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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



ORPHANS COURT RECORDS: From the Pennsylvania State Archives, Orphans Court Dockets, Volume 1-3, 1772-1824:
"At an Orphans court held at Bedford in and for the County of Bedford the twenty sixth day of August the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred eighty before James Martin, Thomas Paxton, Moses Reed, Esquires Justices of the same County Came into Court Elias Stillwell eldest son of Obadiah Stillwell deceased a Minor above the age of fourteen years and choose Edward Coombe and Jeremiah Stillwell to be Guardians over his person and Estate. ~ Also at the request of Eleanor Warford late Widow of the above named Obadiah Stillwell deceased the Court appoint Edward Coombe and Jeremiah Stillwell to be Guardians over the persons & Estates of Eleanor, Susannah & Obadiah Stillwell Minor Children of the said Obadiah Stillwell deceased under the age of fourteen years."
"Orphans Court Bedford 23 March 1782, James Martin, Gideon Ritchie } Esquires David Espy ----- James Warford and Eleanor his wife appeared in Court and Exhibited and account of their Administration on the Estate of Obadiah Stillwell deceased and had the same passed by the Register and allowed by the said Court by which it appears to the Court by the said Account that a Ballance [sic] L 90 s7 -2 remains in the hands of the Accountants and distribution being made there appears to be due Elias the eldest son of the said deceased."

CENSUS RECORDS: 1830 Middlebury Twp, Knox, Ohio page #205

MORTALITY RECORDS: 1850 Knox County, Ohio
Obadiah STILLWELL ---- age 74, died - April 1850 of dropsy, he was born in Pennsylvania

HISTORY: Knox County, Ohio History Book
STILLWELL, Obadiah ---- Middlebury Township, deceased, born in Pennsylvania, and was married to Sarah Whaford, who was born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania 7 March 1782. They came to Ohio in 1818. They had the following children, viz: Josiah born 29 December 1804; Charlotte 1 February 1806, now deceased; John deceased; Rachel 6 July 1811; Jackson 18 January 1815; Arthur 9 January 1817; Josiah 1 October 1819. Obadiah STILLWELL died 8 April 1850. Mrs. Sarah STILLWELL is still living on the old homestead, with her great-granddaughter Olive S. BLACKFORD who was born 24 February 1862.


CENSUS RECORDS: 17 July 1850 Middlebury Twp, Knox, Ohio page #3, family #47/47
STILLWELL, Sarah age 60, female, $2000, PA
STILLWELL, Charlotte age 35, female, PA
STILLWELL, Sarah age 10, female, OH
STILLWELL, Mary age 9, female, OH
(Josiah is the second family after Sarah.)

Where are they in 1860?????

CENSUS RECORDS: 3 June 1870 Middlebury Twp, Waterford PO, Knox, Ohio page #341, family #66/66
STILLWELL, Sarah age 88, female, keeps house, $4000 & $150, PA
STILLWELL, Charlotte age 63, female, without occupation, PA
BLACKFORD, Oliver age 8, male, attends school, IN
(Josiah is the second family after Sarah.) Oliver must really be her great-grandaughter Olive S. BLACKFORD who is mentioned in the small history on Obadiah.

CENSUS RECORDS: June 1880 Middlebury Twp, Knox, Ohio page #42D, family #193/205
STILLWELL, Sarah age 98, female, widow, PA NY PA
She is living with the William OWEN family, but no relationship to them is stated. Josiah is the third family listed after her.


She was 35 in 1850 and was living with her mother.

She was 63 in 1870 and was living with her mother.

Lewis Millard BAIRD Sr.

HISTORY: "Mr. Baird was born in North Carolina, 22 Aug 1795. His father died when he was a small boy and soon after he came to Kentucky and located near Jellico, Tennessee. As a young man he moved to a homestead on upper Elk Fork and there he was arrested by Confederate soldiers in October of 1862. Lewis was taken from his home in Elk Valley, Tennessee by Confederate soldiers to a prison in Salisbury, North Carolina where he died in 1864. He suffered from many hardships, filth, famine. There was not even enough water. It is said that the prisoners who were dying of thirst prayed for water and a big spring broke out in dry ground. Lewis Baird is said to have refused freedom when asked to swear allegiance to the Rebel cause and later refused to give Jefferson Davis his word of honor not to support the Union cause. He replied that he had sons fighting for the Union and would support them at any opportunity." Hon. S. C. Baird: Born 1898, went to Salisbury in search of his grave but failed to identify it in the row of the cemetery. At the head of the row in the cemetery where he laid, stood a monument with this inscription: "REST ON EMBALMED SAINTS DEEDS DEAR AS THE BLOOD YE GAVE NO IMPIOUS FOOTSTEPS SHALL TREAD THE HERBAGE OF YOUR GRAVES".

HISTORY: Letter from Prison 29 April 1864 ---- Letter tells of old citizen: Lewis M. Baird, grandfather of C. R. Baird, Z. D. Baird and M. E. Baird of Jellico, Tennessee. He was imprisoned in the Confederate prison at Salisbury, North Carolina during the war between the states and there died because of age and privations of the prison camp. The following is a letter written by a comrade to relatives in this county (Campbell) where his death was impending. The letter was addressed to the late Hon. S. C. Baird of Campbell County, Tennessee. Salisbury, North Carolina 29 April 1864 ---- To the sons of Lewis M. Baird: I, as comrade of your father in prison, deem it my duty to write to you at this time to let you know his present condition. He is in the hospital and to all human appearance must soon be numbered with those who have been taken from the evils of this world. There is no particular disease apparent but old age and confinement have done the work. Having become acquainted with him soon after his arrest, and have been with him ever since, he now seems like a father to me. I can truly sympathize. We have slept together and I have been able to obtain many little necessaries from him. He has stood it very well until lately. I have often heard him say that he would like to know how you all were and let you all know how he was but he never got to hear from any of you at home. I have talked to the old man upon the subject of religion. He always expressed himself as being prepared, which is a great consolation. I assure you that all that is possible for me to do shall be done for your father. Pray that God in his great mercies may spare him yet to return home. He wishes for me to say if he does not live to see you in this world; that you will strive to so live as to meet him above where parting will be no more. Very truly yours, Thomas Cayton
Source: Lay Family History by Arlie Lay
Source: Mary Bowlin, Columbus, OH

James Calvin FRALIEX

He was 2 in 1880.

CENSUS RECORDS: 14 June 1900 District #5, Caldwell County, Kentucky film #1240511
It says they have been married for one year.

He was 51 in 1930 and said he had been 20 years old when he got married the first time.