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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Albert Lindsey ELLIS

CENSUS RECORDS: 25 Sep 1850 District #12, Jackson, Tennessee page #261, family #351/351
ELLIS, Albert L. age 31, male, TN
ELLIS, Sarah age 26, female, TN
ELLIS, William age 10, male, TN
ELLIS, Hyram age 9, male, TN
ELLIS, Alvin age 8, male, TN
ELLIS, John age 7, male, TN
ELLIS, Edward age 4, male, TN
ELLIS, Martha age 4, female, $20, TN

CENSUS RECORDS: 24 July 1860 Double Springs, Putnam, Tennessee page #97, family #771/771
ELLIS, A. L. age 42, male, farmer, $250 & $375, TN
ELLIS, Sarah J. age 39, female, TN
ELLIS, Hiram S. age 19, male, farmer, TN
ELLIS, Alvin R. age 17, male, farmer, TN
ELLIS, John B. age 16, male, farmer, TN
ELLIS, Edward F. age 14, male, TN
ELLIS, Martha E. age 13, female, TN
ELLIS, Daniel N. age 7, male, TN
ELLIS, Alexander age 2, male, TN
ELLIS, Margaret age 80, female, NC

Sarah Jane BROWN

She was 26 in 1850.

She was 39 in 1860.

Hyram S. ELLIS

He was 9 in 1850.

He was 19 in 1860 and was farming.

Alvin R. ELLIS

He was 8 in 1850.

He was 17 in 1860 and was farming.


He was 7 in 1850.

He was 16 in 1860 and was farming.

Edward F. ELLIS

He was 4 in 1850.

He was 14 in 1860.

Daniel N. ELLIS

He was 7 in 1860.

Alexander ELLIS

He was 2 in 1860.

James Murray LOFTIS

He was 1 in 1880.

James Murray LOFTIS

He was 1 in 1880.


She had 1 child with James Newton and at least 4 children with Mr. Hancock. She left this mysterious Mr. Hancock because he "treated her barbarously" in the 1740's sometime. She then fled to Fairfield County, South Carolina and was there by 1748.