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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



CENSUS RECORDS: 13 Sep 1850 Dist #90, Saline County, Missouri page #11, family #141/141
He was 40 and widowed in 1850 living in Saline County, Missouri and his brother Wesley and his family are living with him and his children.

His marker says he was 44 years old when he died.

CENSUS RECORDS: 13 Sep 1850 Dist #90, Saline County, Missouri page #11, family #141/141
McMAHAN, Martin age 40, TN
McMAHAN, Susan age 18, MO
McMAHAN, Morgan age 15, MO
McMAHAN, Sarah age 13, MO
McMAHAN, W. Henry age 10, MO
McMAHAN, Mary J. age 9, MO
McMAHAN, John W. age 7, MO
McMAHAN, Wesley age 46, TN
McMAHAN, Harrison age 14, MO
McMAHAN, Sarah age 15, MO
McMAHAN, John F. age 13, MO
McMAHAN, Elizabeth J. age 12, MO
McMAHAN, George age 9, MO
McMAHAN, Mary L. age 8, MO
McMAHAN, Lucy A. age 7, MO


She was married to a BRADLEY first.

Thomas MCMAHAN Jr.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1850 Cooper County, Missouri family #637/637
McMahan, Thomas age 64, male, Farmer, $10,000 Virginia
McMahan, Margaret age 54, female, Virginia
McMahan, Genetta age 30, female, Missouri
McMahan, William H. C. age 24, male, Farmer, $1500, Missouri

PROBATE RECORDS: Cooper County, Missouri
Will of Thomas McMAHAN, To my wife: Margaret, To my daughters: Amelia E. LEWIS, Janetta PIPER, Samenda BINGHAM, Susan BROWN, Louiza JENKINS, and Margaret J. McMAHAN, To my sons: Samuel G. William H. C., James, George, and Jesse. Jesse McMAHAN Executor, Written: 27 Dec 1854, Recorded: 28 August 1855, Witnesses: H. C. MILLER and L. L. COOPER

Margaret JONES

She was 54 in 1850.


HISTORY: James McMahan was one of the original settlers of Lamine Township. He came to Cooper County, Missouri in 1811. He served in Captain S. Cooper's Militia during the War of 1812. His wife was a daughter of David Jones, a Revolutionary War soldier.

CENSUS RECORDS 1850 Cooper County, Missouri family #645/645
McMahan, James age 61, male, Farmer, $4800, Kentucky
McMahan, Helena age 55, female, Virginia
McMahan, Louisa Jane age 25, female, Missouri
McMahan, Melissa A. age 21, female, Missouri
McMahan, Laura A. age 19, female, Missouri
McMahan, Robert J. age 16, male, Missouri
McMahan, Sophia age 14, female, Missouri
McMahan, James Jones age 12, male, Missouri


She was 14 in 1850.


He was 1 in 1850.

He was 12 in 1860.

NOTES: He became the legal guardians of his brother Elijah's minor children in 1894.

He was 50 in 1900, married for 30 years, living in Dist #9, Jackson, Tennessee.

William C. MCMAHAN

CENSUS RECORDS: 1850 Cooper County, Missouri family #649/649
McMahan, William C. age 47, male, Farmer, $1000, Kentucky
McMahan, Sarah age 42, female, Virginia
McMahan, Benjamin F. age 24, male, Farmhand, Missouri
McMahan, Sarah M. age 22, female, Missouri
McMahan, Templeton age 19, male, Missouri
McMahan, Mary Jane age18, female, Missouri
McMahan, William P. age 15, male, Missouri
McMahan, John age 5, male, Missouri


CENSUS RECORDS: 1850 Coper County, Missouri family #619/619
McMahan, Thomas A. age 44, male, Farmer, $1400, Kentucky
McMahan, Lucy age 48, female, Kentucky
McMahan, Samuel age 16, male, Farm Hand, Missouri
McMahan, Sally A. age 15, female, Missouri
McMahan, Margaret age 13, female, Missouri
McMahan, Susan age 12, female, Missouri
McMahan, Robert age 8, male, Missouri
McMahan, Zachariah age 7, male, Missouri


He was 16 in 1850.


He was 36 in 1850.


He was 32 in 1850.