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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



Her father's last name may have been HORTON.

Patience WOOSLEY

CENSUS RECORDS: 30 Sep 1850 Western Dist#62, Tazewell, Virginia page #309, family #1274/1274
OUSLY, Patience age 32, female, VA
OUSLY, Daniel age 7, male, VA
OUSLY, Thos. age 4, male, VA
OUSLY, George age 10/12, male, VA


She was 23 in 1850.


She was 22 in 1860.

William Walker DAVIDSON

He was 2 in 1860.


CENSUS RECORDS: 13 Dec 1850 Dist#21, Jackson, Alabama page #138, family #486/486
WOOSLEY, James age 51, male, farmer, $500, VA
WOOSLEY, Margaret age 46, female, NC
WOOSLEY, David W. age 26, male, laborer, AL
WOOSLEY, Aaron age 22, male, laborer, AL
WOOSLEY, Sarah R. age 18, female, AL
WOOSLEY, Elijah age 16, male, laborer, AL
WOOSLEY, John F. age 14, male, attends school, AL
WOOSLEY, William R. age 12, male, attends school, AL
WOOSLEY, Margaret L. age 10, female, attends school, AL
WOOSLEY, James E. age 9, male, attends school, AL
WOOSLEY, Johnson A. age 7, male, AL


She was 46 in 1850.


He was 26 in 1850.

Aaron Walden WOOSLEY

He was 22 in 1850.


She was 18 in 1850.


He was 16 in 1850.


He was 14 in 1850.

William Benton WOOSLEY

He was 12 in 1850.

Margaret L. WOOSLEY

She was 10 in 1850.


He was 9 in 1850.

Johnson A. WOOSLEY

He was 7 in 1850.

Captain George Washington WOOSLEY

He is in the under 5 age bracket in 1840.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1860 Crawford County, Arkansas page #161 on the slave schedules.

CENSUS RECORDS: 7 Aug 1860 Jasper Twp, Crawford, Arkansas page 770, family #1090/1051
WOOSLY, Geo. age 25, male, farmer, $1500 & $5136, MO
WOOSLY, Sarah E. age 28, female, AR
WOOSLY, Sarah M. age 7, female, AR
JONES, Preston age 26, male, clerk, MO
MORRICY, Michael age 25, male, stage driver, NY
DUDLY, M. age 25, male, stage driver, VA

MILITARY RECORDS: Civil War - He served as a Captain in Company A, Gunter's Cavalry Battalion in the Confederate Army.

HISTORY: The Woosley's possible George may have run a stage stop in Crawford County. The following info found by Patty Macsisak:
"The stage then appears to have continued southward in Crawford County on Arkansas 220 to Arkansas 59 and the next known stop at Cedarville. An intermediary stop is also listed by Stinson but not by Ensminger at "Dosley's". "This 'Dosley' stop in Crawford County is variously referred to in other research as "Woosley" and "Oosley" and some have maintained that it is appropriately Woolem's and was in Winslow - backtracking into Washington County."
"Woolsey's--Actually the Signal Hill Station. The station's log home still stands on property owned by Mrs. C. C. Collier a few miles west of the city of Winslow, AR. Down Signal Hill, and on to Van Buren, where the stage crossed the Arkansas River on a flat boat (ferry began in 1860), about 5 or 6 miles east of Fort Smith."
Signal Hill Station, located on the old Collier-Yoes farm, was the next stop, and probably the highest point on the Boston Mountain section of the run. The route then headed south to Van Buren.

Sarah E.

She was 28 in 1860.

She was 49 in 1880 living with her daughter Sarah and her family. Her name was listed as Sarah E. MITCHELL and a widow. Her son William W. WOOSLEY was also living with them.

William W. WOOSLEY

He was 18 in 1880 working on the farm and living with his sister Sarah and her family in Crawford County, Arkansas.

Jefferson Davis WOOSLEY

CENSUS RECORDS: 1900 Pittsburg, Camp, Texas

George Washington WOOSLEY

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 Hunt County, Texas

James William WOOSLEY

He was 1 in 1860.

CEMETERY RECORDS: Oak Hill Cemetery --- This cemetery lies in Fannin County, most of the town of Whitewright is in Grayson County. It is on Highway 898 just on the northeast corner of town. It is in 2 parts, the older part is on the south side of the road, the newer part is on the north and was opened when the flu epidemic of 1918 killed so many.