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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Harry Eskill WIGGINS

He was 9 in 1910.

He was 18 in 1920 a spar miner and married in the census year. He was living with his in-laws in Livingston County, Kentucky.

NOTES: His second wife and daughters lived some where over by Peoria, Illinois after the divorce according to Daisy Fraley.

NOTES: He was buried in Holiness Cemetery in Marion beside his sister Lizzie. The church folded and the land was sold. They now rest along side a families swimming pool with one other man. We went there and the people said they could not find any family to move them, so they built an in ground pool next to them. (Info received from his granddaughter Carol in January 2003. She also sent me birth dates and death dates for wife #2 and children.)

David Edward WIGGINS

He was one in 1870. He was 11 in 1880.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1910 Glendale & Tolu Roads, Crittenden, Kentucky family #172/178
WIGGINS, David E. age 41 male married 15 yrs, labor odd jobs, KY TN KY
WIGGINS, Dora L. age 34 female mother of 6 only 5 living, KY KY KY
WIGGINS, Henry T. age 12 male KY KY KY
WIGGINS, Harry E. age 9 male KY KY KY
WIGGINS, Reta age 6 female KY KY KY
WIGGINS, Willie age 3 male KY KY KY
WIGGINS, Lizzie age 1 female KY KY KY

Dora Lee CLARK

She was 34 in 1910, had been married for 15 years, was the mother of 6 children but only 5 were still living.

In 1928, she was living in Carbondale, Illinois.


He was 12 in 1910.


He was 5 in 1930.

He served in World War II, KY Tec 5th US Army.

Mary Ophelia FRALEY

She was 3 in 1930.

Mary Ophelia FRALEY

She was 3 in 1930.

Bobby Glen FRALEY

His address is Rt.1 Box 76, Salem, Kentucky 42078

NOTES: He died of a heart attack this morning at his home on 31st May 1997. He was 62 years old. Aunt Juanita called 911, but he died before they got there.

Willard Ray FRALEY

NOTES; Willard had a son that know one knew about that showed up at the hospital a couple of days before Willard died. Uncle Bobby said he looked just like Uncle Willard.