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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



He was appointed guardian for all three of his wifes children. He was married to the Bigham girls and also to their brother Samuel P.'s wife. This is in the court records of 2 Dec 1862 Livingston County, Kentucky.

Harriett Jane WILEY

She was 33 in 1860.


He died of insanity and general debility at the age of 76..

Levina Pernecia BIGHAM

Levina died of consumption at the age of 41. Livingston county, Kentucky
History Book page 301..
!She was mentioned in her fathers WILL.

MARRIAGES: Livingston Co, Kentucky film #318176, p.126..


He was born dead near the Cumberland River was where they lived.

Charles Henry MITCHELL

He was born near the Cumberland River where they were living. He died at the
age of two of roseola.

William Frederick MITCHELL

He was born near the Cumberland River where they were living. The birth
record says his mother was born in Ohio.

Dorsey A. CLARK

He was 8 in 1880.

CENSUS RECORDS: 16 April 1910 Clarke St, Marion, Crittenden, Kentucky family #74/79
He says they rent a house and he is a driver for a livery stable.
CLARK, Dorsey A. age 39, head, md 18 yrs, KY KY KY
CLARK, Willie age 32, wife, KY KY KY
CLARK, Audrey age 17, son, KY KY KY
CLARK, Marie age 10, dau, KY KY KY

He was living in Marion when his mother died in 1911.

Willie Frances MARTIN

She was 32 in 1910.

George Thomas MAYES Sr.

He came to Livingston County, Kentucky from Tennessee in 1798 and from South Carolina to Tennessee previous to that time.

Mary Elizabeth MAYES

She was 47 in 1860, single and living with her brother George.

Eleanor Catherine DICKEY

Her father David Dickey gave permission for her to marry.

CENSUS RECORDS: 23 Sep 1850 North Fork Pct, Gallatin, Illinois page #734, family #7/7
ELDER, Eleanor age 56, female, SC
ELDER, James M. age 34, male, KY laborer
ELDER, Polly E. age 23, female, KY
ELDER, Robert S. age 20, male, KY laborer $240.00
ELDER, Zachariah H. age 28, male, KY idiotic

She was 66 in 1860, widowed, living in Crawford PO, Gallatin, Illinois.

She was 77 in 1870.

James Morrow ELDER

He was 34 in 1850, single, living at home with his mother working as a laborer.

Zachariah Washington ELDER

He was 28 in 1850, single, listed as idiotic and was living with his mother.

He was 38 in 1860, single, living with his mother.


He was 5 in 1860.

He was 13 in 1870.

He was 23 in 1880, single, living at home.

He was 19 years younger then his wife he became the father-in-law to his own brother and sister.

His grave is also unmarked.

Sarah Margaret AMES

I have copy of her death certificate. Her grave is unmarked according to her
death certificate. She was 19 years older then David H. Fraley. She was
married to a Wormelsduff first. So her husband David became the father-in-law to his own brother and sister. She was 39 in 1880.

William Wesley FRALEY Sr.

CENSUS RECORDS: 23 August 1850 Caldwell County, Kentucky film #7847

CENSUS RECORDS: 18 August 1860 Fredonia, Caldwell, Kentucky film #803359
FRALEY, Wesley age 30, male, farmer, $75, VA
FRALEY, Julia Ann age 29, female, housewife, TN
FRALEY, Jane age 11, female, attend school, KY
FRALEY, James age 7, male, attend school, KY
FRALEY, David age 5, male, KY
FRALEY, Lucy age 2, female, KY
FRALEY, Sarah age 4/12, female, KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 23 July 1870 Fredonia, Caldwell, Kentucky page #436, family #112/111
FRALA, Wesley age 42, male, blacksmith, $100 & $100, VA
FRALA, Julia age 40, female, Keeps house, TN
FRALA, Rebecca J. age 21, female, without occupation, KY
FRALA, Jas. age 17, male, farm laborer, KY
FRALA, David H. age 13, male, farm laborer, KY
FRALA, Lucy C. age 12, female, attends school, KY
FRALA, Sarah E. age 11, female, attends school, KY
FRALA, John M. age 6, male, KY
FRALA, Eliza age 4, female, KY
FRALA, Martha age 2, female, KY
FRALA, Wm. W. age 2/12, male, born in May, KY

COURT RECORDS: Caldwell County, Kentucky, Order Book L, Tuesday January 20th, 1874;
Ordered that the estate of Wesley Fralick deceased be and the same is hereby confided to the care and custody of Jas. H. Leech Public Administrator for Caldwell County, and it is further ordered that W. P. Black, T. M. Dalton and S. B. Wigginton (any two of whom being first sworn may act) be and they are hereby appointed appraisers to view and appraise the personal estate of said decedent and report thereof to this court.

CEMETERY RECORD: He is suppose to be buried at the Livingston Cemetery but there is not a marker for his grave.

NOTES: I have an old homemade iron that he smithed. The iron had gone from James Edward FRALEY, to Robert Ermon FRALEY, to Ermon Edward FRALEY, to ME (Vickie Beard Thompson).

Julia Ann NELSON

She was 19 in 1850.

She was 29 in 1860.

She was 40 in 1870.

CENSUS RECORDS: 8 June 1880 Fredonia, Caldwell, Kentucky film #1254406, Page #496
FRALIX, July A. Head, age 48, widowed, TN TN TN
FRALIX, David H. Son, age 23, single, KY VA TN
FRALIX, Rebecca J. Dau, age 30, single, KY VA TN
FRALIX, Lucy C. Dau, age 21, single, KY VA TN
FRALIX, John M. Son, age 17, KY VA TN
FRALIX, Eliza A. Dau, age 14, KY VA TN
FRALIX, William W. Son, age 10, KY VA TN
FRALIX, Sena C. Dau, age 8, KY VA TN
FRALIX, Mary M.T.A. Dau, age 5, KY VA TN

CENSUS RECORDS: 26 June 1900 Dist #5, Caldwell County, Kentucky
She says she is the mother of eleven children and only nine are living.

Mary Francis FRALEY

Death records of Caldwell county, Kentucky.


Birth records of Caldwell County, Kentucky says parents reside on Fredonia Road in Caldwell County by Donaldson Creek. Midwife was Polly Trotter.


She was 2 in 1870.