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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



He was 13 in 1920.


She was 9 in 1920.

Beatrice Tommie BEAVERS

She was 5 in 1920.

David Andrew YANDELL

He was 7 months old in 1880 and was listed as David W.
They moved to Colorado.


LAND RECORDS: Orange County, North Carolina
(Is one the following the father and his sons? Are John, Stephen, Andrew, George and Alexander brothers???)

Deed Book 2, page 533, 4 September 1769, John MADDIN of Orange County to Wharton WHATLEY of same for love & affection he beareth to his son-in-law, 95 acres where John MADDIN now lives . . .Crossing Piney Mountain Creek . . . part of 292 acres from Granvelle to James BOWIE . . . 22 Feb 1759 . . . BOWIE to MADDIN 10 May 1759. Ack Jan Term 1771 Deed Book 2, page 125, 9 October 1783, North Carolina to Stephen MADDEN, 50 shillings per 100 acres, 500 acres on waters of ENO.

State Land Grants, 581, 57:59 entered 19 April 1784, Issued 9 Nov 1784, entry #4 Alexander MEBANE 166 acres (George MADDIN, chain carrier) On Cain Creek of the Haw River. State Land Grants, 910, 64:368, entered 25 April 1785, Issued 10 July 1788, entry #45, George MADDIN, 50 acres on South Side of the Haw River adjacent and entry & survey he bought of Alexander MEBANE Jr. running for compliment.

Deed Book 2 & 3, (same entry both books), page 520, 29 August 1786, Alexander MEBANE of Orange County to George MADDIN of same, 60 pounds, 160 acres on Cane (Cain) Creek of Haw River. Acknowledged August Term 1786.
Deed Book 12, page 24, 8 October 1804, John MADDEN witness to deed of Samuel THOMPSON of Orange and Solomon & Stephen DEBON of Caswell, 100 acres on waters of ENO.

Deed Book 14, page 679, 1 August 1805 Stephen MADDEN to John MADDEN, both of Orange, 200 pounds, 170 acres on waters of ENO. /s/ Stephen MADDEN, Witness: John RAY & Andrew MADDEN. Proved August Term 1814 by Andrew MADDEN.
Deed Book 12, page 33, 25 October 1806, John MADDEN to Ezekiel CURRIE, 82 acres on waters of Back Creek; proved August Term 1807

Deed Book 12, page 305, 12 Nov 1807 George HERNDON of Orange to Samuel BRYANS of Person, 100 acres on waters of S. HICO at GUTTRY's line. Witness: Andrew MADDEN. Proved Feb Term 1810.
Deed Book 14, page 656, 25 January 1808 Joseph ALLISON Sr. to Joseph ALLISON Jr. 150 acres on headwaters of ENO along John MADDEN's line. Proved May Term 1814.

Deed Book 12, page 228, 14 Dec 1808 Ezekiel B. CURRIE to James LAPSKI, 82 acres on Back Creek, witnessed by John MADEN.

Woodson H. ELLIS

CENSUS RECORDS: Sep 1850 Dist #11, Jackson County, Tennessee family #1261
ELLIS, Wotson age 38, Male, farming, NC
ELLIS, Susanah age 30, Female, NC
ELLIS, Elvira age 11, Female, TN (Her last name was really PRICE.)
ELLIS, Elijah age 10, Male, TN (His last name was really PRICE.)
FIELDS, James age 7, Male, TN

CENSUS RECORDS: 20 June 1860 Flynn's Lick, Jackson, Tennessee page #288, family #296/296
ELLIS, Woodson H. age 29, Male, farmer, $300 & $800, NC
ELLIS, Susan age 25, Female, NC
ELLIS, Elijah age 20, Male, TN (His last name was really PRICE.)
FIELDS, James age 14, male, mulatto, TN
(They sure did not age in the last 10 years.)

COURT RECORDS: Chancery Court of Jackson County,Tennessee 1 Feb 1866, Divorce of Susan Ellis and Woodson Ellis. Summoned are William M. Ragland, William James Ragland, Lafayette Wheeler and Narcissa Wheeler.

CENSUS RECORDS: 29 Aug 1870 Flynn's Lick, Jackson, Tennessee page #230, family #4/4
ELLIS, Woodson H. age 57, male, farmer, $300 & $225, NC
ELLIS, Mariah age 44, female, keeps house, TN

COURT RECORDS: Chancery Court of Jackson County,Tennessee Mariah Ellis divorce Woodson Ellis May Term 1880 Mariah Ellis vs. Woodson Ellis 1880, Jackson County Chancery Court Loose Records, Roll # 70 Woodson still owed Mariah alimoney in 1882 Mariah Rush vs. Woodson Ellis 1882, Jackson County Chancery Court Loose Records, Roll # 111 (records found by Mitzi Freeman)

COURT RECORDS: In 1885, Woodson ELLIS who had no natural children, deeded all his lands and personal property to Thomas Reese JONES son of Parthena JONES in return for taking care of him during his natural life.


She was the widow of Wade Price and had two children Elijah and Elvira when she married Woodson.

She was 30 in 1850.

She was 25 in 1860. (She must have really looked young.)