS RECORDS: 14 July 1860 Shoal Creek Dist, Turtle Town PO, Cherokee, North Carolina page #409, family #495/495
MCCONNELL, Wm. age 30, male, colier, $500 & $300, Macon Co, NC
MCCONNELL, Rachel age 36, female, Macon Co, NC
MCCONNELL, Mary age 8, female, Cherokee Co, NC
MCCONNELL, Daniel age 6, male, Polk Co, TN
MCCONNELL, Martha age 4, female, Polk Co, TN
MCCONNELL, Cordelia age 3, female, Polk Co, TN
MCCONNELL, Lucretia age 1, female, Fannin Co, GA

CENSUS RECORDS: 27 June 1870 Ford's Ferry, Crittenden, Kentucky family #24/41
MCCONNELL, Wm. age 39, male, farmer, $300, NC
MCCONNELL, Emily age 44, female, keeps house, NC
MCCONNELL, Daniel age 17, male, works on farm, TN
MCCONNELL, Martha age 15, female, TN
MCCONNELL, F. C. age 14, female, TN
MCCONNELL, Lucita age 10, female, TN
MCCONNELL, William age 8, male, NC
MCCONNELL, M. age 4, female, IL
MCCONNELL, G. age 2, male, IL
MCCONNELL, Colorado age 8/12, female, born Sept, KY
RATCLIFF, H. M. age 22, male, works on farm, NC
RATCLIFF, R. R. age 14, male, works on farm, GA
RATCLIFF, E. S. age 12, female, GA
RATCLIFF, D. D. age 10, female, TN
LEEPER, Thomas age 17, male, works on farm, IL

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 Township 7, Shasta, California Film #1254082, Page #95C
MCCONNELL, William Head, age 45, Farmer, NC unk unk
MCCONNELL, Martha Wife, age 29, Keeping House, KY unk unk
MCCONNELL, Colorado Dau, age 10, KY NC KY
MCCONNELL, George Son, age 1, CA NC KY

Martha M. BARGER

Where was she in 1860?

She was 19 in 1870.

She was 29 in 1880.

She was married to William McConnell before she married Josiah Conger.


He was 1 in 1880.

Catherine A. COBB

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Crittenden County, Kentucky
William BOZEMAN to Catherine COBB married by Herrington Stevens, groom is of age and John BROWN, brides guardian gives his consent for her to marry.

NOTES: She was married to a William BOZEMAN before she married Stokley Orendoff and had two of her Bozeman children living with them in 1870.

CENSUS RECORDS: She was 40 in 1870.

CENSUS RECORDS: She was 51 in 1880.

CENSUS RECORDS: She was 71 in 1900, a widow living with her son William in Sheridan, Crittenden, Kentucky. She said she was the mother of 9 children but only 2 were still living.


NOTES: Surname is being spelled many different ways over the years, which makes it very difficult to follow the family. Also ages for all the family goes all over the chart as well, which makes it difficult to determine the correct ages.

NOTES: I have not found the name of his first wife yet. However, with the ages of his 3 children in 1860 there could be at least two different mother's for the 3 children listed.

CENSUS RECORDS: 10 July 1860 Division #1l, Livingston, Kentucky page #205, family #146/149
ORRENDER, Stokeley age 54, male, farm laborer, $75, VA
ORRENDER, Josephine age 11, female, KY
ORRENDER, John age 9, male, KY
ORRENDER, George age 3, male, KY

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Livingston County, Kentucky
Stokley ORRENDER to E. J. ADKINS married by E. F. Lemen art R. Smith's residence in the presence of J. G. Richardson and James Lemen.

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Livingston County, Kentucky
Stokely ORENDUFF to Mrs. Catherine BOZEMAN married by H. B. Edwards at Barney Burns residence in the presence of Harrison Davis, J. W. Clark and Bob Hardin.

CENSUS RECORDS: 2 Aug 1870 Dyers Hill, Livingston, Kentucky page #212, family #245/261
ORENDER, S. age 59, male, farmer, $250, VA (father & mother of foreign birth)
ORENDER, Catherine age 40, female, KY
ORENDER, William age 2, male, KY
BOASEMAN, J. age 14, male, farm laborer, KY
BOASEMAN, William H. age 4, male, KY

NOTES: He was in Crittenden County as early as 1852 when Thomas Killan and Mrs. Sarah Brown were married at his home on 18 May 1852. He was also bondsman for the marriage of Andrew Rhodes and Nancy Jane Starnes on 8 Sep 1853. His name is given as Stokely Orender each time.

CENSUS RECORDS: 4 June 1880 Hurricane Pct, Crittenden, Kentucky page #64, family #61/61
ORRENDER, Stokely head, age 75, farmer, RI RI RI
ORRENDER, Catherine wife, age 51, keeps house, KY VA KY
ORRENDER, William son, age 12, farm laborer, KY RI KY
ORRENDER, Charlie B. step-son, age 18, farm laborer, KY KY KY
ORRENDER, Deller B. step-dau, age 20, keeps house, KY KY KY
(Charlie and Deller are listed with the last name of Orrender, but I imagine their last names are really Bozeman instead.)


CENSUS RECORDS: He was 33 in 1880 living in Hurricane, Crittenden, Kentucky.

Rosa Belle HARDIN

CENSUS RECORDS: She was 29 in 1880.

Samuel Henry PERKINS

CENSUS RECORDS: 24 Sep 1850 Dist#17, Cedar County, Missouri page #160, family #477/477
PURKINS, Samuel H. age 28, male, farmer, VA
PURKINS, Martha age 28, female, KY
PURKINS, James M. age 8, male, MO
PURKINS, Amos H. age 6, male, MO
PURKINS, Mary W. age 4, female, MO
PURKINS, John H. age 2, male, MO

Martha HAMBY

She was 28 in 1850.


He was 8 in 1850.


He was 6 in 1850.


She was 4 in 1850.


He was 2 in 1850.