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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


James Thomas WOOSLEY Jr.

He was 48 in 1880 a widower and living with his son James E. in Bainbridge, Christian, Kentucky.

Mary Frances

She was 24 in 1860.


She was 7 in 1880.

Richard M. WOOSLEY

He was 5 in 1870.


He was 3 in 1870.

He was 11 in 1880.


He was one in 1870 and was unnamed.

He was 7 in 1880.

Evelyn Carter TURNER

NOTES: She was born Evelyn C. TURNER but she went by Peggy and the last name of Brewer, but I am not sure if Uncle Clyde ever legally adopted her or Buster. Her real father according to Aunt Nina was Howard McCain who lived in Marion. My Dad, Frank Beard said that even Howard McCain's wife said that Peggy was her husband's daughter.

CENSUS RECORDS: She was 1 year 11 months old in 1920, listed as Eveline C. BEARD, granddaughter, living with her grandparents George and Rose Beard.

CENSUS RECORDS: She was 12 in 1930, listed as Evelyn BEARD, step-daughter to Clyde Brewer.

James Hughey SISCO

Born Thomas Hughey SISCO, but apparently started going by the first name of James after his father's death.

He was 2 months old in 1860 listed as Thomas H. Sisco.

He was 10 in 1870 and was listed as J. H. Clark instead of Sisco.

He was 18 in 1880, listed as Hughey Sisco, living with his mother and stepfather.

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Crittenden County, Kentucky
Married by Rev. J. S. HENRY at the brides mother's house, witnesses were Robert MOORE and J. H. WELDON

He was 38 in 1900, married 15 years, living in Marion, Crittenden, Kentucky.

He was 47 in 1910, married 24 years, living on the Marion and Princeton Road, Crittenden, Kentucky

He was living in Marion when his mother died in 1911.

In March 1912, he was moving to California, but by 1920 he is in Indiana.

He was 57 in 1920 living in Perry Twp, Vanderburgh, Indiana.

He was 67 in 1930 living with his daughter and son-in-law James and Katherine Beckham in Perry Twp, Vanderburgh, Indiana. He is listed as an invalid.


She was 30 in 1900, mother of 4 children but only 3 are still living.

She was 40 in 1910, mother of 7 children but only 6 are still living.

She was 50 in 1920.

She was 60 in 1930.

Robert SISCO

He was 4 in 1910.

He was 14 in 1920.

He is 24 in 1930 living with his sister and brother-in-law James and Katherine Beckham. The census record says he is married but there is no wife with him.

Social Security Death Index


He was 1 in 1880.

Crittenden County, Kentucky History Book pages #313/314,
There is a history of John and his wife with their pictures.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1910 Cave-in-Rock Road, Crittenden, Kentucky family #134/134
He says they have been married for 7 years and he farms.

Louemma Jane UNDERDOWN

She was 1 in 1880. In 1910 she did not have any children yet.